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Hitting Beef, Newswire-Politics

Latest Aussie good in China’s firing line

After hitting beef, wine and coal, China has thrown shade on another beloved Aussie product - cherries.

13/01/2021 2:20:00 PM

After hitting beef , wine and coal, China has thrown shade on another beloved Aussie product - cherries.

Australia’s much-loved cherries have been lashed as “inferior” in taste and quality by Chinese state-owned media.

Global Timesthis week highlighted that Australia’s share of cherries in the Chinese market had fallen, as buyers favour the Chilean fruit.The comments have given rise to concerns that the high-end product could be the next to suffer from trade tensions between Australia and China – which last year

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for seafood, red wine and beef industries.The criticism comes as China’s foreign affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian accused Australia ofpoliticising trade.“The share of Australian cherries in Chinese market … has dropped due to the inferior quality of the product given the reserved seasonality,” fruit traders are reported to have told the Global Times.

“The taste and quality of Australian cherries is not as good as it once was.“Chilean cherries have the largest share in Chinese market, with better quality and lower price.”Australian cherries were pitched to China as being sweeter than others. Picture: John Feder/The Australian. headtopics.com

Source:News Corp AustraliaAustralia’s cherry exports were worth almost $80m in 2019, when growers sent about 30 per cent, or 1593 tonnes of cherries to China.Australian National University senior economics lecturer, Yixiao Zhou, said cherries were seen as a luxury food in China.

“If people go to visit their relatives they would bring with them a box of cherries which is regarded as a very good, high-quality gift,” she said.“If you can afford to eat cherries it is regarded as you are living a good quality life.”Despite China slapping trade sanctions on a range of Aussie goods in 2020, Dr Zhou said not all luxury products including cherries were at risk.

“To justify any trade actions on the product you need a stronger reason, not just about quality or price,” she said.“These things should ultimately be determined by the market.”However, she warned that Australian growers should not abandon the Chinese market altogether because it would be hard to re-establish those channels.

“China’s market is still growing, its economy is doing relatively well compared with other countries at the moment,” Dr Zhou said.“In the long term it will have a growth trajectory, so do you want to leave the market?”Cherry Growers Australia was contacted for comment. headtopics.com

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Being economically independent from that country is the goal of the year 2021 for all aussies. Then why are our meat prices sky high at the moment! Let’s all boycott Chinese products. They are cheap and nasty products anyway. Australian shops are full of inferior Chinese products , hypocrisy as usual , we will find other markets and won't have to deal with China hopefully as much

I couldn’t care less what this monstrous thinks Morrison properganda to rally against China? If we get a flood of cherries here great news I prefer those cherries from Chile ! They are the best😋 Those Aussie cherries won't be missed ! Chinese knows the other route to get those in their country. Don’t insult me saying this isn’t deliberate. They’re monsters

This season was one of the best I honestly bought 6 bags of them over Xmas. Thanks China. I love eating Australian produce For christ's sake, we're really grasping at straws now aren't we? China are struggling and about to go into another lockdown Their loss. Cause chile cherry better😄 Well maybe they should export decent products, ever tried using sewing needles or safety pins or hardware, they bend and break on the first use. You don't like the cherries, more for us......CCP products also leave a sour taste.

Great, all my favourite things, wine, lobster, cherries and don’t forget Wagyu beef which they tried to blame for the Covid outbreak, now I get to enjoy all these things cheaper 🥰🤷🏼‍♀️homegrown china wewin Cherries. Saved you a click. We need to stop buying all the low quality shit they produce and ship over here.

Australia’s national and economic sovereignty is heightened through diversifying our export market. We'll just sell it elsewhere. Problem solved. China is only hurting its self ...their food and land is contaminated with industrial waste ...heavy metals ..so let them eat poison if that's what they want ..One fifth of China's farmland polluted | Jennifer Duggan

They Prefer Ozzy Osborne’s diet Is there no end to China's bullying and small-mindedness? ccp cvnts china COVID19 coronavirus China makes the most inferior clothing can't you whip your slaves got enough catferatu cliffy19811 guess more cherries for ussss!!! 🐷🐷 tyrelle123 If they're inferior it's hard to comprehend how many non-Aussie suppliers have fake Aussie brands.

Bring it to Malaysia! They won’t say anything about the baby formula tho. Cherries 🍒 on the sweet menu this summer, come on Aussies support the cherry farmers.and F&k China 🇨🇳 Good. Should make it cheaper locally. Cherry I'm fucking a chinawoman to make up for it Good. let freakin chinese pigs eat their bat soup.fucking small eyed ass***es.

We need a FTA with UK, EU. Great, If China doesn't want our cherries then sell them here. I won't complain! Many others would enjoy as well. Cheers China! Lets not ever see MadeInChina on our shelves. Why can't we have our own industries and get employment up. scottomorrison. MadeInAustralia is how it needs to be.

Kinda amusing that China throwing shade on the quality of our products. Got to laugh. Yew More for us 😊 Cherries Let them go else where. I'm enjoying the cherries right now. They are delicious... Fuck 'em