It can be financially harder to do TAFE than uni. This idea could change that

6/10/2022 6:24:00 AM

It can be financially harder to do TAFE than uni. This idea could change that

It can be financially harder to do TAFE than uni. This idea could change that

Governments should consider funding post-school education through a voucher system where funds go to students instead of institutions, according to a new report by the Productivity Commission.

Key points: The current loan system may be pushing some students to studying at university rather than TAFE Students could directly receive a set amount of money to study, in the form of a voucher, the Commission proposes This could stimulate competition between universities and TAFEs The report looked at how governments could improve outcomes for all levels of education, and included an interesting proposal to change how TAFEs and universities were funded.number of free TAFE places, saying it does nothing to increase the quality of education, artificially props up the public provider and doesn’t provide community-wide benefits.Stage three tax cuts were introduced by the former Coalition government when Scott Morrison was still treasurer.Welcome to Doodle House, a mansion entirely covered in doodles.

TAFEs and private colleges get cash primarily from state and territory governments, while the student loan system is funded by the federal government.Universities get funding from the feds based on the number of domestic student places available, and they also fund student loans.The Productivity Commission has raised concerns about Brendan O’Connor and Anthony Albanese’s $1.But the Productivity Commission said these funding arrangements might not be achieving the best results for either taxpayers or students.Credit: AAP It would flatten the tax bracket system so someone earning $45,001 would pay the same tax rate as someone earning $200,000.It said unfair student loan arrangements between unis and TAFEs were stopping people from taking on vocational education and may even be pushing students towards more expensive degrees.Kate Geraghty Productivity Commission report in September that said declining academic performance of school students against a backdrop of rising funding needed urgent attention.The financial barriers to doing TAFE Under the current system, most domestic students who take on a bachelor's degree can get an income contingent loan (ICL) from the federal government." Mr Cox has made a stop motion video from nearly 2,000 photos taken while painting the house.

That just means they don't have to pay off that loan until they start earning a certain amount of money ( currently around $48,300 ).It points to evidence from Victoria that showed free places had increased enrolments in TAFE, but this was most likely a reflection of students shifting their preferences from fee-charging private providers to free TAFE courses.Analysis by progressive thinktank The Australia Institute found the highest-income earners would benefit by more than $9000, while those on the minimum wage would gain nothing.But that's not the case for TAFEs and private vocational colleges.Student loans here are only available for some courses, and only for courses that are diploma level or above.The report, however, said there is a strong argument for free places in certificate I and II courses that embed foundational literacy and numeracy skills in people who have left school.Some students who want to do TAFE are being pushed to do university degrees.“It is not irrelevant to us because it is a cautionary tale about what can happen if you get your policy settings out of whack in a way that does not suit the economic conditions, and particularly the global economic conditions.( Getty: Adam Berry ) Fewer than half of the 635 diploma courses available in vocational education and training (VET) providers are eligible for student loans.1 billion “training blitz” to create 180,000 free places at TAFE..

And all VET student loans are subject to a 20 per cent upfront fee.The Productivity Commission found that the discrepancy may be pushing people towards studying at university, even if their skills and interests lie in the VET sector.Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor acknowledged the Productivity Commission’s comments, but said there were many instances where policies that increased competition in the vocational training sector had led to lower quality education and training.."Financial barriers prevent education uptake for some Australians," the report said, citing Australian Bureau of Statistics data."About 7 per cent of all Australians who did not participate in formal study in the past year wanted to, but could not, with one-third of them listing financial barriers as a reason for this.Advertisement He added that he was establishing an advisory group to work with government to design a system that supports people to get critical foundation skills." "Two-thirds of these Australians wanted to enrol in a qualification below the bachelor level, suggesting financial barriers are greater for vocational than higher education.If you’d like to view this content, please adjust your Cookie Settings.It was just the way I wanted it to be and it's been a lovely thing to work on.

" The report said that undertaking further study isn't just good for an individual, it's good for the nation's economic development.The changes were supposed to encourage students to study in areas of skill shortage while discouraging them from programs such as business, law and arts.But it says that the current system might be pushing people in the wrong direction."Poorly targeted funding can lead to students studying courses that are a poor fit, resulting in lower completion rates, lifetime earnings, and productivity growth.All other disciplines attract student fees of between $3950 and $7950, except clinical subjects such as medicine which cost $11,500, while government contributions range from $13,250 to $27,000." A radical change to the way uni and TAFE courses are funded First, the Productivity Commission said student loans should be considered for courses below the diploma level."Expanding loan access for vocational education and training (VET) students at the Certificate III and IV levels would reduce barriers to participation and reduce distortions for students choosing between VET and higher education," the report said.“[Higher loans under JRG] would result in increased debt burdens for students and additional costs for the Australian government associated with greater subsidies and non-repayment on the larger total debt,” the report says.The artwork is being shared with the world through social media.

But it warned that the VET sector needs to be mindful of rorting — a problem that.

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Govt complains about skill shortages but caps free courses to people under 25. What a joke. The recommendations noted in this report are all commonsense and need to be taken up immediately. Routing of the education system needs to stop, universities need to be held to account for their ideological brainwashing of their students as well.

Absolute bollocks. TAFE fees are a fraction of university, and miniscule if you're unemployed.

Commission slams Labor’s free TAFE, Coalition’s Job Ready GraduatesEducation and skills are fundamental to productivity growth, but we need more bang for our $100 billion annual spend, says the Productivity Commission.

Fresh twist for incoming tax cuts as ‘challenging’ budget loomsThe federal government insists it hasn’t changed its position on stage 3 tax cuts that would largely benefit wealthy Australians, saying the cuts were legislated before it was sworn into power. auspol 7NEWS

UK artist covers mansion in 'doodles', using 900 litres of paint and 2,296 pen nibsA total 286 bottles of black drawing paint and more than 400 cans of spray paint were also used to cover the 12-room home. Interesting but seriously ugly and OTT. That just my opinion though. Should have drawn wangs instead. Such a blatant Keith Haring ripoff

NSW Treasurer performs backflip over dam wall plan after previously opposing projectFormer environment minister Matt Kean, who previously said the project doesn't stack up financially, now urges the government to 'crack on with' raising the wall. JUST CREATING MORE ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS! YOUR GOVERNMENT IS FINISHED It’s ok it’s only the LNP they can backflip and backflip, the day they actually stick to anything significant I may change my opinion on them! That’s not likely! The dam wall won’t go ahead how long have they been promising this? It’s just announcements and more announcements. This bloke is a deadset DH. Can't believe he is a state treasurer let alone a politician. Do people vote for him or is it some sort of preference deal?

Chalmers has considered changes to legislated stage-three tax cutsTreasurer Jim Chalmers has considered changes to the legislated stage-three tax cuts - though Labor government's position has not changed. Let's face, he will benefit. Of course he has. Weak as piss. More promises broken

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