In Germany, corporations, workers and environmentalists can all agree coal must go. Here's why

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ANALYSIS: In Germany, corporations, workers and environmentalists can all agree coal must go. Here's why

looked at Germany's so-called Coal Compromise that will see mines and power plants start to close as early as this year with a complete shutdown by 2038.

Corporations have signed off on the deal in return for $7 billion compensation and coal regions are supporting the closure in return for $65 billion in federal aid to build new, cleaner industries. The only ones opposed are militant environmentalists who argue 18 years is too long to let the industry keep polluting.

As I spoke to Germans for this story, I would explain that we have a much more divisive political system and that climate change had become a political tool for bringing down prime ministers.Australians can regularly buy a newspaper with someone telling them that global warming isn't that serious, or that is isn't really caused by fossil fuels — or that there wasn't much Australia could do it about it anyway.

And I would try to explain that most of the discussion was about the cost of taking action rather than the cost of inaction.

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Hypocrites - saying you’re Coal free while importing all your critical energy fossils fuels from elsewhere is A Farce. Does NOT help the planet One iota.

If coal must go for the benefit of the be it. But don't pretend that it won't adversely impact on the lives of thousands of workers and their families. The closure of the UK coal mines has proved that.

Pretty hypocritical talking about compromise when gas, nuclear, thorium etc are off the table before anyone gets there. Even dams are a hard sell when they are both water storage & clean energy. Very hard to compromise with a fanatic.

Love to see this when they go back to dark ages

Only TheirABC could do a story on energy in Germany and not mention the word 'nuclear' once.

Forget the crap. It is because they will have depleted the economic coal Reserves by then.

Maybe Germans should know that 1000 years ago the earth was warmer than today despite really low CO2 emissions. Maybe it's not CO2?

Not one single mention in this article that the vast majority of coal mined in Germany is Lignite, which has a lower energy value and produces more c02 than black coal

We wish in Australia When politician’s focus,whole strategy & only policy going forward is to hound, blame the opposition,even after 6 years in Govt,nothing of benefit will ever happen. Facilitation & consensus is pipe dream Cost of inaction is elephant in room OzisinREALtrouble

Is the last question is posed serious or rhetorical? There’s a wealth of scientific and economic study of how to transition a workforce and community. Again, listen to the scientists!

I’d like to see that ‘...politicians act as facilitators of binding agreements’ Problem Worst breed of politician has now morphed in Oz,the divisive aggressive & bent on conflict Where ideology rules Where allegiances to who gave them most money overrides commonsense 👀 U LIBS


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