Is fish and plant-based protein the way to go? New study links meat and heart disease

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You don't have to be a heavy meat-eater to face increased risks of heart disease or death, new research shows.

Pixabay: Free-PhotosIf you're trying to cut back your meat consumption to help the planet, new research suggests there might be some health benefits to gain too.Study finds higher intake of meat is linked to small increase in risk of heart diseaseExperts say results should be interpreted with caution, but recommend limiting meat consumption

They found people who ate two or more servings of processed meat or red meat per week faced a small but significant increase in risk of death. People who regularly ate fish, on the other hand, did not have an increase in cardiovascular disease or premature death., was observational, meaning the researchers couldn't prove a cause-and-effect relationship between diet and cardiovascular outcomes — only show that there is a link between the two.


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You gotta die sometime, micro plastics and mercury levels are things to worry about if you're serious about a pescatarian diet. Just don't eat processed foods.

Heart disease is so 70's and 80s. Cancer and domestic violence is the flavor of the month.

more news from the looney left

My dad has been a vegetarion for over 50 of his 83 years and has heart disease.

New study links veganism with fuckwitism

We stopped eating seafood a long time ago, I have enough plastec in my drinking water.

Could certainly wipe out 99% of cows in time.......Genocide.

Fish stocks are already severely strained and you want agriculture is strained. Sounds like a really silly compromise for such a statistically small gain.

Of you go then. Lead by example.

I’m surprised you didn’t include insect protein in that lot. 🐛🦗🙄


Anacdotal statistics from one hospital seem to confirm the link between consuming red meat and bowel cancer.

More clickbait FakeNews from TheirABC ' … (the) risk of developing heart disease or dying was low (less than 2 per cent)'

'They found people who ate two or more servings of processed meat or red meat per week faced a small but significant increase in risk of death.' Isn't everyone already at 100% when it comes to the possibility of dying?

Stopped eating tuna after Fukushima

Not fish, even if it's farmed. We will deplete the stocks of wild fish in the oceans by 2030 below the point of sustainability, even at today's rate of fishing. If we're going to give up meat and animal products, we should give up fish, too.

Have you seen what they're doing to the oceans? Indiscriminate strip mining is another path to disaster

Meaty boy snowflakes can't handle this.

Fish need water fish need really clean unpolluted WATER. with mass fish kills Rivers stop flowing & now Ash run off killing many more species & the food CHAIN

I'll never eat that crap as a matter of principal I'm not buying into your scare tactics

3% . weak association. read the data. (7% if you eat pepperoni, who'd of thought otherwise)

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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