Jacinda Ardern ‘can’t push over the top COVID caution’ to Australia’s leaders | Sky News Australia

4/05/2020 11:21:00 AM

Sky News host Chris Kenny says he hopes New Zealand Prime Minister @jacindaardern doesn’t promote “overdone lockdowns and exaggerated caution” during her National Cabinet hookup with Australia's political leaders on Tuesday.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says he hopes New Zealand Prime Minister jacindaardern doesn’t promote “overdone lockdowns and exaggerated caution” during her National Cabinet hookup with Australia's political leaders on Tuesday.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says he hopes New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern doesn’t promote “overdone lockdowns and exaggerated caution” during her National Cabinet hookup with Australia's political leaders on Tuesday. \n\nMs Ardern will be part of the National Cabinet meeting where the discussion of a ‘Trans-Tasman bubble’ will reportedly take place with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and our state and territory leaders. \n\nMr Kenny said now is the “time for loosening” of restrictions and the “time for business to be freed up”. \n\nHe said the meeting with Ms Ardern does “make sense” given the connection between the two nations and our efforts to combat COVID-19. \n\nImage: Getty

Jacinda Ardern ‘can’t push over the top COVID caution’ to Australia’s leaders 04/05/2020 | 2min Sky News host Chris Kenny says he hopes New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern doesn’t promote “overdone lockdowns and exaggerated caution” during her National Cabinet hookup with Australia's political leaders on Tuesday.Larger text size Very large text size New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will join Australia's national cabinet meeting on Tuesday to discuss COVID-19, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced.Play video Advertisement They are expected to discuss a mooted "trans-tasman bubble" that would allow Kiwis and Australians to freely travel between countries.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The national cabinet has formally invited Jacinda Ardern to join its meeting on Tuesday, which will include a discussion about the contact tracing apps both countries are using.

Ms Ardern will be part of the National Cabinet meeting where the discussion of a ‘Trans-Tasman bubble’ will reportedly take place with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and our state and territory leaders.Mr Kenny said now is the “time for loosening” of restrictions and the “time for business to be freed up”.New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was invited to join Australia's national cabinet meeting by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.He said the meeting with Ms Ardern does “make sense” given the connection between the two nations and our efforts to combat COVID-19.Mr Bloomfield said he had been providing advice to Ardern ahead of the call.Image: Getty Favourite.They are expected to discuss a mooted "trans-tasman bubble" that would allow Kiwis and Australians to freely travel between countries.

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jacindaardern So who t f is Chris Kenny? jacindaardern She LOOKS LIKE SHE MAY BURST INTO TEARS jacindaardern You mean he doesn't want Australia to mirror their success? Yeah, that sounds like NewsCorpse hack. jacindaardern Maybe Chris could keep his commentary to himself.... jacindaardern Chris Kenny is just a dog turd on the footpath of life you hope to never step on!!

jacindaardern The coronavirus of Foxtel. Not even a respirator will save Foxtel given the nature of the Sky News virus Perhaps if they remove the words News & Australia from their nomenclature we’d at least not be misled by what they think they & their group of misfits broadcast jacindaardern If we listened to Chris Kenny, we’d have 97,000 dead Australians, rather than 97.

jacindaardern Dear Sky, did Chris define 'overdone' and 'exaggerated caution'? Or was it vague so he can say he was right, no matter the outcome? jacindaardern Kenny is just an irrelevant host of a news source with minimal audience. That’s where his expertise begins and ends! jacindaardern Why would she have to? Surely our 'elected representatives' have our well being first and foremost and not that of big business? Oh wait.........

jacindaardern He hasn’t spent time with a dog in weeks.

Jacinda Ardern to join Australian national cabinet meeting on TuesdayNew Zealand Prime Minister jacindaardern will join Australia's national cabinet meeting on Tuesday to discuss COVID-19, Prime Minister ScottMorrisonMP has announced jacindaardern ScottMorrisonMP Time for a hug!! jacindaardern ScottMorrisonMP She can link up with Danial Andrews and the IQ and EQ of the Cabinet will quadruple jacindaardern ScottMorrisonMP .... can we interest her in a job? Sorry, THE job?

jacindaardern He’s such a tool! jacindaardern Who cares she's not Australian. jacindaardern who gives a fuck? jacindaardern From the host who promotes unfounded propaganda, dog whistling, and RW FakeNews. Exaggeration ChrisKenny? Pot Kettle Black!! Slynews jacindaardern She’s probably the one that went too hard anyhow. NZ achieved similar results without shutting down the whole country in an attempt to eradicate? I believe australia and And NZ should open borders which will help both countries.

jacindaardern Chris who? jacindaardern I hope she listens to Chris despite the fact he hosts a poorly rating TV show of next to no consequence. jacindaardern Let’s just hope covid kills sky and these idiot commentators jacindaardern Who cares what a Sky News host says? I sure don’t. jacindaardern I'm sure Jacinda Ardern will give Chris Kenny's opinions all the attention they deserve.

Jacinda Ardern to join Australian national cabinet meeting on Tuesday.jacindaardern will joins Australia's national cabinet meeting on Tuesday. There, the leaders are expected to discuss a mooted 'trans-Tasman bubble' that would allow Kiwis and Australians to freely travel between countries. jacindaardern He needs to be lectured from the heart 🙂 jacindaardern Extraordinary to include a foreign leader and not our shadow govt representative. jacindaardern Great to have a proper Prime Minister at one of these meetings. Hopefully Smoko will learn a thing or two. ScottyFromHillsong

jacindaardern She's missed the international spotlight. Must need a distraction from her cocaine addicted cheating partner. jacindaardern Betcha Jacinta Ardern hangs on every one of his words! He’s such a coppernanotube jacindaardern You mean like resuming travel between Australia and NZ. That dog whistle is looking a bit old and worn out.

jacindaardern Just another example of men telling women what to do🙃 jacindaardern She's the only one who seems to know what she's doing. They should be listening to her! jacindaardern But he’s an idiot so who cares? jacindaardern What qualifications does this commentator possess? Surely the Head of a nation can speak to our leaders, all accessing expert medical, social and economic expertise and arrive at evidence-based outcomes? Scaremongering again Sky after dark.

jacindaardern I hope SKY News sacks Chris Kenny. jacindaardern Chris is a great example of many things but mostly “it wasn’t so bad; we overreacted” 👇 jacindaardern What if she does? She is not the Prime Minister of Australia

Jacinda Ardern to join Australian national cabinet meeting as NZ records zero new coronavirus casesWhy? We have enough dictators here without inviting horse face anti freedom. Could that be because the NZ app is working? She should apologise first

jacindaardern This just in, a no one with no degree in anything has an opinion about how a tertiary qualified leader of a foreign country should run their country and foreign policy in the time of a deadly pandemic. He can seriously can fuck off jacindaardern How can Sky News Justify themselves. There’s no ‘news’. it’s just opinions. Most of the opinions are a century old.

jacindaardern Chris must be stinging to get back to the dog park jacindaardern I don't think host Chris Kenny has the ear of the respected leader of NZ. jacindaardern And I hope the Cabinet listens to the highly respected and extremely capable Prime Minister of New Zealand... Over the half-arsed barely sensical blatherings of Chris Kenny

jacindaardern What a complete prat. jacindaardern The Trump Whitehouse is currently projecting 200,000 new cases a day and 3000 deaths by June 1 but please tell us more about “overdone lockdowns and exaggerated caution” Chris Kenny. jacindaardern They doing better than us so why not impart what they have learnt so Australia learns and protects itself ! Common sense stuff?

jacindaardern Sounds like Chris wants a dose, is there something seriously wrong with this blokes thought processes, or is it me? I beginning to doubt myself that caution, physical distancing and staying at home unless for essentials is not helping anymore. jacindaardern I’m sure your 17 viewers think Kenny is an idiot too!

Coronavirus updates LIVE: Jacinda Ardern to join national cabinet over travel proposals, global COVID-19 cases surpass 3.5 million as Australia's death toll stands at 95For the first time since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand has recorded no new daily cases of the virus. Follow the latest coverage on COVID-19 for free, here in our live blog They win! Now what? How do they open their borders back up? So they should, Hello world I love the UN Freedom only comes through big government structures

jacindaardern Well of course Chris Kenny would say something inane like that. He has form and is famous throughout the land for declaring such fatuous ideologically-driven rubbish. Only those of his own ilk take any notice of him. The rest of us get on with facing the reality of life. jacindaardern It is only paranoia if they are wrong. If they are right, they fast track NZ's economic recovery, and future stability. I know what I would choose, no-one wants a resurgence.

jacindaardern We all rest on Kenny's hopes and dreams jacindaardern This lickspittle grub recites his lines with utter predictability, pandering to his masters, fearing and denigrating anyone who's not in their pockets. jacindaardern I hope she doesn't tell us off - again. 😒 jacindaardern Chris who?

jacindaardern Surely no one cares what Chris says? jacindaardern Who the hell is Chris Kenny and why would we care? jacindaardern Remind me again why we’re supposed to listen to this dog... ummm... whistling fuckwit? jacindaardern I'd also be worried about jacindaardern promoting more top down policies from the U.N for the next plandemic

Ardern to discuss ‘Trans-Tasman bubble’ with National Cabinet | Sky News AustraliaNZ Jacinda Ardern says she will discuss implementing a 'Trans-Tasman bubble' with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state and territory leaders when she attends a National Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.\n\nThe 'bubble' would allow the current border restrictions between the two nations to be relaxed in order to allow greater trade and travel between Australia and New Zealand.\n\nMost experts believe worldwide international travel will not commence until there is a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, which is likely at the very least a year away.\n\nMs Ardern said while the prospect of greater travel between New Zealand and Australia is exciting, the Trans-Tasman border will not be implemented in the 'very near future.' \n\n'As you can imagine we want to lock in the gains that all New Zealanders have helped us achieve and make sure to have health precautions in place to make sure we do this safely and well,' she said.\n\n'I do want to moderate expectations, but the fact that we are in a position as countries to even have this conversation is a huge advantage for both of us.'\n\nBoth Australia and New Zealand have achieved remarkable success in tackling COVID-19.\n\nIn New Zealand, there have only been 1,137 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 1,276 people recovering from the disease while 20 people have sadly perished.\n\nThe curve has rapidly flattened in Australia as well, with only 984 active cases in the country.\n\nMs Ardern also welcomed the 'unprecedented' move to attend the National Cabinet meeting.\n\nPrime Minister Scott Morrison extended the invitation to his Kiwi counterpart after a phone conversation last week.\n\nIt is expected Ms Ardern will also discuss New Zealand’s response to COVID-19 and Australia’s contract tracing app. \n\nImage: Getty jacindaardern ScottMorrisonMP The weak link is flights coming into NZ from Pacific. Assuming they are an issue. jacindaardern ScottMorrisonMP 'trans ' interesting ... jacindaardern ScottMorrisonMP Why ?

jacindaardern Let’s hope it’s not a pissing competition and they get on with business jacindaardern You mean like overdone, exaggerated opinion pieces?! KennyTheClown jacindaardern Hey Chris - opinion polls currently show that jacindaardern is Australia’s preferred prime minister! jacindaardern ... and I hope Chris Kenney disappears into the slough of irrelevance from whence he emerged.

jacindaardern He should just bugga off. Not fit to clean Jacindas shoes. SkyIsRWNJFools jacindaardern Chris Kenny needs to keep his mouth shut right now jacindaardern Kenny reckons he knows all. Wrong . All he is. A nobody on Sky. jacindaardern I'd love to have her give Scotty a holiday! Tell him he's off the hook for a coupla weeks and can take a private flight to Hawaii! I mean, it's been soooooo hard on him!

jacindaardern Chris Kenny Trump is calling you! He is seeking new voices to amplify his position on conspiracy theories, his medicine cabinet remedies, cleaning chemicals solutions for CV19. Few can match your proven set of skills consistently displayed on wingnut media 2GB Sky etc jacindaardern He is absolutely right. The last thing we need to have her to take over and run her agenda. Who can ever forgot her grand standing about Muslims after tragedy in Christchurch and month later her total ignorance when Muslim terrorist in Colombo SriLanca murdered 300 + Christhans.

Tas Premier lifts restrictions after shutting down a localised COVID-19 outbreak | Sky News AustraliaExtra lockdown restrictions imposed on Tasmania's north-west are being lifted after localised outbreak was brought under control. \n\nSchools and non-essential businesses were forced to close when a cluster of cases were identified at Tasmania’s North West Regional Hospital. \n\n127 people were infected and 11 people died as a result of the outbreak. \n\nHowever, no new cases have been identified in Tasmania over the past 24 hours, causing the state’s Premier Peter Gutwein to relax the more severe lockdown measures.\n\nImage: Getty Meanwhile in Victoria we have virtually no cases, but kids don’t go to school. Stupid. The UK approach of 'herd immunity' did not work. The UK strategy was based on having 60-70% of the total population getting infected. Hospitals just can't cope. If the easing of restrictions causes further spikes here in Australia, we could end up in same predicament as UK Sky news, giving out false information once again.

jacindaardern Is there anyone in Australia- anyone- who could give a damn about what Kenny thinks or says? Anyone? auspol Promote away Jacinda. We're all looking forward to you taking over as President of the United States of Australasia coronavirus abc730 insiders jacindaardern Seems to work. Maybe he wants us to listen to his good mate Trump instead.

jacindaardern Well he is a well known RW idiot appearing on a well known idiotic RW medium , so no surprises there ! IMHO jacindaardern Chris who? jacindaardern Kenny irelavent self promoter jacindaardern This stupid socialist character will not make any good contribution. Inviting her was a mistake of ScottMorrisonMP . It will open the gate to her supporting leftists like the Premiers of Victoria and Queensland for starters creating an imbalance and diminishing his power.

jacindaardern Who cares what this pompous insignificant worm thinks. As for sky see insignificant worms. jacindaardern Oh dear, Rupert, the bully, is scared of Jacinda and sends his underlings to work. jacindaardern Chris Kenny needs to read this article to understand his condition better. jacindaardern Get off the disinfectant Kenny, it's bad for you!

Mariehe12 jacindaardern And who actually give a flying f$k what that maggot, Kenny thinks. Oh wait a minute, he thinks? I find that a bit of a stretch. jacindaardern If it saves lives...push away jacindaardern! The socialist left will no doubt throw temper tantrums and the adults will need to sort it out. I also have a feeling that this sentence will make it into the discussions.

jacindaardern Honestly. How could she? This will be about opening the borders, and what each country will be required to do to allow this. 'I'll tell you what; that Chris Kenny convinced me' said nobody, ever jacindaardern Chris Kenny the Skynews tool jacindaardern We must have stables at cabinet. jacindaardern Lol. Jacinta Legend Arden: Chris who?

jacindaardern But Jacinda is boss🙌👊 jacindaardern QLD similar population to NZ with 6 deaths - NZ with 20? She doesn't need to tell Oz what to do! jacindaardern Does this buck tooth blowhard ever shut up?

jacindaardern Don't be to hard on these RWNJ. Their only understanding of the world is through the lens of Sky News and its talking heads. Opinions provided by the IPA and Murdoch. jacindaardern NZ doesnt have to open up it's boarders to Australia if you can't sort out your own backyard. jacindaardern And Alan thinks she should put a sock in it 😉

jacindaardern Tell her to put a sock in it!!😂😂 Idiot. jacindaardern Well I for one hope she does! jacindaardern Did Chris try drinking bleach? jacindaardern When are our so called leaders going to take their 20% pay cut like NZ did Chris Kenny is neither a doctor, nor an economist. He is a man with no discernible sense of humour, who resembles a testicle wearing glasses. No wonder Murdoch likes him. MenWhoResembleTesticles MurdochIsANutsackToo

jacindaardern And why would any sensible person care what a Sky News host says?

jacindaardern jacindaardern is this some kind of death cult talk? the NZ PM has possibly the best outcome to covid pandemic thus far. why do you hate Australians? jacindaardern A great ambassador for the Adelaide_FC Fages1 jacindaardern How does this imbecile have a television show. jacindaardern That’s not in the spirit of the ANZACS

jacindaardern Chris Kenny ... go take your dog for a walk ... a ‘walk’ nothing else ... WOOF!! jacindaardern Chris Kenny speaks for none of Us! jacindaardern And does Chris also hope to crush his own over entitled misogynistic views which by the way, are largely unsolicited and one that no one really gives a fuck about?

jacindaardern New Zealand is broke. Thanks Jacinta. jacindaardern No problem. She is only there to announce her take over of the Australian Govt. Australia will then be the destination for all the world's refugees.

jacindaardern Tosser jacindaardern Poor Chris, he seems to have an endless supply of being wrong. jacindaardern Yeh look at her leadership, what an idiot?! She should have ignored Covid like Trump did... jacindaardern He can hope all he wants . Our PM can do whatever she wants . That’s the difference

jacindaardern When does Chris Kenny get an opinion that is supposed to mater? Just present your crap show and leave the opinions to the so called 'experts' jacindaardern Third and fourth territories of Australia jacindaardern Let’s hope she doesn’t meet you, poor lady. jacindaardern Sky news all on the one page what ever Rupert wants Rupert gets! Lockdowns have been successful. Keep Australia’s and state borders closed

jacindaardern WTF your kidding Kenny thought you would have been one of those Murdoch let go! jacindaardern Did I miss something? Since when did anyone give a fuck what Chris Kenny thinks or says?

jacindaardern jacindaardern Why on earth would she be included in our national cabinet? She is from a separate sovereign country that is in the skids since she became PM of a minority government. jacindaardern It's Chris Kenny, who gives a shit about an absolute nobody. jacindaardern Why would anyone think his opinion matters? No one cares what a news ‘journalist’ thinks. Their job is to report the facts period. That is unless Ltd News is just a propaganda organ of the far right.🤔

jacindaardern Chris Kenny is a monumental human error. How does he keep getting air time? jacindaardern Shes not observing her own restrictions jacindaardern Go and stand in the corner Kenny, you’re irrelevant. jacindaardern Barking jacindaardern Well said Chris Kenny jacindaardern what is really amusing is that anyone would bother to watch sky news.

jacindaardern You know who doesn't give a flying continental rat's arse about what Chris Kenny says? Jacinda Ardern, PM, and most other people. jacindaardern Why does Chris Kenny sound so terrified of Jacinda? jacindaardern Does anyone think Jacinda’s expression captured here is perfect reaction to Kenny’s drivel? It is all of us 🙄

jacindaardern And what the hell would Chris Kenny know? Absolutely nothing. He is utterly irrelevant in this conversation. jacindaardern Scotty really doesn't listen to Jacinda. Remember last time she was out and her pleading to stop deporting 'criminals' to NZ. Scotty just wants to exchange rugby teams. Hopefully someone will get through to him that there are other sports too.

jacindaardern Just a discussion about sharing one of the world's most profitable medium haul air travel routes between Qantas and Air NZ. auspol jacindaardern Big time gripper? jacindaardern Chris who? That bloke that has his way with dogs? jacindaardern Chris reminding us how irrelevant he is. jacindaardern Kenny oxygen thief!!!!!!

jacindaardern I hope that Chris Kenny doesn’t overdo his over exaggerated opinion of himself jacindaardern Apprentice A. Jones. jacindaardern Whereas Kenny will keep pushing the ‘talking out of my arse’ approach to handling complex and dynamic policy fields. jacindaardern Someone say hook up? Havent had a root for months.

jacindaardern Earlier, reports said that Iranian guards had mistreated a group of Afghan citizens, drowning them in Harīrūd River, on the Iran-Afghanistan border. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 jacindaardern I just found out Kenny doesn’t have a uni degree and that explains more than a lot jacindaardern Nobody listens to Chris Kenny. He’s a washed up journo. Jacinta is a successful Prime Minister

jacindaardern Kenny is a stooge for the malignant IPA and that walking nut sack, Murdoch. Zero credibility. jacindaardern Chris Kenny would prefer overcrowded hospitals and a massive death toll in exchange for a country that is “open for business” jacindaardern Considering it's not over the top lockdown, yeah, that's an oxymoron.

jacindaardern Yawn...who cares what this permanently outraged snowflake thinks. jacindaardern Imagine being against all the lives that have been saved with those measures jacindaardern Chris Kenny is a POS jacindaardern Imagine how much better the world would be without Chris Kenny. Er... actually maybe no different because anyone without a lobotomy takes no notice of him. If God exists, imagine his judgement of Chris compared to Jacinda. auspol

jacindaardern jacindaardern 🖕 Kenny jacindaardern She'll sink her teeth into the meeting... jacindaardern Chris hopes his kids will return his calls one day. jacindaardern Who the F$&k is Chris Kenny? jacindaardern your a shining light in a crappy world keep it going ! jacindaardern Never mind any lockdown. Chris Kenny and the entire management should be locked up.

jacindaardern You hope she doesn't but you know she will. jacindaardern Chris Kenny, the guy who recently gave Trump the benefit of the doubt over injecting disinfectant. Kenny: 'It's worth a look.' Um. Right. jacindaardern Chris who jacindaardern Hello, please checkout my gig if you need any king of graphic design.

jacindaardern Well, she may just discuss well done lockdowns and appropriate caution. jacindaardern why would she want to push further lockdown measures? How does she benefit? jacindaardern jacindaardern The only thing sadder than Chris Kenny is the fact that you haven't fired him yet. jacindaardern I for one value the health, well being and lives of my family and friends. I'm okay with the lock down despite its impact on our household. I'd rather not follow a US type outbreak.

jacindaardern Can we send Mr Kenny to the tuckshop while she's here?

jacindaardern As someone with a lot of sense, jacindaardern won't be listening to people like Chris Kenny. jacindaardern The Rants of kenny jacindaardern jacindaardern Seriously why hasn't Fido been sectioned ! SandyBeachesAkl jacindaardern Ask the tough questions! The nz media don’t... jacindaardern Whos Chris Kenny? I've actually never heard of him.

jacindaardern It’s about time that you woke up to the fact that “Sky News Host” is the kiss of death for the credibility of anyone it’s used to describe. jacindaardern Chris Kenny must have got his early glass of disinfectant on ice. Moron. jacindaardern I’d lock down chris Kenny jacindaardern Stoopid.

jacindaardern People around the world know who Jacinda Ardern is, and hold her in high esteem, but who the hell is Chris Kenny? Oh that’s right, he’s some moronic, non-entity, Murdouche toady. jacindaardern I think we're doing pretty well with the policy of doing the opposite of whatever damn fool thing Chris Kenny dreams up, so let's just keep doing that

jacindaardern If I wanted to listen to an arsehole I would have farted. Chris Kenny is a pathetic failure, a blatant partisan, and a bad faith actor. Anyone who gives that flog any credence deserves all the disdain they get. jacindaardern 'Chris Kenny says... that feels good! Here's a Schmacko!' jacindaardern So glad a competent PM will be joining Cabinet, if only for one meeting.

jacindaardern I’ve never watched - and I’m really not missing anything I see. Your news is not really news. jacindaardern Sky news? More like Sky imbeciles. ShutTheFuckUpChrisKenny jacindaardern What Paul said jacindaardern Or that the Warriors are free of all disease and are pillars of society.

jacindaardern Here's what Kenny's own son Liam (who obviously hates his father) him said about Kenny: NZBirder jacindaardern JA will talk herself up while failing to deliver for NZ ...she could have gone hard and early but waited until she had to cancel the March15 remembrance brandArdern ....She hasnt stopped campaigning throughout the Pandemic and gave 50M for media......election priorities !

jacindaardern People who Like Sky. QAnon nutters. jacindaardern jacindaardern Mr Positive jacindaardern Chris Kenny is allowed to hope.. But who cares? jacindaardern I think most of Australia hopes Chris would say nothing at all... We all know he has like 10 viewers but stil!!!! jacindaardern Who gives a toss what Kenny thinks? Like most Australians who don’t rate him as any more relevant than used dunny paper, I also don’t rate as anything more than a waste of time & money.

jacindaardern Chris who? jacindaardern he should read this

jacindaardern Chris Kenny! Talk are Bert and Ernie....this guy is the biggest muppet of them all! jacindaardern Feck me Kenny, give it a rest ya cockwomble NZBirder jacindaardern You know she will... :( mind you, I hear she's pretty popular over in Aussie-land, so why don't you just keep her? jacindaardern why are we even talking to the evil communist ?

jacindaardern I didn't realise you were an epidemiologist - congratulations on your new qualifications jacindaardern Chris Kennys whole job is misinformation. jacindaardern Chris Kenny you are such a Murdoch wake up to yourself. jacindaardern Woof Woof jacindaardern Come on Chris tell ScoMo to jam a pair of socks down her throat. and Chris Kenny purposefully and continually disseminates false and dangerous information during a pandemic and are FakeNews and are the EnemyOfThePeople of Australia and NZ

jacindaardern “In biology, a host is an animal, plant or person that provides a home for another organism — like a parasite.” Very apt SkyNews IS the parasite, exploiting others and giving nothing in return.

jacindaardern It will be fantastic to have our politicians take some advice from a country that has effectively eliminated the virus despite a faster initial growth curve than Australia. Anything that Jacinda cares to suggest we should take into very serious consideration. jacindaardern “Exaggerated caution” ... crazy-talk Kenny.

Consuel2Anthony jacindaardern Yes.....heaven forbid we promote something that actually works. That would be really stupid. Oh.....sorry, Chris Kenny is actually the stupid one. Howdoesmurdochsleepatnight jacindaardern And Chris Kenny is.... some sort of opinion peddler I understand. Jacinda Ardern on the other hand is the Prime Minister.

jacindaardern Jacinda Ardern told Australians everything we needed to know during the COVIDー19 crisis. So glad she's taking charge of our national cabinet tomorrow.. Thank you Jacinda. jacindaardern Isn't it to announce that they have become another Territory of Australia ? jacindaardern I suspect she’ll do nothing of the sort. Unlike ScoMo, she doesn’t tell other countries what they should do.

jacindaardern He should go boil his head. jacindaardern And we can only hope that Chris Kenny would fuck off but alas, we don't seem to have that kind of luck do we? jacindaardern Yeah cos it’s not like it worked for NZ eh? Chris Kenny is a dick

jacindaardern Yeah! Stupid New Zealand! Going overboard and eliminating Covid-19! Stupid exaggerated caution allowing them to open their economy up way earlier, protect its citizens, and be the envy of the world. Losers! jacindaardern If only Chris was good at something. jacindaardern That’s Jacinda Adern’s expression in reply to he who shall not be named comments

jacindaardern Sky News is the sewer of news channels and Chris Kenny is a giant turd that refuses to sink to the bottom Who on earth would take Kenny seriously anymore. jacindaardern IDK who chrisKenny is but he's ignorant if he thinks Jacinda is 'exaggerating' the caution. In fact she's envy of the world in how she managed this pandemic. Australia is admired for it too so pipe down if you don't know what you're talking about. We dont need your BS skynews

jacindaardern Chris Kenny still has not found what he is looking for (sorry U2). 15 minutes of fame jacindaardern Chris Kenny. A hack with no medical background wanting to tell everyone that it’s ok if some of us die. So far our results are outstanding due a cautious approach. Why fuck it up now? jacindaardern Chris Kenny is an irrelevance.

jacindaardern Who gives a rats what Chris Kenny thinks!

jacindaardern This coronavirus agenda has always been about setting a precedence for control and power over people. You will see attempts to mandate medicine as the pharmaceutical industry sees the younger generation more inclined to natural health approaches. As Bigpharma infiltrates politics jacindaardern Someone needs to lead Australia in an orderly way. Who better than Jacinda Ardern. nzpol auspol

jacindaardern Too late😁 jacindaardern She’ll probably cry to get her way just like she cries to get votes , this woman is shameless jacindaardern All I read was 'Chris Kenny says....' and knew it would be some inane crap he uses to fill his airtime and get his name into the discussion jacindaardern Oh yeah. Cause we could all end up like NZ 😱

jacindaardern He is an annoying little creature and I suspect a man uncomfortable with a competent female leader. I am sure Jacinda doesn’t give a rats. She probably doesn’t know who/what he is. jacindaardern Well everyone loves her communist garbage jacindaardern Chriswhat? jacindaardern SkyNews - you are the epic fail 🤣

jacindaardern An exemplary case of complete and utter fuckwittery by Chris Kenny. I think that he has a phobia with jacindaardern who has handled COVID 19 magnificently.ratbag ignorance jacindaardern Who gives a fuck what he thinks? jacindaardern Who cares what Kenny thinks..... jacindaardern So we should do the opposite.

jacindaardern Chris Kenny is looking for relevance within our federation and our cousins over the ditch. It’s called moving forward ... not being a tosser. jacindaardern Remember the time Chris Kenny's own son published an opinion piece about how much of a petulant loser his dad is? I think of it often.

jacindaardern Give us a break Kenny. Jacinda is a lot smarter than most of our leaders on show here and she certainly does not need your help! jacindaardern Nothing that perhaps works hey Chris? News you can’t trust Opinions you should ignore jacindaardern Wow the fragile boys at Sky are really nervous. They're trying to shoosh 'that woman' up before she's even said anything.

jacindaardern Does anyone else out there think maybe this fella and Andrew Bolt had the shit kicked out of them at school

jacindaardern Except she has results. So there’s that. jacindaardern Chris Kenny is an absolute joke. jacindaardern Luckily no one cares what Chris Kenny says. Insignificant little nobody on an insignificant channel. jacindaardern Is there a more tedious human. jacindaardern Tell Chris Kenny it worked so duh...

jacindaardern Chris who Sky “news” lol. jacindaardern Chris Kenny is a nobody and he should not be commentating on the PM of NZ he is pure rubbish.. jacindaardern Chris Kenny hates successful people. No need to say anymore.... jacindaardern One thing Kenny can count on: the PM of NZ will never know what Kenny says because she sticks to relevant, important people with qualified opinions. Kenny doesn’t rate on any criteria.

jacindaardern Poor old Chris. Washed up drunk now being ignored by both sides of politics. That's what happens when you jump the shark (or screw the pooch as it may be) 40 times a night. People get bored and stop listening.

jacindaardern 52 comments already...let me guess 51 neurotic ABC-ers attacking Chris and Sky news Siri, show me right wing fuckwit mansplaining. jacindaardern Let’s hope Skype has a failure. jacindaardern The clown has nothing to offer Australia. Tell her/she/they/other to look after her own dung heap. rabidgreenlunaticleftcircus

jacindaardern And .......? DesperatelySeekingRelevance jacindaardern lets hope she start with an apology for the dumb attack about us sending back NZ crooks jacindaardern Unlike Chris Kenny, PM Ardern is respectful of another country’s protocols and practices. jacindaardern Thankfully he’s just a low rating TV host and nobody cares about his hopes.

jacindaardern Isn't he the guy that had sex with a dog? Why in gods name would anyone take what he said seriously? Apart from his views on what breeds really put out. jacindaardern Your a goose mate

jacindaardern Who gives a fuck what Kenny hopes? jacindaardern That's why he's languishing at Sky News. jacindaardern That Chris Kenny obviously doesn't give a stuff about people's lives. jacindaardern Chris Kenny judging Jacinda is a joke. Chris you are a long long way out of her league. jacindaardern Kenny should be on the National Cabinet. 😂

jacindaardern Who is he? jacindaardern Fido should just take his dog for a 'walk'. jacindaardern I don’t think Jacinta Ardern will be seeking advice from Chris Kenny unless she wants to know what NOT to do. He should draw 3 black dots on his head and impersonate a bowling ball and strike out. jacindaardern Chris you really are running out of ideas

jacindaardern So many petulant children commenting; tossing their toys out of the pram. Not that long ago, being petty, feeble minded, & easily offended, were considered character flaws, & those afflicted were likely to struggle. Now there is a bubble where it is celebrated, reality bites.

jacindaardern New Zealand is worst off than Australia jacindaardern 'Hookup' ?! WTF, Skynews? It can't just be a 'meeting'? Does Morrison 'hookup' with Trump? No, because he's not a woman. auspol jacindaardern Because Chris Kenny is a renowned leading expert on pandemic management strategies. jacindaardern Chris who?

jacindaardern Do we really think Scott Morrison and Co will listen to a PM who's country has as many people as Victoria? jacindaardern What a snowflake Sky News host Chris Kenny is... anything else you want to whinge about? jacindaardern That’s exactly what she will do hopefully New Zealand people vote her out

jacindaardern Way to flush out the lefties Chris! Having a giggle 🤭 at all the replies! jacindaardern Chris Kenny hopes virus is not eradicated in aus or NZ jacindaardern I almost said who gives a .... what Chris Kenny thinks!?! But plenty of others said it already.

jacindaardern Yeah, how dare she save all those lives! I'm furious with her putting human lives ahead of the economy. It's PC gone mad. (am I doing it right Chris? I don't usually talk out of my arse so I'm reaching out to you for a bit of guidance in your particular field of expertise) jacindaardern She’s already shown her disdain for right wing fuckwits in the past, why would she listen to them now?

jacindaardern It'll be to discuss the possible mechanics of opening travel between the two countries . Both will need to be at similar Covid levels (preferably eradicated) for it to work reasonably seemlessly. jacindaardern Skytwat jacindaardern That’s because you are a despicable person jacindaardern Let’s be frank. We taje no notice of Chris and Jacinda has far too much intelligence to.

jacindaardern She's embarrassing. jacindaardern He only says that shit because he has to display the “shock jock” persona. It shows that he understands that’s the way to keep his job on your news network.