'Leave our bloke alone': Australian MPs call for government to support WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

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The Australian government and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are being urged to stop Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange's impending US extradition trial.

"There is more the Australian government can do, and I think when we hear some of the stuff that's going to come to light next week, there's more that will be done," Mr Christensen said.

The politicians were also briefed by Mr Assange's legal team during the trip, which Mr Wilkie previously said he took at his own expense.They both described Mr Assange as"a man under serious pressure" given his confinement and his upcoming extradition trial, which is scheduled to begin next week. Last week, Mr Wilkie said the purpose of the trip was to"check on Julian's health and welfare" and"see firsthand the circumstances of his incarceration".

"The fact is, he [Mr Assange] has not been convicted of any crime ... he reported on and published information in the public interest, and in particular, evidence of US war crimes."

Source: Law Daily Report (lawdailyreport.net)


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SomersetBean .. and what is your stand on JulianAssange SBS?

Julian Assange must be released, he has published on war crimes, he is not the one who committed them! He’s not responsible for almost a million civilian deaths, he's not the one who must be in prison! FreeJulianAssange

These are some of the more positive words I've heard, in the media, about Julian, for about a decade. Thanks to mps for help breaking through the mediaban.

That should ensure Boris packs our Jules off for an extended holiday to Trumpville.

Where is the video of the full, unedited press conference outside Belmarsh with Wilkie and Christensen? ← Where is the direct message from Julian Assange to the Australian people, as promised by George Christensen? [11 mins in]

Do the crime, do the time.

Hey Australia.. isn’t drought, bushfires, floods and coronavirus enough for you? Now you want this grub back 🤦🏼‍♂️

He's paid his dues, it's been ten years in the making. Let him go free.

Qldaah I can’t believe George is there? What’s going on their?

Along with other Australian citizens who have been denied access back into the country by previous governments, I can't see the current government wanting to get involved with this.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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