How each of Australia states and territories are dealing with the back to school debate

4/05/2020 7:00:00 PM

Classrooms across Australia are expected to be open to students and operating by the end of May. #9News

Classrooms across Australia are expected to be open to students and operating by the end of May. 9News

It's back to pencils, back to books and back to teachers for students in most states with plans now in place to get classrooms operating by the end of May.

Safety measures will include staggered start and finish times to reduce the numbers of adults coming into contact with each other.Australia's migration intake to fall 85 per cent due to coronavirus, Scott Morrison says Last year, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced he would be capping permanent migration numbers at 160,000 per year, down from 190,000 in a"congestion-busting" move, but at the same time, temporary migration hit historically high levels.The Federal Education Minister has lashed out at Victoria, urging parents to ignore that state's Premier and instead follow medical experts and send their children back to school.“Ernie,” Bert asks perplexed, “why is that banana in your ear?” “I use this banana to keep the alligators away!” Ernie replies.

Queensland School students across Queensland will be back in the classroom by the end of May, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced.Kindergarten, Prep, Years 1, 11 and 12 will go back to school from May 11, with a decision about further returns to be ruled on by May 15.3 million.However, schools are expected to be fully operational from May 25 if the number of new COVID-19 diagnoses remains low, Ms Palaszczuk added."The question to Daniel Andrews, sure, take a sledgehammer to defeating coronavirus, but why are you taking a sledgehammer to the state education system?" Mr Tehan told Insiders.A notice about remote learning is pinned to the gate of a school in Victoria.With international border closures expected to be in place for at least another three to four months, the federal government expects net migration to fall to just 36,000 in 2020-21 - the lowest number in more than 40 years.(AAP) "I understand that it's been a lot of stress on everybody," she said.This is preschool logic – a joke that even three-year-olds are supposed to get.

"We know that there may be some hiccups along the way but this is a measured and responsible plan that we're taking to the Queensland community.“Migrants could actually be more important in the post COVID-19 future, they already have been becoming important and they could become even more important,” she said." Any rise in cases between now and then would see plans change."If there is an outbreak or if there's community transmission then our plans may change, I have to be honest about that," Ms Palaszczuk added.'No magic number' Industry professor Warren Hogan, an economist from the University of Technology Sydney said now was a good time to have the debate about migration levels.Victoria But Victoria continues to hold its hardline stance against reopening schools, even in the face of attacks from the federal government.One school in Victoria and another in NSW are closed on Monday for cleaning after one person at each tested positive for coronavirus.This is a chance to think about if that’s the right strategy going forward,” he said.First is the fig leaf of Orwellian doublespeak that has surrounded it from day one.

A locked gate is seen at Meadowglen Primary School in Melbourne, Sunday, May 3.A school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne has been temporarily shut down due to Coronavirus." He said while there was an argument to be made for higher migration levels in the short term to make up for the lost migrants during the pandemic, the economic benefits wouldn’t be felt that quickly.The Victorian Government said a teacher at Epping's Meadowglen Primary School had tested positive to the virus.(AAP Image/Scott Barbour) (AAP) Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who came under fire from the federal education minister on Sunday, said the case of a teacher coming down with coronavirus showed how fragile the situation was.The benefits of immigration take time to play out, time being measured in years or even decades,” he said.But he dismissed the comments from Dan Tehan on live television and their later withdrawal as "ancient history".Totally safe! RELATED: Scientists say consistently that the risk to children in reopening schools is very low.

"Look, comments were made yesterday morning, a statement was issued after that and that's the end of the matter as far as I'm concerned," Mr Andrews told reporters.“It’s really shown up how many of the essential workers are migrant workers.ACT The ACT has issued similar advice, and closed all its public schools apart from nine designated hubs where parents who have registered a need can send their children.The ACT government has said it will look at a staged return to classrooms during term two if the circumstances allow.Topics:.Queensland schools online learning down.(9News) SA, WA and NT Schools in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory have been open for learning as normal in term two, although attendance has been down.Apparently while the coronavirus defies all conventional laws of medicine it is remarkably respectful of Australian state borders.

WA has strongly encouraged Year 11 and 12 students to attend classes in person and banned parents from school grounds.Tasmania Tasmania also continues to advise parents to keep their children at home unless they have no other choice.The state's government has taken a strict approach to easing any lockdown and social distancing restrictions and Tasmanians have been warned the situation is unlikely to change any time soon.Health Minister Sarah Courtney indicated it was highly unlikely Tasmania's COVID-19 statewide restrictions would be eased before mid-May.Continue reading.You can read that report here.

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'Reimagining a new Australia': Experts back calls for a debate about Australia's migrant numbers post-coronavirusThree experts SBS News spoke to have weighed in on Kristina Keneally's call to cut the migration level after the coronavirus pandemic subsides. Name every expert, their qualifications, connections to govt Australia first. The interests of our nation and our people come first. A very difficult concept for leftards to grasp 🤪 No more Chinese. No more from cultures where women are second class.

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan demands schools re-open, accuses Victoria of taking 'sledgehammer' to sector - ABC NewsThe federal Education Minister has lashed out at Victoria, urging parents to ignore that state's Premier and instead follow medical experts and send their children back to school. BREAKING: Teacher tests positive to COVID19 at Meadow Glen Primary School in Epping. School to be closed for 3 days. 10NewsFirstMelb springst Meanwhile a school in Victoria forced to close as a teacher tests positive....

Schools are Australia’s ‘most deranged debate’Australia has managed to keep on top of the coronavirus pandemic, but there’s one area of debate where we’ve completely lost our heads, writes Joe_Hildebrand. Joe_Hildebrand Blame DanielAndrewsMP for this mess. Everyone is clear except Victorians Joe_Hildebrand It's about time this stuff was said. Joe_Hildebrand We should remember, the virus hasn’t been around long enough to have any strong evidence into how children act as vectors for the virus. Also globally DOCTORS (not politicians) warn about the POTENTIAL impact of children and the transmission of the virus, why risk it?

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South Australia appoints committee to navigate exit strategy | Sky News AustraliaSouth Australia has appointed a transition committee to navigate the state’s exit from the coronavirus emergency.\n\nThe committee is made up of the police commissioner, the chief public health officer, and the chief executives of the premier, health, treasury and trade departments.\n\nPremier Steven Marshall said the exit plan will come by the end of the week as some restrictions could be lifted as soon as Friday. Yes throw more money around that you don’t have No Govt then in Australia either.

Annastacia Palaszczuk says Queensland students will 'hopefully' return to school by 25 MayQueensland children will start going back to school from next week as the number of COVID-19 cases remains low. Why not earlier? COVID less virulent then? 9NewsQueensland