Ian Thorpe campaigns against religious discrimination bill

Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe is ramping up his concerns over the Morrison government's proposed religious discrimination laws.


Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe is ramping up his concerns over the Morrison government's proposed religious discrimination laws.

Olympic swimming legend Ian Thorpe will campaign against the Morrison government's proposed religious discrimination laws at Parliament House.

Thorpe will voice his concerns about the bill at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday.Conservative Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has also spoken out against the proposal, saying no bill would be better than the government's"flawed bill."

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Sink that awesome big foot up SloMo's butt. “We just want to be able to get married” IanThorpe was so patient and intelligent on theprojecttv tonight. He should have been given more time, and the true threat of this potential legislation needs to be explained to the public. Good on him. Organised religion has no place in public life in any civilised society

oh, go away, little boy I dont care. He is a swimmer and not a philosophy major You must be sick to follow a Gay Person !!! Did Thorpy back Folau? Live and let live Ian. He's right.....it's opening up Australia to (more) Sharia Law.

Kirby says religious discrimination laws a 'weapon against non-believers'Former High Court judge Michael Kirby has warned new religious discrimination laws would support Australians of faith to use 'religious belief as a weapon against non-believers' and lead to a rise in anti-religious hostility | CanberraCamper CanberraCamper Well don’t allow the religious discrimination bill to be passed. It’s not needed. CanberraCamper Michael Kirby is a credible, principled, decent man. If he says discrimination can be 'weaponised by religious institutions against non-believers' I'm inclined to believe him. CanberraCamper As long as those brainwashed and radicalised foreign Christians and Muslims don't try to convert us infidel heathen natives since they recently appeared on Earth. It doesn't matter.

Evil? Why do we keep reporting what this guy has to say? Thorpe can say and do what he likes. Australia has supported his community & SSM: they need to likewise, tolerate alternate views. We do not all agree on everything & I find his comments divisive & unhelpful He shouldn't. The religious discrimination laws are going to be among the most backfiring of legislation the Morrison govt. will have passed should it go through.

Organized religion on mass is just a really bad idea. Terrible acts throughout human history and presently are committed in the name of God/Gods/Deity more than any other form of hate crimes. jurylady5 Ian go back to dancing with the stars . This is all above your pay grade Can't wait for doctors to refer Christians to the Faith Healing Department

Jumps out of the closet for ten minutes and now we are expected to take his views seriously. Remember all the beards he used to wear? I think he got water logged. Hes nobody to me. Good one Thorpie!

Royal Women's Hospital joins state health services to oppose religious freedom billThe Royal Women's Hospital has joined forces with 13 of the state's leading community health providers in condemning the federal government's religious freedom bill, arguing it prioritises religious views over patient health. thewomens We are going backwards 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Who cares what Thorpe thinks? Why are you peddling this propaganda? Craig_Foster Does he want to run as an Independent against Craig Kelly at the next election ? Intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself....what's that word? That's right ...BIGOTRY! Several of my gay friends prayed for Ian Thorpe but they never got him. So much for the power of prayer

IanThorpe's got my support. Thank you Ian Thorpe

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