It’s not too late for my party to choose a better candidate for Warringah

19/04/2022 4:16:00 AM

It’s not too late for my party to choose a better candidate for Warringah | Felicity Wilson

It’s not too late for my party to choose a better candidate for Warringah | Felicity Wilson

I am being asked to vote for someone who is using equality for women as a thin veil to disguise offensive attacks on transgender people.

Normal text sizeVery large text sizeAdvertisementIn my five years as an elected representative of a vast proportion of the people who are also voters in the electorate of Warringah,I have not once had the current national hot topic of transgender women’s participation in sports

raised with me by my community.I hear regularly from constituents and from women in politics about their real concerns and fears for their safety. Safety at home from domestic violence, safety in the workplace from harassment and intimidation, and safety on the streets from sexual assault.

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No, she stays. Why? She is fine. When do we need to put the LGBTxxxxx rights first? Deves is the best candidate, standing up for our girls , the majority of Australians agree with her . Totally disingenuous. KatherineDeves reflects what a lot of leading feminist thinkers say about trans-ideology, as well as people from the LGB community. This is not about Katherine’s views, but is a cover to punish her for being a Scomo captain’s pick.

Felicity Wilson clearly hasn't been paying attention tion to the issues raised by Katherine Deves. Standard. albo should have got involved..........everybody else is That Ruby Princess has sailed Don't vote Liberal. 😂 How fascinating that the SMH, ABC and others continue this pile on against a feminist! I guess the Trans cult is in deeper in the Establishment than we thought....yet another article attacking Deves...

When you 'my party'.. Do you mean the party of ? Sure feels like it Change your party. They arent what they used to be, felicitywilson. Nor is it ‘too late’ for the State Libs to ‘choose a better candidate for’ the state seat of North Shore 😂 Go google Bevvy❗️BevanShields no sorry its far too late its a poisened well for libs

Get rid of the pretty face and get real. Thanks it is the transgender people who attacks our Christian values. If she’s truly interested in women, equality and social justice it’s not too late for Felicity Wilson to choose a better party 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is nothing more than a dead cat strategy to take the focus off other issues and an unsophisticated dog whistle to bigots. Enough.