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Angel Rings, New South Wales

‘Idiots’ filmed fishing at dangerous spot after three men died

Vision has emerged of “idiots” fishing in the same spot where three men were killed in the NSW Illawarra region on the weekend.

25/01/2021 6:10:00 AM

Frustrated locals have filmed people being pummelled into rocks by surging waves at the “exact same spot” where three fishermen died on Saturday.

Vision has emerged of “idiots” fishing in the same spot where three men were killed in the NSW Illawarra region on the weekend.

Half of those fishing are washed into rocks as they try to scramble out of the path of the surf.“Don’t worry about the fish,” one man can be heard saying, as the other half of the group run from a second large wave.The video, shared to a local fishing group on Facebook with more than 5700 members, was captioned: “After few days of several people losing their lives more IDIOTS at the exact same spot risking their lives. IF BIG SWELL STAY OFF THE LEDGES! Hit the harbour or lakes or rivers or even the fish market! PLZ repost let’s get the message out there!”

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The first half of the group. Picture: Minh Nguyen/Port Kembla FishingSource:FacebookThe second half of the group. Picture: Minh Nguyen/Port Kembla FishingSource:Facebookbecame a scene of horror on Friday nightwhen at least five people were swept off the ledge. Three of them died.

“It’s a large outcrop of rock platform and unfortunately, every now and then, we do have instances where large waves do encroach upon the platform,” Acting Superintendent Gordon Dunlop said on Saturday.“One of those waves was extremely large and took a number of people out.”

Relatives identified two of the victims, aged 45 and 49 from Green Valley, while police identified the third victim, a 69-year-old from Campsie, whose car was left in the car park.Their bodies were retrieved from the ocean after a rapid response from emergency services.

Three men died after being swept off the rocks at Port Kembla. Picture: David SwiftSource:News Corp AustraliaActing Supt Dunlop said the victims were “total strangers” who had all come to enjoy the fishing at the “sought after” scenic spot.“A lot of people do attend here and not all of them are familiar with the location,” he said.

Members of aforum on Fishraiderdescribed Hill 60 as the “most dangerous fishing spot”.“It’s better to go there in daytime especially (if) it is your first time,” one member wrote.“It can be very dangerous there at times especially after dark. Always watch the waves.”

Five people were washed off the rocks but only two made it back to shore alive. Picture: David SwiftSource:News Corp AustraliaActing Supt Dunlop said surf warnings were in place at the time and people are reminded “quite frequently” of the dangers.“People do get warnings on quite a regular basis in regards to making sure they’re wearing the appropriate lifesaving devices,” he said.

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“Obviously with the angel rings being installed on the shoreline, it’s been identified as an area that needs increased safety. The local rescue operations and Surf Life Saving are all aware of the dangers of fishing off rocks and recovering people around these areas.

“A warning to everybody: The location that people do fish in, on these outcrops where it is very close to the sea and on a point or a headland, unfortunately the weather does change sometimes and the waves can become quite dangerous for those on the surface of the rocks.”

Asked whether he thought it would be the last time they would attend such a deadly scene, Acting Supt Dunlop replied: “No, I don’t.”“We will be here,” he said. “Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life that people enjoy something which has some dangers to it.”

Acting Superintendent Gordon Dunlop. Picture: David Swift

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