Labor feels the heat in climate change grudge match

No issue can undermine party unity quite like climate change.


Perspective: The party without power seemed to act as if its decision was the most important | CroweDM

No issue can undermine party unity quite like climate change.

This was revealing on two levels – the superficial and the substantive. Both hint at how toxic the Labor policy war could become.

, making front page news. Why now? Apart from the lure of the spotlight, what was the point?

The more substantive question was about his argument. First, he wanted Labor to abandon the emissions target it took to the election, which was a cut of 45 per cent by 2030 compared with the levels of 2005. Next, he wanted to adopt the maximum Coalition target of 28 per cent instead.

Morrison’s tactics tend to support this argument because his focus was on tax – income tax cuts, franking credits, negative gearing. These policies seemed to play a bigger part than climate in this year’s election. In any case, Labor is yet to complete its election review. Fitzgibbon wanted to surrender too soon.

One option being canvassed in the caucus is to go to the next election with a plan to review the target rather than giving voters a specific number. This may be impractical under sustained political pressure from the government.

The Greens would flay Labor for any softening in its ambition, but would a softer target win back voters? Labor would face a classic decision between left and right.

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CroweDM QLD election influence is moving south and this has Joel in a flap.

Labor divided over climate targets | Sky News AustraliaDivision has emerged in Labor ranks over climate action, with one frontbencher calling on the party to match the government's climate change target.\n\nShadow Resources Minister Joel Fitzgibbon will use a speech in Sydney on Wednesday night to call on his colleagues to endorse the Coalition's 2030 emissions reduction target. \n\nMr Fitzgibbon will argue the party should aim to reduce carbon emissions by 28 per cent of 2005 levels within 11 years. \n\nEnergy Minister Angus Taylor has seized on the call, saying Labor was “now clearly recognising the error of their ways.”\n\n“Labor went to the last election with a 45 percent emission reduction target which was going to slash jobs, slash wages, and slash the economy,” Mr Taylor said. \n\nImage: Getty Hardly a 'division'! No division! Once again when Labor have a discussion it called division. When the LNP have a discussion it’s called an inquiry!! Double standards? This useless LNP Gov HAS NO PLAN. auspol

Former NSW Labor boss Jamie Clements took $35,000 in cash from Huang XiangmoFormer NSW Labor boss Jamie Clements told the ICAC inquiry he went to the property developer's house in Mosman and was handed a wine box containing the cash. Brown bag too small? Drain the swamp If it smells like corruption, and looks like corruption.....

Chinese billionaire gave NSW Labor boss $35,000 hidden in wine box, ICAC toldFormer NSW Labor boss Jamie Clements has told a corruption inquiry Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo gave him $35,000 hidden in a win box to pay his legal fees in 2015. They couldn’t even get him a bottle of wine? lol Was it from Natty Light Vineyards? Of course he did. OK this is important... WAS IT FRUITY LEXIA?!

Setka appeals court order allowing Labor to kick him out of the partyControversial union boss John Setka has launched an appeal against the Victorian Supreme Court's decision permitting his expulsion from the Australian Labor Party. Should Narcissism be made a capital offence or can some better way be suggested to rid us of them? Knows how to work the system doesn't he. Like any bad smell, he just doesn't go away quickly.

Labor 'deeply compromised by links to Chinese communist agenda' | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Chris Kenny says the New South Wales Labor Party has “allowed itself to be deeply compromised through its links to Chinese communist operatives, organisations, donors and agendas”. \n\nFormer NSW Labor boss Jamie Clements was due to front the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inquiry on Wednesday after it was revealed he was allegedly given $200,000 by banned donor Huang Xiangmo. \n\nMr Kenny said it was “high time there was serious action taken at the very top” to address the party’s alleged links to the Chinese communist regime. \n\n“Anthony Albanese needs to tell us what Labor will do to clear this up, root out this influence and make sure the ALP speaks only for Australia,” Mr Kenny said. \n\nImage: Getty It's not just state it's federal as well Surprised? Not really. And how is Madame Liu working out for the Liberals?

'Sensible settlement' or 'strong action': Labor divided on carbon emissionsSenior Labor figures are divided over whether the party should wind back its carbon emissions targets to match those of the Coalition moving forward.

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