Increasing number of people forcing vegan diets on their pets | Sky News Australia

An increasing number of pet owners are cutting back on meat and feeding their animals more plant-based diets.

19/02/2020 12:08:00 AM

An increasing number of pet owners are cutting back on meat and feeding their animals more plant-based diets.

An increasing number of pet owners are cutting back on meat and feeding their animals more plant-based diets.\n\nAn international survey of cat and dog owners across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and UK showed the welfare of farmed animals was a major factor in the movement.

19/02/2020|1minAn increasing number of pet owners are cutting back on meat and feeding their animals more plant-based diets. An international survey of cat and dog owners across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and UK showed the welfare of farmed animals was a major factor in the movement.

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While they technically can be vegan, it's a lot more work than most pet owners realise These teeth are not for plants. Carnivores prefer meat, or so I'm told. A lot of pet owners are also accusing vets of causing autism in dogs, from the C3/4/5 vaccines. Then we’re accused of being money hungry and secretly loving the outbreaks of preventable diseases, which happen when vaccines are refused. It is infuriating.

Don't blame the dog when it bites your head off if you dare put it on a vegan diet! DOGS ARE CARNIVORES! LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder and a very dangerous way to live! This is basically mistreatment of animals, or shall we say animal cruelty That's animal abuse... My cat won’t eat his carrots or broccoli. What should I do?

This is getting bloody ridiculous. Fools

Virgin plane forced to make emergency landing in LA | Sky News AustraliaA plane travelling from Australia to Los Angeles has been forced to make an emergency landing.\n\nThe Virgin Australia Boeing jet declared an in-flight emergency after smoke started billowing from the landing gear. \n\nThe aircraft landed safely at LAX Airport with no injuries reported. So what. Modern aircraft are an engineering and computerised nightmare. Fail safe is their moto. So just leave it.

Sounds stupid. That is a criminal offence!!!!! Just ask the RSPCA. Oh forgot courts will let them kill the pets as they are vegans An increasing number of pets are developing cancer. Go figure! I've got a he answer. Feed vegans to the dogs. This is a win win. You want your pet to EAT you, try starving them of meat. Bon appetit Pets.

“Forcing” Thats animal cruelty. WTF Vets have warned about this, these people are causing irreparable harm to the critters they allegedly love! Dunderheads! Bull dust!

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Ambassador calls for end to 'harsh' coronavirus travel ban | Sky News AustraliaChina’s ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye has called on Australia to remove “harsh” travel ban restrictions in the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.\n\nIn an exclusive interview with Sky News Chief Anchor Kieran Gilbert, Mr Cheng said the travel ban “unnecessarily” interfered with trade and travel and said Australia should be “coolheaded and not panic”.\n\n“We are deeply disappointed by the restrictive measures that have been taken because as I see it they are out of proportion,' he said. \n\n“As you said it is inconsistent with the professional recommendations of the World Health Organisation. \n\n“We have expressed our strong wish and hope that the Australian government in its next review will take into account the whole situation and take a balanced approach and consider removing those harsh restrictions or at least relax restrictions.”\n\nMr Gilbert pointed out that China itself had taken extraordinary measures well beyond recommendations of the WHO by detaining millions of people in Wuhan and the broader Hubei province.\n\nMr Cheng responded saying the situation in China was “totally different” from that in Australia.\n\n“We need to take extra measures to stop the spread of the disease whereas here the situation is totally different,” he said. \n\n“Australia is only one of a few countries which has taken such sweeping and stringent restrictive measures on travel.\n\n“We hope the (Australian) government will take a balanced approach and remove harsh restrictions or at least relax them.”\n No you keep the virus 🦠 contained by keeping tight restrictions on travel — look at the death toll climbing in China daily The Cheng is a monster.

It just shows what artificial city lives have done to our understanding of nature. A cat and mouse play games; Mr Fox is a smart school teacher etc. That appeals to the people who have lost connection with the true nature, where lions or hyenas kill cute little gazelles for food. They should all be charged with animal abuse 😠

Then An increasing number of people are showing thier stupid. Nope , Nope and nope again. Dogs are carnivores .... raw feed them people. They should be charged with neglecting the health of their pets. Animal cruelty Yeah coz dogs are herbivores. Every man and his dog knows that. From my understanding only of benefit for certain breeds of dogs. They still need HQ animal sources. Garlic, onions and chocolate are toxic for dogs. Why would you not consult your vet initially?

And yet meat is still expensive.

China's ‘encroachment’ into the South-Pacific ‘could cost Australia in the future' | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Peter Gleeson says the Chinese government is “playing a long game” by investing in roads, airports, ports and agriculture within South-Pacific countries. \n\nMr Gleeson said he was “struck by the growing influence of the Chinese” following a recent trip he took to the small, South-Pacific country of Fiji. \n\nHe said Fiji is just one of many countries in the geographical area who have enjoyed Chinese investment “booms” in the last two-decades. \n\n“The Chinese are playing a long game, they are investing in roads, airports, ports and agriculture, it is transparent and growing.\n\n“The Chinese have made it increasingly clear that it wants economic and political influence in the Asia and South Pacific”. \n\nMr Gleeson said the Morrison government should “pump extra foreign aid” to nearby countries “so they know we are their closest allies”.\n\n'There’s a great deal at stake on all this, especially for future generations”. \n\nImage: Getty \n So, what is so wrong Chinese government promoting great infrastructure within South Pacific? Pacific Nations are independent Nations they can choose, unlikely days of Europeans colonization,Pacific Nations were enslaved. Chinese is doing great things for Pacific. It's already too late,you were back mid 2019 that chins is to become an isolated country all provinces included..this idealism dates back to the world factory days that once held in the Chinese hippo era!(1300's) & Africa...colonizatian via indebtedness...

People are really stupid. If an animal was born to be a carnivore , then it has to eat meat. Animal cruelty Vegan dogs hey? Omnivores. Look it up, vegans.

‘Wariness’ over coronavirus threat shouldn’t be interpreted as ‘racism’ in Australia | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Chris Kenny says there is a danger of sensationalising the coronavirus by media, pundits and politicians alike, who “instead of reporting the story, create the story”. \n\nMr Kenny said the coronavirus is an “epidemic [which] continues to be a fast-moving and dramatic story that is having an impact on this country and globally”. \n\nHe said while accurate and vigilant reporting of the virus is important, the media “need to be careful about creating panic and unnecessary alarm”. \n\n“Some politicians, activists and, it must be said, virtue-signalling journalists have been very eager to identify racism,” he said. \n\nIt comes as the Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy recently told Mr Kenny, “the reaction to the coronavirus had triggered racism in this country”.\n\nMr Kenny said “mainstream Australians” will take a “sensible” approach to this issue and the media shouldn’t misconstrue “wariness in society” over the virus as racism. \n\n“The danger in this situation is a familiar one: the media, instead of reporting the story, create the story, often on the back of anonymous social media reports, which in turn can be accepted as Gospel”. \n\nImage: Getty Help with treatment and immunization against the Coronavirus, (good for the face of God Almighty) _ putting the hand on the patient’s head and reading the verse of praise (the first verse in the Holy Qur’an), one condition faith in the words of God Almighty, not killing animals The Chinese government, lying, are not telling the truth. In China, more than a million people are infected with Corona virus, thousands of dead bodies in remote areas, it may spread in China epidemics, water pollution, cause infection to speed up, urgent measures must be taken, So like every story the MSM covers these days.

Axing of Holden is 'a day of great shame for Australia' | Sky News AustraliaSky News contributor Nicholas Reece says “I think it’s a day of great shame for Australia,” following Monday’s announcement General Motors will axe iconic brand Holden after 72 years of operation in the nation. \n\nGM International Operations Senior Vice President Julian Blissett released a statement explaining financial woes have led to the demise of Holden.\n\nThe shutdown is expected to cost at least 600 jobs as General Motors ceases making vehicles suitable for Australian roads. \n\nIt comes three years after local manufacturing ended when the Holden plant in Adelaide was closed. \n\n'It’s not just the end of a great Australian business but it’s the end of an era I think,' Mr Reece told Sky News host Peta Credlin. \n\nImage: Getty It was sad but inevitable. Ford wouldve gone the same way had it not come up with the ranger and fleet deals with the mondeo and fiesta/focus Thanks Joe! All Holden had to do was make a Car the us Aussies wanted to buy. Every business lives and dies by its bottom line. I liked the fact we tried to bale them out over many years. But the truth always catches up. GM never gave a shit about Australia. AND I just bought one, :(

Australia's ban on Huawei is 'discrimination': Chinese ambassador | Sky News AustraliaChina’s ambassador to Australia has renewed criticism of Australia’s ban on Huawei, after the government barred it from participating from Australia’s 5G rollout. \n\nDebate over the telco – which Australia believed was compromised by the Chinese communist party – reignited after the UK gave it the green light. \n\nIn a decision directly at odds with Australia, Prime Minister Boris Johnson permitted Huawei to assist in its 5G rollout – albeit in a limited capacity. \n\nChina’s ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye said the debate surrounding Huawei were heightening tensions between Beijing and Australia. \n\n“It is discrimination against the Chinese company, it has become a sour point as it damages mutual trust between the two sides,” he told Sky News. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Huawei Good on Australia, China is mad their spy scheme through Huawei was foiled. Huawei We need to resist reliance on the Chinese. Huawei Don’t spy get the gig