I defended my daughter's right to get a haircut. This is what happened next

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I defended my daughter's right to get a haircut. This is what happened next opinion


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I feel sorry for her daughter being dragged around men's barbers so that her mum can make a feminist statement. And she claims to be super parent. As for bullying, she was the one who brought in the lawyers. Pathetic.

you wanted to cause trouble and you did...

Sweet, I can't wait to rock up at the closest woman's only gym and demand that I be let in. Not because I want to, but because I shouldn't be denied access due to my gender.

So blokes will be allowed to go Fernwood gyms from now on !! Equality they only want to pump iron as well.

The modern day Rosa Parks! Of course taking the bloke to court wasn't at all malicious and utterly hostile....

Wait wait... don’t tell me... She got a haircut?

I’m offended by how easily she’s offended

So does this mean men can join women's only gyms

Let’s hope she doesn’t want to sue me ! But all my tweets are just my opinion only ! Her surprise at the fallout is embarrassing as negativity begets negativity ! But I’m sure it’s been a good learning curve for ALL!

It appears to me she was being aggressive & flexing her muscles !Im assuming she is single ( can make women more aggressive) Why would anyone want to force someone to do something they don’t want to do ? To control !

It seemed petty & vindictive to me ! She states they were all laughing at her in the shop !The barber should have been smarter & said he wasn’t experienced in cutting woman’s hair Or he should have just refuse to cut her hair with out stating why !Then it’s not discrimination !

You really have lost the plot,pull up on you anti men agenda & get back to the balanced factual reporting that disappeared 3yrs ago

whilst I sympathise ...I think it would have been easier to go to a barber that cares more about customers, there are many barbers who have no objection to it ... I know that there are women who prefer a Barber's style ...

It’s cheaper than a ladies salon. Nothing like getting your nasal & ear hair trimmed, did you insist on pensioner rates as well?

So you parented. congratulations

Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow! Tssssst - Ow!

If Australia ever has a federal bill of rights, “right to get a hair cut” better be on there

It’s a Barber where men traditionally have hung out . I don’t demand to allowed entry to Fernwood Ladies Gym. All the Fem Nutters with their leave is alone , every man is a sexual predator wanting to fuck them suddenly go quiet .

Businesses should have freedom of association, just as you have the freedom to go to the competing barber across the road. But hey, I’m probably just a “troll.”

Hahahah love the left driving a wedge between the sexes on as many levels as they can

Could be seen as a case of vexatious virtue signaling as much as anything, petty making such a point over a trivial matter without regard for the fact that the barber may have felt genuine anxiety over having to fulfil the request, despite their typical bravado covering it up.

You are plain silly he was a barber

There is no appeasing those who are determined to be offended 🙄

1st world issue. Geezuz

How ironic. The Mum is a lawyer, using legal oppression to bully a barber into cutting a girls hair. Says a lot about her.

You 'defended' nothing. You attacked. And you set an appalling example for your daughter. (As did the drones in the barber shop who made fun of you.)

While the harassment she received was obviously uncalled for, she did for to a men's barber for a girls haircut. There are plenty of different businesses that cater for specific genders, this isn't discrimination and shouldn't be classified as such, she had no real case

It would have been more helpful to highlight the enormous gap in the cost of males & female haircuts.

Had to be a lawyer pushing this barrow didn’t it.

I'm sorry, why can't I work out here again?

This pretty much sums up what is wrong with the social engineering crowd. Dripping with self righteous self importance

Cutting it ✂✂✂

Why in earth would a mother want her daughter's hair by a barber? You wouldn't get a proctologist to do a gynaecological exam

If someone does not want to cut my hair, I'm totally fine with it. You ever had a crazy hairdresser? Me either but I know people who have.

Ridiculous Hairdressers usually cut both sexes hair where as Barbers usually do only men Stop the nonsense

Just a wild guess...She labels anyone who criticises her decision to pursue legal action a 'troll'. But I ain't reading this shit, so I guess I'll never know. 🙄

Me me me, I I I, martyr me for my stunning bravery in the face of violent laughter and giggling.

Was he a barber or a hairdresser. And did she want a boy or girl hair cut. Gets into the too hard basket. But you see my point.

Yeah yeah you have done this already.

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