Jacinda Ardern asked if meeting Finland's PM because they are 'similar in age', shuts that question down

30/11/2022 8:25:00 AM

She asked if that question was ever put to Barack Obama or John Key.

Watch NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pick apart this reporter's question during a joint press conference with Finnish PM Sanna Marin. He asked the pair 'are you two meeting because you're similar in age and got a lot of common stuff there?' Read more:

She asked if that question was ever put to Barack Obama or John Key.

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hold a joint media conference in Auckland.Ms Ardern, 42, and Ms Marin, 37, held a joint press conference at Auckland’s Government House on Wednesday morning to mark their first face-to-face interaction.Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article abc.Stuff reported the victims were thought to be a girl and a boy, born in Auckland in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

Source: / Michael Craig/AP Jacinda Ardern has hit back at a question from a journalist around the reasons for her meeting with Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin.“A lot of people will be wondering: ‘are you two meeting just because you’re similar in age and have got a lot of common stuff there - when you got into politics and stuff - or can Kiwis actually expect to see more deals between our two countries down the line…?" the journalist asked."A lot of people will be wondering are you two just meeting because you are similar in age and have a lot of common stuff there, when you got into politics and stuff,” the reporter began.Ms Ardern was swift to interject, asking if the media would quiz male leaders about their similarities.Then she caught COVID-19 — and eight months later, she is still living with the symptoms."My first question is I wonder whether or not anyone every asked [former US President] Barack Obama and [former New Zealand Prime Minister] John Key if they met because they were of a similar age," she quizzed the reporter.Picture: Dave Rowland/Getty Images "Or can Kiwis actually expect to see more deals between our two countries down the line…" Ms Ardern cut off the reporter and highlighted how different the question was to what would be asked to their male counterparts.'Because two women meet it's not simply because of their gender' At the joint press conference in Auckland on Wednesday, she acknowledged that more men are in politics around the world.A New Zealand coroner has put in place a temporary order preventing the publication of the names of the two children who were found.

"Because two women meet it's not simply because of their gender," she said."We of course have a high proportion of men in politics, it's reality, because two women meet it's not simply because of their gender.It takes me all day to clean my own house now."The focus of our conversation is what more we could do together in support of other women, in other countries who are facing dire circumstances," Ms Ardern said.She vowed to further the countries' relationship regardless of gender.” Finnish PM.In relation to the situation in Iran , Ms Ardern said: "So, I think that shows a sense of responsibility that we feel given there are so few female leaders to make sure that we use our voice on behalf of those that are experiencing such dire circumstances."At least 900 of those people probably have severe long COVID which is really impacting on their ability to lead their lives." Social media users have praised Ms Ardern, 42, for shooting down the apparent sexism and comparison of leaders based on their age.South Korean police say the woman gained citizenship in New Zealand but returned to South Korea in 2018 according to immigration records.

Ms Marin, 37, had a similar answer back to the suggestion the two women would get together based on their age."We are meeting because we are prime ministers," Ms Marin said with a laugh." Ms La Velle's long COVID has meant she rarely leaves the house.Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin meets with New Zealand's leader Jacinda Ardern in Auckland.Source: / Michael Craig/AP "We have a lot of things in common, but also a lot of things where we can do much more together," she said.It is the first visit by a Finnish prime minister to New Zealand."I have trouble talking sometimes because you can't breathe.

READ MORE Ms Marin is familiar with media scrutiny over her leadership, having faced criticism earlier this year about her dancing and partying with friends after hours.Critics of Ms Marin's actions Ms Marin is soon heading to Sydney for talks with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.Share.I describe it as someone lit a fire in my head and I'm trying to see through the smog.

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I like her so much. She'll be missed on the world stage. Jacinda Ardern is such a loss that mysoginist goose would have to be a murdochrity newscorpse rag wanker. ThisisNotJournalism Two impressive dynamic women -v- one inarticulate journalist (stuff). They are both little disgusting Shwab’s puppets 🤡🤮

Finland accounts for less than 0.3% of imports in New Zealand. New Zealand exports to Finland account for less than 0.03% of exports. This is a dumb retort that expects you to be amazed by raw numbers (so many millions!). His question is fair. Her answer is evasive and lame. I'll say what everyone is avoiding- they're having a slumber party and giggling all night about boys.

What a jerk question and a typically excellent answer from the PM They should have closed with 'Does that answer your question, you fucking idiot?' OrlaGuerin And the reporter - what nationality? Known to her? Part of her taxpayer funded entourage? Is the real story the quality of NZ journalism? pinjaperholehto ei yhtään hävetä olla globalistien autossa

Ardern shuts down reporter's question on Marin meetingNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin have reprimanded a reporter for suggesting they were meeting for the first time because they are both young female leaders. the journalists really know what matters 'reporter' knows who butter his bread 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOL, no point asking her a political question, she never gives a truthful answer if a answer at all. The reporter mustn't be of any importance. Sky couldn't be bothered publishing their name.

Ssh Ssh Ssh MaiaDunphy What a ridiculous and insulting question from a reporter. Loved the answers (probably wasted on the reporter but I'm sure the others appreciated intelligent answers). ceasterly1970 Two very impressive & serious women who happen to be prime ministers. Ah this fascist woman you're promoting. Shame on you.

Flipping heck that question was everything about the undermining of women’s authority as leaders in one go. And she bats back and hits it out of the park. Evidence, logic, reason. Un journaliste demande à la 1ere ministre de New Zealand si elle rencontre son homologue de Finlande car ce sont deux femmes du même âge Le combat féministe a de beaux jours devant lui puisqu'il s'intéresse à l'orthographe et non à ce qui se passe en vrai dans le monde

danapriest thats awesome. dixer, but still gr8. _JC Go girls! Another pompous prick laid to waste!

Long COVID sufferer Sue wants help. She says she could 'cry every day' through frustrationSue used to run a business cleaning other people's homes. Now, she can barely clean her own and worries 'nobody is listening' to long COVID sufferers like her. I have a friend in this situation also 😢 How come I have long covid but have never had covid? Been suffering sciatica for 5 years. What about other people with life long, debilitating illnesses? ABC hype at its best.

He didn't ask shit about their gender, he said because they are similar in age hence maybe they have common interest. Are these 2 of the best women the world has to offer? Really? I've never heard two 'male' priministers speak so well and clearly 👏👏👏.... They are meeting because they are similar age? What response did he expect? Yeah, sure, it's a pyjama party night, want to join? 🙄 They are two heads of a country, they meet. Are you high buddy?

Ouch It was a really dumb question that he wouldn’t ask of two male leaders. Leading their countries into ruin and communism!! Is this cool or what? No elucidation needed. Is this the pig that took a baby away from its parents because they wanted unvaccinated blood for a transfusion? The audacity and disrespect of women has to stop.

Pretty sure this is a tad more important but apparently not to the international media and including members of FoxNews like EmilyCompagno

Woman’s four words as she leaves South Korea to face charges over bodies found in suitcasesA South Korean woman arrested in relation to the murder of two children who were found in abandoned suitcases in New Zealand has fronted an Auckland court charged with two counts of murder. 7NEWS

She is truly despicable! banie01 & the (ignorant 8uffooπ of a) reporter retorted: ''just, shut-up & kiss her already!'' Sorry, ma. Twas' kinda 🤏 fuππy though, no..? ☹️😗😞 What an elegant response '... ya know, you're similar in age an, ya know, got a lot of, ya know, common stuff there, ya know, when youse got into politics an stuff... ' That was a prepared question from a paid journalist who, presumably, attended high school.

Yeah, that reporter can pick up his balls on his way out. Sorry, but can't help thinking that the brightest bulbs don't seem to go into reporting. That was a cringe question. They have cocktail parties for that. GetVideoBot 👏👏👏👏👏 Terrific answer

Queen Elizabeth II’s only concern was Harry was a ‘little bit too in love’ with Meghan MarkleTalkTV Royal Editor Sarah Hewson says in the new book Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait speaks of how the late Queen Elizabeth II was “delighted to welcome” Meghan Markle into the royal family. “She even suggests that she should continue her career as an actress but her only concern was that Harry was a little bit too in love,” she told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “When the Oprah Winfrey interview came out and that huge fall out the Queen's response was that television nonsense.”

OrlaGuerin I can’t help by think that many countries would be better led by female political leaders. Smart women. A joy to listen to. Great responses to a pathetic media question. He should be embarrassed, but almost certainly won't be. هلا Dollars to doughnuts, the reporter who asked such a stupid question works for Murdoch.


wow she really picked him apart he should have asked them are they in a lesbian relationship cause thats what it looks like to me. OrlaGuerin She embarrassed that reporter in a way that will remind him of the lessons she taught him for DECADES to come. TeachALittleTeachItWell 😀

'Short staffed' police hunted for Sydney fraudster Melissa Caddick, inquest hearsThe final day of an inquest into her disappearance has heard police struggled to watch the mountain of video evidence they had gathered. 9News

Two intelligent, successful women and all he can ask is are they meeting because their situations are similar? What a dumda**. She made the reporter look like a dummkopf 🤣 Bravo for her👏🏾👍🏾 Is this your bird? Do they taste like chicken 🐓? The reporter was too polite to bring up the fact that they are both WEF FGL puppets and obviously carefully selected for their role. They understand about trade relations? Well, that's an unexpected bonus. And today's reporters are well trained too.

Stick that in your pipe mate! Sit down reporter, the educated women have the floor. Great response ladies!!! Well, I guess she pretty well covered the 'stuff' they will be discussing Is the reporter from NZ’s version of Womens Own. What a stupid question. Quite surprised he didn’t add on if they swapped recipes, make up tips and, like, you know, stuff 🙄🙄

They just dunked on him. He meant to ask, what do two PMs from different hemispheres have to talk about? Other than both countries being Socialist shitholes, one thing in common - they're both arrogant jerks. If the genders were reversed, women would be howling how badly the reporter was being treated.

Making school camps affordable for a range of parents is ‘critical’Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie says she thinks investing in school camps that are affordable for a “range of parents” at schools and not just the more affluent parents are “critical”. “Particularly public school – most of the kids in regional areas attend public schools and so I would be call on school principals to maybe cut down on some more of the other things in the budget,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray. I bet she'd put them in marginal electorates too... I had some fantastic stay over interstate school trips at my public school in 1994.

This is what it’s about and how to do it. Watch and learn RishiSunak KemiBadenoch Conservatives She is very sharp! cool Great answer by NewZealand's and Finland's. Cant believe that there is an unacceptable level of misogyny from journalists What a waste of an incredible opportunity as a journalist to ask two brilliant humans if they are acquainted because of gender. His journalism school (if there was one) may want to reach out and ask him to refresh himself in the courses on social awareness. Great replies by PMs.

I hope that reporter got chastised when he got back. That was a STUPID question that they took control of and answered so well. 👏👏👏I guess you answered that reporter’s question Bravo!!! gazebo_c The reporter’s question: “Blah blah and stuff, and stuff… and blah and stuff?” gazebo_c I think I’ve figured out the Kiwi accent. Bite down on a stick and then speak. It’s like the teeth never open.

Perhaps that reporter thought this was a late night talk show hoping for a witty response. :)

Good job staging this. rubs hands: are you bringing in DEALS?!!! 👏👏👏 BRING IN THE DEALS TO PROVE YOUR WORTH - Sweet Jesus FFS 🙄 I wish we had a Jacinda - we got Truss 😱 Chandbu The reporter is spot on. 💐💐 It is a learning experience for the reporter. Maybe he's a young rookie who doesn't actually know what to ask from prime ministers but was thrown in by his office because a senior got down with flu. Who knows? The response was bang on, as expected from leaders of their stature.

Dumb question but it’s obvious the Finnish PM has more fun at parties. She’s also a great leader so probably not so much in common with Jacinda. What a joke. This troll of a tyrant is loathed by an increasing number of people. It destroyed NZ, our people, our economy, everything that we held dear. Ardern is only capable of lies, deception and hate.

What brilliant answers to an Monumentally Dumb sexist question by an obvious misogynist ‘reporter’!

CosmoCG That told him. Anyone in Finland or NZ interested in swapping leaders with our joker here in Canada? I'd be willing to throw in a weasley opposition leader and a couple of senators to sweeten the deal. Well, to focus on their similarities. their countries are increasingly irrelevant, their GDP is falling & their unemployment is skyrocketing. Despite these massive failures, they think they can lecture others. Finnish FinnishPM

Hoes The 10 Types of Garden Hoes Bring on women in power , smarter , less ego , open mindedness 🙏 It's so good to see politicians that know their stuff, the best we get in the UK is a rant about Peppa pig world! ❤ can't believe that journalist actually asked that, they're Prime Ministers ffs 🤣 SarkySage2 Did you also see that the ABC did not report at all on Albo’s discussion with Biden on the release of Assange?

SarkySage2 Media at its intelligent best again 😩 GeorgeTakei Couldn’t NZ share their PM and have her do Aussie job, as well. Oh, for an articulate leader.

Usual sexist bullshit from the media. She killed it…THIS is everything. A quick google search…and yes they are both WEF globalists like you RachelNotley They are both WEF puppets. Ardern is despised in New Zealand, just like Trudeau is in Canada. ...as in, both WEF lickspittles... 🤔 She’s about to get turfed out

Awesome response Prime Minister!!! What a useless Question asked only by a Male!! Well he got his backside handed to him on a plate . What a Pratt !! Amazing leaders! 💯 She is here to push Nokia

Two very intelligent & articulate women leading their respective countries… meanwhile the fellow in the front row attempts to put together a coherent sentence by inserting ‘and stuff’ wherever he can🤷‍♀️ First Class👍🏼💙 No thanks … she’s an incompetent, lying narcissist 🤮 Dissolve NATO and you issue will be gone.

SheauShyuan unfortunately, within NZ, the misinformation 'press' is relatively strong and very biased towards the National Party (& all sorts of conspiracy theory-type characters), and as much as the rest of the World loves our PM; internally, it's a different story (sad to say!). DescargaBot Simply awesome leaders! Clear, clean, adroit, focused, and cleverly current. Fir to serve, far beyond their predecessors.

Indian democracy is not strong enough or should I say Indian politics does not allow Indians to elect a rationalist, free thinker as it's leader. The politics in world's largest democracy is completely driven by religion. That is why people elected a man as India's PM divides.

Oh you mean the woman so hated In her own country she has not appeared in public for over six months 🤣😂🤣😂😂 carry in with you propaganda 😊🤣 You do realise the majority of New Zealanders now despise this woman, she will leave parliament as NZs most hated Prime Minister, she and her party are polling less than thirty %, She will be gone at next election Don't believe the world's press

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 POW 🥊POW 🥊POW 🥊POW…… Women can be Prime Ministers, run countries, visit - trade, and tell dumb condescending reporters to STUFF IT!🎯 We actually need to straighten out more reporters on social knowledge & awareness. Journalists need better training! RT to reporters!

Two highly intelligent ladies 👍🏽👏🏽❤️ These remarkable leaders deserve better. It’s 2022. This is what happens if two young intelligent leaders completely dunk a flatline misogynistic journalist. WEF cow Because we're Prime Ministers! Duh! 😒🙄 Touché Prime Ministers

I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these women as PM. Bravo NZ and Finland. rosarii_mannion Loooove her they are meeting because they a both WEFpuppet and she needs to use her to distract NZ from the mess that has been created by her subversion of our democracy. Wow, we nead politics like that in Canada.

nminow So nice to see responsible and serious grownups doing politics, even if they are women who are close to the same age. Fantastic response from both PMs. That reporter will think before asking another silly question 🤣🤣 Two very smart people who are well deserving of their office! Unfair that these 2 nations are gifted with these excellent female PMs and UK most recently could only muster Truss.

Oops, someone has their “easily offended” hat on today! They are both YGL in the WEF -sect.

Why don't NZ and Finland announce a joint bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympics. Spread the cost and share the burden! WinterOlympicsbid Reaproy When something is not even a deal until they try to justify it with bullshit. NZ anf Finland are in their respective 60th position of trade value. In 2021 NZ exported $9,000 to Finland.

Wildbilliards doctor_oxford Well done ladies 💙 It's 2022 and men are still asking questions like that 🙄 Please fire this sexist reporter. Super offensive and can't do his job properly. Yes world this our amazing PM and our gutter press asking the questions. We are not all like that reporter, he represents a click bating cheap online low quality rag bag we have here in NZ, trying to appese a failing Tory party.

🔥🔥🔥 Roast... That’s a man! She is a pawn - next year she is gone

I'm suffering from a bad case of PM envy. More specifically, WomenPM envy! JacindaAdern Compare and contrast with our own self-serving politicians! Jac's a real pro and NZ are lucky to hev her ay That's was a stupid question and gottdamn finnish pm is fine for a pm. Lol Hope the reporter finds enough aloe Vera to heal the super burn the two PMs gave him.

His question was deliberately placed and diversionary leading the PM into her speech and putting down any other opportunities to have a dig at her unelementary_ The so-called 'reporter' kept using the word 'stuff' and talked like a boy in high school gym class. A must watch. The PMs of NZ and Finland are articulate, intelligent, dynamic, and looking to improve long-term growth and benefits for their respective countries. Bravo, ladies!

Wow great replies Misoginism and sexism only from men apparently, as the ladies speak as they please. Who was this reporter? Name and shame! Ssh אחרית הימים Suzyiam Who was this clown? BenzoKermit She blew that dull misogynist question out of the water with her highly intelligent response They definitely took the high road in their responses. More than the reporter deserved but pivoted so well to the important topics for their meeting

He definitely didn't deserve that patient and composed answer. Seems like to very intelligent ladies! 👌

שאלה מטומטמת תשובה מעולה המבטא הניו זילנדי פשוט ואווו Who is this nimwit 'reporter'? Expose his ass Could she perhaps apply to be my President here in the States? Just curious. Maybe a lend/lease kind of deal? This look on her face with the 'Bless your heart' head tilt, waiting for him to stop his misogynistic bullshit is everything 🤣❤️

It’s real simple be decent or at least think before you speak and make the rest of us think your decent! “I wonder whether or not anyone ever asked Barack Obama and John Key if they met because they were of similar age?” jacindaardern this side. A lady of dynamism 😎 A pair of brilliant sounding leaders. Not the word salad Canadians get from Dear Leader, JustinTrudeau

Was the reporter's follow up question going to be about what's the PMs' favorite hair conditioner?

I really can not stand this woman, and think she’s EVIL. But, I didn’t find fault in either woman’s response? 🤷‍♀️ WhistleIRL What an ignorant man.I hope his paper sacks him She rebuffed the sheer silliness of his wasted opportunity of a 'question' & then schooled him On things he should already know Bravissima 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 'Two gals of the same age' 🙄 I hope his boss demotes him

kathyjohnsongym If that was the most intelligent question the reporter had to ask, he should be stripped of his press credentials. 🙄 And that was before Sarah Ferguson a normally hard core, serious (and female) journo decided to focus on dancing when interviewing the Finnish PM 🤦🏾‍♀️ Go on ladies .. 💪🏼

One of the most criminal people on the planet ... communist ruler! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮 It's the head tilt for me... I wish they would just give the Māoris their lands…white colonizers….0 respect

Strong. Coherent. Intelligent. Exceptional. Leaders. Female. that is not a woman.... regardless of how well she replies to a 'journalist' obviously sent in to make shim look and sound good... Take a look at the Abortion laws JA got passed... (full term babies, no pain relief for baby etc... WTH...🤬🤮☠️👿)

That journalist needs their press credentials revoked. Savage!!! POTUS should take notes. That’s how you speak at a press conference. Not that rambling nonsense POTUS and VP spit when they’re in front of the mic 1st, these are considered answers that reply to a trivial, sexist question with a statement of political realities. 2nd, while pointing out the sexism, the NZ PM didn’t lean in & bite the questioner. She would have been justified to do so. UK & US politicians take note, please.

Interesting that Marin speaks better English (at least more easily understood by these American ears) than Ardern. Yes! Jacinda, still awaiting your reply.

I'm so glad that daft reporter's question wasn't 'are you two meeting because you're both white and got a lot of common stuff there?' He should have his press card rescinded! What an absurd question! Ms. Ardern hot mic: can one of the aides get my whip. Thank you. She puts up with so much crap Thank you to that reporter for demonstrating misogyny is a worldwide phenomenon.

That was EXCELLENT! 💙❤️💙 its not cause of the agenda bause she says it isnt, Stunning and Brave, hahahaha Trash Mp. WEFpuppets He couldn’t even formulate a clear question. Boy did he look foolish. Indignity 🙈

Oh Jacinda...what you meant to say was, Are you kidding me right now? Do you think we met to discuss synching our period calendars? Lol That read has to be the most subtle, diplomatic FU I've ever heard. I stan 🙌🙌 Don't play with her! Tatodzidza subtle reads...taking notes 📝 A true leader with a vision

Where did these two lizards get there human suits from? The discount bargain bin. 🐴🐗 Impressive part of the interaction is that both Prime Ministers are so well versed and prepared with trade data. Uuuuuuuh, I just felt embarrassed on behalf of the guy. Jacinda Ardern didn't have to complete in that manner. After dropping all those points on him, she finished with 'regardless of our gender.' Ouch!

'A lot of people will be wondering if...' No. They won't!' Both are very firm, presentable yet femine in their own ways. Quite impressed that Finland's PM is very articulate, especially when she delivers the messages in a foreign language. That sexist reporter should feel 2-inches tall after they shut him down🤪🤣🤣

Competence and Meritocracy should be the sole determinant for any position as compared to other irrelevant considerations. 🙌👏👏👏 👏👏👏 doctor_oxford Jesus christ. We're meeting because we are Prime Ministers of our respective countries. New Zealand journalists, are no better than most U.K. journalists by the sounds of it.

Yeah!!!!…and stuff! Women leading change.. 🌸❤️ PghFan_TOH PMs for the Win! And they say there are no dumb questions! Mic drop. What a breath of fresh air it was then to listen to two competent leaders responding to fluff with real and meaningful information without being interrupted. Our media outlets, presenters and journalists could learn a lot from that piece, yours included.

Geezus Unbelievably tone deaf Watching these 2 leaders makes me sad that the Philippines chose a dictator’s cocaine-addicted son over the very competent and honest Leni Robredo. jacindaardern and MarinSanna demonstrated their leadership qualities as PM for their respective countries; it is not related to their gender, stupid journalism… women in politic have a lot to do to change the male dominant mindset

Owned Why can't we have people like this running the U.S., or has our political discourse become so perverse that it's impossible? anneL5694 They’re both prime ministers. Hot doctor_oxford My god what an embarrassing question. I hope he felt as small as those excellent answers made him look. I nominate both of them for President of the World

Wow what a response

The press is not there to get the facts. The press is there to make you look bad and get something nasty out of it.. That's what pays their salary.. Nobody gives a damn about facts anymore Ha fatto bene a fare quella domanda Brilliant. Great answer, terrible question OMG who was that reporter & how did he get a badge? Two of the best, most honest & most sincere global leaders on the same stage, good to see.

👑👑👑👑 Wow ! Don't come for us, you won't like it when you get here 👠👠👜👀😎 Astonishing that this reporter would ask this....Elegantly answered jacindaardern and MarinSanna bbclysedoucet That this would even be a question is frankly astounding and astonishing doctor_oxford Potential for lots of stuff, then..

shellykittleson wonderful leaders. Women likexthesexare why the world needs more female leadership. Especially younger forward thinking. When she tilted her head to the right and squinted - you know she was asking herself - 'can I just shoot this guy? I mean, I am the boss. ' What would the UK give for one of these women to be our PM?

beafeldt Sanna wins for me every time! precise and to the point. Up to that question the whole talk fest was about women..how wonderful blah blah blah..great question I thought. People need to get given context Wow, who would have thought an EU country could negotiate their own trade deal? New Zealand’s answer to Peter Doocy.

The reporter can barely string a coherent sentence together and stuff 😞 Rashida please I need your help

You know, you know, you know, and stuff, stuff. GeorgeTakei This answer is political speak for “I don’t have the time, nor the crayons, to explain fully why that was a dumb and terrible question.” Safe to say Jacinda Finnish’d that reporters career after such a BS question. Brave Jacinta Ardem 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Beautifully done What a bush League question. Both schooled the reporter, with far more grace than I might have had. Die verbrecherin gegen die menschlichkeit! I never thought I'd find myself yearing for political leadership and representation. Yet here we are. These capable leaders truly make me cringe at politics here in the US.

How the UK could do with a PM like either of those, intelligent, skilful, knowledgable and able to lead their country well. 'I'd like to report a murder'.

“….and stuff…..” 😳😳 Not even our youngest journalists from our “children news” on national TV would do such a crappy interview And stuff.. I hope it's not too sexist to say I love her accent. Australia can’t be outdone by a NZ journo going low, Sarah wins hands down How many times did he say 'and stuff?'

I'd like to report a murder. Isn’t she an extreme leftist? I’m ready for this type of vision + collaboration from US political leaders. Communication pros, this is a master class in how to redirect distracting, sensational questions, dressed-up as legit journalism. 🙌🙌🙌 Inspiration womeninleadership

GreatDismal That reporter says both the phrase 'and stuff' and 'you know' twice each in the space of a single sentence. Not to be the language police, but he doesn't strike me as a very savvy communications professional. Ooo...time for popcorn and chick flicks!!🤣🤣🤣

She also should have asked him if he studied journalism at Trump University. The reporter’s lack of intelligence is evident in the question he asked! If I were his employer, I’d fire him for using “stuff” twice in a question to a PM! Crazy Lad had a family. I say had, they've kicked him out, changed the locks and disowned him

Can you imagine any of the US, UK, Irish, French leaders handling a question like that or even never mind the question but simply delivering the message. Oh, that head going during the question to the left suddenly: dude, you should run, you’re in trouble. What intelligence!! More women in power pls ❤️ Yuck.

If the former guy becomes president again I’m moving to New Zealand. Wow that put lazy journalism right in its place. Imagine your country being run by two competent leaders like these two brilliant women. No bluster just simple facts and common sense. Knowledgeable and well informed how refreshing.

What an unbelievably ridiculous question that would never have been asked of a man… Well said ladies 👏👏👏 A misogynistic stupid question and Ardern handed him his ass wrapped in a bow. morewheels Democratic business! rosarii_mannion You get the chance to ask a question of the leaders of two countries and that is what you ask!! I’m embarrassed for him.

deray My favorite part of this. Jacinda: “LOL, dude, you are so out of your element.” 🎤💥 RamonaFeminist I trust he resigned after being covered in ridiculous Punksolid Hay muchos viejitos cabeza de algodón dirigiendo los países y pocos de ellos tocan temas realmente importantes como las nuevas generaciones pudieran hacerlo

More smart, young people in politics is a very good thing. America should take note. We need an age cap & term limits. Both would eliminate empire building. An age-cap would address the inevitable disconnect w/younger citizenry & natural decline in cognitive ability as we age.

👏👏👏👏👏 Youu het the impression that his attitude is one that they encounter often. If I were Jacinta I would have to testrain myself from throwing a bucket of ice water over him! 😱 Need way way more of this in the world today. And could we maybe replace that reporter with, say, a woman? Two of these people are very good at their job. The third is a reporter.

avitalrachel ... 'the best assertive report´s questions', for dummies GeorgeTakei Two brilliant women doing terrific jobs I applaud them both. These two women rock, excellent. Shameful question. God damn! I wish we had people like that here in the USA.

Doglove07233859 Outstanding!! dr_kkjetelina Proud of the women responding to stupid questions with class and professionalism. Is that the(one of) best reporter his org thought to send to this? 😉 'politics and stuff.' broooooooo. he's a journalist? stop it, now. and stuff... excellent use of language... right up there with the marginal quality of his questions... and stuff.

Shut down!! Thank you Prime Ministers Pull Tiger Beat’s press credentials. A ”journalist” asking a ”question”. He should go back to school or try some other career. She's a great leader! New Zealand should be very proud of her.

If only 1/2 of the global leaders in our world were as intelligent and well spoken as these two incredible leaders! FFS, I’m surprised he didn’t ask if they were going to share make up and diet tips. Two world leaders and an asinine question like that is asked.🙄🙄 No wonder good journalism is on its last legs.

I hope those answers helped clarify the ‘stuff’ These women are amazing leaders. I’m so proud to see this. Unreal. Just unreal. That 'reporter' should be home, cowering with embarrassment, but, I suspect, he's too sexist at the very core to realize what a STUPID thing that was to ask of two PRIME MINISTERS meeting. 'Did you do each other's make up and share fashion tips, as well?'

That NZ accent is fascinating. Brilliant response from two Brilliant PM's 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo! Incredibly sexist question. Embarrassing to say the least, It is 2022, for f**ks sake. Does he think they're going to get manicures together ? Aside from the idiotic, sexist question they're subjected to here...just compare the NZ and Finland PM's to American political leaders. Then ask yourself, what makes us exceptional again?

Did Fox News send Peter Douchey? Sounds like one of his questions. How embarrassing is it to have a reporter whose professional vocabulary includes 'stuff' ? Sounds like Mpho! Would love the opportunity to vote for a party here in Canada that is lead by someone like either of these incredible women That tone. He must want the ground to open up. Maybe a lesson learned.

The reporter just lost an opportunity to keep shut. National leaders under 80, who actually know what the F they're talking about. How refreshing. Great two power which lead the world for clear path. We feel we miss these great brains in Japan. 👍 People talk about women having equality. Clearly we don’t if a journalist can feel comfortable being so patronising to these world leaders. I wish we had leaders like this that give a cohesive response to questions instead of the gibberish we get from our politicians.

Natural leaders. In charge of the brief. What a shockingly stupid question. The response from both PM's was excellent. Congrats to New Zealand and Finland for electing such excellent women who can speak so clearly about their political/policy objectives. DaveSThompson Exporting beef but not lamb If this isn't a 'well bless yer heart' moment, I don't know what is.

Gore him! And within that short asinine question of his, the superior male reporter said “you know” three times. His press credentials shouldn’t allow him into any more REAL NEWS conferences. Jacinda, on the other hand, could rule the world. 🤍 Good They’re brilliant intellectually as Prime Ministers and…as beautiful women. Sexist question! They will help their countries and democracies immensely. 👏


I'm surprised that he didn't ask them the 'Are you a...?' Sex in the City question. Our way of speaking (especially questions) reflects the way we think. Brilliant! deray And just more proof that the world would be better if run by women. The question was puerile, the answer was something worse: turning any opportunity to victimhood.

DescargarVid So what's that reporters' name and where does he work? Quite interesting that his name is withheld So what's that reporters' name and where does he work? Quite interesting that his name is withheld Also a good point about dependencies European countries have created with authoritarian regimes. SannaMarin

I have a hunch the success of Australian and New Zealand media to dumb down journalism will not attract new consumers of their products but will lose some of their present consumers. embarrassing name and shame the reporter

I keep saying it …. We need more women in charge ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 芬兰总理每次说话都能让我对她的印象更好一分 Once they are each no longer PMs, they should have a buddy cop-like show where they go around the world solving problems. Who wouldn't watch Sanna & Ard? What a sensible reply in a polite manner to a not so good question. Women power.....

rangaba BOOM how refreshing to see the political version of a unicorn - leaders who are prepared, confident, well spoken, and very well qualified... Typical disrespectful bro. Congratulations Madam 👏 Respected NZ Prime Minister

Hope that guy was able to absorb all that 'stuff' that he was told. Who is this muppet? Sounds like he is auditioning for newscorpse MurdochGutterMedia I highly admire both PMs for taking and answering the question intellegently and with grace. Oh, how envious I am now when I compare them to what I have here in my country.

👏👏👏👏 irelandbound19 Wow-I would have loved to see the expression on the reporters face when he was made to look foolish by these two strong, smart, competent women. Why would he even ask that? This world has no respect for women. Who was the ignorant misogynist who asked this question. Has he been fired yet, for asking such a stupid, lazy, uninspired chauvinistic question? Pathetic.

I am embarrassed for & by that reporter, with his ham-handed question. And love the gracious way the two World Leaders responded. These two politicians/leaders can actually SPEAK....they are fluent, informed, nicely confident.....we can but envy.... PM JACINDA Arden is just what a Leadershould be and good for her! She is a true Shero!

Brilliant! These two women are exactly where they're supposed to be...IN CHARGE! Just ask your dentist What a ridiculous intro the reporter opened with, and kudos to Ardern for addressing it. Both PMs responded knowledgeably and appropriately to the meat of the question, with emphasis where it should be, on how their countries can work together to further their economic interests.

They handled that masterfully as they should as political leaders. Meanwhile I hope that reporter felt like… These women are brilliant! These women are brilliant Women need to run the world, men have ‘effed everything up. When will some men just “get it?!” Brillant leaders, the world needs more of those Wow. Did anyone ever ask a white man in a suit if the reason he was meeting another white man in a suit was to talk about the fact that they had that in common? Ridiculous.

Brilliant! wren That reporter needs to return to school. “And stuff” 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. Well done both leaders 💯💯💯💯 The Future Is Female Sexism, alive and well, even in 2022. Well done PM’s. DrKateTracy1 They told him!💯 She knocked it out of the park. Love these two women! So smart.

♥️♥️ On top of that asinine question, no journalist who says 'and stuff' when asking questions of a head of state should ever be taken seriously.

We need smarter reporters. Two intelligent super politicians refusing to be put down my male misogynistic press. Congratulations to them both for putting and and shining the light of female intelligence into dark corners of misogyny. Gender is irrelevant let's judge politicians by their results! Fractions aren’t broken down this well. Classy and intelligently set him straight!

Poetry in (political) motion Reporter: “so when you two gals meet up do you do each others hair, talk about boys and trade recipes?”.. The answers of the prime ministers of New Zeeland and Finland are absolutely great. 👍 The asking journalist should search for the next mousehole 🕳to hide in🙈 Jesus, he might as well have asked about their hair and wardrobe. What a waste of breathable air that man is.

lisanoel1968 The male species of humankind would never be so blatantly disrespectful to our female counterparts, if it turned out that the size of our natural growth & strength was more like on the same scale as spiders. 😂😜 JustSaying Superb response A meeting arranged by Klaus Schwab?

What a total waste of an opportunity to speak to two remarkable prime ministers Excellent response. In a free society the media can and will ask any question and it is up to the elected leaders to respond which they did. Happy for the responses I don't usually follow politicians, but you sure as hell can bet I followed jacindaardern and MarinSanna as SOON as I saw this. I'd love to say this type of question directed at a female in power is unbelievable. Sadly, I can not.

Love it. is that reporter still employed? There is no body educated enough like her in Pakistan.... Just a wild guess: that 'reporter' is from a conservative publication, right? Women in leadership. Both countries are very smart to have elected such intelligent, articulate women. Always refreshing when a smart powerful world leading woman speaks. To the reporter’s.. get used to it because the pool of male leaders looks shallow. Women get things done!

Can't you see pdoocy asking this question? SarkySage2 Surprised he didnt ask if they had a pillow fight Awesome women. Perfect answer. Wow, intelligent, informed and thoughtful remarks from both of these leaders - gender nor age has nothing to do with their replies - knowing what will benefit each nation in working together is what more world leaders should be looking to do.

2 superb politicians. They happen to be women. Jolly good luck to you both Shouldn't this “journalist” be penalized by the media company for wasting time and resources provided to him on ridiculous questions? The petty girl in me really wanted PM Ardern jacindaardern to add “and after dinner we are having a slumber party and braiding each other’s hair ‘and stuff’…if that’s what you’re really asking”

Imagine if the vast majority of our politicians in America acted in the best interests of the country like these two Prime Ministers did here. Pure interest in furthering their positive growth in their nations. Imagine. I hope the reporter will be fired This is what it looks like when a politician is honest and actually knows wtf she's talking about.

“Watch JacintaAllanMP”? ALSO watch MarinSanna, both prime ministers who prove leadership poise & qualification in one short clip. If the USA’s voters could elect leaders as capable as Finland & New Zealand, I wouldn’t be so darn frustrated with our own political system. One more reason I want to immigrate to NZ.

What is the name/twitter adress of this 'journalist' ? 'common stuff there': what a Q I think he had in mind that these two Pms are installed rather than elected, by World Economic Forum. Never witnessed a more decent and polite way to give a shut up call. Absolutely cleaned him up! ...'and stuff'. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣

We'll know when we've reached gender parity when a question like that is answered: 'Well that was a stupid question. Wanna try again?' What remarkably intelligent leaders. The world could use more politicians like this. either one of these fantastic women as PM for the UK

And follow up question, Prime Minister: Are you going to braid each other's hair? How great it is to listen to two politicians speak that actually know what they are talking about. Would either of them be available to run the UK? Women rule! Talk about brilliant. Men are dopes. Can they do it? mmmmm🤔 Absolutely fabulous…every Country should have it so good 😊! New Zealand Finland

Reporter deleted his Twitter account after this FYI “Umm like when you got into politics and stuff” Schooled. class act

Love these two leaders. Smart, energetic, skilled communicators and great to look at. 😀😀😀 I love these women. If they could rule the world, what a wonderful place... 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Please name this reporter. Wow..Impressive women Pinnacle of reporting there... Who is the reporter? jeffjarvis Did he follow up as to who won the pillow fight?

Grande Primera Ministra!

This is exactly what the world needs a lot more of, sensible, liberal women leaders. What the world categorically does not need is yet another ignorant male being brought up to ask such rubbish in 20-freaking-23. Do better raising your sons, people! Patriarchal misogynist query. Great responses! Stupid question but great answers!

What a ridiculous question and he doesn’t have the rights to be a reporter at any level She just answered the question!!!!!! No insults no nothing just answered the question ! Wow ! Absolute class 🎯👏🏼🎯👏🏼🎯👏🏼🎯👏🏼 What sort of inane question is that? On a side note, I would love to have an American president in his or her late thirties or early forties. Watching an old bloated orange blob named Trump or a stick figure grandpa named Biden run the country is scary.

We nee much more of such female leaders in politic The world would be a better one ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 HE IS NOT A REPORTER. HE WORKS FOR FOX NEWS, WHICH IS NOT A NEWS ORGANIZATION. IT IS A PROPAGANDA/ENTERTAINMENT BEHEMOTH.

We need more people like this in politics overall. She goes from smiles to wtf ass question is this nonsense. What a misogynistic jerk, trying desperately to foment something akin to tabloid journalism. I'm so glad to see and hear him schooled in that video clip with not one but TWO intelligent, articulate, and relevant answers to the issues at hand.

Two brilliant women just killing it ... The world needs more women leaders. Men have had their chance and frankly haven't done that well ...I think the world would be better off if more women stepped up ... She said Nokia 😂😂😂😂😂😂... nokia ... 'Cleanup in the press box, please.' takedownTuesday Bravo stupidquestions

indyfromspace Both are young global WEF infiltrants in gouvernments , tell the truth Amazing women leaders. The world needs more, many more hard-nosed, forward-looking and science-based decision-making from women leaders. Yes. Yes. Yes. We need women to lead the world. Men are mostly Putin, trump, xi, and other crap.

The answer couldn't have been any better, completely ignoring the underlying prejudice of the question.

Brilliant. Re-focused an attempted belittlement back to reality to give real information to the public. Finnish PM Sanna Marin and NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - respect. jacindaardern MarinSanna 🇭🇲 Served.She so aced that. Would have loved her to end with, “any other questions, asshole?” Silly reporter question, the guy that asked sounded relatively young too. Excellent quick and concise and well toned responses from the respective PMs.

Poster child for 'Women make better leaders' right here. '“Any (wo)man who says 'I am King' is no true king.”- Tywin Lannister I think very highly of NZ's prime minister. I wish we could import her to the US! jacindaardern Sexist question answered by two brilliant women/leaders. wow, Sanna's answer here is so much more insightful than what I hear from Australian politicians

The question was really rude. He would have never asked males this question That reporter needs a new job. That was a dumb, sexist question to begin with. How could anyone ask two heads of state something so ridiculous. Seems like he got his job simply because he's a white male! How long did he study journalism to come up with a question of quite such impressive and accomplished shitness?

Apparently there is value in engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. NZ has an especially impressive Prime Minister. Who was the 'reporter' asking NewZealand PrimeMinister JacindaArdern this ignorant question! 🤔 She was like 👇🏽 Wonderful 💪 You know a reporter is a complete 🤡 when they start with, 'a lot of people will be wondering,' or 'a lot of people are saying.'

Rude 🤬

JellyAli Sanna’s taking her partying later….!! 😉 Perhaps that ridiculous reporter should find a different job. The audacity of him asking such an asinine question says he’s incapable of doing that job. Not sure what he’s qualified to do really! His skills seems limited! These are leaders. I’m sure the nincompoop sexist reporter wanted to ask “So you say you’re going out for a dinner then?”

They handled this with brilliance!! We are literally seeing how inherent biases affect our institutions. Literally happening in front of our eyes, yet some people don’t even want to learn from it. He only wanted to know if they kissed Perfect verbal slap down on that reporter. Not one, but two slaps. Love it.

Finnish: 'Nato' in reverse (Otan), 'i will take'...

That’s him told.👏👏👏👏👏👏 wtf-ever; nice try tho cspan UN/NATO/MSF I'm French, I dont speak good enough english, so ima say it in French: Monsieur le journaliste, tu n'es qu'un petit fragile aigri, sans doute effrayé par les femmes, rétrograde et sexiste. Je doute que tu aies écouté et compris la réponse. Je plains ta femme et tes gosses.

oprman Press pool used to be issued press credentials. Now, they’re issued big shoes and a detachable red nose. 🤡 🤡 'HE' should resign now. For ever. Good news is NZ has woken up to Jacinda's agenda and likely will oust her! I see misogyny still exists in the press. Eloquently answered, knowledgeable and in depth as you'd expect....but the reporter should really think whether he's in the right career...what an insulting question...his mental world must be so small...😑

YveYveYve10 She is a legend ingenious answers to a dumb question

What a plank. Lol! The only thing the reporter didn’t ask them was whether they were going to share make-up & hair tips! Good for the PM’s for turning something stupid & misogynistic into an opportunity to teach & spread information on their agenda to help their countries grow & prosper! I guess it's the man itself making assumptions and asking questions unless the media wanted some kind of reaction from the PM which ideally they didn't get!

Oh my gosh. That question!! FFS! We need leaders like this!!!! loved the brilliant answer to a dull question! The reporter was a total nob, simple! _oatc_ Seems to me like the “stuff” these women have in common is a refreshing ability to speak eloquently, intelligently and logically and make their point with their own quality content and preparedness-skills lacking in so many other politicians..and media

The only explanation - there are boy children asking questions of leaders. She is my idol, full stop.

Go Jacinda! Where's her equal in the UK government right now? Diplomacy is the art of telling someone GTFO in such a way that they feel excited about the journey ahead. JaneyGodley Yeah, the met so that could discuss hair styles and nail colours. The Prime Ministers needed to clarify that they won’t be braiding one another’s hair over dinner, they will be talking about improving trade and technology exports/imports between the two countries

Current media obsession My answer to the journalist would be 'next'. The look before she answers is priceless. You can see the steam. And then she answers with a cool, calm charm that is entirely fact based. Superb. Exactly how it should be done. And with a smile on their lips! Love it! eflind 🔥💪 Two PMs had to explain why they were meeting because of their gender.

I love that the DH reporter had no idea what these two leaders were talking about. What a waste of a question. Crikey, what it looks like when grown ups are in charge. I’d forgotten. Absolutely amazing to see these two stand up and knock down a question like that. Flawless 🤘 That was all he could think of to ask?

Another chauvinist who thinks women just meet for gossip and hair and nail appointments. They are such impressive leaders. That question was from a reporter? Sounded like someone straight out of kindergarten. What an embarrassment. Being completely blind to the extraordinarily high abilities of both these nation's leaders, I hope he feels foolish after that 'put the kettle on love' type question.


He probably didn’t even understand the “ stuff” they were talking about ! EmmaVardyTV What a ridiculous question 🤯 SarkySage2 That's one woman you don't screw with 👊🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Two people completely on top of their game Who IS that reporter asking an extraordinarily asinine and sexist question? His employer should be ashamed to have them on the payroll. Great that both Prime Ministers humiliated him with the quality and careful structure of there answers. SO impressive.

How patronising is that? did they ask the same thing of Cameron and Clegg going into coalition? Macron and Trudeau? Please can we have either of these as our PM! They’ve got to be better than anyone we’ve had for years… Superb, succinct, informative & no b/s - how god-damn refreshing. No credible journalist uses the word 'stuff' does he write for Just 17 mag?

Silly boy got taught a lesson by two smart women. Served him right. SarkySage2 Love her

Some countries are blessed How patronising is that 🤦‍♀️ Reminds me of Doucy vs Psaki.. The world could use more intelligent, Informed and competent and cooperative leaders like these two individuals. Ahahahaha. The head tilt and the look on Ardern's face as she realized where dudebro was going with that line of questioning, and then the absolute stomping all over that bullshit with FACTS. Brilliant.

Can we clone her and have her come lead America for a while? Wasn't Finnish pm caught doing illegal drugs at a party the other day? hello_bennett “ and stuff” Is that guy a profession journalist or some 18 year old intern who has managed to blag his way into a press conference? Oh my goodness. I can’t stand this, what is going on with ‘journalist’ What does their job description look like these days? Of course she put him in his place but had to be polite and smile while doing it because otherwise she would have been seen as ‘emotional’ Arhhhh 😤

I so wish she had finished with a sarcastic..which we will finish discussing at our girly lunch. For goodness sake.

It was a silly and poorly articulated question. These two female leaders are very impressive. Two progressive, intelligent female Prime Ministers coming together on mutual trade and economic opportunities. Very impressive women. מבטא בלתי אפשרי Both Prime Ministers put this condescending shock jock into his place.

As an Aussie bloke, I am embarrassed that an Aussie bloke asked this question. What a fucknuckle. Your government imposed tax on cows for going to toilet,ie.for discharging dung, that was really amazing 😂😂🤣🤣🤣, great leaders 😂 This is how such dumb questions are answered when testosterone doesn't play any significant role in a person's life.

They slayed universal suffrage was an absolute catastrophe Liberal feminists are as bad as misogynists. She represents white middle class women. NO THANK-YOU.

This is embarrassing. Not only for the reporter but as a Brit, I've learnt more about their vision in two minutes than I have listening to UK politicians for twelve years. the quality of journalism is appalling Bravo, Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin .. How I wish that the world must have more and more female leaders at the helm!

Superb. Great women. I would love to live in either of their countries. He very much deserved the most polite and intelligently dispatched evisceration that he just received. I can't believe this isn't getting more attention, as two PMs just absolutely murdered a dude in a public forum. 🤣 Leadership. I beg you, can we borrow Jacinda and Sanna for the UK. We’re desperate!

Bravo This kind of quality just shows what a shitshow our politics has been for the last 6-7 years

More of this, worldwide, please! Ser jovem (e mulher) com sucesso, faz muito prurido. The answers given by these two leaders blew that reporter's question away. His employer should question the reporters ability to ask intelligent questions. Probably from Fox. How to deal with a really stupid question like a gracious and mature national leader. She could have said 'No, we're meeting because we're both national leaders and our countries share trade agreements. Next?'

What a disgracefully disrespectful question! What's his name? Another proof of BEAUTY WITH BRAIN jacindaardern MarinSanna I wish Jacinda Ardern was my prime minister. The Uk would be so much better off with a woman of her caliber in charge. Is it possible for narendramodi PMOIndia to speak like any of the two Prime Ministers?

Probably the dumbest thing anyone could ask two of the world's most impressive leaders 😲 Double owned!! 🤣🤣 Once again a man shows up to ask juveniles question. The response was as professional a 🎤 drop as I’ve ever seen

For a Brit, this is extremely painful to watch. Once upon a time we had grown up politics like this, even if not of that astonishing calibre. And in a 2nd language. Etiquette prevented them from tearing a new one. 👍 SylvieLausberg Forum of Young global leaders Served his arse on a platter. This lady never stops impressing me! And another lady leader to be impressed by. If I look at the world leaders that are doing a great job and leading the way, these two are up there.

Our PM is awesome Such women are the actual epitome of empowerment. They have to go through these 'sick' questions. A sickburn with a pivot good on ya! Love from Pakistan 🥰💖 I am a 65 year old woman and this is so inspiring to me. Why can't we have a brilliant, young woman leader instead of having to choose between two old, white men?

Love these 2 brilliant leaders.

Sounds like a set up question to me. The only way the response from jacindaardern could have been better is if rubytui came in and tackled the reporter to the ground like a mic drop…. Why are you worshiping these two radical leftist? Marin is the worst PM of 🇫🇮 ever. 35 billion eur new debt and counting. Future generations of taxpayers will be cursing her government.

Class act I would love to move to NZ…. Let me re-phrase the question from the Right wing nutter Journo. 'Sanna and Jacinda: Is it true that the only reason you are meeting is bcoz you both have a vag**a? I'm concerned bcoz you don't have a pen-s' MurdochGutterMedia She’s fabulous!! 👏🇳🇿👏 Cath of Aragon and Philip dos continue to inspire

Reporter is like Godi Media . ... But the response is elegant and polite 👏 What response was the journo after?

Typical misogyny. Probably hates women. No valid point and he's repeating the word 'stuff' Clearly vocabulary challenged. isatitou I can’t believe this was a question asked of two Heads of States. Shame she is so useless at 'reading the room' though. The room being New Zealand. A horrendous question, answered in the most brilliant way.

How is this reporter even asking this question?!? Like how is he not embarrassed of himself? Amazing respons by both prime ministers. 🙌🏻 Media…why do you have your reporters out there asking questions like that of world leaders? Their responses were fabulous and maybe more reporters getting shut down like that will make it stop 🤨

👏🙏 Intelligent good looking women. What a killer combo Is this the lady that wanted to ban so called ‘misinformation’ after being brainwashed by the WEF?

Harini_Iyengar ❤️ He had to ask like a little boy P After spring revolution, our federal union Myanmar country must build up our human resources rather than our natural rexources I felt that Reporter is totally out of line and sexist. 'We hope that answers your question, sir'...how I wish the camera had turned to him!

Reporter sounded like a local who stumbled out of a bar. Those leaders handled it perfectly with class and intelligence Two class PMs who treated that journo far more respectfully and thoughtfully than he treated them. Ur minister is a fashist, really disqusting woman. Very poised and measured responses to a very dumb question, well done both.

Is it just me or does this question sound rehearsed and a softball to hit a home run? Misogyny reporting. Such an embarrassing question, he could for CNN or Fox 'A lot of people will be wondering' is just a long and involved way of saying 'I wonder.' That's all. Don't dress up a dumb question by trying to ask it on behalf of an imaginary interest group.

GeorgeTakei The intelligence on display here is mind shattering. Why can’t the US find candidates as reasonable and smart as these two Prime Ministers? Best prime minister ever I love how well spoken Jacinda is. Up against two very articulate and intelligent women…and the doofus asks a ridiculous question that has no merit whatsoever…. Gimme a break! 😡

BOOM 💪🤛 Jacinda ❤️❤️❤️ absolutely awesome response to an uneducated question

Can he not hear how incredibly pathetic he sounds….? Shame on the reporter and bravo to the Prime Minister! It’s a legitimate question. Finland and New Zealand don’t have a lot of overlap. They are not neighbors, military allies or major trade partners. No one would ask this question if Christine Lagarde was meeting with Ursula von der Leyen

Lol, sbs. Wtf! Such a patronizing question. notjournalism Do you think he was even a wee bit uncomfortable after he heard the answers? Sounds like he didn't do any homework before he showed up for the press event. Wonder if he was a Murdoch reporter They should have trolled him at the end by saying: 'But of course, we're mostly interested in trading fashion and makeup tips.'

They have no idea of the 'stuff' they are talking. I love the look Ms Ardern gave him half way through his question. Like “Seriously, you really want to embarrass yourself like this? OK then.”

Flashback to Jacinda Ardern saying there'll be a two tiered society, the jabbed and unjabbed. And now they want amnesty and just forget it all happened? I'm confused. Why was that question even asked? Are both PMs gay and the insinuation being they're in a relationship? Is there some reason two PMs wouldn't meet?

That's a massive trade deficit they have with Finland. Shame the reporter didn't have the presence of mind to ask her on that. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 My response would have been, “Next question please.” Best handling of misogyny I have ever seen from articulate, smart and well informed leaders. Jacinda is such a class act.

The reporter, is he affiliated with DailyMailUK ? Whatever media outlet employs this reporter, it’s time for you to rethink sending him out to cover press conferences. What an embarrassment of a “journalist.” men reporters out here in 2022 acting a fool I hope her opening comment hit home to the misogynist!! Don't know too much about Marin but Ardern is head & shoulders above UK PM (a low bar I know) she has proven herself as a leader. She even recognises the springboard into the EU via Finland.........

This man qualified as a journalist. He can barely string a sentence together Does anyone think he was put up to it Finnish PM Sanna Marin stressing the point that electronic technologies (e.g. Nokia) should not only be concentrated to future authoritarian entities (US-China)(Europe-China) and to have a little less singular dependance on other.

Bravo!!! Finnish PM is smart. Böyle liderlere imrenmemek imkansız, bizde de olur inşallah. jfowks ojoenlagente Aquí un ejemplo de la prueba ácida de misoginia, cuando una pregunta es también válida para varones. zethidube what a good politician sounds like . Hey imagine our leaders responding with such clarity

Oh dear...the embarrassment of it all! Anyone else hear the voice over! ' It was now that he realised he'd Fuck up!!' Now Jasinda will peel him like a banana!

Whooped his as$👍👏🤣 This journalist sounded very young, therefore this question surprises and scares one even more. 🙄 When a so called reporter uses the words 'And stuff' you know you're in for 'A real pro' coming at you with the questions, lol. Yes we buy all the finnland stuff from China and finnland buys all the new Zealand stuff from China

Could she run for president of America because we do not have her kind and temperament here….Sorry to say….🥹 He might as well have asked if the 2 PMs called one another the night before to coordinate their outfits. The journalist comes across as a proper twit! Beautiful responses. Thew journalists are hopeless

seriously the media need to be rubbed out and start again. Ah, the transparent need of mediocre men to try to disrespect and diminish accomplished, smart, powerful women.

Answered with dignity ladies. BUT could N Zealand keep its beef in their region. We already have way too much here and cooling containers need to go on boats that pollute our Globe and containers itself are unreliable (frozen/not frozen/frozen etc.) You can make some shekels here Brazzers Wowsy. Don't try to tell me men and women are held to the same standards. Just don't. 😡

I thought these two Catholic guys were meeting to discuss climate change, poverty, and a global pandemic, but I guess they just wanted to hang out with someone their own age. 💁🏼‍♂️ 🤌🏾 Once again the reason for fewer men and more women in both the media and government. Simpleton reporter meets articulate posed and impressive leaders.

Classy and impressive! 👑 Ardern cooked that reporter. 👏

Bloody smart of these two world leaders and if every country had smart leaders like these two, the world would be much better place. Don't depend on outside sources of technology or energy. Produce as much yourself and you won't be at the mercy of Arab/Russian/Chinese sources. Sanna Marin is not a very good leader. Our government is a disaster.

Be better men. Pathetic. How absolutely imbicilic to ask to Leaders if they were getting together because age or sex! My god when does the patronizing end? They actually are thinking about their countries well-being and futures he could have asked really insightful really timely question but he asks this

Wish we had politicians like this in Aus..smart, professional, articulate and they both actually answered the ridiculous question that was asked. So, was that a yes or no? Bloody hell, that reporter is a total minnow in comparison .. Outstanding summary by these two leaders. Both extremely smart sounding leaders. Time will tell

Hmmm...Mum and Dad have told me all my life how special I am so I'm wondering, should I do like the Real Estate thing or should I do like the Journalism thing.

Neat! Older male reporters may need a refresher course in the theory and practice of gender equality. 'Hello, police? Yes, I'd like to report a brutal attack, an evisceration, if you will.' Either of these ladies could run just about any country in the world better than they are currently being. Wow! Exemplary, educated leaders who happen to be women. Leaders, nonetheless.

Criminals in charge of governments; they belong to jail! PM Jacinda I love you! Thank you for shutting that foolish question down and to both of you for eloquently explaining your interdependence! DrRJKavanagh Might be the dumbest question of all time Two very smart Leaders of their Countries that just happen to be Women . A lot smarter than the reporter asking that question .

👏 Who gives a shit? It was probably all staged. Jacinda is a fascist and tyrant.

'A lot of people will be wondering...' I'm wondering which people that arrogant 'reporter' was referring to who think such a thing? Ladies to POWER!!! Was over for him right here An articulate & informed statement from futurefocussed leaders. Gender-bias is ever-present in the media, and I genuinely hope that this reporter reflects on this and next time can ask more meaningful questions.

Imagine getting to ask two prime ministers a question and wasting that opportunity to ask if they are just gal pals 🤪🙄 Sounds sexist and dumb. But what if NZ extends it’s trade and relationship with FI more than with any other EU country? Just because the PMs have a very good relationship, same convictions and common working basis? That would be legit and so legitimate the question.

The responses from the two Prime Ministers are the most polite version of 'You are a piece of śhít as a journalist!'👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 PS, I'm a man, a black man, and I'm embarrassed by this kind of ímbéćílé influenced line of questioning. I'm curious how old the 'chauvinist journalist' is That reporter needed to give the rocks in his head a shake 😳🤦

Wish there was a camera on the reporter that asked the question so we could all see the egg on his face.😏 That was really awsome

WEFpuppets I presume he was from a rag newspaper looking to annoy her just to get a decent sound bite, but he got justly destroyed Top Notch 💯 response. Many members of the media are not known for asking intelligent questions. Some reporters are really thick as two planks with the depth of their questions...If this is the best of his open questioning...I'd hate to see his printed article....

She didn't 'pick him apart'. Take it easy. Take it easy. She handled an awkward and frankly dumb question with dignity and respect. She then laid out her goals with the other leader. Not everything is a battle guys. That bloke masquerading as a journalist clearly has only a small fraction of the intelligence of either of those PMs.

Nailed it.... perfect, what a great leader. Oh bullshit, it's for the photo opportunity 100%, we don't trade with Finland at all. Ladies, ladies, ladies ... Herschel Walker stands ready to debate you any time you're ready.

What a stu55D question. I love both ladies. We should have such leaders in other countries Yep fn ridiculous question Was his follow-up question 'Are you going to do each other's nails'? It's the 21 century, people should know by now that gender has nothing to do with ones ability to be a leader and have productive meetings.

I'm shocked that the question wasn't 'So...are you and the other girl Prime Minister gonna go into a dark room and make out? If so, can I watch?' Sharp I can bet piersmorgan and jordanbpeterson will piss their pants in 3,2, 1.... CraigJButton What an embarrassment of a question - glad that these two women who are clearly intelligent and worthy of their positions put him in his place

CraigJButton I picture an SNL opening of both of these powerful women in the same press conference kicking back against these pricks and my PM JustinTrudeau comes tripping down the podium and gets tackled by cafreeland AnitaAnandMP and melaniejoly. Live from New York it’s not 2015 She said very decently to f**k off .. I Hope this is not staged

30 years ago, I had a male supervisor call me 'kiddo'. I was in my late 30s and a law enforcement officer. I said sir that's a nickname for your little sister's best friend. Would you call a male officer kiddo? He acknowledged my point and apologized. NewstalkZB is this one of your ‘journos’?, bloody hell how embarrassing - what a plonker. NZ nzpol

That’s a dude Name the reporter lol 💕💕 Queen just gotta Yeah, that reporter sucks! Ouch a 3rd degree slow burn🖕👍🏼🤜🏻👏 Brilliant! Not just the content of the question, but the grammar, the level of the vocabulary and syntax, the speech level was so low, I can not understand how this person is entitled to make questions and call himself a journalist; “politics and stuff”..did this guy finished middle school?

One of the few leaders in the world who make sense when they speak. JacindaArdern These two are so much more eloquent than many of our older, male leaders (and also that reporter). Wow, that reporter was barely one step above asking them if they got together to talk about their periods. ...certainly a peabrain question to ask, which was replied graciously by Hon' Prime ministers....

She hit him with FACTS. Number 1: Both PMs ate that question up! Number 2: That was such a stupid question. He might as well have asked “You two girls having fun yet?”. Really? 🙄 The Good people of New Zealand should have way better. Hot as fuck Reporters are clowns

Heavy “speaking to a child” vibe with that last little bit 😂❤️ She totally sidelined his awful question while answering it entirely at the same time. Brilliant. …a lot of Common stuff 🧐 They are both men🤷🏽‍♂️ He probably had no clue what the two smart leaders were saying. The world would be a better place if we had more women in positions of power. Good for them!

Compare that with any such press conference where Scott Morrison or Tony Abbott were PM. He asked because we all just want to see you girls make out. That was painful😣. Take that, boy! Hag Well said.

Amazing responses, taking charge I'm wondering if the jack ass started to walk out of the press conference before she was done answering his question. Snap, burn, zing, and Fuck you she said. Bloody brilliant women!!! 😍😍😍 Brilliant That said … these two are total WEF puppets… and I hate them for what they are doing.

This is so refreshing to see. I hope for a younger generation to lead the US. In 2024, hopefully a younger, patriotic candidate steps up. I would think it more likely that a lot of people would be asking why that reporter has a job. This is how you answer a question! 👏🏼 👏🏼

Ifyousa54251090 No! I saw a post on a satire website about this and seriously thought it was a joke. I hope this 'journalist' goes back to school, this is appalling. Just another set up to make her look good NZs are sick of her. Ask stupid questions, get owned in front of the whole world! 😂 Both a Shills !!!

I wanna marry the Finland pm I wonder if Uncle Klaus Schwab joined his two protegees for dinner! The reporter must have known they were on the WEF Young Global Leader programme together. Skillfully done by both prime ministers. Hopefully a teachable moment grasped by the reporter. Do they trade in scissors?

Well poised response to a subpar question by a reporter That reporter was just murdered and buried. Do not look for that body.

So they ain’t BFFs then? Both well spoken, articulate, down to earth global leaders. How long does JacindaArdern have to be in politics for reporters to realize don't come for her unprepared What a pathetic question to ask And then they compared nail polished and plated each other's hair. What a ridiculous and inane question. Geeze.

Boom..Mic drop 🎤 If the U.S. would put more into educating its citizens maybe they would be more intellectually inclined to vote in such a leader as one of these two women. At the same time we got to have candidates that are as good as these two. Trade hopefully including hard to pick Abloy locks, instead of insecure Master ones.

Well said Ladies!!!!!! Its that smile at the end for me what she was really doing was 🖕🏾🖕🏾

What a stupid nonsensical question.😑😒 PM Ardern does a good burn 🔥 leonidkruglyak Not sure that it’s a good idea to have work experience students asking questions at PMs press conferences. It's happening. It's exciting. We will see it in our lifetime! Proverb. the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women, particularly mothers, have a decisive influence on the future direction of society because they raise and nurture the next generation.

BringItOn Mic drop. Trump now Biden. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a leader who could articulate their thoughts like these Prime Ministers. 🇺🇸 Dear Reporter, Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! Sincerely, Women of all ages Dear god. Did that reporter pay to go to school for his career and still asks such a ridiculous question?

That reporter should lose his credentials!

Why are you “Hiding” DOZENS of replies Lame. GeorgeTakei I want PM Arden to be our PM slpng_giants_oz They spoke cogently. Just what you expect from political leaders. Yes, I heard that on the news just now when i was on my way home from all our students’ honors presentations today……yikes……and that was so messed up to hear but she didn’t skip a beat going after the reporter anyway……

The correspondent played Brilliant multi-dimensional checkers here. It's an astoundingly convincing posture of ignorance, clearly intended to pitch the softball question, which the leaders knocked out of the park. Well played, sir. Well played. /s Answer summarized: how dare u assume we are hanging out when our countries have a one sided trade deal.

That reporter should be FIRED. What an embarrassment for that media outlet. Great answer. She is a strong woman. Lol she told him. They both did! Never ask a smart woman a dumb question Simple, competent deflection . . . .

That’s NewstalkZB reporter DwyerJoey asking that marvelously insightful question. As you might suspect, he’s deleted his account. Time for a new line of work, Joey? Great keep it up kiwi style . Good one Jacinda.😊 Only question ever asked of her where she was capable of a concise answer. He's surely spent years studying journalism and with that asks world leaders using the word 'stuff' to describe things they have in common, as a stupid lead up to his question. Employer must be proud. Congrats Jacinda for letting him know of his poor journalistic stuff.

Dumb Q of no substance. However, I caution concluding the PM is intelligent because she could pary the question. NZ gov is courting divisive ideology masking as nationalism, a path that may render NZ lame, alone and unrecognisable...journalists challenging a Gov is imperative. Now imagine Marjorie Taylor Green on that podium...

That reporter must have spent too much time in comics rather than sharpening his intellects when representing his press when interviewing world leaders 🤣🤣🤣 who asked the question?let's put a face on the question Hear hear! Two highly competent people intelligently reponding to a gender/age-bias question.

dropkickreporting She is a class act. That talking horse is a corrupt wef puppet. 2 smart female Prime Ministers and 1 stupid male reporter. Seriously, it’s past time for the matriarchy. The Patriarchy has had thousands of years to get it right and the haven’t. It would have been better if he had done some research in order to ask something substantial. He got snuffed. These leaders have their countries and productivity in common.

Kudos to both women for their professionalism in not dwelling on the questioner’s obvious sexist question/comment. Smart girls! digby56 Next question: Very interesting, but did you two coordinate your outfits today? GeorgeTakei Horse face! 😂

It is so strange to see it one, but two political leaders in a row, fluently communicate their objectives, both with unique bits. And mature. Wow. More of this from the world, please. Good leadership is the ability to manage a problem before it becomes an emergency and the essence of leadership is being able to manage a conflict. These two strong 💪🏾 women leaders have proven that are they knowledgeable, factual and even polite in face of derogatory questions.

Women of the world, take over. Damn, both these women are very, very good at what they do and how they speak. Jacinda!♥️ Who is this dckhead reporter anyway? What the actual fuck! Nailed that dumb arse to the mast .. The best comeback for bad faith engagement is competence and clarity. Leave them standing in whatever puddle of muck they have created at their feet and move the conversation where it needs to be..

Amazing women! I wonder if she'd be willing to be Canada's PM for a while..... We'd love to have her.

Such a great response to a rude and unprofessional question from the reporter. Guy's been watching too much Veep 😄 “lot of people will be wondering” 😂 that’s funny. It’s just you. what an embarrassing question to ask. Please. A journalist?! she is hated by million 'But are you lesbians or not?' (the next journalist)

Brilliant. That should shut him up. How embarrassing for that reporter, to expose him self as just a simple little mind. Two phenomenal leaders Her face at the opening of that question is absolutely priceless. Her going on to wipe the floor with him by giving a characteristically brilliant response is the cherry on that delicious cake. God I love her.

More info on the reporter? Geezus!🤦‍♀️ Ouch,... That's gotta burn. Let's go dancing! God almighty but Jacinda is sharp. That is not a question any pollie could have expected, but she lit up that Obama/Key analogy without missing a beat. Sharp as a tack. Joey Dwyer, however - sharp as a bowling ball. 'politics and stuff'. His parents must be so proud.

Surprising he didn't ask if they were meeting to trade recipes and knitting patterns. Wouldn't happen in the US because we haven't had a women president. We are sliding backwards. Everyday a bit further. C'mon gen Z's, routing for you! Beautifully handled. Female leaders trying to save democracy and the planet.

Surprised that they even had to answer that question in 2022. Jacinda and Sanna… Show-them-how-it’s- done 👏👏 What an embarrassment of a person, of a journalist, of a kiwi. Who would ever send him abroad to cover any event/situation? Well done to the two PMs explaining to this uninformed 'journalist' and to their respective nations why they are meeting and what their goals are.

she just knows her stuff, is grounded in herself and such a delight to see a female role model who offers both men and women a lesson on how to hold yourself with respect, grace and intelligence. Bravo Jacinda “A lot of people are asking..” ok there. Nice try. More like “Some idiots think that….” I love Jacinda! I've always have. ❤️

See cooking 😂😂 Slaughter!!! Hahahah love it! I would fire him just for the sheer amount of second hand embarrassment he forced me to feel Could one of you please be PM in UK? CUTtheREPORTER BRAVOLadyPMs They really aren't informing the public with such lame sexist questions... Focus ppl Then we have PressSec who ignore questions & yells at reporters for asking questions she doesn't like

❤️🇳🇿❤️🇫🇮 Dear lord, when will men figure out we women don’t talk about our favourite My Little Pony or swap recipes for casseroles? PMs Ardern and Marin are two of the greats on the world stage 💙 Skipping groceries this week to exclusively dine out on this glorious answer. 💯 Who cares if they meeting bc they both youngish women in politics? Like most humans, if i was in an environment with mostly old geezers, id for sure try find a similar age and similar physical characteristics lad who i can have a chat with

Mysoginistic plonker. 2 brilliant politicians, with whom an Independent Scotland could do like minded trade with. Only white men do not receive such objectively demeaning questions. Of course, it is a male reporter to ask such a misogynistic question.

But if it was a bunch of middle aged guys in suits meeting, no one would notice! About time the press realised we aren't in the 1920s any more! NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is worth her weight in gold. I wish we had more politicians with her talents in our Australian parliaments. That's not a real journalist right? That's just some guy that walked off the street right? Right?

These two are amazing leaders! This is how you do it Journo: Yeah but apart from that, you'll likely just be talking about shopping and painting each others nails and talking about boys and stuff right....? Absolutely outstanding responses from Arden and Marin, rightly put a ridiculous question firmly in its place 😂

i LOVE this lady!💕 ArdernRocks🤘 The WEF darling. To be fair, she's not the person she PRs herself to be, so his question is pretty legit!

That was a lot of words put together to say “get fucked” nicely… masterclass Is that reporter who was so incredibly unprofessional and unprepared going to be fired? I would certainly hope so. What a ridiculous question to ask of two world leaders. That reporter in a nutshell Two incredibly smart women! Excellent examples of leadership.

' Two women meet' ... we see you I hope they spent five seconds ripping this reporter at their dinner. Class-act professionals, both. I’m very curious - when he said “a lot of common stuff there” did he point right at their crotches or was it just implied? Comparing sizes of their big toes .. Oh to have quality leaders in charge …… but I’m in the UK 😢

She's brilliant.

His next question was going to be 'Who are you wearing?' 😁 but he got slapped down And stuff, like stuff and stuff like that. He needs to take back his journalism degree, fool. Reporter “Hi I’m a veteran small penised reporter my question has nothing to do with either of you as world leaders so I’m going to ask you the stupidest question I can think of…”

The reporter has prostate trouble. His pants are wet. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 We got Liz Truss.... (briefly) 😪 Wow, both are, impressive.. what a leader of a country should be. We are long way to go sadly Stupid Ass male chauvinist 👏🏻 Kit_Yates_Maths Two amazing, articulate, honest PMs. How very refreshing 🤩🤩

fayettebelle Damn, they're smart. She’s masterful Nice to see that NZ political reporters are even worse than ours. Or maybe they sent the gossip columnist instead. Stuff and stuff. Amazing leaders and leadership. Professionally and gracefully handled the uncomfortable situation :-) He should have been asked if he works as a journalist because he reads the paper sitting on the toilet every morning. 😁

Shameful question, professional answer. Brilliant. Also notice the number of “and stuff”s the reporter says and compare that to the number of “stuff” she uses. He showed that he is clearly no where near as bright or educated as the PM! While our previous prime minister, crashed our economy.Liz Trus had no clue

Haha! Good for both of them for taking the high road, another example of the death of real journalism. The journalists final article ... ✍️ 'One brown-haired female replied essentially 'Yes, we're women.' Then the other brown-haired female said she didn't want to rely on authoritative countries for their stuff. The anti-men undertone was evident in the long-winded response.'

Someone actually EMPLOYS that reporter? What an Embarrassing reporter for the company that employs that individual!!! How bloody patronising of him bbclysedoucet Why can't the UK have a Prime Minister if this calibre Omg. Really? It’s been done in the past Jacinda Ardern was more articulate compared to Sanna 'the party' Marin

SophiaBush when I saw this I thought of you. Very smart ladies

Consider yourself 'Womansplained', little boy. I couldn’t probably tell what is said without sound, if you don’t ⭕️ New Zealand 🇳🇿 you maybe right we don’t visit hardly often enough 🤩💕💗🤭 I want that reporter at my thesis defence Go snort your 'sugar' don't worry aboot it bacchaus351 Everyone hate Jacinda

Name. The. Reporter. Why always shield these types of question askers. Wow!!! That reporter needs to get a new job. Obviously doesn't have the acumen ' and stuff' Ahern is very impressive. nazis news The right question would've been, 'Are you & Sanna Marin meeting & networking a lot cuz you're both WEF 'Young Global Leaders' handpicked by Klaus Schwab & the global oligarchy and propelled into power by the establishment same as Macron, BoJo, Trudeau, Pete Buttigieg & others?'

Looks like a very planned question and answer .. common JA 😂 When the hell are reporters going to grow up and start taking women who are leaders serious? Feel kind of badly for the dopey reporter, asking two world leaders if they’re meeting because they are of similar ages + gender. Geez; did this guy slither out from under a boulder, or what?

Brilliant clarification, so modulated and unaffected by the inherant ignorance contained in the question Someone needs to have a talk with that reporter's parents. Has he just chosen to become misogynistic or was he raised that way? What a great slap down, and deservedly so. What a shit question 🙄 My love of Jacinda just went next level.

Two PMs on top of their responsibilities, doing the job they are entrusted to do by their respective countries. A 'journalist' not doing theirs's. When will the world move towards equal treatment of all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation etc. Not in my lifetime Fantastic, intelligent, insightful answers and leadership

freyaaaclare RachelYeldham if you haven’t seen this you’ll want to Never thought I’d see my favorite New York sports radio prank call be replicated with world leaders

My goodness that wasn’t a question it was a car accident. Jacinda Ardern schools this simpleton. So you ladies are talking about boys and clothes and baking, amirite? Be way more interested in her responses on Covid and how they treated people during. Mini China out here. But what designer are you both wearing?

You tell them Jacinda! I have always said there are no stupid questions...and then this reporter spoke...GiveMeABreak Seriously Is there a normalization of stupid questions? What a pleasure it is to listen to two intelligent leaders talk about trade, technology, etc. So inspiring to hear these two women speak.

My god.. she absolutely exposed that reporter for the misogynistic wanker he truly is

sacarlin48 Sounds like more Murdochrassie . No respect from a lot of the Press these days 🙄 That head tilt 🤣🤣 Did they both go to the toilet together 🤪 Two women who are there in that position for a whole manner of reason being beautiful and being a women aren't them, leadership, highly educated, hard working, dedicated and professionalism to name a few. Dumb question which is on the verge of sexism

Oh, they got A LOT in common. W.E.F. Why can't we have leaders like that? I nearly wept! Such a class act. Ardern and Marin responding to the reporter: Stupid question! Can anyone share the empty headed reporter's account so I share some stuff with him. 👯‍♀️

Brilliant. How refreshing to hear two politicians who actually sound like they know what they’re talking about. Reporters are lazy, sensationalist and unethical. Honestly, I think his career is going to be short-lived. I'm not sure he could have asked a more stupid question if he tried I’m not sure the poor lad was able to understand her reply. Bless.

Once they finished answering that ridiculous question like the professionals they are, they should have thrown that reporter over their knees and beat his ass with a belt, or made him pick out a branch from a tree outside. Well answered by both PM… The reporter like 👎🏻😓 Gotta Love the response and reel at the dumb question. Journalism today!pregnancy midwife midwives midwifery studentmidwife doula labour birth aromatherapy aromatherapist essesntial essentialoils massage

Stupid question from reporter. BUT what great reply from two great leaders . 👍👏 how ya gonna sell beef when the farmers quit cos they are sunk with stupid carbon emissions greenwashing schemes... how does Bill Gates digital farming plans play into Arderns narrative? Wonder which slant he chose. Egg is on that reporter's face!

Follow up: what are ye ladies having for dinner? Salad and Diet Coke? The reporter who asked that question should lose his press credential. What an a**hole! Brilliant! As usual, great response from NZ PM Jacinta Arden. Explains the situation as is. Liked her gender and age similarity comparison to Barack Obama and John Keys! Good follow up by Finnish PM Sanna Marin to Arden's economic ties between NZ and Finland.

2 politicians talking sense. 1 journalist talking nonsense. Women should rule the world! But who are you wearing? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 And that is why she is a world respected leader… I’m surprised he didn’t ask if they planned a slumber party, tried each other’s shoes & shared dress sizes. FFS 🤦🏼‍♀️ 👏👏👏well said

So cringe 🤯 These two and others like AOC are so brilliant in their responses Beautiful to see drop mike. Sack that reporter and give Jacinda a Nobel Peace prize. Exceptionally brilliant response. Well done! NO a lot of people will not be wondering why these two PMs are meeting. A lot of people are wondering what you are doing asking such an offensive question during a news conference!

Does she know that Finland make icky guns? Elemjay1 Telt!👍😊 Well atleast she's not crying because someone called her a name 😆 Amazing leadership

A NZ reporter gets his arse handed to him by (Shock! Gasp! Horror!) 2 women! PM: Yes. 'Reporter': Could you elaborate? PM: No GeorgeTakei Misogynistic prick Good to see clear and concise summaries from these two. Imagine Johnson, Truss or Sunak being so informative.... Shame she treated NZ like a pow camp for the last two years. Terrible person

Slay Impressive answers but a simple f off would have sufficed. I want to add that when NZ had a mass shooting, they banned guns. Bravo 🏆 🐝🇺🇸 Boom! When someone uses 'and stuff' several times in a question, the only answer is 'Next!'

Masterful Great response by both of those leaders. We need more people like them Very informative responses. I would have snapped and said yes, but your not invited to the pajama party. The rest of the world is fucking up royally compared to NZ magsthebookie2 Yea, we're just a couple of chicks that are gonna go out for a night on the town after we finish here.

They're both just class. Worlds away from the crap show in our country TriciaMorrisADR That look- the look of a crocodile eyeing up a human stupid enough to get close. Jacinda got that look in her eye just before she ripped that journalist apart verbally. Love it! Love it. Good for you PRIME MINISTERS!

👏👏👏👏 Ask these two Prime Ministers a question and you get a proper, detailed, RELEVANT answer. Their gender really isn't the story. Get over it, guys. NewZealand Finland

Wow they made shite of that reporter. Schooled slpng_giants_oz I'm surprised the reporter didn't ask if the Finnish PM is here for a sleepover... and stuff. I wouldn't doubt that the reporter was directed to undermine the capabilities of the two leaders with diminutive questions. Like questions about fashion choices.

Smart answers to a stupid question 😏 I thought that it's only here in the US but NOPE all media's are going nuts all over the world 🌎 🙃 🖕her Boom, roasted What does ‘got a lot common stuff there…’ mean exactly? Can we clone finnish PM , I just love her, want one in Romania as well. Unlike the apparently amateur & uneducated 'reporter', NEITHER PM used the term 'and stuff'. That seems to be the questioners go to phrase.

Reporter: Hey, you two ladies having a hen party or what? Two Prime Ministers: Boom 👍🏼❤️ Couldn't help notice Marin's staff isn't making sure her split ends are being managed to her advantage, otherwise wow. If these two don't end up painting each other's toenails over champagne, Hollywood owes me an explanation. 😅

A LOT of men simply 'cannot' transcend past their bias and objectification of females even when they are leaders. Kinda gross New Zealand and Finland are two countries that are on the 'I could live there' list. women are the future of politics ! Hope Mr. Trudeau is involved with these two leaders! He should be fired. Unprofessional.

I admire this PM. BRILLIANT. Did that wanker think they were getting together to do each other’s nails and have a sleep-over? How does he keep his job? Srsly Has this reporter time traveled from the 50s? Wow. Smart, eloquent, informed leadership. Well well he fucked around and found out DaemonAAc “Stuff”. What an ass.

I wonder if he planned to follow up with a question about their wardrobes or hairstyles or something equally irrelevant. If so, he was wise to sit down and shut up. Excellent reply to a ridiculous question! Wait, they're not just getting together to dish about cute boys?! Shocking!

A master class on leading a country. I like Sanna Marin's answer much better. You don't need to give importance to that stupid question. They're meeting as PMs of their respective countries and came with a whole delegation to discuss important matter. JenniferLavery Wow. As we say in Scotland….’he got telt’ in no uncertain terms.

mortensode cool! They both are soooooo cool! They're both smart and hot AF. EvolutionParent bbclysedoucet Not a bad question if you consider some people were thinking that and it gave her a chance to address it professionally. She handled it as what it was which was a chance to state why they are meeeting versus allowing the nuts to think that was the reason. Great job by both PM's

That was just a remarkably stupid question. We can do better as men That so called “reporter” should be terminated. I’m sure National Inquirer or some such equally reputable tabloid, er … newspaper would hire him. What does 'and stuff' constitute from the reporter...? Nuclear secrets, a cure for cancer, Trump's hair dye color number...

How good are both of them. NZ and Finland both wise to choose such clever leaders. Kiwi Doocey? Raise your daughters (and your sons) to be like these two. So much respect 😍 john_sipher Isnt it odd that two pretty girls with long hair are in the same room? They must be planning a pillow fight, makeup play, and a sleepovers, right? Smh..

Face like she's just trying to work out what was in that fat line she just shnifffed. Are her arms getting longer and hands getting smaller? must be K As a American, I'm going to say I'm jealous, both of these PMs are brilliant and they both have more patience for that reporter then I would have. Knuckledragger rw journo gets dragged.

Isn't Jacinda great. Two brilliant leaders

'But are you girls gonna go shopping and gossip about boys?' God what a stupid fucking question john_sipher How I wish someone like PM Ardern was in the White House at the beginning of the pandemic, instead of the worst POTUS in history. bbclysedoucet Then right at the end of the video will be a view of both women, side by side. It is amazing that the reporter didn't ask if they were sisters with another mother. Lol They do look similar in some way. But obviously it was a slow news day in New Zealand No sheep had escaped

citizenlscott A lot different than what MAGA drug in here isn’t it? OMG, did you import him from the White House Press Corps? What an absolute embarrassment of a reporter and boyo needs to be fired immediately. Told Is it possible the media may have lost its ability to recognize highly competent leaders?

bbclysedoucet Excellent response from both Prime Ministers… bbclysedoucet Should be sacked for that question. Wonder if he thought ahead of asking the order/choice of words.

RFHKerry I wish we could have serious political leaders in the US. LMAO. Her faces when parsing out that terrible question are 👌 'oh wow, those words left his lips' 'does he know how this is coming off' 'I will destroy you in the kindest way possible' Highly intelligent responses from two leaders. Sad that the gender topic was asked as it undermines their leadership.

Wow man, way to put your male chauvinism on national display. These are two incredible & formidable PMs, who both eloquently answered such a crude & misguided question. ICYMI: a MALE reporter Amazing - articulate, intelligent, focused women actually doing their job. Why can't we have leaders like this in the USA? We've got the misogynist reporters unfortunately 😔 but still think strong females are 'bitches'. The disdain for Hilary Clinton is a great example.

Age diversity! He needed that smack down! Go Jacinda! Boss ladies 🙌 markiemoose 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

DonLew87 Sounds like 2 very smart, focused and serious leaders doing the good work that needs to be done for their countries. The gentle castration of the reporter who asked such a shallow question was well earned. 'Don't be bringing that crap up in here' LMAO Bravo No opinion on her age or gender but something about her doesn't gel. Folks of NZ deserve better & I suspect will get that at the next election.

Adern and Marin: let’s meet and show everyone the rising status of young, female leaders! Press: are you meeting because you’re young female leaders? Adern and Marin: oh for FFS, how could you ask such a ridiculous thing! The people (watching this kabuki theater): yawn. Indeed, in the year 2022, powerful, brilliant and beautiful women can come together and lead nations... how do like them apples? Ardern's response to this ridiculous question is just classic.

Oh Jacinda I'm all about peace and love but a small f you at the end would have been most appropriate. ✌🏽❤ The reporter probably thought they were going to have a sleepover where they braided each other’s hair and talked about boys 😂 That reporter was just bagged, processed, and put on a shelf. And stuff... foot in mouth reactionary word. Stuff or umm or you know what I mean.

Would be nice to have a few intelligent, well-spoken politicians in the US. Sigh. At least he allowed her to interrupt and answer, our conservative news reporters behave unprofessionally and are belligerent

I hope that reporter was fired. It’s sad to see anyone being that inept. Totally surprised they were not asked about their outfits and hairstyles too. It’s the look on her face that says “Really” OnlySolutionRelocation Protest going in jammu from more than 200 days by PM PACKAGE EMPLOYEES working in Kashmir. ONLY SOLUTION is RELOCATION/ ATTACHMENT to Jammu amdist target killing of Hindus in Kashmir. PMOIndia HMOIndia AMEAK_Displaced

I think the reporter's follow up question had something to do with a tickle fight? She’s great. They both are. Can women just fucking run the world from now on ? I wish 13 year old me could have seen things like this. Strong, intelligent women running their countries. Could not love this more. 💪🏻 Jenniffer It was a sexist and condescending question. Just awful

What brilliant responses from the two Prime Ministers to a stupid 'gotcha' question from the journalist!

Both class acts. will not be distracted from their focus when on the job! Brava! Finland and NZ ROCK 🖕💕💙 What an amazing example of what women in power looks like. We could do with more of this outstanding level of intelligence & communication skills in politics. As for the reporter, perhaps its time he stopped dragging his knuckles on the ground😉 And showed a little bit of respect

Gave the pathetic question to much time and respect to be honest Jacinda as always giving a calm and intelligent response to a misogynistic loser . Sack that man ! ‘Stuff’ - a very profound journalistic word. Surprised he didn’t ask if they had a pyjama party and a pillow fight smh NZ future is bright! Being a reporter, I thought he’d be more articulate. How many times can you say “stuff” in one sentence?

Must be nice to have intelligent, well-spoken leaders. Canada and the US should be very jealous.

He really showed his behind , “and stuff” with that question. name the reporter that asked that insulting question Jacinda will destroy NZ unfortunately. Great comeback! well answered Jacinda 👍👍👍👍👍 This is the kind of leadership we see in Peter Obi!! I doubt Dick Reporter felt schooled, because he's probably not that self aware, but it was very satisfying to hear these two women express their expertise. And I'll bet Dick Reporter didn't understand it.

..got a lot of common stuff there, when you got into politics…and stuff…🥱. I have a feeling he did not expect their responses. PM Jacinda and PM Marin trusted by their countries to represent their values and their interests rather than their own ***looking up how to emigrate to Finland and New Zealand.

Chamathka_0815 They met to talk girly stuff over a glass of wine

Well said ladies. They are better PM’s than most of the male PM’s around the world. They're two puppets of the system ruled by the UK and the US. The reporter was likely a plant. Theatre. jacindaardern 💪🏾👏🏾❤️❤️🕊️ What is wrong with her? Is she a pathological liar? Chamathka_0815 Who is the reporter? which news channel/media? Is “stuff” a journalist strong vocabulary

The reporter: Bravo to the female Prime Minister rock stars for shutting that reporter down softly!🤣 that woman takes amphetamines or some other type of stimulant on the regular. To all you male leaders of the world.🌎 Take notice. This is how it’s done! GIRL POWER! 👊🏼

A journalist who uses, 'and stuff' numerous times in a question shows he doesn't know his stuff! marinakyritsis Wow, that reporter would have been crucified for that ignorant comment In North America 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😘 Perfection. 'So, Prime Ministers...are you just having a girls' night out? Will there be potential pillow fights? I heard something about tech and exports but...did you do each others' hair today?' 🤦‍♂️

Superb. Now imagine this being any of the last 3 UK PMs.. Love how sanna speaks better english than jacinda What a ridiculous question ⁉️ I miss the days when the US had leaders who could speak this intelligently Honestly when will these inane misogynistic questions ever end! aBookPublicist This is a world class dumb question, knocked out of the park twice by two very bright young women.

Wow! Jacinda actually responds to Rebel News reporters. Imagine the hilarious laughter when these two meet for dinner.🤣😂 Wanted: Job in some/any aspect of the media; prior experience—until today—as a cub reporter for Radio ZB, a shock jock operation; no job is beneath me, and no line of inquiry is too lame for me to pursue. I am willing to be paid in Ramen noodles.

She rocks! Mic drop! Sbsnews Pathetic reporting Misogynistic reporter Use a woman reporter next time Are reporters just being randomly picked up off the street now? ' ... stuff ... politics and stuff like that...' Seriously? JacindaAdern is incredibly gracious in the way she responds - facts and figures, no judgement.

So brilliant Handled with the intelligence, grace and decorum fitting their role. These two leaders demonstrated why they are their nations leaders. The reporter sounded like many in this country today. Sexist. Clueless. Bravo by both women on taking on a stupid, sexist question. They're both obviously very intelligent and care about their countries. The good ol' Kiwi reporter couldn't get around the fact that they're both young and attractive. Must've thought they were meeting to go shopping.

She slayed it! Did you come up with this question yourself or did someone help you?

Geez, i just asked... Cc. DownloaderBot this_vid Someone got a very polite beat down. President of everything!! She puts up with no guff and says what she mean. And she is somehow very nice about it. i hope that reporter was burning and squirming in his seat. what a thing to say to any woman, let alone political leaders!

Smackdown Simply perfect responses from two intelligent and extremely capable PMs following an absolutely absurd question. “Are you two meeting just to talk about your periods, do each other’s hair, and have a pillow fight in your underwear?” geoffpilkington Can the media belittle itself even further? He should have asked what he really wanted to, “What kind of girl things are you going to talk about over dinner?” Real proof that the fourth estate is dead.

Orgy time

This questioner should be shamed, but PM Arden was too classy to do that. So insulting. Saw it coming when she did that 'Psaki' head tilt Mnogo su mu kulturno odgovorile. Ja bih ga poslala nazad u materinu, onako po srpski, da mu crvene uši tri dana. Govedo Oh. So Finnland imports goods from NZ worth 14 Million and exports goods worth 200 Million and that should somehow help levitating the dependency on goods from China (I think that may have been what Sanna was talking about) worth 8 BILLION Finnland imports each year. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Why can't the USA have intelligent politicians? Such poise, and grace. From both of them. Awesome. I loved how not only Jacinda gave the reporter a backhander but did it with a smile at the end. Could there have been better response to such a ridiculous question? I think not!! It's the 'regardless of our genders' tone that I liked 🤣

Very young and bright leaders who have already achieved what many will never achieve in their lifetime.

Doh! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ What a gracious and articulate response to a dumb question - 'reporter' of a school magazine perhaps? From 1940s? Unbelievable 🤦🏻‍♀️ Two women who are so secure in who they are they smile and answer the question with such intelligence. 👏 So 11 million and its mostly wine and beef . Why do beef farmers get penalized by this government?

iownjd 😍r they twin That was the most polite 'Go eff yourself' I've ever heard. Brilliant responses by both Prime Ministers. Wouldn’t trust her an inch, she sold out on 5 eyes, wants to “have her cake and eat it too”… 🎤 drop 🤟her

Jacinda is the best ❤️ The world needs more Jacinda's and Sanna's as Prime Ministers. The world would definitely be a better place! No it's because you are gay women admit it lol NOOOOOOOOKIAAAAAA 😜 nokia That journalist must be a top notch professional. 'Y'know..' 'and stuff...' 'A lotta stuff...' I'm old enough to remember the time when journalism was about eloquent communication and proper use of the language. And stuff, y'know.

Emotional response! she should just kept it moving euanmcilwraith I so love this woman 🇳🇿 WEF is the enemy! Common stuff? He means the “Prime Minister” thing? She is fabulous.

'and stuff' Just opened w/ a joke . Relax. 200 and 14 million of trade… very impressive 😂🤡 Fabulous seeing Ardern swatting down the ridiculous sexist question from a reporter who should lose his job for being a clueless hack. Good job prime Ministers Ardern and Marin for demonstrating your immense capabilities, intelligence and diplomacy skills.

Smart & capable leadership. 👏🏼👏🏼 bravo ladies The reporter aught to be ashamed of himself for asking such weak & insignificant question. But the 🇫🇮 Lady has the cooler accent when she speaks 😎 I absolutely love this world leader Jacinda Ardern 🇳🇿 Just imagine if the world were full of Jacinda Arderns 🌈🌈🌈

? Isn't Jacinda in her 50's? Another demonstration of why we should elect more women to power slay Queen 🙌

Gotta love Ardern's head tilt when she realizes just how stupid this question is. wow.. what a sexist question. Just love these two very intelligent and competent women. Amazing how cleverly and effectively they handled the press. Articulate and complete responses to a stupid question Good for the NZ Prime Minister for her direct rebuttal of this misogynist question. He should be ashamed.

I wonder if she'll be as smug when they're reading out her prison sentence. Wow! Impressive response The moment he said “Stuff there, common politics and stuff” you know he’s about to get cooked Some men 🙄 Intelligence and articulation that must be alien to this twerpy reporter. Who let him out in public?

The NZ prime minister deals with an asinine question from a (male) journalist with good grace. they both think he and his question are pathetic you can see it in the eyes fascinatorfun When a reporter asks a stupid question…👀 poppymcp This reporter should submit a humble resignation letter at this point

What an embarrassment to journalism! Who was the journalist and from which outlet? Can we have either of them please? Quick question for men in the media … we’ll men overall … like myself… can we all stop being such assholes to woman. reason these amazing smart and accomplished Women didn’t blink when they got this crazy sexes question… they’ve had a lifetime of dealing with this BS

Impressive leaders. Wish all leaders would follow their example. Well said 👏

i am sure there are many countries around some quite close to new zealand who could benefit from such clear sighted articulate intelligent concise prime ministers ; speaking from the UK Serious case of - Reporter doesn't do his homework and prepare, so asks any random stupid question that pops into his head. Some journalists really need to step up their game. AND news brokers need to stop paying the ones that show up unprepared and ask really poor questions.

DeniseDresserG Que profesionalismo y nivel de preparación de la Primera Ministra Jacinda ! Además de contestar política y amablente. Que bofetada le pego al reportero. So it’s not all about handbags and diapers? God, I wish both these ladies would immigrate to the USA and run for office. Wow, I thought a lot of UK journalists were very poor but this guy is terrible. He just keeps adding 'and stuff' on the end of every sentence. Is he 17 years old and stuff?

Anytime a reporter starts a question with 'a lot of people' you know it's going to be stupid. Do 20 have similiar age to 13 because only 7 years gap? what an ignorant question by a clearly unqualified agent. Like it was a sleepover?! This is absurd. I don't always advocate for people to lose their jobs, but when I do it's because they are awful at them.

How did this reporter get his job? Was it ... his extensive vocabulary... and stuff? How does this vile authoritarian retain her position? Professional responses from the PMs, but next time, I'm thinking change it up, and just go with the ol' curt 'Next question' (and later strip those 'reporters' of their press credentials).

I’d like to know who this reporter is & I hope he was highly embarrassed by this stupid question which was badly worded as well, stuff & stuff 🙄. And he doesn’t sound too old so an out of touch youngish/middle aged man? Well done with the answers PMs! 'So did u girls get together to drink wine and talk about men?' Was his next question

Bonehead question. Great answer to a stupid question 👏👏👏👏👏 I wonder if he even understood it🤔 HAHHAHAHA! I wonder if that male reporter understood the concepts & processes these 2 very knowledgeable women were talking about. I hope someone gave him a dictionary. 🤣🤣🤣 Why can’t we have leaders like these?

Ahahah! I hope that this reporter was red-faced by then of the answers :)

NewstalkZB This you ? Embarrassing ! Still a globalist piece of 💩 Wef bitches I'd've just blinked slowly, leant into the mic and said (also slowly, so he can understand) 'No, we're meeting because we're both Prime Ministers.' It's infuriating how disrespectful this member of the press was to the PM. I'm so glad she shut him down.

Two of the most accomplished PMs & they still have to deal with low-level sexism from a reporter that needs to learn how to show some respect. The saddest part is not many world leaders would be able to answer in that way… not Joe Biden not Trump not Emmanuel Macron not even Putin or the Lettuce Lady the Brit’s had awhile back

DickieBeau What a schoolboy question which was answered with total confidence, intelligence, facts and completely and utterly shot the journalist down. We need more of these women in politics. mattprescott If only GB had politicians of this quality. That misogynistic reporter would never have DARED to ask two male PMs such an idiotic and demeaning question. He should be FIRED!!

Beware patriarchist about…. What a chauvinistic as*hole of a reporter to ask such an asinine question! Finland and NZ can be very proud of their current leadership! Great response the image in the reporter's mind? Good grief, here we continue to go where women simply cannot be doing a good job because they are women. FTS.

'Hey, you chicks going to the mall?' -- Reporter The journo asking the question is an embarrassment. One can only assume what he meant by, 'stuff' - he clearly had ideas but knew he was being a douche. Anybody knows the name of this m*r*n? They have to be extra smart and qualified to be able to get elected as young women. It shows.

acgrayling Must have been a British journalist from the Red Tops.

Love it...jacindaardern is badass! Damn she is good! You go girl!! This is what you get when you have smart women in the room. “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception-Ruth Bader Ginsburg” We are strong, decisive, intellectual & capable of leading with empathy.

Wlo_oWl That backward question had to have come from a FOX reporter. When was the last time a Finnish PM visited NZ or NZ to Finland? Wow... I think the question has been asked to make the two WEF figures look very smart. Jacinda is one of the dictators and WEF minions together with Justin and Macron. They are pure evil.

HPlaysPiano I wish we had politicians of their calibre in the UK. Maybe I’ll move to NZ.

That reporter is an embarrassment for the male gender. Pathetic. Master class in how to reply seriously to a deeply unserious question. What are white people doing in New Zealand in the first place, especially with A Union Jack as part of their flag, WTF. Badass - what a ridiculous condescending question

Great reply. She should have ended though with 'did you understand all those big words we used?' We need to start a Prime Minister relocation program. The look of next gen leadership! Why didn't he just ask if they braided each other's hair? ❤️❤️❤️ Nicely done Jacinda! “Will you 2 be braiding each others hair later?” Reporter⬇️

mattprescott Two serious politicians and leaders and a disingenuous reporter. This 'reporter' is a weirdo omfg 'politics and stuff' wtf? When smart women are in charge they talk substance. That reporter should be moved to traffic reports. Wow dude literally was disassembled in public. I love womansplaining.

Reporter: Erm... So it's not just a coffee klatch...? These responses were completely over that inane reporter’s head. I know he feel 2inches tall 😩😂😩😂 What an inappropriate question. She handled it with such class.

SveaElske She oozes confidence and I LOVE it. Arden is a fascist TheWomensOrg Reporter: Trefft Ihr Euch für Party? This clip gives me so much hope. What admirable leaders. If only the world had more of these two. Who rules the world (Or should…) The great gender divide. And she is quite smart!! Yeah they both do a lot of cocaine

TLDR: reporter is a misogynist idiot. I reject the premise of the question. I don’t really believe that a lot of people will be wondering if they’re meeting because they’re the same age. And anyone who is wondering that shouldn’t be taken seriously by serious journalists. What publication does this journalist represent? Kids' Misogyny Weekly ?

How did can an organization hire this individual as political reporter they should transfer him into gossip and entertainment reporting Bam 💥 USA_Over_Party I’m afraid every country has a Peter Doocy! So from all that the reporter merely noticed that they both have breasts... clever boy 👏 👏 👏 🤣 U will be discussing 'stuff'? He should not be a reporter.

Jesus wept FlixBibeau je peux mourir en paix

He might as well have asked if it was a scheduled play date. Jesus. The reporter's inability to speak is embarrassing but maybe he was nervous for over pondering on how NZ ended up having a horse as PM. Would she not consider coming to England to work here? We could do with someone who has a bit about them in our government.

just ask then WTF is going on with the WEF and have done Boom! Amazing 👏 Though actually I thought Marin's answer was particularly clever. She didn't push back on the gender comment, but she didn't have to — her focus on ultra-serious strategic world issues said everything. This is fantastic response It’s hard to believe for this American, but I guess your political leaders don’t have to be ancient blowhards with no vision?

Brilliant responses from world leaders

Amazing leaders. This reporter really treated the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Finland like they were just meeting for a play date and not for, yk, diplomacy The reporter should lose his job. I’d meet with Sanna Marin anytime. Who’s the “journalist” that asked such a ridiculous and stupid question?

This is HOT. Well played - mic drop 👍👊👊👊 And stuff... That told him! Yes it’s not as if these two leaders of similar age and carefully selected public appeal both aligned themselves with the same unelected technocratic authoritarian shadow government led by a transhumanist Nazi, by being Young Global Leader alumni. Is it?

Well articulated response that turned the question upside down. This will be a prime example for professors to share with journalism students on how not to become the story Si no logran eliminar el sesgo This is why we need more women in politics. Smart women are the only thing between planetary survival and planetary collapse.

The shit we have to put up with as Women. Reporter back at headquarters. 'Why did I ask a SEXIST question to 2 highly intelligent world leaders who happen to be young females'? WHY? 😅😆😁😂🤣 Reporter: 'Can I have a follow-up question? That was a little too complex for me.' Yes, go ahead. Reporter: 'Will you two be kissing?'

Good on you Jacinda ! Ask a stupid question, get two intelligent and articulate responses. Love it These two women know their duty and conduct themselves with openness and honesty. UK leaders...... If only !!!!

why are we still propping up this facist dictator as if she's a good person? 'and stuff' -congrats on the journalist literacy skills Powerful leaders !!! Well done. this is what happens when you send a fashion/lifestyle/entertainment reporter to a political news conference. did he think they got to where they are just because they are pretty?

I wish they both were holding their microphones…so they could drop them. Those Gals OWNED him!!! Stupidest question asked by a “reporter” I’ve ever heard!🙄🤔🥱🥱🥱🥱 PaulHindley_ What a great advert to working for Nokia. yashar I don’t know which outlet that reporter represented but they should fire him. That was embarrassing.

What kind of reporter uses the word stuff? Twice!

2 formidable leaders. Thought I'd seen the last of that ugly nazi after the pandemic. He’s obviously been dealing with blathering male politicians all his reporting life. Doesn’t know what to make of smart, articulate women. She's good. royalmusing Just imagine that being asked to two male heads of government.

I will do my best to balance the trade, will enjoy doing it 😋 Excellent responses! These SERIOUS leaders have to explain to a 'reporter' that it's not a hen party.... It's Prime Ministers having a very important meeting! Loved the Obama example too. This is pure sexism ! Yeah, more 2 faced feminist drivel!

I bet he wished he never asked 😬

PM Ardern gave him the 'bless your heart' face! 😂😂 johnson And there you go ... two intelligent leaders slapping down a misogynist because THEY'RE DEALING WITH REAL WORLD PROBLEMS. somebody fire that guy Military instructors sent by Jacinda Ardern from New Zealand are training Ukrainian conscripts to do the Haka..

How do these politicians resist saying 'what a influential, groundbreaking question you ask?' The standard of journalism is so shocking😱🤮 How about we name the reporter + their employer, so we can follow up for accountability? This tiresome journalistic practice of opening questions with, “ A lot of people are wondering…” is completely misleading. This male journalist speaks for himself and other misogynists.

Trump has never once answered a question with anywhere near this level of competence. He would have no idea what she’s talking about. This is why media needs to ask serious questions and expect serious answers instead of playing games and going for click bait Emily_Benn Whatever their gender, can we have a prime minister like either of these two.

yashar I would describe that question as actually being hostile to the women, not casual sexism at all. There was nothing casual about it. I thought she handled it very well. I do so admire those two women. Brilliant! yashar cafreeland Right up your alley 👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏👏🏿

What did he think? They were going to play with their Barbies whilst doing each others make up 🙄. Brilliant response from both leaders I wonder if that facile reporter has stopped blushing yet? Hope not That’s not a reporter, that’s someone with an agenda. This wasn’t a innocent act. But above anything he is a frustrated man, even his voice’s tone revels it. But would be to know who the guy is and who’s signing his paycheque.

Brilliant Two smart young leaders, irrespective of gender. We need more like them and fewer like the reporter that asked such a stupid question. Brilliant. Globally there does not seem to be a necessity for any sort to qualification to be a reporter. 👏👏👏 this world could use a lot more leaders like those two women.

Get more women leaders please! The PMs are brilliant. Angela Merkel would of given the journalist the 'look'.

badgerbadgerba2 He got himself slam dunked on. Wish she was running our government. She is one huge Scam WEF puppet but WEF will Collapse like the Schwab Bring PM Jacinda Ardern to address the joint US Congress and lay some God level statesmanship on the likes of Boebert and MTG Two super PM's, definitely.

Where will America find young, bright leaders like this? I’m hopeful but, then again, I can be impossible optimist sometimes. What an absolute creep of a reporter. Glad to see these two strong leaders pick him apart. Police? I’d like to report a murder… Bravo to Mss. Arden and Marin for great answers to a truly asinine question.

Disgraceful question but brilliantly handled and dealt with by two very capable politicians. Rather than trying to answer the ridiculous, wouldn’t it be much easy to tell him to go fu€k himself?

Fair play to them both for such a considered and detailed answer to a question about, you know, stuff. Thanks to the journalist for setting this scene where these two leaders could display how confident and capable they are. Does that reporter really belong in a room with adults? Excellent response, but those trade numbers are not impressive. NZ$ 14 million exports! Let’s hope an FTA can improve on that.

Could we just let these two run the world please👍😀 mattprescott One day all world leaders will be made this way. What’s wild is that men actually meet up all the time on the basis of gender. For boys trips, golf outings, etc. Sometimes under the guise of business and politics and something just for fun. So even if they did want to meet because of their similar experience - so what 🧐

Well,that certainly put the reporter in his place. Wish the UK had a PM like her. 'The look' Well played, PM Ardern. 🫡

lol. more men in politics. the irony Poorly phrased question. However, the President of Finland represents the country internationally while the PM is the domestic leader. So the reporter does have cause in wondering why Marin is there rather than Niinistö to discuss a bilateral trade agreement. Bravo 🥳🥳🥳

CBadcock So woke SBS... it wasn't that great... Who was the reporter? Two of the best world leaders and it's not up for debate. He also tried to use the old “some people would say” trick to indemnify himself. Huge fan of these two. Role models. havaneed Jesus Christ He tip-toed around just saying “are you two meeting to talk about your periods and beauty tips?”

How in the world did pdoocy get into this press conference? Another 1 who is multimillions ££ richer since covid How astoundingly embarrassing for the questioner 😄 Pfft They both anilated him , in fairness , great comeback , but to be funny they could have said yes , we intended to practise twerking and braiding each others hair.

Cue eye roll. The patronising, condescending manner is repellent. It was a stupid question but professionals deal with those things graciously. She could’ve still made her point without assuming she’s a victim of sexism. Wow. Why can’t we have politicians of this calibre… instead we have Johnson, Truss, Sunak and possibly Starmer…. asking on behalf of a nation….

I am in awe of how she rounded off such a well-informed response with such a withering 'regardless of our gender' delivered with a killer smile. i wonder it the globalist arden will share her cocaine All I can say is 'well done' to the PMs for keeping their cool. misogyny

mattprescott Another of those international leaders that I really admire. What a shoddy equivalent we have here in the U.K. 🙄 I’m surprised he didn’t ask about sleep-overs and pillow fights. Can either of these excellent speakers become the UK prime minister our last 4 have been a complete joke. I love her

Who is this reporter? Shameless! Mrs. Arden is such an intelligent and thoughtful person. Her handling of the covid situation in New Zealand was a lesson for every country and I just wish the conservatives had followed her leadership example to ensure that the death rate was significantly lower in our country.

LidiaWojtal How to answer to a 5 yo. I sure wish PM's were available on the transfer market. The UK would surely be willing to break the bank (again) to sign either of these two up! ToriesOut GeneralElectionNow Dudes. Lots of Murray “OK, band meeting…” energy in that question.

I'm betting they had a bloody good laugh at dinner, how sad was that bloke! That reporter is an embarrassment. No doubt the question was asked to antagonise but delighted to see such an outstanding response. The reporter ‘you know ,you know’.🤮 A model leader showing the narrow minded media what her country and values truly are 👏

A level of knowledge and intelligent commentary that is entirely missing from UK politics Well said ladys Sanna Marin is gorgeous and brilliant. 😱 🔥 Bravo Prime Ministers. What mind numbing misogyny. acgrayling Two intelligent, grown up leaders. Please note UK electorate and media Comparing herself to Obama🤣

This is such shit - embarrassing that she had to answer such a question. It is 2022 guys! nzherald HelsinkiTimes TimesNow timesofindia htTweets NH_India DeccanHerald realindiaherald I hope that 'journalist' feels suitably embarrassed for asking such an inane question. I'm actually feeling pretty inspired watching these two PMs doing their work. Wish there was more of this in the UK; working strategically together.

Outclassed and outgunned. 👏👏👏👏 class acts both of them acgrayling Excellent answers from both Prime Ministers👏👏👏👏 He basically asked her if it was a girls night. :/ Can you two leaders kindly resign your respective positions in NZ & Finland & come to Israel - we desperately need leaders like you here!

So impressive both of them - hope for the world. Seems a perfectly structured question to me. What is funny ha ha is the number of countries who have happily gone full throttle with the 'authoritarian' countries for yrs. China runs the world for goods, because cheapest at the expense of people, subsequently jobs.

Great set of teeth though 👌 KBaxter99 Do they ask the older men that question? JFC. acgrayling Quite outrageous question by this so called male journalist. The PM of Finland has better English than the NZ journalist After a solid answer, it’s time to ask for demotions of all journalists who ask these type of stupid questions

Not the most thoughtful male journalist. acgrayling What a breath of fresh air they both are !!! OMG, does Finland have a First Man? Is that reporter related to Peter Doocy, the Faux reporter who got off being publicly humiliated by former WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki? Very professional, but would have been quite something to reply 'Yes it takes two patients to get the prime ministerial pap smear discount. Phew what a relief.'

What about the gunman? The terrorist that killed human beings in Mosque? Would you have hidden your faces if victims were '?'. You surely would have changed the law to hang the terrorist. If I speak I am racist and I am silent a big joke gets covered by yr goddamn tears. Drama!

What a ridiculous suggestion from the nit twit reporter. It’s just two prime ministers meeting. Get over their gender & age. women in politics Finnish companies sell elevators to New Zealand resulting in meeting between countries leaders, big whoop.. got to latch onto somthing, remove politicians from trade/commerce, ban trade tariffs

Sorry couldn’t listen, what did the dirty Communist say? Glad these women are in these positions! Unbelievable that someone even asks a question like this in 2022. Good response Jacinta. I'm 64, this would be the first time anyone in the UK saw real politicians if they are under 50 years old and watch this video. Both know their topic, both are there for their people, and neither one needs a catch phase.

DuplessisBrad It’s incredible what women politicians have to go through. No one would have asked this dumb question of a man! At least they didn’t want them to twirl 🤦‍♀️ Please don’t ever give that journalist credentials for any event ever again!!! I hope his employers are mortified!!! And stuff....is this guy new to this?

If there’s a time for this type of leadership it’s much needed now well said from both pm’s

Epic spin on that one. Sbs really do love kissing ass. owillis She is a force to be reckoned with 👏👏👏 These girls are awesome to watch🙌🏼 Can we get some more? Wonderful response by two clever and smart women. We ended up with the circus that was Johnson and then Truss Ivd never heard that question put to twp male leaders. Joke of question, I'm embarrassed for him.

Put him in his place ! Jacinda = Queen 👸 You would think they would be embarrassed to ask these stupid questions, it's 2022 denise_dewald Brainstorming how to recruit them?! 🤔 Great response, can the UK swap out Rishi Sunak for her as PM instead.

That reporter should be sacked for incompetence. Special MikeCarlton01 LoveinTheAirFinale How bad have journalists become. Cant even ask a normal question these days. What a ridiculous question by that reporter. Both Jacinda & Sanna made him look like a fool. Nice to see a humane politician. She should run the world✌️🤟🤘👌

How in the world did that guy even get into the room? What an embarrassment. This is why so many Aussies just love Jacinda Ardern. How did that adolescent get into the press conference, anyway? SophiaCannon Go ! Amazing 🤩 leaders who happen to be ladies!

I hope that journalist feels foolish for asking such a ridiculous question. Bam! Love it! Go both. “Prime minister, I notice um..you’re both.. chicks and um…stuff..” two world leaders meet for important trade talks, and this is the first juvenile question the journo came up with, got absolutely bodied. He’ll need a stiff drink!

She is the singular reason I would love to retire there. can she serve in perpetuity? Well, I can dream... Has anyone worked out who the reporter is? Sorry, so many responses it’s hard to see if answered. KirstyBisset something to eye roll over. Imagine thinking they’re just having a girls’ night. Is that ardarce miss mask and inprison talking normally there. Not fooled.

Wow. That’s a whole lot of “stuff”. On another note, can you imagine all of that detailed info coming out of W’s mouth, let alone trump’s? This is what you get when you elect someone in a minority group—a person w/ the intelligence & drive to get past a ton of hurdles. Did the journalist really think he was asking an intelligent question?

Comparing the Relationship of the US-NZ & FIN-NZ relationship is ludicrous and is an illogical jump. The US is a Global Power, Finland is a regional power which historically has been neutral. Finland is on the complete opposite end of the globe & has no relevance to NZ “A lot of people will be wondering…” is how Trump infuses controversy and doubts into meaningful dialogue

Well said! I wish she'd ended with; 'Next stupid question please......' 💞🤦‍♂️ My God! Nobody was wondering that apart from the substandard ‘reporter’ Sometimes getting international news can really make you say thanks for my 💩 What stupid question embarrassing for journalism Totally fake and planted like all this stuff. Designed to make these people hero’s

Wonderful to see two Prime Ministers speaking so eloquently and knowledgeably in response to a ridiculous question.

Not news It's strange to listen to intelligent and wise politicians like MarinSanna and jacindaardern who seem to know and understand their jobs compared to the political clowns that are and have been running the UK from 10DowningStreet. AnnelieseMaria 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 to both PMs. He just tried and failed miserably to marginalize their roles. Lawdy how many times 🙄

NZ prime minister should fun for U.S presidency I hope his editor had words after such a pathetic question. Hope this guy isn’t typical of NZ journalists he’s a about 50 years behind the curve. Great responses by these two leaders and simultaneous slap down of that journalist. What a chump that reporter is.

If only we had this quality of leadership in the UK. They really know their stuff. That’s so much information, clarity and strategy than Morrison’s waffling.

Eloquently articulated responses from two great leaders. They also demonstrated their natural humility and compassion by not ridiculing the infant brained excuse of a reporter who probably dashed back home in a tantrum and will be horrible to his mum for the rest of the week. It’s prime ministers like these two that give me hope for survival of the planet!!

You tell him giiirrrl! The WEF is really a good school for public speaking 🤣🤣 This is the politest version of 'Are you kidding me?' I've ever heard Superb! That reporter should’ve been left red-faced after such a mysoginistic question! What a dunce Such a dumb question! Love it! Obvious. A coupla sheilas,“you know”, getting together for a few drinks, “you know”, and pick up some young blonde lads for a 'nighter'. That young bloke, “you know”, was just like auditioning “you know”...

Who was the reporter? Sounds like a prank from a radio/tv show. Haha He won't be asking that again 🤣🤣 So his second question about their nail varnish wouldn't have gone down too well then? 🤣🤣🤣 Can we in aus please elect a PM like either of these two examples!!!!! That reporter didn't know what hit him.

From the UK - Please can we have both of those fab Prime Ministers You two leaders answer an inane question so articulately. So informative. It 🤔👎👺👺👺seems MEDIA is pathetic the world over!! Was their connection to MURDOCH👎🤔👹👹👹 Ah so they didnt meet for a good gossip or to discuss lipstick brands?

BANG! Don't you just love it when an intelligent and erudite politician completely and utterly (and in the nicest way possible) tears the arsehole out of a journo who hadn't thought his question through before posing it?

Wonder why that bloke thought that a lot of people would be wondering about stuff! Hahaha 🤣 so funny, because its a very stupid question from a journalist, with no basis why he assumed ‘lots of wondering’ about two women. They both responded cleverly, factually & knowingly! My numbers Respect to both leaders 👏👏👏 a measured and brilliant reply to a truly awful question from a so called journalist

“… & stuff…” 🙄 If only 🇬🇧 electorate could vote for politicians like these. Instead we get Sunak and Starmer. Or... What a puerile question and an adult, informed reply. Womansplaining? Seeing this reminds me, ( as a UK citizen) , how lucky you are to have a PrimeMinister who is so articulate, smart and with so much integrity.

What an utter prat 76296 impressive, I suspect they didn't talk much about lipstick and cleaning products. '

EmmaKennedy Please can she come here and be our prime minister. Two intelligent articulate leaders. One embarrassing, patronising, misogynistic reporter. bmay We need more leaders like this, the world would be safer and society less focused on trivial differences Compare and contrast with UK political debate. Embarrassing isn't it.

You’re not reporting that Ms Ardern referred to gender of the two PM’s and their age repeatedly before they went to questions. Is balanced reporting part of your official mandate? Those were articulate, reasoned answers that made important points. Are they sure that they are cut out for politics? Seriously though, we need more leaders like this.

'We are meeting because of course we are both Prime Ministers' (not just because we are of a similar age and stuff!!) Rock on jacindaardern and MarinSanna Show the boys how it's done. auspol That's so wrong! I love how she's such a boss lady! I aspire to speak that well and be as fully across my job. Top flight stuff… As for that question and the journo that delivered it… in the bin.

👏 BEST 👏 RESPONSES 👏 E V E R!!!!! 👏 New Zealanders must be so proud of your Prime Minister.

Tonnia_p Oh she made him look a prick 😂😂 'Are you swapping knitting patterns and cake recipes?' Glad to see that 'journalist' was put in his place. WEFMuppets 🧐Prove me wrong👇 That journalist needs a new job. Well these two extremely intelligent and powerful women politely yet firmly put the 'journo' in his place. He needs to realise it's 2022 not 1952. What a tool.

'Have, you know, your periods started to sync, and stuff? I'm a journalist!' In the UK can we have a progressive PM like these please? Broadsided...port & starboard To be fair, he didn’t ask if they hold a pissing contest! [sarcasm] [not sarcasm] and journalists wonder why ppl think there are many 🍆 head among them?

The reporter did a new version of the misogynistic 'What dress are you wearing?' question they only ask women on the red carpet!

He didn’t have the slightest clue what they were talking about! Prize 🤡 Glorious Wow she handled that so well…! The question was a disgrace in the first place, well-handled by both Prime Ministers. The interesting thing about this is not the stupid question but the opportunities that New Zealand sees in its FTA with the EU, for which the UK is now a bystander. In addition, we've accepted a trade deal that is hugely advantageous to them and not us.

bmay The male privilege in action - called out The world definitely needs more intelligent women leaders like this. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Give them a chance …… they will do more and better things than Men ! I have a great sympathy for their partners and children though ! Somebody has to sacrifice! 🥲👍🥲 What a take down!

Narty007 I really respect the fact that they both managed to answer without calling the journalist a complete pillock and that Sanna resisted the temptation to add that they now had something more to talk about over dinner

u_hardy Attempt at demeaning harassment by bovine “journalist” who is finding it personally disorientating that womans are not busy in kitchen at home. 'A lot of people' were not thinking 'you are meeting because you are similar age and stuff' or 'and got into politics and stuff.' So get 'stuffed' with your dumb questions.

Brava! AlanRyan_17 Presumably the reporter was masturbating as he asked the question? 🙄 An EU country negotiating trade, on its own, with NZ? How is it possible for such a country to do that, to have so much sovereignty? (Tongue in cheek btw). How embarrassing, and sadly he's a New Zealand 'journo'. 👉🏽 Shame 👈🏽

Jacinda 10 Misogynist 0 That showed him how mindlessly stupid his question was. She completely owned him. And the media bristles at the mere suggestion that some in its ranks are unprofessional. Exhibit A. Man, those were fantastic responses. The only 'common stuff' I see is that these are my two favourite world leaders, bar none, male or female.

Did he mention gender? Don’t think so, but that’s her virtue signalling safe space that she ran to.

Any number of astute political and economic trains of thought the reporter could have considered teasing out, but no they went with girl gossip. She smashed that one outta the park. A little confidence regained for Jacinda. Golf👏. Omg!! Bitch needs a dam Human Rights Violation on her ass!! For this. She's a Fossil fuelled GANGBANKSTER. Fact. Orchestrated by these guys. Wow.. 2023 or 1776!!?

bmay Embarrassing. Two extremely capable and intelligent individuals trying to resolve issues together, a rare thing in politics. I wish we had more of this in the UK. What fantastic politicians. What a numbskull reporter. Wish I could say I’m surprised that a male journalist would even ask this question? 😡

Just would like the UK PM to be as articulate as either of these two Ladies. Also to have the vision going forwards to ensure a great future for their Nations. A breath of fresh air compared to UK Politics. 👍 “You young chicks like to dance, right?” SophiaCannon Great answers to a stupid question I love intelligent responses to banal questions,

That dude who was taken to school asking the question was thinking only about pyjama pillow fights…. Probably still he is now 😂 Oh boy do I wish we had politicians like this. These two MPs put ours to shame. Answering with authority and aplomb. Would put many of our male MP's in the shade. Hey journalists reading this - please do your homework before asking questions of national leaders. Thanks.

elliemail The Lady is all class 👏👏👏👏👏 Hope Ardern gets destroyed in the next election. Nz deserves better Damn l bet he didn’t ask a follow up question after that 😳 Great response 👏 Impressive response the journo sounded pretty green “and stuff”

this is why I am turned off SBS news. Is this the best it can do between propaganda and misinformation? Sad. Misogyny. So tedious They both gave that ridiculous and disrespectful question more dignity than it deserved. All class from both. Ouch a little bit of a sneery question. Although both women were probably eager to meet.

GrogsGamut Ha, put him in his box. Perhaps he thought they were meeting to talk about shoes, you know, because they're women. If more prime ministers and presidents etc were like these two, there would be less wars, more progress and we'd be living in a far more enriched society. Spunks! i love how you can spot the exact moment her face goes from 'yes i'm listening' to 'oh for fucks sake'

Would most of us even know the two PMs met if this question was never asked? This happens so often I am starting to think it's a marketing ploy. I love these leaders ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Stuff” so professional 🙄 A silly question that should have left out the personal stuff. Putting that aside, it was interesting to learn some facts and figures regarding trade between two small countries on opposite sides of the planet. Whoever that reporter is, he should hand in his press pass and quietly walk away.

“ and stuff “ ….. is the journalist 15 year old high schooler ? What a bizarre take. Although, I'm sure as some of the SkyAfterDark hacks here would like to think an Ardern and Marin meeting would be them having pillow fights in their jammies. ThisIsNotJournalism Impressive by both. Reporter should have a good hard look at himself. Common stuff!!!

ATTENTION NEW ZEALANDERS... VOTE THIS WOMEN OUT ASAP jotaman37 Hahaha! Perfect 🍸 What year is it? 🤦‍♂️ auspol JacindaArden jacindaarden what a f*g meaningless utterly patronising question. must be hard to actually make a question so patronising and meaningless at the same time! and Jacinda is just a fantastic gem: in the best way, the gift who keeps on giving.

What a complete embarrassment that man is. And how many times did he say '... and stuff... ' as if he was a high school kid and not a professional journalist? Impressive response. Would blow most people out of the water intellectually. Set up garbage to prevent any other questions. You absolute galah, get in the bin

What Murdoch reporter was asking that? GrogsGamut The way she looked at him would indicate she’s heard that sort of shit from him before. Socialist If owned a horse like that I would have it put down. Who is the moron reporter who asked the question? Extremely impressive. As always it seems..

Refocus the question. Well done. Legitimate question and. I doubt truth to it. Darlings of the Woke Left. Comrade jacinda is a Klaus schwab puppet and anything that comes from that cows mouth should not even make news Nailed it How embarrassing for that reporter. Answered so kindly and in such depth by both PMs. One in a second language, using vocabulary that must have challenged him. I hope there was a small enough rock around that he could crawl under.

Yeah because New Zealand and Finland must do SO MUCH trade together. Maybe $1000 worth of kiwi fruit per year? 👏 Schooled you pathetic journo “Stuff”. 🙄He has the vocabulary of a primary school student, and he’s meant to be a journalist. '...and stuff?' To think, he has a degree in journalism ... and stuff. 🤦‍♀️

Looks like the NZ media have 'Journalists ' in their midst as well. GrogsGamut She is good, isn’t she. Two super smart people I know they gave great answers but they shouldn’t have to give this question any response at all. It’s so demeaning 🙄 Another parasite toxic smart arse journalist. Well done on putting the leech back in his hole. Weak spineless kunt!

Isn’t it wonderful to hear two Prime Ministers speak in such an intelligent, sensible and cohesive manner, but after all they are women! XiaomiIndia Hand picked, she looks like a hero now for females.. she’s a proper joke of a pm, I feel sorry for my neighbour country. What an absolute tool! 🤦‍♂️ Patronising question but beautifully answered and articulated by 2 highly intelligent women

And stuff. Did they send the work experience kid to ask the questions?

Of all the pointless shit you could ask in a press conference I hope the journo was fired for asking such a ridiculously embaressing question. Respectfully Mr. Journalist… GrogsGamut Two smart, powerful women, elegantly smacking down a dumb “journalist” Where do they dig up these guys. Really!! He really needs to go home and have a good hard think about the type of job he should be doing. It certainly doesn’t appear that he is doing it just now 🤦‍♂️

What are the chances that journalist is from a Murdoch rag. Ridiculous question from the reporter and completely schooled by both prime ministers. Thumbs up for more technology sharing between democratic countries. What an inarticulate misogynistic journalist! Couldnt even frame the stupid question without 3 ‘you know’s’.

I was embarrassed when the man started talking and I think many would have just slunk in their chairs. Extremely embarrassing behaviour. Not a clue. Appalling, disrespectful question by a journalist.

just girls night out, gonna chat about world politics during brunch 🙄 the sexism here is ASTOUNDING womeninpolitics Great answer.. I would love to believe that somewhere there is vision of this reporter slowly dissolving into a puddle of his own embarrassment but I suspect he’s not that self aware. Smart, articulate and forward thinking women - Bravo 👏👏👏

You rock Jacinda! What a patronising question, love their articulate & intelligent response to such boring misogyny. notjournalism She was briefed on the questions before hand. They're meeting because both are under the mentorship of his high holiness Klaus Schwabby dumb question but solid responses from both

Indeed how was the meeting The feminist sniffs out an opportunity to lecture

Wow there’s a professional journalist! So eloquently asking about ‘stuff’ and ‘you know’ ‘when you got into politics and stuff’ 🤣. Women are never taken seriously in politics because men fear them. Is that so-called journalist an ex-pat Murdoch/Sky hack? I'd love to know what journalists are taught at uni these days.

Nailed! Looking side eye thinking . . . WOW, that was cool as fuck.. PM's 1 (each) - 'journo' 0. Journalist must have shriveled up with every word in Ms Arden’s response!

What a banal question to ask. Is the reporter a trainee Quality journo. Stuff and stuff. And some more stuff. Just curious. Would the same question be asked if two male PMs of similar age? Splendid from those brilliant leaders 👊🏼 meanwhile he must have felt like a right pleb for asking such a silly question...

Who was the journalist? Embarrassing for nz. Who was journalist? Even the way he asked it was dumb. Nothing like getting schooled!! Love jacindaardern What a wnkr! Good comeback ladies! It’s the way Jacinda’s face says oh this f wit, ok he’s dead ☠️ What a f&$kwitted questuon by the insipid male “reporter”. What was his next question - are they going shopping together next! Spare me 🤦🏻‍♀️

Do you ever wonder if ridiculous questions, that stink of misogyny, are actually just stolls planted there by the person receiving the question!?! “ Later at dinner? Will you both be cooking dinner while the men wait in the billiards room smoking cigars?” Beautifully articulated response from both women and done with a smile on their face! Wow, what politics could be with decent, thoughtful and intelligent people in place. 🙌👏👏👌

Literally no one is wondering that you complete tosser 🙄 Well done PM's! Just girlfriends catching up... 🤦‍♀️ Reporter “: “A lot of people will be wondering …” sounds like a not so subtle variation on the “a lot of people are saying “ 70JDF Camera should always go to the journalist asking a question. They might just learn to smarten up!

Tool reporter. LennaLeprena 💖🌟💖🌟💖🌟💖🌟💖🌟

Gen Z Reporters! Typical NZ misogynist, NZ is rabid with them Wonderful responses from two highly intelligent leaders!! Slam and dunk. What a knob of a reporter and inarticulate as well. 'stuff' To 2 Prime Ministers!!!! Go back to Kindy and learn some 'big words' and manners. Unbelievable 🙄Am surprised he didn’t ask her if they went shopping together or got their nails done together. FFS🙄

Great answers to an inane and insulting question from a journo who should look for another job after that performance. skyowl_ 2 impressive women just killing it!👏👍 'got alot in common' - like them being leaders of their coutnries? - like them wanting to bolster economic growth between their respective countries? - like that they both breath in oxygen? - like the fact they are listening to your dumb ass question?

Of course it was a 'he' who asked... What a pathetic question What great responses !

kazza264 Eeesh That reporter couldn’t even as a coherent question! WEF pals bringing in the technocratic revolution.. That 'journalist' should be named and shamed. 'A lot of people will be wondering...'. Really ? Somehow I doubt many would be wondering such a thing at all. Tries to validate his misogyny & disrespect by gaslighting. What an embarrassment this guy is. He needs to get some help.

Brilliant. What an patronising and condescending question 🙄. It was a planted question with a rehearsed response. Always pushing the feminist agenda in politics. particular chief band Very articulate and well said Ooof! I would love to have seen that journo's face when she started to respond. cringe

Reporter is a misogynist?