Independent report into Bridget McKenzie’s sport grants conduct due by Sunday

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An independent check on whether Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie breached ministerial guidelines could be completed this weekend

Scott Morrison is expected to receive advice regarding embattled minister Bridget McKenzie from his department chief as soon as Sunday.

An auditor-general report found the program favoured coalition marginal and targeted seats before last year's federal election.The audit found in the third round of the program, 73 per cent of projects given funding were not recommended by Sport Australia.of the membership of a Victorian gun club which received $36,000 from the program.


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Independent? I don’t think so. Farcical.

northway_debbie What after the AusFedPolice get drunk tonight, wake up slow tomorrow, cook tacos for dinner tomorrow night and then check their diary Monday? They are pretty slow. Angus Taylor keeps beating them in ping pong i think.

northway_debbie She did, we all know she did, and so does ScottyFomMarketing doesn't he know his own laws.

“Independent check” ? ...sheesh that’s a laugh. 😂

How good is corruption from this government 😡

Your first paragraph is misleading. My understanding both reviews are being undertaken from within the executive government. One by the Attorney-General and the other by the Secretary PMC. I am sure both will be impartial but they are not independent. Need a Federal ICAC

Interestingly earlier ABC coverage as Gaetjens report to 'release as early Saturday'.. now SBS 'as early as Sunday'.. so when do you think dear auspol..

well she's failed the PUB TEST first and foremost

McKenzie will be the scapegoat for this. sportsrorts was orchestrated by the Cabinet Expenditure Review Committee. There is another 2 funds programs (SARC being one) that look to have been manipulated for targeting marginal seats.

davidbewart Oh yeah with the results probably written and handed to the adjudicator when it was announced. I wonder what the verdict will be? The fascists take the public for fools.

Except that it's nowhere near being independent... and there's zero chance she acted alone making such strategically important decisions. Give me a break.

Hahaha independent my,. How funny is that.. Morrison’s former CoStaff now in the dubious PM&C office investigating its own stink

Independent... no.

In other words..a rush job...nothing to see here.....move on.... Yeah, thanks Phil...


davidbewart Its NOT an independent check - the PMO and Scott Morrison are both implicated in approvals for sportsrorts grants. Its a cover-up auspol

Independant I think not

If there is a God, she will be out on her arse!

davidbewart Independent?

Do you guys just print what the pollies tell you or is there any mental effort made?

Ministerial guidelines should not be so complex that they need an 'independent' investigation to see if they have been breached. Blind Freddy should be able to spot a breach. And in fact, he can. The pub test is infallible.

Between 1997 and 2007, Mr Gaetjens was Chief of Staff to Treasurer the Hon Peter Costello MP. Chief of Staff to Scott Morrison between October 2015 and June 2018. Siri - define 'independent'.

Yep not independent no matter the outcome.

Very lose with the word ‘Independent’!


Independent? How can you describe this as an 'independent check' when it's being done by the PM's former chief of staff? Why did Wangaratta Clay Target Club say in its newsletter she signed up as a full fee-paying member instead of saying they made her an honorary member? 🧀


And after it finds she did, and shes sent to the naughty corner for a short stint, will there then be a truly independent report into weather she independently planned the pork barrel program at taxpayers expense or was just the LNP patsy? And party pigs might fly.


It's NOT INDEPENDENT! How dare you report it as such! Unbelievable.

How long does it take to ignore facts & reality in order to write a couple of pages of lies?

No argument that she should go but it’s more about who goes with her. Lilli Pilli Scotty

Literally all I see on twitter in 2020. Yuk.

Independent my eye. We will get no truth from this investigation. To paraphrase from Rep Schiff in the impeachment hearings in the US- Right matters. The truth matters. Without it we are lost as a democracy.

The whole thing does stink big time. And of course the lies keep on coming 👺👺👺👹👹👹

I actually feel sorry for her she’s the patsy to stop a bipartisan investigation into the prime minister office who actually approved all spending!

'Independent', NOT

So, the office that signed off the rorts is now independent of the rorts?


On ya bike minister

Didn't Morrison personally sign off on a lot of these grants?

The report is from Morrison's 'department chief'; how independent is that?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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