Important ally slams Australia

A French diplomat has slammed Australia’s new nuclear deal with the US and UK, declaring his country has been stabbed in the back.

Subs Deal, United States Of America

16/09/2021 4:40:00 AM

A French diplomat has slammed Australia’s new nuclear deal with the US and UK, declaring his country has been stabbed in the back.

France has savaged Australia over a submarine deal with Britain and the United States, claiming their country has been stabbed in the back.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the landmark agreement on Thursday.French officials were outraged by the announcement.French President Emmanuel Macron will be furious over Australia’s new submarine deal. Picture: Adam Taylor/PMO.“I look forward and I hope to see us continue once we move past what is obviously a very difficult and disappointing decision for France.

The French-made submarines were not expected to be delivered until about 2035.French diplomat Gerard Araud lashed out at the arrangement.“France has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way the US and the UK have stabbed her in the back in Australia.”


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Well they have. WhosFibbing Since when has France been one of our most important European allies? Sacré bleu !! The USA and UK military apparently don't take long lunches, plien avec vin et baguettes. N'est ce pas? Shouldnt have sold us lemons Hey Malcom, Sounds about right. Yes? Welcome to our world ScottyFromDamageControl ScottyDoesNothing ScottyFromMarketing

The French can be so dramatic. The decision to go nuclear was the right one, the blindsiding and exclusion of France was unforgivable and goes to the heart of Morrison’s style of leadership of making it up as he goes😎 Everyone wants a piece of the action. 🤦‍♀️

Emmanuel Macron has good reason to feel angry and deceived by AustraliaOvernight, Paris has gone from viewing Australia as a friend and ally to a nation which can’t be trusted. BevanShields What - a $80 billion budget the has blown out to $120B and 10 year delay in delivery. Poor work ethic when compared to Aussie work colleagues is well documented. The government has been overly patient. BevanShields The French will get over it. BevanShields France was completely blindsided - but maybe they should have seen the writing on the wall when Morrison and Dutton knocked back their submarine next phase earlier this year and said it would be delayed until September?

On the other hand, in its usual spendthrift manner, the Morrison government has gifted $1 billion to the French for just coming over for a barbie and a beer. It's been 10 years. If I was 10 years overdue on my contract, mine would be axed too. Now the French know how Australian citizens feel every day with ScottMorrisonMP as PM

Wasn't Scottythefukwit also behind the scheme to produce weapons for export locally? Wish they had a fraction of that zeal in saving the car industry. LNPfail No surprise there his probably been told do it by his US master and he'll pocket a large donation to his personal bank account . Surrender Monkeys who seem to have forgotten how we saved them in WW1 and WW2.

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Australia, the US and UK to announce landmark new defence pactAustralia, the United States and Britain will unveil a landmark new security pact to share advanced technologies, including nuclear submarine technology, in a major international announcement on Thursday morning. I wonder how neighboring countries like nz Indonesia Phillipines etc feel about having a nuclear submarine fleet based in perth and were they consulted. I suspect this won't go down well o/seas as well as on the austn mainland especially in perth This is proven the virus is just a Scamdemic as the warmongers continue to keep the war racket going to protect the US$ dominant as China global success is a dead nail to the US Empire coffin 😛😛 When do we get to start laughing out loud?. Larry Curley & Mo, had nothing on these 3 political clowns.

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