Incredible photos of Melbourne 'raining spiderwebs'

5/05/2020 10:50:00 AM

A stunning display of nature. #9News

A stunning display of nature. 9News

A blanket of cobwebs has showered outer Melbourne fields and paddocks in an unbelievable display of nature.

Spider webs 'balloon' Melbourne fields, paddocks and homes.(Facebook)The phenomenon is understood to be known as 'ballooning' when small spiders escaping rainfall throw out silk filaments and ride the wind to get to higher ground.

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Bruce Lehrmann rape trial abandoned, charges dropped

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AFL 2020: Dean Laidley arrested, police photo leaked, policeman stood down, possible punishment, North MelbourneVictoria Police have suspended a senior constable over an “appalling” and “unacceptable” leak of photos from former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley during a police interview. So many ex-footy players end up in the Twilght Zone. Maybe a life never being told ‘no’ isn’t good for you? Someone is charged for a crime and you’ve continued to publish the photo What the actual fuck? Should be fired.

Laidley’s ‘lifestyle an open secret’ in AFLSeveral former teammates and AFL stars have thrown their support behind North Melbourne premiership player Dean Laidley after leaked photos emerged of him wearing a dress. Who gives a flying F what he was wearing. His lifestyle is his lifestyle. I’m more concerned about the person he was allegedly stalking. Anyone asked about that person? Bloke wearing a dress - so what. Cheap shot by the VicPol officer. I’m interested on the stalking charge Who cares about him cross dressing .... stop shining the light on this BS and focus on the issue which is the stalking !? That should be more news worthy than this crap

Ex-Kangaroos coach, premiership player in police custody: reportFormer North Melbourne coach and premiership player Dean Laidley is reportedly in police custody and did not apply for bail. So no footy journos across this or at the out of court hearing? What for? Ok Charged with what? If that was Joe Blow we'd be across what he had for dinner down to his shoe size... So.... Just asking why Mr. Laidley is apparently treated differently?

Former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley in custody for stalking - ABC NewsVictoria Police say former AFL player and coach Dean Laidley has been remanded in custody on stalking and other charges. 'Inappropriate tagging' Appears just the tip of the iceberg! 'Was arrested outside a home & did not apply for bail on numerous charges'... Top notch journalism ABC! Tells us sweet bugger all... but you at least used a photo & headline that makes him LOOK like a stalker? So fantastic MSM work... kudos.

Meat plant outbreak causes Victoria infection spikeVictoria has experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases with an increase of 17 since yesterday, due to the developing outbreak at a Melbourne meat facility. This is proving to be a problem overseas, and has it got to do with the environment being cold and wet? This virus started in a wet market in China....

Melbourne's City of Yarra slammed for handing out parking warnings to inner-city hospital workers - ABC NewsCity of Yarra Mayor Misha Coleman defends parking inspectors who slapped 'official warning' tickets onto the windscreens of cars belonging to St Vincent's Hospital staff, saying free parking offered to the staff during the coronavirus pandemic does not extend to cars parked in unsafe locations such as clearways. Leftards, they're all the same. SCUM They don't care

Incredible photos of it 'raining spiderwebs' have surfaced on social media in Koo Wee Rupp and Pakenham, south-east of Melbourne., Laidley now faces “seven charges all up”, including: One each of stalking, committing an indictable offence while on bail and persistent breach of a family violence order and four other intervention order breaches.The 53-year-old was arrested on Saturday night after an alleged incident outside a home in St Kilda at around 9pm, police said in a statement.The 1996 premiership player was reportedly arrested in St Kilda last night and will remain behind bars after not applying for bail today.

Spider webs 'balloon' Melbourne fields, paddocks and homes. (Facebook) The phenomenon is understood to be known as 'ballooning' when small spiders escaping rainfall throw out silk filaments and ride the wind to get to higher ground. Catch up and settle in with no installation & no lock-in contract. Continue reading . A Senior Constable has been stood down over the leaked photos , and may face up to two years jail and nearly $40,000 in fines.