It's on: Japan v Scotland to go ahead in major relief for organisers

It's on: Japan v Scotland to go ahead in major relief for organisers | @gee_rob


It's on: Japan v Scotland to go ahead in major relief for organisers | gee_rob

Tournament officials have announced the Pool A thriller will be played on Sunday night as scheduled.

"As Yokohama International Stadium is located within the engineered flood defences of Yokohama City, there will be significant amounts of water in the surrounding floodplains and river. This is normal and should not alarm fans," Rugby World Cup said in a statement.

"There have been landslides and flooding in the vicinity of the stadium and along access roads to the venue following torrential rain throughout the night.

The Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium was built on the site of schools destroyed by the deadly 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Typhoon Hagibis, one of the most powerful tropical cyclones to ever hit central Japan, left millions confined indoors and streets deserted as record rains and fierce winds flooded rivers and threatened widespread damage.

Organisers later confirmed the Pool C match between the United States and Tonga in Osaka and Wales' final Pool D match against Uruguay in Kumamoto would go ahead as scheduled on Sunday.

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gee_rob Major relief for rugby fans!

Hell or high water: Scotland and Japan determined to play thrillerScotland fullback Stuart Hogg urged his teammates to play the biggest game of their lives as Typhoon Hagibis bore down on Japan's Pacific coast | geerob

Japan braces for Typhoon HagibisTyphoon Hagibis, closing in from the Pacific, is expected to bring up to 80 centimetres of rain in the Tokyo area.

Chaos feared as Hagibis closes in on JapanTokyo and surrounding areas are bracing for a powerful typhoon forecast as the worst in six decades, with streets and trains stations unusually quiet as rain pours over the city. Wonder IF it missed Aogashima Island? End times, mates. Satan's wrath. Rev. 12:12 Soon comes God's wrath. Rev. 9:20-21 God is stronger. No one will be able to outstand His power. Pray and repent. I thought it had something to do with climate change?

One dead as Typhoon Hagibis prompts emergency warning in JapanPowerful Typhoon Hagibis claimed its first victim even before making landfall, as Japanese weather authorities issued a top-level emergency rain warning and millions were issued non-compulsory evacuation orders.

Japan braces for Typhoon Hagibis | Sky News AustraliaJapan is bracing for its worst typhoon in decades with hundreds of thousands of households warned to evacuate.\n\nTyphoon Hagibis is expected to bring winds of 180 km\u002Fh and 30 inches of rain over the weekend which will cause floods and landslides.\n\nRugby World Cup matches scheduled for Saturday have been cancelled.\n\nImage: Getty\n Our prayers for the lovely Japanese people Pray4Japan 🙏😔🇯🇵

Typhoon Hagibis could match 1958 storm that killed 1200 in JapanThe Japan Meteorological Agency warned that the southeastern Tokai region of Japan could be deluged by up to 31 inches of rain in a 24-hour period over the weekend

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