Interactive: See where your 5km lockdown limit ends

Use our interactive map to see where your 5km lockdown limit finishes from any address.

2/08/2020 8:08:00 AM

Use our digital tool to see where the new 5km lockdown limit for shopping and exercise sits from your place.

Use our interactive map to see where your 5km lockdown limit finishes from any address.

radius from their home to go shopping and exercise (with a few exemptions).So how far is that? The tool below lets you enter your address and then see how far you can travel without breaking the basic rule (there are some exemptions). Read more: The Age »

Shame on you Dan Murphy’s 4.9km!!!! Paywall....what the fu**? This here is the problem. Let’s find how far we can go map. The Age is ruined Wow the age really want to help people push the rules to the limit! I guess the longer this pandemic goes the news about it you can spew out. Stay home and shop local people then you don’t need to give the age another click!

snackusmaximus Thanks. That was helpful. Might be more useful if not behind a pay wall! That didn't take long !!! Very efficient! I think you have an obligation to include on this link the main message, which is to stay as close to home as possible. alternatively : SusanCarland Yeah I don’t know. I thought the point was to stay as close to home as possible, not to work out how far you can feasibly go.

All those Bayside fukkers will be spewing that half their circle is water... advantage Northern suburbs!!! Ha ha ha (joke) (cue laughter) that was... quick work!! 👎 Or just use google maps

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'No reason to drive from Melbourne to Wodonga for a Big Mac': Victoria Police shame lockdown breachesSome of Victoria's most blatant breaches of lockdown are publicly shamed as Victoria Police says it is 'fed up' with people disregarding the rules. The level of stupid is beyond belief. StayHome WearMask SocialDistance DontBeADickhead What about if the government ensured positive tests actually quarantined The failure of government is not my fault I wouldn’t drive to the end of the street for a McDonald’s!

Victoria records 397 new coronavirus cases and three deaths as authorities slam 'appalling' lockdown breachesAuthorities fined several people on Friday for committing 'appalling' lockdown breaches, including one man who took a more than three hour drive “to have a Big Mac”. Coming down. Fingers crossed. Out of how mamy tests. Are the testing numbers remaining the same or coming down too? Step down Dan... Please

'Numbers are too high': Melbourne faces stage four lockdown within daysMelbourne is facing tougher new stage four lockdown restrictions within days, which could force more businesses to close their doors, impose stricter stay-at-home rules and drastically cut public transport services. But it's all a hoax right? Lol. It’ll be on for young and old the next few days I swear to that Lost it Dan. Stand aside and let the real experts give it a go. As I have been saying for months the only solution is Herd Immunity. Let the virus burn itself out. Stop this lock down stupidity.

'Appalling': Melbourne person fined after driving 320km for a Big MacOne Melburnian has been caught driving to Wodonga for a McDonald’s Big Mac, while another travelled to Ballarat to get some 'fresh air' in brazen breaches of lockdown restrictions. Changed the conversation... Way to go Labor spin machine. Just lock the whole place down. Shut everything up and fine these assholes $5k for breaching lockdown. I’m so over these dickheads. SciFi These people are..are....