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It's only October, so what's with all these bushfires?

#ANALYSIS: It's only October, so what's with all these bushfires?


ANALYSIS: It's only October, so what's with all these bushfires?

Recent bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland haven't come as a surprise to meteorologists and fire agencies.

The increased severity affects all seasons but in particular spring, which means that, on average, the bushfire season is starting earlier.

The trend generally means an earlier start to the bushfire seasons than in the past.

However, the natural variations in climate modes continue to play a key role, meaning we should not expect every bushfire season to be worse than the last as a result of climate change.

Read more: ABC News

A smart journalist might look at the arsonists and see if there is a link to activists, the climate conference in New York and Extinction Rebellion. All these fires seem a little too conveniently timed to fit in with the current protests & global cc debate. ozcot One lives in hope some day a journalist will do some research of Australian natural and human history and understand the ever present bush fire risk and annual occurrences. Aborigines used fire to clear forest for camps and hunting. Fire is part of gum seed germination.

Cos freaks keep setting fires It’s October already, so what’s with all the heavy snow...? Its asshole humans lighting fires thats what. Perhaps a lack of off season burn offs. Arson Duh. Spring is always the bushfire season north of the Border. Didn't scientists predict this only to be rubbished? Just maybe it has something to do with them being lit by arsonists.


Multiple dangerous bushfires out of control in northern NSWMultiple dangerous bushfires are burning out of control in northern

Arson. That's what's with all these bushfires. Arsonists! Lit by people. Arson, morons. Not AGW / CC, as much as you would hope. FOLLOW YOUR CHARTER !!!! Stop taking sides ! If only the Greens would let property owners clear their areas of fire fuel Arson and the Greens not letting people do controlled burns.

It's surely not Cl***** C***** caused by pollution and/or any of that lefty stuff, is it? How embarrassing it is. And expensive. And awful for poor people. Any reporting on ARSON? Now ItaButtrose, come on... Ummmm climate change nicely predicted this... Best to have them now to get rid of all the deadwood. Old First Nation trick.

Bushfire conditions forecast to ease after blaze destroys home in Lockyer valleyFire crews extinguish a bushfire that destroyed a home in Queensland's Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane. Bugger, lost the ute and the tinny too!

deliberately lit fires ,must be global warming ?! Mr. Morrison wants children to be allowed to be children. So stay calm. It has nothing whatsoever to do with global warming. Even if it did Australia is pulling it’s weight remember. We are lifters, not leaders. Dickheads are lighting the fires. Seriously don't you watch the news.

And it's been snowing at Mt Hotham, so what? I don’t know? Umm they were deliberately light? Hey, ABC. Did you forget to mention Arson as a cause of these fires on purpose, or are you just totally brainwashed by your own CC narrative. Hmmmmmm. I wonder. Don't let FACTS get in the way of a story, will you ABC!!

NSW bushfire that destroyed homes may have been deliberately lit | Sky News AustraliaOut-of-control bushfires raging in northern NSW may have been deliberately lit, authorities have confirmed. \n\nFirefighters report up to 30 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the fires, with that number expected to rise as authorities try to gain access to areas that are still cut off to emergency crews. \n\nNSW Rural Fire Service incident controller Superintendent Michael Brett told Sky News that the brigade believe at least one of the fires may have been deliberately lit. \n\n“Our investigations have come back that something suspicious has happened in that area,” he said.\n\nResidents in Rappville told Sky News they lost homes, sheds and cars to out-of-control fires on Tuesday night and were still fighting to save what was left of their properties on Wednesday. \n\nWith exceptionally dry conditions in northern NSW and southern Qld, authorities have advised residents to prepare to evacuate. \n\nThousands of firefighters remain on the ground battling more than a dozen fires – which have burned through almost 100,000 hectares of land already. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Mad Max is coming

“climate change is a myth, and if it’s not a myth it isn’t as bad as people say, and if it is as bad as people say then it’ll affect the poorer countries first so popcorn?” -Totalitarian-Right It's only a surprise to the bedwetting monkeys. Tell the Truth. Climate Change but you know that already. tobiasbusch XRebellionWA

what bollocks Arsonists... To summarize: 4 major non-CO2 cyclic factors influence bushfire conditions. And climate change too (go see the report). ARSON! The answer to your question is simple- climate alarmists turning to arson to trick fake news organisations & simpletons into thinking the world is on fire.

Again TheirABC forget it mislead about the timing of these fires in QLD and NTH NSW the wet season is Dec Jan unlike Southern NSW Vic it's June July so our fire season starts August to November and guess what it Oct middle of fire season TheirABCMisleadsagain auspol Didn’t the greens stop people burning off years ago then about 9years ago after the 2009 Victorian Black Saturday bush fires they did a back flip. BTW, It’s a land of drought, fires & flooding rain, oh” & Arsonist!

'All gone': Up to 20 properties destroyed in out-of-control bushfireAs many as 20 properties have been destroyed by a bushfire in the northern NSW village of Rappville, one of two out-of-control blazes burning through the region.

School holidays you twits who do think lights them Arson The ones in qld and nsw that were lit by arsonists? The same has happened before. Don't forget that 30% of the bush fires are suspicious accidental or deliberately lit. Please don't bull with your Climate madness mongering that we are sick and tired of it

Police investigating arson This is the bushfire season for Northern Australia you clowns. Have a look at history🙄🙄 Spreading more climate change propaganda doesnt change the fact most of these fires were deliberately lit. Arsonists with the IQ of an average ABC viewer Global warming - simple. Arsonists have always been with us - but decades of increasing temperatures have left the bush drier than ever and ready to burn.

Here is the fire triangle. The atmosphere consists of about 20% oxygen. The self ignition of timber is a lot higher than 40c so that leaves the fuel load. Too much fuel from lack of control burning, or higher plant growth from increased CO2. I would suggest man and matches.

Live: NSW Now: Crews move in to assess bushfire damage, police charge man 16 years after robberyMORNING BRIEFING: The Rural Fire Service says it will begin assessing the full extent of the bushfire damage in northern New South Wales today, and a man is charged after a robbery in 2003.

Is it really too early for fires. I think not. Go to your history books, look at some old newspapers. Stupid ABC. ARSON Arson is the answer! The drought? It's called 'Arson' thanks OurABC Arson? Cos folks be lighting them 🤷🏼‍♂️ They let the fuel build up for years and years and now it's a drought ( fuel load is dry ). That's why there is fire in October.

It certainly doesn't help when the Majority are Deliberately LIT! More bullshit from our tax funded ABC! Need to overhaul & rid ourselves from this Marxist mob!

Police suspicious that NSW bushfire was deliberately lit in 'a bastard act'People are unaccounted for in the northern NSW bushfires with police still unable to access the fire-grounds. so very, very sad, hope everyone is safe !

It’s the fuel stupid, limit the fuel control the fire. Quite simple, a stitch in time saves 9; more emphasis needed on mitigation cf suppression. It’s never too late to mitigate, hand wringing over circumstances/confections we cannot control is pointless. Reduce fuel now or, burn Arsonists usually wait a few months longer?

Most have been deliberately lit and if you check local newspapers, bushfires have been reported all year round its called arson you morons, these fire's were deliberately lit, nothing to do with climate change Just a bit of inconvenient climate disruption. This article confuses weather drivers with climate drivers, all of the cycles mentioned happen at scales smaller than the agreed length of 30 years for units of climate change.

Nowdays you need a permit to get a permit to permit you to create firebreaks.........If you are still alarmed ring the Bureau of Meteorology. They will put the end of the world nutters on track. Probably started by climate change scientist looking for more government grants. Because the dry and wet run their own routine and man has to find his place within it

Naturally, TheirABC will blame climate change, but won't tell you this … Mother Nature is innocent Suggest you go in search of the 🔥 bugs auspol abc It’s incredible people still put their head in the sand ah the back in the old days deniers. 5.4 million people 1920 to 24.6 today we used to be able to walk to Victoria from Tasmania. Yeah the good old days when ignorance really was bliss

What about Arson you f..n flogs? Arson. What the Hell is wrong with you people? Arson. Deliberately lit fires. Moronic fakenews journalists who wrote this trash should be ashamed and fired for incompetence. Stop pushing the unscientific AGW Crap. climatefraud Are the ABC aware the even the IPCC says there is no link to bushfires and AGW? Of course they are but they are too stupid to change their narrative

People with matches you dickheads. It’s probably got something to do with the ClimateEmergency that’s apparently not happening. 1922 to 1929 was Australia's driest period since records began, 1902 was driest yr on record, the only difference now more firebugs are around, some with a political agenda maybe ?, there are some strange folks around these days.

Deliberately lit. But yet the ABC make it out to be Climate Change. Not surprised the ABC had lost the plot. All they report is weather and anything anti Trump.

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