High Court upholds Russell St bomber's 'de facto death sentence'

Craig Minogue, who was jailed for life in 1988 for murdering police officer Angela Taylor, will die in prison after the High Court backed new law.


Craig Minogue, who was jailed for life in 1988 for murdering police officer Angela Taylor, will die in prison after the High Court backed a law that ensures anyone who murders a police officer has no chance of parole.

Craig Minogue, who was jailed for life in 1988 for murdering police officer Angela Taylor, will die in prison after the High Court backed new law.

Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue has failed in his bid to one day walk free from jail and must continue with his "de facto death sentence".

The 57-year-old made a parole bid in 2016, prompting Victoria's tough new legislation.

Last year, Minogue successfully challenged the legislation through the High Court, which concluded it did not apply to Minogue because the "offence committed was indiscriminate and no particular person or class of persons was targeted".

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The same law for murderers, rapists and pedophiles, please Why only police officer? Shouldn’t it be any other human life? Rot in jail Craig! Don’t mess with the police 👮🏻‍♀️ about time the courts backed them Good. I hope he rots in hell. Cry me a river... hope he’s suffering.. And no one will shed a tear for this piece of human filth Long may you suffer ... RussellStreetBombing CraigMinogue AngelaTaylor

Jonatho43827873 And rightly so. What’s “cruel and inhuman” Craig is murder!! Good The crime is the crime and every life counts. To take that away from another should entail the same consequences- life imprisonments. No if’s, buts or who...just a sentence that is fair and just! Fabulous outcome. Protect our team in uniform who go out every day to protect us

But beating up Ambo's is fine still though....

Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue loses High Court bid for freedomThe High Court upholds a Victorian law preventing Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue from being released unless he is about to die or too incapacitated to pose a threat. Another 30 years won’t hurt him......

Jonatho43827873 Apparently that's before the revolving door was installed at the court Jonatho43827873 Enjoy the rest of your life buttercup... Thank God for the High Court and the Victorian Legal system!! Thank God this mongrel will never be released to hurt any other person, let alone a police officer protecting the community! No excuses, no sympathy, this bloke is a cold blooded killer!!

Be cheaper and more humane to execute, but do it in public where the people can see the result. Sending someone to die in prison is sweeping it under the rug, out of sight, to avoid being seen to be inhumane while actually being more cruel and inhumane. Let’s not forget the murder of 13 year old Prue Bird either. Rot ‘til you drop mate

Oh oh, put your foot in here. Very unfortunate wording. What you are actually implying is that the life of ordinary citizens is worth less. And what about healthcare workers? And so many more. Does manslaughter count? In particular involuntary manslaughter Beauty - now also apply the same to ‘no body no release’.

Yet you can kill your girlfriends and get 4 years...ain’t justice grand What if they're off duty? What about ex police? What about just some random child? What about... A JOURNALIST?!

Engine ripped from car in high-speed crash that killed young manThe 23-year-old died on the busy Torrens Road in a collision that was so forceful, his car&x27;s engine was ripped from the vehicle.

About time However if you murder your wife, you could be out in 4 years! 🤬 Now make is so for child killers and paedophiles. Good, we need our laws to be tougher. Good. But beating up paramedics gets you no jail time, courts are fucked in this country Nothing like being a protected species...Same Punishment for killing a homeless person or a Police officer...See how they rate 1s values by their disposition in society...I think its calledl being prejudiced.

Finally judicial system gets 1 right... Now to deal with the other 99%... Sam knight? Should be the case for all murderers, no exceptions.

In the high-stakes race to find the dawn of light, Australia just took the leadScientists around the world are racing to pinpoint the first star to ignite and light up the universe. And thanks to painstaking calculations - and a calamitous stuff-up - Australia is winning. Sounds very Biblical.

Whereas police who murder blackfellas just get a slap on the wrist. Murder should bring LIFE WHAT of more horrific crimes on Children. Then the STATE hides behind a sick Legal SYSTEM. Justice is needed over Lawyers Judges & a system designed around $$$$'s. Simple English & straight talk could solve many appeals.

Why are police so special? But they’ll release a convicted child rapist and killer 🤷🏼‍♀️ Yeh cause police life is so much more important than all other workers That should extent to the greater population, not just police deaths No problems with that.

In the high-stakes race to find the dawn of light, Australia just took the leadIn the beginning, the universe was dark. And then the first star ignited, and lo, there was light.

Driver who was attacked by US baseballer high on LSD relives trauma every dayA carjacking victim blames himself for becoming the victim of an American baseballer on a bad LSD trip, a court has heard. Lord knows everyone should be prepared for violent LSD trippers 😂 I call BS on violent LSD trips - other drugs yes, LSD Do not take the brown acid! Didn’t Woodstock teach you anything?

Five-year high for home loan lending | Sky News AustraliaLow interest rates and looser banking restrictions are believed to be behind the fastest rise in mortgage lending in five years. \n\nAfter the re-election of the Morrison government in July, new loans surged by four per cent. \n\nThe surge follows the Reserve Bank cutting interest rates twice in two months down to a record low one per cent.\n\nThe RBA has warned the rates could be pushed close to zero if economic activity remains unchanged. I see they listened to the royal commission... Probably lies too.

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