Linking nitrous oxide to climate risk is yet another example of the disdain shown to women’s pain | Isabelle Oderberg

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Why this report? Why now? Why did I get all those rolling eye emoji text messages?

, I felt the mild tremor of a collective groan uttered in unison across the country. More than one person sent me headlines accompanied by a rolling eye emoji.

“At planetary scale, the relative impact of nitrous oxide use in labour wards isn’t irrelevant, but it is very, very small. No individual mother should be made to feel guilty about her choice of pain relief. At an individual scale, parents could do more to protect their child’s health, their wallets and the climate by doing simple things like getting gas out of their homes.”

We know, and have known for some time, that pain among women is not taken as seriously, even when they are having the same procedures as men. One study showed that women who had heart bypass surgery were only half as likely as men to be prescribed painkillers after that procedure. They also wait longer to receive analgesia in emergency rooms.

While interviewing a patient in Western Australia, it came to my attention that there is a growing movement in Australia to follow a UK trend to conduct all hysteroscopies with no pain relief at all.


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Some good points made.

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