Hong Kong bookseller who sold books critical of Chinese political leaders jailed

Gui Minhai, China, Sweden, Hong Kong, Bookseller, Jailed, Abducted

Hong Kong bookseller who sold books critical of Chinese political leaders jailed

Gui Minhai, China


Hong Kong bookseller who sold books critical of Chinese political leaders jailed

A Hong Kong bookseller who sold texts critical of China 's political leadership is jailed by the Chinese courts for illegally providing intelligence overseas.

A Chinese court has sentenced Chinese-born Swedish citizen Gui Minhai to 10 years in jail for illegally providing intelligence overseas, prompting a protest from Stockholm. Key points: Gui Minhai is one of five booksellers linked to a Hong Kong bookshop who disappeared in late 2015 He was awarded a free speech award by Sweden in 2019, which Chinese officials objected to Sweden is demanding consular access to Gui, but Chinese officials say visits have been put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak Gui, a bookseller previously based in Hong Kong who sold books critical of China's political leadership, . He was seized while with Swedish diplomats on a Beijing-bound train. Relations between Sweden and China soured in the months leading up to the sentencing, with Chinese officials warning Swedish counterparts against meddling in China's internal affairs. Sweden summoned the Chinese ambassador to Stockholm to protest against the sentence and demand Gui's release. "We have summoned China's ambassador to our cabinet secretary and again demanded the release of, and consular access to, our citizen," a foreign ministry spokesman told Reuters. Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde said Gui should be released, a position Sweden has held throughout. "We also require access to our citizen to provide the consular support he is entitled to," Ms Linde said. "We have not had access to or knowledge of any trial. Thus, we have not been able to review the indictment nor been able to offer access to legal counsel," she said. Read more: ABC News

And this is why us in Hong Kong has been protesting some 8 months ago. It has been proven and we are not backing off antielab standwithhk Take note China, all these tactics don't make me like Chinese ppl He's holding a Sweden passport... So now CCPChina is threatening and kidnapping a foreign citizen and arrested him? Ridiculous. Well, China still has the ability to prosecute foreigners? How about CoronavirusOutbreak WuhanCoronavius ?

So when does selling books is a crime? Only authoritarian regime will have such kind of ridiculous persecution That's why Hong Kong ppl don't want our homeland being corrupted like this Gui is not the only one suffering. Millions people in Uyghurs are detained because of not doing the 'right' things. FreedomOfSpeech

It's terrible! That's China ! Still think you can make China a partner of western civilizations with time & sympathy? Think again! It has been a disappointment! BoycottChina China can jail a Swedish today, it can jail any foreigner tomorrow Stop China aggression Free Gui Stand with Human rights! OzilLawrence That's why Hongkongers protest 5DemandsNot1Less UniversalSuffrage DemocracyHK

Jeanswest saved by Hong Kong familyA Hong Kong family has bought collapsed clothing retailer Jeanswest, saving the jobs of 680 employees in Australia.

That's why the Hong Kong people should resist CCP , China and Chinese antichinazi BoycottChina StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less That is crazy, china can global kidnap who they don’t like This is obviously politically motivated. A Swedish citizen abducted from Thailand while on vocation to be jailed in China? What is this nonsense?!

This is how activists face in Hong Kong, and this is the reason HKers are protesting against the extradition bill Demanding for freedom and democracy is sin in totalitarian CCP Sad ..that it is all happening in a free economy. A desperate attempt by CCPChina to control people's voices. They are sure to fall from the high seat of communist Beijing fort.

I have never heard a western country will arrest a person who sell a book to criticize his president. This is the difference between China and the western That’s what CCP always do. UNWARRANTED ASPERSIONS. Gui is just the tip of the iceberg. There are uncountable numbers of Hong Kongers got kidnapped to China by CCP every year! Today’s Gui and tomorrow is everyone in Hong Kong!

Being critical to the Chinese government is already enough for Beijing to send him in jail for yrs Not to mention it's willing to go through all the hassle and kidnap him in Thailand and withstand all kinds of international pressure But I guess Beijing couldn't care more about it Kidnapped and then jailed Hard to not believe CCP_is_Terrorist

Jeanswest saved by Hong Kong familyA Hong Kong family has bought collapsed clothing retailer Jeanswest, saving the jobs of 680 employees in Australia.

Outrageous to read the news. GuiMinhai is kidnapped by China from Thailand 5 years ago. And now he is imprisoned to 10 years for selling books that criticise the gov. If you aspire freedom of speech, please stand w/ Gui. china is ass 🕳 It is predictable that foreign living or working in HongKong would be arrested by public security bureau under CCPChina very soon.

Kidnapped, Forced to give confessions for survivals, Sentenced to 10 years in prison. Even you are Swedish, your human right is still infringed by China. It's time for the world to take concrete actions against China's human right infringement. If you want to do something and StandWithHongKong, you can start ABC_challenge. Stop buying things that are made in 🇨🇳. Stop funding their inhuman acts

Please help anyone whose basic human rights is attacked. He is holding a Sweden passport, and China is kidnapping a foreign citizen and force him to admit himself as committed crimes...How insane the CCP government is? How many efforts it has spent to shut the mouths of people against it, instead of strengthening its own country?

We all know that there is no freedom under CCP govern. But he sold book in Hong Kong, not China! What happen to him was kidnapped to China. One country Two system is really a joke in this case. Hong Kong can only sell or read the book authorised by CCP, no future at all. MudShui Bro, fuck China. 🇭🇰

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The case of Gui is an example showing the increasing influence of CCP in the world Gui was kidnapped by CCP in Thailand, his daughter was threatened by fake Sweden diplomat, pressured on Sweden govt for awarding of Gui by a Sweden organization releaseguiminhai klctwit What do we guess Chinese political prisons' virus control to be like? My guess: low priority.

Holding a foreign passport is not a safety net as Chinese authorities can feel free to target any dissidents, detaining them under baseless espionage charges. International community must not stay silent, but pressure CCP for transparency & also the release of Gui. Evil CCP! It is horrible, when u are holding a non-China passport, u publish book that CCP doesn't like outside Mainland China, u will be kidnapped to China, admit you committed crime, agree to give up your non-china passport. The best result is 'at least 10 years in jail'

Simply reflects no one is safe so long as the CCP targets you. Regardless of your job, citizenship and location. This is a wake-up call for a MagnitskyAct globally, soonest possible. HK alr saw this happening w/ so many suspicious suicides. This is impacting everyone of us. Seems Chinese Communist Party never learns the importance on freedom of press/speech.

He was literally kidnapped from Thailand! That's political prosecution...

Chinese Embassy official denies coronavirus cover-up on Q&AA Chinese embassy official has appeared on ABC's Q&A, defending the Chinese Communist Party's response to the coronavirus outbreak and the mass imprisonment of Muslim minorities. He did a great job of twisting the facts. That was the best QandA ever. You were very lucky to get Wang on the show I bet it won’t happen again but if you can you should and soon. More lies from the communist dictatorship from China Disgusting! Saying truth is not allowed in China and can be the most dangerous job on the planet. R.I.P Dr Li Wenliang.

Violation against HumanRights just becos of selling critical books by CCPChina World u need to speak up and BoycottChina as Freedom and human rights are the true virtues that we should strike for CCP sentenced this HongKong bookseller & Swedish citizen to 10 yrs in prison , for selling books! Is this sentence reasonable ? If not, where is justice? chinazi China_is_terrorists

That’s torture That's how China oppress the FreedomOfSpeech and treat the people with different opinions The word of freedom is absent from CCPChina In China, CCP means the laws, not the laws itself to protect people’s right. CCP can sentence a person for any period they want, there are no reasonable ground. and lawyers have no function in PRC. A righteous lawyer will be arrested. BoycottChina

He isn’t even Chinese... how fk up it has become for the world we thought we knew This is outrageous. Gui was kidnapped, persecuted and sentenced for 10 years charges. This is alarming to the international and the world must stand up against the totalitarian. China Never Stop Covering the truth and Political Persecution.

He was kidnapped by CCP in Thailand. He wasn't arrested in China. It is a big problem to us, everyone should be aware of China. Coming to Australia soon....

Australia's energy reliability at 'critical' levels, even as power prices fallThreats to the reliability of Australia's electricity network are now at critical levels warns a government body, even as renewable energy is pushing power prices lower. What the fuck happened to the power distribution network goldplate looting that went on for two decades commencing under JohnnieHoward?! Still stuck with 3rd world network 😧. LiberalAus ScottMorrisonMP AustralianLabor AlboMP Greens AdamBandt As close as the ABC will come in admitting that the rush without thinking into renewable power is really really silly, meanwhile China, India & Japan have hundreds of coal powered power station in the planning, 🤦‍♂️auspol Thanks to the Green vermin who make up the ABC audience

Bet we won't see that on the 7 pm bulletin Terrible China still has ability to political prosecute foreigners amid the coronavirus outbreak, great GUI was an ordinary bookseller in HK holding a Swedish passport. As he sold books banned by CCP, he was extradited to China and didn’t face open and fair trial and judgement. He’s sentenced to 10 yrs of jail. Can you imagine how CCP_is_terrorist will torture him in jail?

A Swedish citizen was knapped in a international city Hong Kong by the Chinese. How ridiculous. StandWithHongKong That is CCP Yes, communists do that, can't have anyone speaking against their dear leaders. This is the China we want to cuddle up with. Stuff our politicians A Chinese court has sentenced Chinese-born Swedish citizen Gui Minhai to 10 years in jail for illegally providing intelligence overseas.

Socialists hate books

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