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'I was a long way from dead': Man who lived on mushrooms for 18 days reveals how he survived in Qld bush

'I was a long way from dead': Man who lived on mushrooms for 18 days reveals how he survived in Qld bush

25/01/2021 6:08:00 AM

'I was a long way from dead': Man who lived on mushrooms for 18 days reveals how he survived in Qld bush

Robert Weber says 'a moment of madness' searching for a shortcut home led to his 18-day survival mission in the Queensland bush. He says ants were his 'worst predator' and he lost 10 kilograms, but believes he would have given up if it wasn't for thoughts of his children.

Print text onlyPrintCancelIt was a "moment of madness" in which Robert Weber was looking for a shortcut on his way home to Narangba from the Kilkivan Hotel on January 6, which led to his 18-day ordeal of survival in the Queensland bush.Key points:

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The man became lost on his way home from the Kilkivan hotelHe says he lived on waterholes and wild mushrooms and lost 10 kilogramsMr Weber believes if it wasn't for his children, he would've given upOn Sunday morning the 58-year-old was found by local MP and grazier, Tony Perrett,

beside a dam where he had been living for nearly two weeks.Mr Weber had been surviving on wild mushrooms and dam water.On January 6, Mr Weber had taken a righthand turn off a main road and followed what he thought was the direction "the crow flies" to Narangba. headtopics.com

"It turned out to be detrimental because it went nowhere. When they say no through road they actually mean it," Mr Weber said.He drove for three hours, through four different farm gates before his car became bogged.The car eventually broke down in his attempts to free it.

He fell about 15 metres and injured his lower back and arms.(ABC News: Michael Rennie)"I had water for about three days … it was raining so I was collecting water on the car itself. The car has catchment areas on it, around the boot and I was using a plastic bottle to siphon it up, but when that ran dry that was when I left the car to look for more water," he said.

Mr Weber said on that search he injured himself after he lost his footing while climbing along an embankment of boulders."I came down about 15 metres on my arse and lost my matches and everything I had in my hands. I had my knife still and the handle of the water bottle, but that was all I had left," he said.

"I am still nursing that [injury]. I sort of ripped, grated my whole back quarter here."Ants 'were my worst predator'Mr Weber said he found several waterholes as he walked, but eventually left them to look for a better source."One [waterhole] actually dried up while I was there, I spent an average of two days at each before moving on," he said. headtopics.com

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Mr Weber says he could see the helicopter searching for him but couldn't get their attention.(Supplied: QPS)Mr Weber said he began eating mushrooms, crushing them in his mouth and washing down half a mouthful at a time with water."I'd fall asleep [for] two hours roughly. I had a watch on so I could work out how long I had slept. That was sleep I needed because I didn't get much," he said.

"Imagine laying there in the paddock and you are just getting comfortable … you have your cap down and then ants start attacking you. They were ferocious. They'd nearly rip your ear off. They were my worst predator.""I would dust off my hat and there would be a swarm of them so I would rotate 45 degrees and crash there, but then it would be the same thing two or three hours later."

He said he could hear the SES helicopter looking for him and actually saw searchers in the helicopter three times, but was unable to get their attention."When the SES helicopter went quiet, I was on the boundary of the search," he said."The search continued by foot and horse, which I didn't know because I heard nothing. I was living in constant hope.

"I was devastated. I was absolutely devastated. It was right there in front of me, I could have eyeballed the guy [pilot]."Mr Weber said at times he felt like giving up hope but managed to snap himself out of any negative thoughts.Mr Weber's children gave him hope to survive headtopics.com

He said it was a "serene" experience when he was finally rescued."I could hardly believe it. It was one of the greatest moments of my life, apart from having children, that would second it," he said."I was a long way from dead. I was on a stable diet that was enjoyable."

He was eventually found by local MP Tony Perrett, 18 days after he first went missing.()He said he lost 10 kilograms of body weight during the ordeal."Boredom was the biggest thing. I fell into a hole of depression, but I snapped out of it very quickly and thought 'come on you can't do that. It is not a choice'," he said.

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Mr Weber said his two sons James and Henry, aged 26 and 23, kept him going."They rescued me yesterday," he said."If I didn't have children it would be a totally different scenario — I would probably have given up."Robert Weber got lost on his way home from the Kilkivan Hotel Motel.

(ABC News: Emma Pollard)Sergeant Hans Van Kempem said it was a "joyous moment" hearing Mr Weber had been found."It was really good to get a phone call from the owner of the property," he said."A wonderful ending the family were very happy. There was a lot of relief."

Sergeant Van Kempem said police were examining why it took so long to find Mr Weber."There were a few factors we're obviously looking at which contributed to how Robert got lost in the bush, which contributed to him not being found sooner."

Mr Weber said he would never take another risky short cut again."I have been stranded before, but not stranded for 18 days. Hopelessly stranded," he said."It was just mad. One of those things."Mr Weber said he had no survival training but had lots of experience camping with his friends and he drew on past experiences he had as a pilot 40 years ago, for navigation.

Unfortunately Mr Weber's dog is still missing. Read more: ABC News »

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He ate a shroom, entered a portal for a moment, and when he returned, 18 Earth hours had passed. Impressive. Worse than careless. As story states it had a 'no thru road' sign.Get to the end,realise your error & go back the way you came&know.Certainly not a 'crow flying' but a goose walking. abcnews auspol AusOpinion australian radionational noAusDayHonour4himIHope couriermail

Just a wild guess but was it anything to do with the mushrooms he lived on for 18 days? Man, that must've been a helluva trip. OhWait Keep us posted on his dog. I hope there are search parties still looking. Lost 10kgs mate. Gotta luv that! Well done! 🍺 The mushrooms opened the channels for his transcendental journey. Castaneda style.

Australian rules: 1) Swim between the flags 2) Don't leave your vehicle when lost 3) Carry water Bet they were gold tops Would be a much better story if it had been toadstools. In recent years Australian media ran a story on a man who lived on potatoes FOR A YEAR!!!! abcnews radionational australian SBSNews auspol GuardianAus

Mushrooms ! He must have been in a dark place . browncardigan69