John Barilaro new job LIVE updates: NSW inquiry into John Barilaro appointment begins

29/06/2022 3:04:00 AM

Albanese government confident of reasonably swift conclusion to EU FTA agreement; Uber agrees to set minimum rights, conditions for workers. Follow updates here.

Albanese government confident of reasonably swift conclusion to EU FTA agreement; Uber agrees to set minimum rights, conditions for workers. Follow updates here.

WATCH LIVE: NSW parliamentary inquiry into John Barilaro job offer; David Hurley sorry for “mistake” over testimonial for company that renovated his private home. Follow updates here.

Death toll rises to 50 in San Antonio migrant tractor-trailer tragedy Washington Post Share post San Antonio | A woman pulled from a sweltering trailer abandoned on a road near a stretch of South Texas known as a corridor for human smuggling opened her eyes as two religious leaders entered her hospital room.first reported that McKay was being considered for the India job last August, and Barilaro did not deny the report.Morning summary Good morning folks, and welcome to another day of rolling news.Here's what you need to know this morning.

She was worried and weak from a journey that was meant to mark the start of a new chapter in the United States – but instead brought death for 51 migrants making the trip with her.“We asked if she’s from Guatemala,” said Antonio Fernandez, the head of the Catholic charities in San Antonio.“We are going through a process at the moment.“She said, ‘yes’.He’s been meeting with various international counterparts on his trip, including Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez The federal energy minister, Chris Bowen , will give an address at the National Press Club today in which he’s expected to talk about the government’s renewable energy plan in the wake of coal-fired power station shutdowns, a cold snap and spiking gas prices adding to cost of living pressures for already-squeezed Australian households.” Loading The breathtaking toll of the deadliest smuggling incident of its kind on US soil gripped San Antonio on Tuesday.” Both Barilaro and McKay were approached for comment.As the medical examiner worked to match identification cards with bodies, the death toll rose and investigators detained three people."It is therefore essential that the NSW government representatives, who appear to be the key decision-makers in this appointment, provide an accurate and fulsome account to the NSW public of how Mr Barilaro was the best candidate for the role.

Three of the 16 people initially rescued died, officials said.Investment NSW has insisted it did not receive “formal” approval from senior ministers before giving Barilaro the New York job, despite documents showing public servants discussed getting signoff from Perrottet.Meanwhile, hundreds of nurses voted on Tuesday to continue with industrial action, rejecting the NSW government’s offer of a 3% pay rise.With 11 still in hospital, they asked the public to pray for those still fighting for their lives.In a place where traffickers’ disregard for life is a painful reality, the latest calamity is stoking fears in South Texas and the south-west that rising temperatures and an increasing number of border crossers could make this summer a season of unprecedented death along the US-Mexico border.While the emails do not specify which of the six trade commissioner roles established by Barilaro in 2019 was being discussed, a staff member inside the agency stated that a meeting between Ayres and one of the candidates on 4 November “went well”.“As horrific as this is, it is not the only time,” said Doris Meissner, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute who ran the nation’s immigration system from 1993 to 2000 when it was under the Justice Department.There’ll be stacks more throughout the day so stay tuned.“It will not be the only time.Three days later another public servant responded to ask: “Any action required on our end currently to progress this or will Minister Ayres’ office deal directly with the Premier’s on these approvals?” The discussion came months after public servants were told cabinet approval was no longer required for the roles.30pm at Greenacre in April this year.

” Two Mexican nationals appeared in federal court Tuesday on weapons charges in the case after officials said they traced the trailer’s state registration to a house in San Antonio.City police found multiple weapons inside, including several handguns and a multicalibre rifle.However the same official asked whether it was “simply a matter of us now preparing the standard briefs” for “endorsement” by the deputy premier, treasurer and or ping me on Twitter @gingerandhoney.Authorities said they arrested Juan Francisco D’Luna-Bilbao and Juan Claudio D’Luna-Mendez after they left the house in separate trucks.Officials said in court records that both men admitted to being citizens of Mexico who had overstayed their visas and were in the United States illegally.“These roles are not statutory roles, they are public service roles established under the Government Sector Employment Act and regulations,” the spokesperson said.A woman places roses at a makeshift memorial to the victims of the migrant tragedy on the US-Mexico border.( ABC: Kate Hill ) A professional body representing GPs across Australia says the government has not yet acted on 109 recommendations, made more than two years ago, to tackle crystal methamphetamine.

AP The men did not enter a plea and information about their lawyers was not immediately available.“Investment NSW can confirm no formal approvals were required or obtained from any ministers or the premier with respect to [trade commissioner] appointments to ASEAN, India and the Middle East, the Americas or Greater China.Both wore olive-green T-shirts at a first appearance at the US District Court in San Antonio on Tuesday (Wednesday AEST) and said they understood the charges but otherwise did not speak.At least 22 of the victims were Mexican nationals, seven were originally from Guatemala and two were Honduran, a Mexican government official in the US said.That was despite Perrottet previously saying Coutts-Trotter himself would lead the probe.The dead include 39 males and 12 females, Bexar County leaders said.Authorities said they had potential identities for 34 of the deceased – while for more than a dozen they did not even have a nationality.The Guardian has also confirmed the approach took place, with West raising concerns about the recruitment process after she was told she had got the job by the former premier Gladys Berejiklian in August last year.The report contained recommendations on how to tackle alcohol and other drug use in communities across the state more broadly.

The process of identifying the dead could take days, if not weeks.“There are no names,” said Jordan McMorrough, a spokesman for the city’s archbishop.Topics.“That’s one of the tragedies of the situation, is that no one has a name.” 1 hr ago.

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John Barilaro approached former NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay about trade role in IndiaExclusive: The NSW government has insisted the public service, not ministers, were responsible for the appointments If he does manage to scurry away somewhere we must pay for a reunion trip for friendlyjordies . They could hire the airbub next door!!!

Australia news live: Albanese meets Nato leaders, John Barilaro trade job hearings startFollow the day’s news, live How Australia bet the house on Ukraine ... and lost Germany Warns of Lehman Brothers-Style Financial Collapse if Gas Crisis Continues. The West’s Green Delusions Empowered Putin. While we banned plastic straws, Russia drilled for gas and oil and doubled nuclear energy production.

Live: NSW Now: Inquiry into John Barilaro's high-paid trade commissioner appointment begins todayMORNING BRIEFING: A parliamentary inquiry into the appointment of former New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro as the state's trade commissioner to the US will begin today. It’ll go the way of every other commission, committee, investigation etc etc it’s not great but not illegal etc etc and the news cycle moves on to the next corruption story. If this Barilaro inquiry gets shoved under the carpet, then Perriteh must go. Will I get sue if I say 'oink' 'oink'?

NSW premier learned of John Barilaro’s interest in New York trade job in a ‘social setting’Dominic Perrottet insists he had nothing to do with hiring process and ‘no recollection’ of being asked for approval Was it a game of pass the brown-paper bag? Are u serious..having a beer when the hospital is in shit .. 40 more covid deaths and Society crashing with LC Mate .. never let me see you in the street..dame i will fkn tell u straight dom . Bullllllshhhiiiiiiitttttt

From Roe v Wade protests to John Lennon: The top five moments from GlastonburyAfter two years of COVID cancellations, Glastonbury returned this weekend in a swirl of joy and rage. Here’s what you might have missed. Glastonbury Lucky its an election year for Chairman Dan or he would have banned everything.

John Oliver on end of Roe v Wade: ‘We’re in uncharted territory’The Last Week Tonight host blasts the ‘absolutely horrifying’ supreme court ruling and digs into the US south-west’s drought I've got a simple solution no one has EVER though of.. Make it the federal law of the land that safe abortions are legal and freely available. Biden won't. He's anti abortion. The Democrats won't. They court anti abortion votes and preselect anti abortion candidates. Mmmmmm Fucking love iamjohnoliver They're in exactly the same territory every other country in the world is. Where governments make laws Oliver used to be good but his program is nothing but deranged misinformation and lies of omission now