'Hard to fathom' child marriages are on the rise in Australia | Sky News Australia

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Sky News host RitaPanahi says “it’s hard to fathom” that while Australian women “enjoy unprecedented prosperity, opportunity and equality, there exists a subjugated subclass who are forced into taking part in devastating cultural practices”.

Sky News host Rita Panahi says “it’s hard to fathom” that while Australian women “enjoy unprecedented prosperity, opportunity and equality, there exists a subjugated subclass who are forced into taking part in devastating cultural practices”. Data released in the past week revealed a sharp increase in the number of forced and child marriages in Australia.

Ms Panahi said terms like forced and child marriage did not reveal “the full horror inflicted on victims who are often subjected to terrible abuse”. “Cultures where women are considered second-class citizens should not be allowed to implement their misogynistic practices in Australia,” she said. “We cannot allow concerns about political correctness or cultural sensitivities to cloud our judgment.


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RitaPanahi She’s not referring to Rupert and Jerry, surely?

RitaPanahi This makes me so sick

RitaPanahi Perhaps if the likes of Ms Panahi and SkyNews supported expenditure on child protection services and community awareness, this might not be happening.

RitaPanahi What does Z Stegali say about it? Women , Lawyer, Progressive, Politician .......someone please get her to officially comment?

RitaPanahi Sick🤡👿 its against our laws👿

RitaPanahi Would argue Australians do not enjoy unprecedented equality. We've just heard Australians are being forced to stop & be strip searched at unprecedented amounts. Unprecedented authoritarianism, yes.

RitaPanahi You wouldn’t know by the incessant moaning & whining by Australian feminists that Australia is in the safest country in the world for women and in the top 10 countries in the world for women to prosper. 🙄

RitaPanahi How great is religious freedom!

RitaPanahi Multicuralism enables backward cultural practises to embed themselves in Australian society. As long as we keep fragmenting Australia into tribes this will continue. Assimilation is essential to a cohesive society. Multiracialism is fine but multi-CULTURALISM is killing the West.

RitaPanahi Pan ahi doesn’t need to man would have a go at her.i would rather have my dinner.

RitaPanahi Because liberals are fundamentally scared to call evil when they see it

RitaPanahi Totally disgusting practice and also goes hand in hand with FGM . More needs to be done about these backwards and barbaric practices. Jail terms, high fines and even deportations. Thank you for bring this subject up again. RitaPanahi

RitaPanahi Dog whistling/trolling. Sad really

RitaPanahi This will get all those lefty apologists all excited. ;)

RitaPanahi Is it hard to fathom with the dogma of ‘multiculturalism’ at all costs?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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