Joyce’s Fury: Turnbull’s Downfall

Barnaby Joyce expresses his anger towards the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, leading to their political partnership’s downfall.

Barnaby Joyce watched the prime minister’s press conference on TV with molten fury, his weathervane face deepening in colour from scarlet to crimson.”I didn’t see him as a prime minister. I just saw him as an idiot.” By February 2018, Malcolm Turnbull and Joyce had been in a political partnership for two years, the former big city lawyer and merchant banker and the erstwhile pub bouncer and bush accountant enjoying an unlikely friendship.

“At the start, Turnbull and I got along splendidly,” says Joyce. “I was a crucial part of Malcolm’s Praetorian Guard … I protected him. I really did.” The prime minister and deputy prime minister in parliament in October 2017, and campaigning together in Joyce’s seat of New England in December 2017.”We were off to a great start in 2018,” recalls Turnbull. “The government was going well. We were polling well. People were feeling very positive. Then, BOOM!” Walking out into the prime minister’s courtyard in February 2018 to front the media, Turnbull was going to deal with that “BOOM!” head-o

Source: abcnews