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Climate Change, Social Media

Is Extinction Rebellion achieving anything? Is it hurting the cause?

They want action on climate change, but experts say disruptive protests aren’t achieving much — and are doing more harm than good.


They want action on climate change , but experts say disruptive protests aren’t achieving much — and are doing more harm than good.

By glueing themselves to roads, blocking traffic in city centres , rolling makeshift barricades in front of cars and scaling bridges , climate change rebels have certainly made a lot of noise.

And not only is it likely the protesters won’t achieve any real change, but they could actually delay progress.

But its unapologetic disruption tactics are giving all the appearance of an angry mob, Amanda Lacey, director of the consultancy

“Shutting down cities, blocking traffic, chaining yourself to things, halting public transport — you can say you’re nonviolent but it looks like an angry mob.”

Motorists stuck in a traffic jam as Extinction Rebellion protesters block early morning peak hour traffic in Brisbane. Picture: AAP

The motorist was trying to get to her late mother’s home, after she died on Sunday, to begin packing up her belongings. It was

Extinction Rebellion protesters are arrested after a blockade at the corner of Spring and Collins Streets in Melbourne. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

and Apiro Media, said shock and awe tactics were risky.

“Getting in their way, or worse, sending a message that ‘we know better than you’ is only going to push them away — even if they do believe the core issue to be important.”

Queensland University of Technology strategic communication and social impact expert Kim believes the group has failed to articulate its purpose to the public.

And the longer they wait and stick with their current methods, the more likely it is that their support will disintegrate, she said.

“But if the intention was to win over the hearts and minds of those without a clear stance on the issue, or to influence the influencers, a disruptive strategy could be doing more harm than good.”

“They’re raising awareness of an issue that’s kind of already out there. I don’t think the majority of Australians deny climate change or at least agree that we should do something to protect the environment.

Melbourne woman Sally struggled to hold back tears as climate change protesters blocked her from getting to the home where her mum passed away on Sunday. CREDIT: A Current Affair

“There’s a danger here that this disruption-type tactic won’t gel for much longer with the middle ground of Australians.”

On one end of the spectrum are those who accept the science, recognise an imperative and demand action. On the other are those who doubt, deny or distrust the science.

Frustration levels are beginning to rise as the disruption method continues, he said. The risk Extinction Rebellion faces is that the middle will switch off.

With any divisive issue, there’s a middle that’s up for grabs — and it’s not usually a terribly difficult cohort to convince, Dr Johnston said.

“By targeting the middle, undecided group, they can be successful. But there needs to be a plan that maintains the support.”

“Reasoned, respectful debate may be slow burning strategy, but it may get the desired result in the long run. Because at the end of the day when the momentum burns out, and it will, the question will be asked, ‘what has really been achieved here?’”

Ideologies and track record aside, Dr Johnston believes the federal government will be “watching and listening” to the Extinction Rebellion movement.

“I think it would be sad for that to happen,” Dr Johnston said.

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They only create chaos which angers ordinary Australians. The courts do nothing which angers ordinary Australians. Their real objective comes from within their own ranks So stop giving them attention. Seriously the media are responsible for half these protests because they wouldn’t happen unless you guys gave them the air time the crave 🙄

The main problem is they’re more about socialist revolution than anything else Why doesn't the government DanielAndrewsMP demand that protesters foot the bill as they did for Milo Yiannopoulos Climatenuts have caused massive disruption and been a drain on our police resources!! Extinction Rebellion? Can these psychopaths become extinct? That would definitely be good for the environment.. Reducing the population a bit. They're more painful than my hems. Fek!

They just want attention! The left, are all, just like naughty children! They stamp their little feet and scream and shout because they know that’s how they get mum and dads attention! Peaceful protest is a more civilised option. It’s doing exactly what’s it meant to do Divide us and keep us fighting each other


Who are Extinction Rebellion and why are they blocking your commute to work?Workers have been getting to work late because of protesters bearing an image of an hourglass in a circle. So what's it all about? ABC Extinction sounds better. Have become the Far Lefts propagander pusher. Imagine all the ocean trash we could clean by defunding. Free plugs on the tax payer $! defund Do let us know when the climate school strikers grow into angry unemployed juveniles wont you? Short answer: They’re not.

It's a form of ill-informed mass hysteria, a good political leader would take issue and call for calm. We don't appear to have any good political leaders these days. 🥺 Some people have a brain like a dropped pie... cool your jets turbo and plant a tree or 10... Correct, the don't have my respect for them, I'm not listening at all I'm too busy telling them to get the hell out of the way so I can continue on with my day.

meanwhile an inept government and Premier Dan Andrews sits back completely ignorant to the impact to Victorians daily lives by these terrorists. Police have suspended high priority policing. This government must be sacked by the Governor as law and order in Victoria has collapsed No, Extinction Rebellion or similar are not doing more harm to the climate.

💯 not everyone will sit by and have governments fail to act and leave their grand children having to share australia with a billion asia pacific climate refugees. i for one dont care if my survival inconveniences them they obviously dont care about my future ExtinctionRebeillion If they want to tackle climate change l know this suggested is not realise, cutting down on the number of cars on the road diesel petrol doesn't help the environment.

I’m gonna stop working and join the party Free Centrelink to become a protester Because doing nothing was working. Whoa re the experts, are they conflicted by fossil fuel interests by any chance?

Climate activists use bikes to block morning trafficOne commuter said the ExtinctionRebellion traffic block on Hoddle St was frustrating, even though he supported climate action. 'Does it have to be at peak hour?' he asked. 'It makes me a little against the cause in a way.' 'Preventing human extinction is important, but not important enough to inconvenience me in the slightest' You can be against Extinction Rebellion actions but still support action on climate change. I think ER are ok with that. Don’t conflate anti ER with anti action on climate change. And the world was eternally grateful, as extinction was saved due to the galant efforts of thirty priveliged unemployed white people, stopping traffic with bicycles! How did we not think of this solution before

Extinction Rebellion: London's Westminster shut down by clime protests replicated around the worldLondon's parliamentary precinct has been shut down by Extinction Rebellion protesters who are gathering in cities across Europe to demand climate change action.

Haunting pictures from mass protestsPowerful pictures have emerged of climate protesters from Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockading roads and holding mass demonstrations in London and across global cities on the first day of a two-week “rebellion” as they demand action on climate change . Water cannon and tear gas are all that is needed to curb these arseholes. I'm not fan of ICOs, some are OK but majority just take your money and run, free airdrop is the way to go, just like GetDeepOnion did $ONION

Extinction Rebellion protesters subject to bail conditions 'designed for bikie gangs'Protesters arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion have been told not to attend any further demonstrations organised by the group and have been ordered not to go within 2.5 kilometres radius of the Sydney CBD Works for me! Booyeah! Justice prevails Have a go at the teeth on this boy

Extinction Rebellion climate activists block city streets againOrganisers of the ExtinctionRebellion protes said about 45 people were arrested in Melbourne on Tuesday, including one of the Melbourne leaders, Reem Ramadan. Instead of attending the climate change action to scream, cause unnecessary disruption & blame governments, l planted 3 trees in my backyard yesterday & swept the footpath outside my house to clear it of the rubbish and butts others throw, so it doesn't end up in the waterways. klimateklowns Finely a death cult for atheist middle class drones.

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