How the Trump administration is killing government

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America is in a crisis that goes right to the heart of the administration.


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oh what a crock of ........

And Australia (or most European countries) isn’t?

is it Trump or the media like CNN killing America?

Lets try socialism everyone, that went well in the 20th century

East & West Coast maybe, but middle America love that he puts his Country first, unlike all our idiots - selling our Country’s best assets to the lowest bidder.

Alternatively is in a crisis that goes right to the heart of journalism.

Maybe it is the intense divide in opinions that is killing society with so many people desperate to get things their way and vent frustrations they have long has buried in psyche. The government is a convenient vehicle to use as excuse and scapegoat. realDonaldTrump mike_pence


Nice one

But not a word about the America hating communist Barry Soetoro.

More nonsense 'news' from the mainstream media.

It's the same as it has been, only fake news is trying to divide and conquer

America is in a better position today than anytime under Obama. The media instead of being journalists have become activists infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome and they should be embarrassed because i am for them. TrumpDerangementSyndrome

Tag team, Gavin then Sam. Both biased. Where were you 6 years ago when the divide started under Obama ?

More bulldust, how about all the dems destruction

FakeNews newscomauHQisFAKENEWS

Sounds pretty accurate.

FakeNewsMedia australia hahaha you become more irrelevant every day. Please keepit up


Haha this is even more laughable then the last article you wrote

How is the investigation into electoral fraud happening in Florida, Arizona and Georgia going. I doubt you even know what to respond with as it is all being done by Democrats.

Maybe that is the aim, to kill American democracy and install an American dictatorship. Why not Russia & China are effectively dictatorships.


America is just fine. as always it is growing. the leftist media finds every non communist president or PM difficult to accept. these days you guys find even George Bush to be a saint. maybe in next 10 years you will find Trump to be a saint.

Tag team. Gavin and Sam. You where was this article 6 years ago when the divide started - under Obama. How is it you still don't understand this is why Trump was elected, flaws and all ? Amateurs.

I see you're going hard with the anti-Trump propaganda today...

More crap news !!

Why use that picture?

It is fake.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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