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Linda Reynolds, Brittany Higgins

Linda Reynolds does not deny reports she referred to Brittany Higgins as a 'lying cow'

Linda Reynolds does not deny reports she referred to Brittany Higgins as a 'lying cow'

3/03/2021 4:16:00 PM

Linda Reynolds does not deny reports she referred to Brittany Higgins as a 'lying cow'

The Australian reports Senator Reynolds made the remarks in front of staff members after Ms Higgins went public about an alleged rape inside the ministerial wing of Parliament House in 2019.

: 1300 224 636"Ms Higgins's allegations are very serious and that is how they must be treated to ensure her legal rights are protected. I welcome her decision to progress this matter with the Australian Federal Police."The Australian reports Senator Reynolds, who is currently on medical leave, made the comment in an open part of her office on the same day Ms Higgins went public with the allegation that she was raped by a male colleague.

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The remarks were reportedly made in ear shot of several staff members, including some who are public servants on secondment from the Department of Defence.Senator Reynolds was admitted into hospital late last month as a "precautionary measure" following advice from her cardiologist.

She has faced sustained pressure over her handling of Ms Higgins's rape complaint, and this latest allegation is likely to infuriate some of her ambitious backbench colleagues who privately raised questions about her fitness to hold onto her ministerial position.

Former Liberal staffer Ms Higgins has made a formal complaint to the Australian Federal Police about her alleged rape in March, 2019. Read more: ABC News »

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Sack her totally disgusting This could happen to any manager/leader/CEO/Board Member. Yes Linda Reynolds could have handled it better (maybe) but she didn't - she erred. People learn from experience, observation and mentorship - judgement is another matter. We hope Linda gets another chance. Should be sacked along with Porter

Non compulsory and inhumane disrespect of collective depullulation. Its akin to a planet teetering on edge of SolarSystemImplosion, as political. profiteers, cash in on this easy kill. GretaThunberg. They defend indefensible, verbatim. Dry cow out on clover. GuardianAus Not in a public place? Parliament House is a public place, it’s the people’s house. I hope ScottyFromMarketing was referring me a condoning those words in any room in Parliament House

When is Linda Reynolds going to turn on ScottyFromCoverUps after being hung out to dry. Stay classy Cabinet What a rabble ! The boys handmaiden. Typically found in conservative dens, Shows the parties true feelings Time to go, Morrison needs to sack her and grow a spine It’s just a little frightening to contemplate the people who govern us and make laws on our behalf.

Reynolds would never let anything impact that fat salary, sponging off the taxpayers, living it up, accountable to no-one. She made a Faustian pact with the devil when she joined Morrison and his LNP band of criminals. Not even a girl being raped would jolt her conscience. Poor judgement from someone who as a government minister should know better. Keep those thoughts to yourself and show some control. You are not in the local pub

It's about time Reynolds moved back to Bali. Her hide away from our bushfires So we should believe Linda, that Brittany is a lying cow? LindaReynolds BrittanyHiggins LyingCow BelieveWomen Maybe she was speaking of herself PatsKarvelas What a cesspool of a workplace if that’s how Ministers speak to staff. And what sort of an individual calls a person such.

PatsKarvelas Well one of them is a lying cow, and its not Ms Higgins She seems nice. The interesting thing is security have been finding interns with dresses above there head and decided “ nothing to see here”. Horrid That’s what I call a whole lot of entitlement and privilege. So...who's the lying cow? IBelieveBrittany

'Lying cow' to which, the allegations or her staff? SERIOUSLY!!!? Shame on you! Stop the rot - heads must roll PatsKarvelas I wonder if she denies being thrown under the bus by Morrison. PatsKarvelas The sacrificial cow to the slaughter. Port-A-Loo who? Are you f$$king kidding me? I think this woman needs to have a serious look at herself and her behaviour! 😡

Leftards of all persuasions losing their minds over the “lying cow” remarks & not in the actual manner innocent men are being pursued by contrived media witch hunts.Tells all you need to know about who is running this politicised agenda auspol porter higgins reynolds shes as bad as the perp, its woman like her and michalea cash that are only concerned about their high paying positions they r willing to throw these young women to the wolfs, they both need to go

MSMWatchdog2013 Can’t she’s been sobbed in How does this side of politics keep getting away with this stuff? RobertArnol Linda... Reynolds... When is the ABC going to stop using news stories from other media outlets? The journalists who reported this last night admit they did not speak directly with Minister Reynolds about this remark to verify its accuracy. Do better-please.

How very professional of our defence minister. How very supportive of her. Is this why people voted in the LNPCrimeSyndicate In relation to what though? Focus on the alleged perpetrator not the other noise. Its about ABCaustralia stopped reporting and commenting on this case..bias We are waiting for the court hearing... Remember Pell!

Smile__Petal Place is leaking like a sieve. She’s hopeless anyway at her job - a common feature is to take the frustration out elsewhere in the office, just like this That's what they all say when they get caught - I never said...She was a lying cow😄. Denial will be the death of us all. Many unsympathetic, cynical comments here. I’m sure you’re all usually very kind, caring ppl. What happened to make you so angry and distrusting and will we ever recover?

Linda should resign over cow comment brittanyhiggins absolutely revolting behaviour. Don't let these comments stop you Brittany from seeking justice Chris Ulmann’s take on this will be interesting 'I have never questioned Ms Higgins account of her alleged sexual assault...' How people who are so duplicitous with words are able to form a coherent sentence anymore is beyond me. BrittanyHiggins auspol

Now trash talk from Linda Reynolds. Why would we expect any different from her or any of thes LNPToxicCulture I hate Trump but... 'It's time to drain the swamp' VoteThemOut IBelieveBrittanyHiggins ScottyFromCoverUps LNPRapist LNPfail auspol The description Linda Reynolds used for Ms Higgins seems more appropriate to be applied to herself.

geoffrey_payne The truth is coming out bit by bit And how did she reference the other involved Party ? Rockstar ? lindareynoldswa if you are looking for lying cows look at the mirror and around the LNPCorruptionParty cabinet. Whilst she’s clearly horrid for saying it, it’s a distraction. Talk about the women to take the spotlight off Porter & then set Ms Reynolds up to take the fall for the shitty behaviour by men. She’ll be booted & PM will do a speech about how he’s cleaned up his cabinet. *smirk

Oh no, does this mean another hospital visit? Or is that next week when question time resumes? Believe women, except that one, oh and that one Bruce Lehrmann thanks Linda for her support. This government is becoming an absolute travesty. 1. Vexatious headline made to look like Reynolds doesn't believe Higgins was raped. Untrue. Typical ABC. 2. Just because someone was raped doesn't mean they can't lie about something else and that they are beyond criticism.

Clearly lindareynoldswa isn’t one of your believers ScottMorrisonMP auspol And who leaked this juicy distraction. Ooooh......let's focus on the woman who said something nasty. Has she said she did it? “LYING COW”. How appropriate👎 Scott Morrison to make an announcement, he now disagrees with his wife Jenny’s view on rape, he now agrees with Linda Reynolds that rape victims are “lying Cows” Christian Porter agreed at length yesterday in interview.

Linda reynolds should resign so another week off sick for linda reynolds i want her doctor to provide my certificates from now on Those who live in glass houses and so on. Another Morrison government own goal.....who needs enemies when these are your coworkers 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Do u really think people are STUPID to believe your illness story. RESIGN. & TAKE PORTER WITH U. Aussies will get rid of Scomo & Frydenberg at next election.

slow news day... Now get back to work So rather than focusing on the deeds of an alleged male rapist, we focus on the words of a woman from the same party. Nice deflection. And yet again another female MP who is having to be the sacrificial lamb. Politics and Politicians have become a shameful and disgraceful circus. There is no truth, nor integrity in Politics or in the MP’S within it. You may find a very small handful of decent individuals however, they don’t last long. To think these individuals run the country.

She has to go. But will she go before Porter? auspol accidentalDefenceMinister Reynolds has just been pushed under Morrison’s bus Stirring up shit again ABC! Can you get anymore like a NASCAR oval! Left Left Left Left Tetrisnet Morrison the vile grub throws Linda under the tank Lynda Reynolds' statement seems to corroborate the report. Looks to me like this fedgov PR machine has gone on overdrive for Christian Porter & PM, and forgotten abt Lynda. Although does smell like throwing pieces of meat on the water to get sharks away from main prey. auspol

lindareynoldswa needs to Resign Sacrifice the woman for the man. This is deflection away from the a dead woman that can’t defend herself and a man in parliament that can say what he wants and is protected by Canberra boys club. jackiweaver played it perfectly in SecretCity auspol The corruption of the Australian government is so real.

Deplorable behaviour by a government Cabinet Minister who obviously prejudged the complainant when that is clearly up to the jurisdiction of a court of law. I have lost all confidence in this LNP Federal government. How very...supportive... I'm liking linda Reynolds more and more. Tell it like it is and stick yo your guns.

debbie_fearon Hard to keep up😵 Why even have a minister for women portfolio in this cabinet ? And clearly, she believed Ms Higgins or she wouldn't have made sure the sofa gets steam-cleaned to destroy the evidence. I think this is terrible. I honestly getting disgusted by people who lead this country.

😳 wow She seems nice 😬 Why would she. What are the repurcussions? Yikes 😬 We can now take it as official, ScottyFromCoverUps has thrown the defence minister under the bus. Expect a drip feed of more articles over the next 7-10 days, all of which will paint her as “out of her depth”, before she final succumbs to “taking time to spend with family”

Wow !!! This is bloody amazing! Everybody's out for blood, but none of you even know the full story. The character assassins are out in force as if you all have insider knowledge of everything, and if you do, then go sit with a cop and a journalist worth a pinch of salt. Linda Reynold a Minister on the Defence, more than a Minister of Defence

This is a government that is literally falling apart before our eyes. Scandal after scandal, bereft of policy, out of touch and dysfunctional. The federal election cannot come soon enough. The AG just told lies through his press conference so let’s chuck a woman ( who I believe deserves to go but not for Liberal party political reasons) under the bus Again. If this deserves a resignation so does Porter.

Let me guess ... leaked from the PMO? How the f*** is this government still standing? Anything that threatens their political power is an absolute inconvenience to them & they’re ruthless in trying to cover up their lack of humanity. Linda Reynolds is being sacrificed but a complete clear out is needed of all parties. The public is watching with mistrust & doubt.

This is somehow our mentality and conscious works. Out of all possible descriptions referring to another person over a sudden -'cow'... is that how we trying relate to each other finding common grounds? So who’s left in the government that are fit for office...? She cannot deny it. Too many people heard her say it.

100% this was a Liberal Party member who wants her Defence portfolio. auspol Wow. Kicking and screaming... ...I'm wondering if the end result will be that people treat each other with respect? Surely this is not true? Why would this be said to a young staffer? Why would Reynolds say such a shameful thing? Or did Reynolds think that Brittany stay quiet about the whole thing? I don't believe this of Reynolds

All right, she can resign now. Hope she has her cardiologist on speed dial. Back to hospital after that press release I think. The left MSM clutching at straws now they didn’t get the Porter conviction they sooooooo wanted!😂🤣😂..... defundtheABC Whoops. See ya. scottymustgotoo Another piece of deadwood!

Remove her. Unfit for purpose. What the hell is wrong with this group. Think her Mirror Cracked! ...😳 the story deepens & so her line to why she did not update the PM was actually supposed to read as “she is a lying cow” instead of “it was not my story to tell” as she explained in parliament?As a supervisor she has failed in so many levels 😔

What an asset Reynolds has become for the coalition, kind, compassionate, and a real pillar of society. This week has gone from shit, to fucking shit for the Liberal Party. The plot thickens This must STOP these rockspiders are everywhere. A pedophile ring is coming undone in Tasmania. Victims are coming out and there is a HUGE cover up being exposed throughout government institutions. Here is my story. Ben

Is there nothing that Morrison won’t get his puppets to dance to? Ah, they've decided who is to be sacrificed to save the menfolk then She probably did. I would have said a lot worse than that. I also would have used 'Ms Higgins', unlike the ABC. Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now? Can we have a federalICAC now?

wtf is wrong with the Liberal party. Election now!!!