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Freedom Day, Delta Variant

Labor calls to ‘throw the book’ at planned protests with $20,000 fines

Fines ranging from $5,500 to $20,000 have been pushed by the NSW Labor Opposition for protesters planning a second anti-lockdown rally on the weekend.

28/07/2021 2:38:00 PM

Growing reports of a second anti-lockdown rally in Sydney has spurred NSW Labor to demand the Berejiklian government slap protesters with massive fines.

Fines ranging from $5,500 to $20,000 have been pushed by the NSW Labor Opposition for protesters planning a second anti-lockdown rally on the weekend.

Thousands took to the streets on Saturday to protest the ongoing lockdown restrictions in reaction to Sydney’s growing COVID-19 Delta outbreak.NSW Police confirmed 60 people who attended last weekend’s rally had been arrested and charged with officers issuing 148 infringement notices.

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But after the Berejiklian government announced the lockdowns would be extended for a further four weeks, NSW Police indicated a follow-up protests was being planned.NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said on Monday that there was “online chatter” on a possible second protest this Saturday.

Mr Secord and Mr Daley urged the government to slap any organisers with a $20,000 fine, as well as $11,000 fines for people sharing social media information on the “illegal rally and inciting others to illegally attend”.The Labor Party also called for $5,500 fines for “unlawful attendees” - an increase from the current penalty of $1000.

Protesters are arrested by the police during the 'World Wide Rally For Freedom' anti-lockdown rally. Picture: NCAProtesters climb the awning at Sydney Town Hall during the 'World Wide Rally For Freedom' anti-lockdown rally. Picture: NCA

Commissioner Fuller described potential protesters as “anarchists” and said they would not respond to court injunctions.The two Labor frontbenchers said on Wednesday the government must “crackdown” on anti-lockdown rallies through “targeted public health orders”.

“We should throw the book at these idiots who spreading misinformation and lies along with the Delta variant,” Mr Secord said.Protesters are arrested by the police during the 'World Wide Rally For Freedom' anti-lockdown rally. Picture: NCA“A $20,000 fine will smash those who operate on the fringes through their anti-vaxxer and far right-wing networks.”

Mr Daley joined his colleague and threw his support behind NSW’s police force and public health workers.“No one should be allowed to swarm, assault, threaten or throw items at the police who are out there enforcing public health orders aimed at saving lives,” he said.

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“Last weekend’s disgusting display was an attack on every single person working to save lives in the current COVID outbreak. Read more: Sky News Australia »

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Construction workers are planning another protest in Melbourne today following yesterday's violent demonstration against the Victorian government's vaccine mandate.

It’s our right to question or lobby any government in power because that’s in our constitutional. If we are prevented from doing that, then we are no longer a democracy. Jail or vaccination 💁🏻‍♀️ ozhomeschool Remember children switch off those pesky smart devices when you leave the house, make it harder for the authorities to track you 😉

Yeah fines will help... not I hope all of Sydney gets out and protests Don't bother fining them, straight to jail. Im the first to say Anarchy can cause change. But bring in the army and shut these FW down. Funny we didn’t see these harsh words or actions when blm protests were held during lockdown These people have no money but let's fine them for protesting the fact that they are struggling to make ends meet. Disgusting

Gladys is backed by 👿 doing his work. Good luck everyone 🙏 Fines won't hold up in Court cause the government is acting against the Constitution and the Law.

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The fines have no legal basis. Just like a criminal govt usurping its own laws to inflict PharmaFascism on its citizens. Nazi ideologies creeping into Australian govt.. Lock downs, freedom of speech and movement, possible mandatory vaccination.. Talk or threat of Vaccine passports for Australians workers or travel will see the total death of Democracy!

Only people who stand to profit are the lawyers - it won’t help anyone when the fines are challenged in the courts They didn’t care when the BLM protests were happening All talk no action Well if you're stupid enough to protest like a sheeple then you deserve to be fined They should get fined. Real smart no masks a receipt for more transmissions prolonging the lockdown.

This Nobel winner of virology, Luc Montagnier, probably the most published virologists in the world and who discovered HIV, was ridiculed, censored and defamed for trying to warn that breakthrough cases would open up the gates of hell 😳 but were ignored! If they want australias first civil war..I'll be delighted to be a part of the freedom faction

Sydney lockdown could wipe out recovery, BCA calls for smarter planThe nation’s biggest business lobby says there needs to be a smarter approach to lockdowns as research warns this year’s economic gains could be wiped out. swrighteconomy May I recommend the go early, go hard, approach, as displayed by Victoria (as done by Victoria TWICE against DeltaVariant , and SA once); the namby pamby half arsed 'please stay home' all shops open, in NSW is responsible for simply maintaining numbers, NOT stopping infection swrighteconomy Fuck the BCAcomau! SYDNEY NEEDS A RING OF STEEL TO PREVENT THE SPREAD TO ALL OF AUSTRALIA AND CAUSE A CATASTROPHIC ECONOMIC DISASTER. swrighteconomy It is a pretty useless, lazy government that needs the BCA to come up with reasonable policies. We pay substantial incomes to ministers so that they can wave their hands at the media for some attention at an illegal protest. Meanwhile the BCA have to do their job for them.

There's going to be 100,000 protesting this weekend. You can't fine everyone. And the ones that you do fine won't pay it anyway. The tide is turning, people are fed up with lockdowns. Hecs bill 20k or economic damage caused (hecs sticky debt). Higher of.

Ex-footy players fined for lockdown protestThousands of people who attended anti-lockdown protest s over the weekend are being hunted by police as authorities vowed to track down everyone who attended. AnnastaciaMP this woman is claiming that NRL players are strong anti vaxxers - do we need to review their right to stay in Qld? We know how it is going to end EmmaH1123 There are different rules for sports ‘stats’ - not sure why that’s news.

‘Don’t march, don’t protest’: Alan Jones calls for Australians in lockdown to obey the lawWhen you publically encourage and stoke dissent amongst your viewers, and claim a monopoly on the 'truth', you should be prepared to accept responsibility of the consequences. Here is one example of a consequence. corybernardi 'Illegal Protests' or rather the right to exercise free speech - yes, by all means this should be avoided. Perhaps Australians now have a better understanding of why Americans will never forfeit their II Amendment rights.

Police fine man who left locked down Sydney for Queensland, sparking COVID alertThe man from New South Wales has been fined almost $10,000 for three breaches of COVID-19 health directions while the woman, a flight attendant, has been fined $4,135. None of which he will pay But not the removalists who traveled to Melbourne!! Charge them, stop letting these clowns off scott free.

Big hint Covid fines could increasePolice have warned “boofheads” planning a second Sydney protest that fines are likely to increase as the state government looks to arm authorities with extra powers to enforce Greater Sydney’s new lockdown rules. You can't catch us all, pigs. See you in the streets. Thousands die from smoking and alcohol and driving but govt profits from these so we don't stop these things when people die but we shutdown everything for a virus that's killed less than what smoking will how many people have died from last lot of infections four probably stupid