Labor MP wants party to drop carbon target

Federal Labor resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon wants his party to drop its ambitious carbon emissions reduction target to match the coalition.

8/10/2019 11:27:00 PM

Federal Labor resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon wants his party to drop its ambitious carbon emissions reduction target to match the coalition.

Federal Labor resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon wants his party to drop its ambitious carbon emissions reduction target to match the coalition.

Share on TwitterA federal Labor frontbencher will call on his party to match the Morrison government's carbon emissions reduction target.Resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon will lay out the case for Labor to match the higher end of the coalition's target of 28 per cent of 2005 levels by 2030 in a speech in Sydney on Wednesday, according to The Australian.

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Labor went to the polls this year with a 45 per cent reduction target, while the Liberals are pursuing a cut of 26-28 per cent. Read more: SBS News »

The companies tell Joel what to do and he’s eager to follow their instructions. I've been calling him fitztraitor for years. He's after the money like the other toe-rags before him, singing the tune of big gas/oil, the major donors to the Labor Party and climate denial worldwide. Yeah - turn yourselves into liberal lite....that’ll work 🙄 FFS be BRAVE

davrosz Fitz Dribble should join NATIONALS. HE'S a shoein as the NEW BEETROOT or LITTLE thing or even a New Vague Kelly. My Bloody My! I want to drop Joel Fitzgibbon so how do we go about? A police swap? There must be one within the LNP Govt. who doesn’t approve of their carbon emissions policy is about, we could organize a swap so they both could happily exist in their natural habitats🤔

If fitzhunter thinks Liberal policies are so good he should quit Labor and join the LNP. Get a grip! Don’t need Labor to sell out the future generations. Personally I have witnessed too many deaths over my 78 yrs caused by pollutants in the Hunter Valley from coal mines, let alone the cancer epidemic we have in our area.

NO! The fool appears to be on the wrong team Well I’m not keen on labor becoming LNP light & if they haven’t fixed their policies by next election I’m sure I’ll be voting Green fitzhunter you’re out of touch and looking at the small picture of your electorate. AlboMP Mark_Butler_MP We need bold policies that acknowledge the science and the future generations. We’re over short term policies - we need long term vision and action. ClimateEmergency

Anyone mention dropping Joel! davrosz There was nothing wrong with the AustralianLabor policies at the election. They just didn't sell them properly at all or take consideration of any counter attack of lies and sniping from sick Narcisists. Re-submit... Even J.K. Rowling got knocked back on the greatest story ever!

Because they're two cheeks on the same bum. Get rid of money in politics and look for sensible people. IE- those who aren't scared of their own shadow. davrosz Labor supporter wants Labor to drop Labor member. Has he not seen that climate change is the number 1 issue / concern amongst the 50000 Australians (so far) who have completed the ABC Australia talks questionnaire?

Just drop Fitzgibbon. For the life of me I can’t understand why they keep supporting this industry. The mining companies shut the mines down if there’s a whif of a down turn and everyone is laid off... Pack ya bags Joel, off to the LNP you go LNP lite He's confirmed to the public he's a climate denier, which isn't ethical or moral.

We'd all be better off if AustralianLabor just pissed off. We all know by now they are just another arm of the Liberal party. The Greens are the real opposition. You can kiss your intelligent voters goodbye. AdamBandt Labor MP has lost his spine and wants to lose his seat. A Liberal in sheep's clothing.

hopeless Words such as “ambitious” & “match” referencing coalition emission targets is oxymoronic, surely? fitzhunter stand down if you ain’t willing to stand up climate climatechange climateaction ClimateActionNow schoolstrike4climate ExtinctionRebellion newpower auspol help ! Labor will never be in government if it tries to be just like the Coalition. The Coalition is far more adept at being ineffective, dysfunctional, inward looking, nasty and bigoted than Labor could ever be.

supporters want Labor to drop Fitzgibbon I'd rather be in opposition for ever than become Liberal Lite Many of us would like them to drop you! He is just worried about his seat If we drop the target from 1.3% to 1.1% can any of you Climate Change University graduates tell me what that is going to achieve? Is this life threatening like Greta said it is. Will it stop people from dying, this is what she said & people actually believe this garbage.

Joel, this is wrong on every level. Hypocrisy for votes is what the other mob do. Principles Mate or join the Libs. After all, keeping their desks, inflated salaries and perks is far more important. Because it is a fraud? Good idea. There is NO scientific evidence to show CO2 drives climate. It’s BS “science” which is just political opinion. Wake up.

The Fitzgibbons (plural) contributions to public debate lately have been pretty medicare from one brother, now this from the other!! Federal Labor resources spokesman fitzhunter wants his party to stop trying in the misguided belief that emulating awful people will gain the party respect

Needs to cross the floor and sit with Craig Kelly, then nod in furious agreement. Well so much for having an opposition to the govt. iDGiam Frack off! Joel Fitzgibbon should join his brother as CEO of a health or mining company StayTrueBlue Protecting his coal mine seat.. idiot He has no convictions just the need for votes. We’d be better off without people like this.

Can fitzhunter just resign & join the Lnp? FFS it’s time for AustralianLabor to jettison MP’s who’s interest doesn’t lay with the Labor Party or voters who actually want an Opposition. If I wanted a RW Party I’d vote for one. Get it together AlboMP & sort him out. Listen Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel I’m begging of you please Don’t turn earth into hell!

fail! Joel Fitzgibbon and Labor are doing a pretty good job of acting like cowards. Things got a bit tough so they caved in. Yes, fitzhunter , RichardMarlesMP & AlboMP keep telling Labor voters they have no interest in the next election These LibLikes are more engaged & concerned about being in lockstep with Morrison & the Liberal Party Albo will never ever be PM of Australia

I pay as much attention to the Labor party as I do the ABC, and I haven't watched abctv since the election. Totally disillusioned with both organisations. No and no! Joel Fitzgibbon is not understanding that action is seriously needed now. What a cop out !! fitzhunter I am disgusted. Here I was thinking maybe Labour still has a backbone. There is no allowance for a sensible centre. If you utter these words - don a blue shirt and tie and piss off to the other side. Change is coming whether you like it or not. Lead it. Don't wait

What a disgrace. He should join the National party. ReporterPhoenix My cynical side thinks - Joel is a popular local member, he can say this to feed the coal sympathisers in the Hunter and Labor can still do whatever they want and Joel can shrug his shoulders. That said playing both sides didn't work brilliantly for them in May.

PCKJ3627 the labour party has been known as the liberal lites since billshortenmp took ovre so why do you seem surprised with this? Yes, now is the time to go backwards with climate change policies. 🙄 It's fitzhunter who needs it be dropped. ASAP. This guy and Jim Chalmers should just join the Liberal party and be done with it.

The bipartisan dictatorship thrives in Australia. auspol New suit, all Coal Boy needs now is religion. Why not talk facts, coals on the way out don’t waste the future on your one job. Finally someone with sense in the Australian Labor Party auspol I like this Politician But Your views on this is so wrong Targets should be DOUBLED

He needs to join the LNP😖🤢🤮🤬💪🏾 I think he thinks they lost the election because they weren’t ENOUGH like the LNP. As expected AlboMP in my recent email to my member lindaburney. Would be nice to get a reply... Career politician. Completely out of touch. Grow up Joel. :( People like Joel Fitzgibbon think they can court the right without consequence because progressives votes are guaranteed via preferential voting. No, I will vote informal to ensure my vote doesn't go to a party that is betraying its principles and its base, almost daily.

Sounds like Joel should quit Labor & cross over to LNP to me. This is not what Labor voters are looking for. AlboMP you would have to be joke'n if you even entertain any thought of doing this!!! just tell fitzhunter to get fucked!!!!! he is just say'n 'l'll do anything to save my job'!! but doesn't give a rats arse about the rest of the world!!! 😠😡🤬

Labor is supposed to be the Opposition. Oppose ! Critique government policies (😳😂) ! Target Govt weaknesses ! Hold Government Ministers to account ! Otherwise you need not exist ... join the LNP Joel Shitgibbon bradhooperarch Fitzgibbon just gets ranker and ranker As an AustralianLabor member I ask you to ignore fitzhunter & divest him of his ShadowMinistry. He is a supperating sore demeaning Labor values and ethics. We are better than this. He's only interested in getting himself re-elected in a coal dominated seat AlboMP Auspol

LeipzigSyd Joel got his Dad’s seat. Time for a new labour candidate? Ummm AlboMP would be very helpful right about now for you to speak up and reign in Fitzgibbon, and to negate what he is suggesting, unless you have wheeled him out to do your dirty work? How about just drop the bullshit entirely....

Finally, labour is ready to return to the human land... fitzhunter wants AustralianLabor to appeal to the lowest common denominator. He should come out and say so. Well fitzhunter needs to change parties He has no bloody idea R_o_d_C Maybe the party should drop Joel Fitzgibbon. Don’t Weak as water Both sides of politics left the Hunter to rot over decades. They had years to offer the Hunter the good steady jobs of the future and didn’t. Now that CoalShitgibbon is on the verge of losing his seat all he can do is parrot the OneNeuron party. He deserves to lose. auspol

May as well dismantle the party then. If it is the policy, shame on you Labor. If it is not the policy, why is he flapping his lips? That swine fitzhunter should just the reactionaries in the Liberal party then. AustralianLabor is already too soft on climate action, anything less is a complete capitulation

Coalition don’t actually have an emissions reduction target So he wants Labor to adopt carbon emissions reduction targets to match the Coalition... Are you kidding me? So what exactly is the difference then between the two parties? Why would anyone vote for Labor in this scenario? You'd either vote Coalition or Greens/Minor Party.

Wrong direction AustralianLabor AdamBandt They are just as bad as the Liberals it’s seems to me that the only answer is to vote Green..otherwise it’s same same Fitz was ever the goose. The ALP-LNP “two-party-preferred” neoliberal cartel at work. This is why we need to reform the electoral system and progress to 1 vote = 1 value proportional representation like Sweden, Germany and all mature nations. 50% of us are not represented and have our votes trashed.

Is Joel the chap whose girlfriend was a Chinese spy? AdamBandt Well that’s just plain dumb AustralianLabor. Climate change has been with us for 4.5 billion years Our attempt to moderate its effect is questionable. This is about science not emotion. What is the alternative candles run by sperm whale oil. Nuclear Power should be your aim not this disruptive immaturity.

So this bloke has tin ears, after weeks of climate protests all he's heard is, NOTHING. ALP is the defacto LNP. AlboMP SenatorWong tanya_plibersek billshortenmp KateEmerson88 Just join the LNP Joel Might as well be a one party state there’s little difference as it is & a serious lack of leadership

A party that stands for nothing has no right to be in Government. Especially a scared party. What do you have to run on Albo, LNP policies. And if things go bad as they are under LNP. They have & will blame Labor because you lot went along with it.🙄🙄🙄 Joel Fitzgibbon is Liberal Lite & only concerned about his own seat. Rather than try & move the discussion he’d rather take the easy way out & lose lots of other seats. Idiot of the highest regard.

😂 this is why I vote green What has happened to Labor! They are just a bunch of 'Small L Liberals!' Didn't get the message out in the last election! Now just join in with the 'Winners' they recon. Scumbag didn't even have a message!! Easy for the dopes who don't have a clue. I'm grateful they are so clearly articulating their strategy so early in the cycle. As they say if two parties agree on everything, one of them isn't necessary. That confirms and makes the 'opposition' redundant. Enough time to look to alternatives.

Pathetic! That's funny, I want the ALP to drop Joel Fitzgibbon and their own weak-arse opposition to the LNP, so I guess that makes us even. This is just plain depressing. What happened to developing policies in line with your ethics and standing by them because it is the right thing to do? AdamBandt Why? Do AustralianLabor enjoy being in opposition? It seems like they have already given up on providing a better option for government and we are still 3 yrs out from election. People want you to fight for them and the future of the country.

And so, the light on the hill is well and truly extinguished ClimateAction No AustralianLabor this is not the direction to go. It's taking you one step closer to losing my vote and I'm sure many others. You might get more value and more votes from dropping Fitzgibbon rather than carbon targets That man joined the wrong party in the first place. Time to go Joel old boy fitzhunter .

'match the COALition' means Labor would be supporting *rising* carbon emissions . Yep, that will win Labor the youth vote. 🤦‍♀️ ClimateEmergency ExtinctionRebellion auspol Sooking to RW extremism is NOT - repeat NOT - the way to hold on to formerly rusted-on ALP voters. They've gone to the dogs since the election & Albanese's rise to OL.

Resign and join the LNP Joel. We need this country to go forward and it's not going to if this is how you feel. The rest of the world thinks it’s piss poor not ambitious Joel He lives in a coal area... what do we expect him to say. seriously mnxmoosi Tell him to join the LNP then... If ALP can't stop its rightward momentum they can expect to be out of a job in 2022 as the nation finds alternatives.

MarekRivers Joel is painfully aware that's his seat (ALP since Federation) recorded the biggest swing to PHON. Unfortunately miners in these parts have an incredible sense of entitlement & believe that their industry should be protected from reality. Old right ALP - protectionist & WHite Aus 'Gee, being weak on climate didn't win us the election, so let's go even weaker!'

This is completely insane. Fitzgibbon should join the Liberal Party or become an independent. Climate change is much bigger than him protecting his seat. We don't have time for this crap. Come on ALBO pull this bloke into line if he doesn't want to follow Labor policy tell him to move on AdamBandt It's an old trick of the LNP corporation but first used by Hawke. Don't stand for difference stand on the same but with a minor tweek & the enemy can't shoot you down without shooting themselves in the foot. It's evidence that winning is the only game not whats good for nation

MarekRivers fitzgibbon is a lnp plant,,, working underground to destroy any labor credibility We'd be better served by AustralianLabor dropping career-boy Fitzgibbon, to make way for some-one who actually understands the single, over-riding issue of the times. Cptjohnno This is a bad mistake, Joel Fitzgibbon.

Well, imho Joel Fitzgibbon is nuts then ... maybe increase the targets instead And this is why is stopped voting Labor. Bought/Bribed buy Big Coal. You are kidding me 😡😡😡😡 Shut the door on your way out Joel. ambitious? nothing ambitious without leadership No, just no! AlboMP seriously! Please start acting like a decent opposition or we are going to have our country completely destroyed by yet another term of this cruel, incompetent government.

Offs FFS Labor. Show some guts. AliGibbs19 Hopeless Get In The Bin Amazing thought process..why do emissions need to be reduced? Because it’s an emergency!! The policy should be a zero emission target with policy to lead to that!!! The politicians don’t lead they don’t have the best interests of the country at heart...

Ridiculous! fitzhunter was instrumental in bringing down a Labor govt with his white-anting of Julia Gillard, and now this. He's an LNP asset. He should just join the Liberal Party and be done with it. If I give him petrol & a match, he can just burn off the rest of Australia. Saves us worrying about when the next fire is coming.

AdamBandt AlboMP finally some commonsense. AdamBandt Well he might as well joon rhe fkn LNP then... what a farce! I will never forget how disloyal he was to Julia Gillard. Just piss off and join the conservatives, pal. auspol AdamBandt Liberal lite reality finally sets in for labor. He does that, they lose me for good.

Sign ⚠retweet⚠ sign⚠ retweet AdamBandt No. No. No. We don't have time for this sh*t. We're out of time for decisive action on climate. They are in cahoots with the LNP to keep their donors happy. This is corruption writ large. auspol F**8 off Fitz Gibbon 🐒 Just go join the liberals and be done with it.

RIP Australian Labor. FFS! WTF AustralianLabor ? YOU DID NOT LOSE THE ELECTION BECAUSE OF BETTER LNP POLICIES. AUSVOTES2019 WAS RIGGED & THE AEC NEEDS REFORM AND/OR CHALLENGED FOR A RE-ELECTION. EXHIBIT: A. AUSPOL ExtinctionRebellion Coal Climate ClimateChange AdamBandt It's the only chance to get in power. They tried teaming up with the greens in the 'climate election' and the rest is history.

fitzhunter, AlboMP If all you are going to do is chase the votes of ignorance and greed, and capitulate to Morrison’s neo-Feudalist crowd on everything, could you please explain why traditional Labor voters would bother with you any more? AdamBandt Losing votes in 3...2...1... AdamBandt Labor is the new LNP. We don't like the old one either by the way.

Fitzgibbon should consider retirement. Well AustralianLabor can count me out for any further support. We don't want Liberal Party Light , we NEED strong leadership and a vision forward - not a Kumbaya, rear view mirror looking mob of wannabees. How about we drop your preselection? You can not negotiate a “sensible settlement” with nature. It’s time for real action on ClimateChange

Can Labor drop Fitzgibbon instead. It's not as though hes achieved anything in his 23 yrs yes 23 yrs in parlt. An electorate held by his father. Labor you need to refresh auspol How good is capitulation? You will NEVER NEVER NEVER and I repeat NEVER win the next election on such a policy. A decidedly unhelpful contribution from Joel Fitzgibbon. Do not listen AustralianLabor. Be bold, compassionate & progressive, and people will follow.

He is simply trying to decouple Labor from the wedge position it sits in, and defuse the right wing’s attack dogs. Sensible, if probably unachievable. Sorry fitzhunter but you pull that stunt I'll leave the party and go Green. Looking after his own interests of course This guy is in the wrong party. If they do this, im done with Labor, after some 30 years as an ardent supporter, i can no longer support a party that doesn't take the biggest threat to the planet seriously.

There is no such thing as global warming due to carbon emissions! FACT! This idiot is in the wrong party. FFS Hey, AlboMP , see that word 'leader' in your job title 'Opposition Leader? It doesn't mean you're supposed to *Oppose* Leading... How about we drop fitzhunter? This country is scarce of water - no water- no food- you can’t eat coal🤔

Get in the bin Joel. Lowest common denominator politics is abysmal Lets just have two LNP parties and be done with it. What an imbecile this guy is 🤬 So ALP are doubling down on their strategy of doing exactly what the Coalition ask them to do? ALP are fucking pointless. Joel is more concerned about saving his own skin after an electoral slap in the face, than saving our environment & planet. Get in the bin fitzhunter - from an ALP paid up member.

Ffs AustralianLabor AlboMP terrimbutler one do nothing coalition in this country is unacceptable. If Anthony considers this a viable option he should hand leadership to Terri. I’d rather see Labor in opposition than for it to walk away from climate and energy fight. I think it's time for fitzhunter to move on auspol

of course he does. No Joel, we want Labor to stick to its guns and, if anything, adopt even more ambitious targets. Labor lost primarily bc of franking credits and negative gearing (and corrupt media. Not to mention Clive Palmer.) I helped hand out -people said Labor were taking their money - I appreciate Joel is in mining area but it wasnt green policy that lost the election fitzhunter

I will be upset if they drop to that level. Not sure why you'd want to adopt a liberal party policy. Not smart. They're also dropping any hope of ever forming a government. Noooooooooooo!! Just move to the Liberals Joel Might suit your better Joel's always been a flake. Not a ALP voter but well done Joel. Common sense in the face of the climate hysteria.

Stop it Joel! Just stop it! What’s wrong with you? Wrong way, need to make stronger, and be carbon neutral ASAP. Nope Labor needs to drop this coal loving knob Better to drop Fitzgibbon, the fossil fool who wants to burn his grandkids. 'ambitious' Boo. 'Do nothing' fitzhunter has no vision and is probably a climate denier.

The closer you move towards the LNP on anything makes voters less likely to make a change in government. Make a difference.

Labor MP fears divide between religious and secular AustraliaSenator Deborah O'Neill says an understanding of different religions could unify Australians but there was a 'vacuum of ethical leadership'. CanberraCamper FFS how is that news. Major religious communities in most Western Sydney seats. Overwhelming no vote on SSM driven by conservative religious views.Totally out of step with the view of their political representatives.What a shock Labor not instep with the view of the electorate 🤡 CanberraCamper I'll tell you what I fear, a happy clapping evangelical as our P.M CanberraCamper You mean, she fears religion is loosing its power over the people Maybe she should pray to her sky daddy.

'Absolutely correct': Bob Brown's anti-Adani convoy hurt Labor, says Richard Di NataleThe major parties and the Greens are gearing up for a politically charged inquiry into transitioning jobs from coal to renewables. ErykBagshaw Yep. ErykBagshaw the crusade was an overkill ErykBagshaw everyone is taking credit for labors loss now, even Bill shorten!!

'Absolutely correct': Bob Brown's anti-Adani convoy hurt Labor, says Richard Di Natale'People in the coal industry know that these jobs are going. They understand that and they are being treated like fools by both sides of politics,' says Richard Di Natale. I love how people like him, to accommodate their argument, assume they know what everyone else is thinking Coal jobs are going nowhere. It is only RACISTS seeking to deny children of colour in the developing world from having a better standard of living that are seeking to stop coal mining. Follow the money .....

Former NSW Labor boss Jamie Clements 'on retainer' with Huang Xiangmo, ICAC hearsNSW Labor's former general secretary went on to secure a lucrative consultancy deal with Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo, a corruption inquiry has heard.

Albanese to reveal Labor policies after Shorten takes election responsibility - 2600 | Sky News AustraliaLabor leader Anthony Albanese has announced he will reveal the first Labor policy since the federal election by the end of the month. The party’s jobs and future of work policy will be announced in Perth, with another on the economy to be announced in coming months. “We are reassessing our policies, but not our AlboMP AlboMP Go Albo! The libs are a sad group with zero ideas AlboMP 2019 Anthony Albanese is refusing to scrap a raft of Labor’s unpopular policies, after the election defeat? Jurnalest, Get Alabanese to promise ‘’there will be no Carbon Tax under a government he lead’’

Donation forms were 'very suspicious', NSW Labor figure tells ICACA NSW Labor figure has told the ICAC that forms relating to a $100,000 donation looked 'very suspicious' in hindsight, but at the time he 'wasn't thinking of fraud'.