How Beijing kept the world in the dark as coronavirus spread

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Beijing kept the world in the dark as coronavirus spread

In hospitals, doctors and nurses were puzzled to see a cluster of patients with symptoms of a viral pneumonia that did not respond to the usual treatments. They soon noticed that many patients had one thing in common: They worked in Huanan market.On January 1, police officers showed up at the market, along with public health officials, and shut it down.

Nine days after the market closed, a man who shopped there regularly became the first fatality of the disease, according to a report by the Wuhan Health Commission, the agency that oversees public health and sanitation. The 61-year-old, identified by his last name, Zeng, already had chronic liver disease and a tumour in his abdomen, and had checked into Wuhan Puren Hospital with a raging fever and difficulty breathing.Authorities disclosed the man's death two days after it happened.

On January 7, the institute's scientists gave the new coronavirus its identity and began referring to it by the technical shorthand nCoV-2019. Four days later, the team posted the genetic sequence of the new virus on a database of sequences of nucleotides, the molecules that are basic units of DNA. "Stressing politics is always No. 1," the governor of Hubei, Wang Xiaodong, told officials on January 17, citing Xi's precepts of top-down obedience. "Political issues are at any time the most fundamental major issues."

Officials told doctors at a top city hospital "don't use the words viral pneumonia on the image reports," according to the complaint, which has since been removed. People were complacent, "thinking that if the official reports had nothing, then we were exaggerating," the doctor explained.When Dong Guanghe developed a fever on January 8 in Wuhan, his family was not alarmed, his daughter said. He was treated in the hospital and sent home.

He arrived on January 18, just as the tone of local officials was shifting markedly. A health conference in Hubei province that day called on medical workers to make the disease a priority. An internal document from Wuhan Union Hospital warned its employees that the coronavirus could be spread through saliva.

Two days later, the city announced that it was shutting itself down, a move that could only have been approved by Beijing.


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Lier! China told the world as soon as they discover the virus. coronavirus

almostjingo 'Beijing working hand-in-hand with U.S. democrat politicians' - You should correct your headline.

teddyboylocsin please read to be enlightened

Chinese Government is communist, can’t recall any communist government being open and honest to the World yet so what do you expect. Should have shut down all flights out of there weeks ago.

BobBobbBobbb This is no surprise. China did it in 2003 during SARS outbreak and will do it again in 2020 during current WuhanCoronavirus outbreak. Lessons never learnt and history repeats over again. Boycott China is the only way to prevent the virus from spreading to your country.

Beijing keeps everyone in the dark about the coronavirus Mark my words, in a short while Beijing will find a way to ‘prove’ the WuhanCoronovirus was created or caused or spread by some foreign power, probably the U.S. The CCP will never take responsibility.

While I don't think it's fair to blame any one nation or population for an epidemic, the MISHANDLING of an outbreak is another matter. The whole world is now paying a heavy price as a result of the CCP's deplorable cover-up culture! Coronavirus China

Of course they did! Can we PLEASE grow our own food and produce, and make our own industries thrive again?

Well, it is China, what else did you expect, they couldn’t lay straight in bed!

Too late for d world 2 b notified, it should have been done earlier

CCP not only cover up & lies on the no. of infections & deaths on WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak but also insinuate the appease’m from WHO to undersize the spread’n of epidemic globally, regardless of healths & lives of global mankind The corrupted exes must be held accountable

CCP is evil. CCP is destroying the world! China_is_terrorist

Richard_D_Boyle I posted this from an overseas site, I think it was a few days ago. Why are our MSM so far behind the news in this country

Because it is a Bioweapon

I read it had started as far back as October

I’m not at all surprised & because of that other countries had delayed stopping flights simply as they didn’t yet know the severity of it but China gov knew all along

This is an international emergency and China’s incorporation will make the operation more difficult

Face saving safety

Not only that, genocide is happening in hongkong as govhk refusing the border closure. Absolutely furious.

alexhofford This is another way how China fool the world as coronavirus spread. Wake up guys.

Further illustration of how China is a threat to the whole world.


I don’t agree

It’ll only make the new if China starts telling the truth one day

CCP is super liar. He still covers the actual infected data

CarrieLam and her team is helping Beijing with its every effort to engulf the world with the darkness. God bless HongKongers

El comunismo de China siempre perjudicando a su misma gente

Claro China está preparado pero nunca pensó en los demás

The CCP could shut down Chinese fentanyl production that kills tens of thousands annually around the world...but, they choose not to... The CCP is a mob state with zero interest in becoming a responsible world partner...instead, the CCP want to own the world...

It's amazing what you can achieve when you are 50% of the fund for the WHO Taiwan being excluded from a world medical crisis because of who is paying is a absolute disgrace.

No transparency on the situation, daily export of infected people, huge crisis to public health

Say no to CCP

The world is getting dragged down by CCP yet again. Their top priority throughout this entire episode is how to maintain their authority, instead of the implementation of proper disease control and prevention measures target on coronavirus.

That's what they did on SARS, they never learn

Taking an article from New York Times and changing the title to erase major differences between the Wuhan city govt and central govt and between different actors (scientists, media, govt)—that’s Australian media for you.

Both WHO and China owe the rest of the world more than an apology. The WHO Director-General should step down.

This is a taste of the dictatorship of the strongest totalitarianism in the world. CCPChina never values / respect human lives, power&money are its only concern. So the rise of infection & death tolls is not a incentive for CCP to actively stop global outbreak.

Thank you for transparent reporting and standing up to the ccp.

They are the virus creator

The whole world is paying for the mistakes CCP made... this is just so unfair

CCP is the virus of civilisation.

In this sense CCP is a much stronger virus than the coronavirus to the entire world.

Transparency is crucial for virus outbreaks control but it's impossible in Chinese Communist Party ruled area due to severe censorship &information blockage to secure its regime👇🏼 Now the World has to pay the cost for CCP's mistake of its totalitarian.


The numbers will tell. Coronarivus WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak

Communist China has the history of lying. This time, its lies cause the outbreak of coronavirus in the world and it cannot pretend nothing has happened anymore. However, people's lives are sacrificing at the same time. What a shame. AnywherebutChina China_is_terrorist

Rubbish Carrie Lam and Hong Kong government. hongkong WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak WuhanVirus

The new virus was discovered as early as October 2010 ! WuHanSARS

Beijing is still covering the true mortality of coronarovirus. China disregards HUMAN LIVES. Thanks China for spreading disease to the whole world. Chinazi

So evil!

How many lives are lost because of CCP's hiding of the outbreak? The world should learn that CCP is not trustworthy and is detrimental to the whole world. WuhanCoronavirus

I dont want to be that guy, but did you notice everything in hong kong stopped now that the Corona virus broke out?

Yes, and the shortage of masks spread worldwide.

Before the outbreak we thought the CCP censorship is none of our business but now it imposes a threat to the rest of the world. The scale of outbreak is still uncertain...

Australia was duped, even though many reports were coming out of Wu han & China that the the numbers were extensively higher. The world should realise the PRC operates on 'Save Face' which basically aligns to lies and lies.

And Chinese govt still covering the actual situation even WuhanVirus outbreak has occurred for months and spreading all over the world

Fear among Hong Kongers coronarovirus

A death in Philippines is the 1st outside China! US will send a special team with CDC experts to assist though CCP declined before. Hope CCP accept assistance, don't mind losing face, understand this is not 'interfere internal affair', and coronavirus is worldwide emergency.

CCPChina arrested the frontline medic who told the truth of epidemic in December. He's one of them but got infected nCoV2019 now hospitalised

China needs to be more transparent... so the world could help... we all stand as one in this crisis

The spread of the coronavirus could not be controlled because of CCP's tendency to control the spread of information. Shame! chinazi

Sorry for the Chinese living there! China is definitely an evil totalitarian regime which domestically care about lives, not even her own! All she cares is the power and money. Sad! We have to sactiom a regime like this! This is inhuman to cover news from ppl & let ppl die of it

It's CCP's fault for covering up this deadly WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak .

Ya, keep on jailing & silencing people who are just trying to warn the others before the virus outbreak....and this huge amount of outbreak happening now is the consequences of that. Take that backlash, China.

China having a bad run, first the swine flu decimated herds, then the Caronavirus, now a virulent bird flu in same same province!! What a run!! plus Eastern Europe has a different strain there.

China should seek foreign governments and international health organizations help to curb the spread of the virus...

China. The belligerent lying child of our planet.

zarazettirazr CCP said that coronavirus is a serious matter, but the mortality rate is considered low compared to SARS if CCP is really telling the truth on the number of death.

Now the Communist China owe the world and its people far more than an apology. Loss of lives is sad. Loss of trust of a government could create ripples of panic throughout the globe. Hard to cure unless there's fundamental change in the regime.

I thank the Celestial Stars above for all the really brave Chinese people who without one iota of help from their government administered succor and healing to the sick and ill. I admire the Chinese culture. it has been thru many trevails and it will survive this one too!

TL:DR yer getting as bad as the seppos

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