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Imagine walking down the street with your daughter and constantly being stopped with the same question.

8/10/2019 1:30:00 PM

She’s a mum of one who has just become a grandma for the first time — but people keep making a “weird” mistake about this 38-year-old.

Imagine walking down the street with your daughter and constantly being stopped with the same question.

The nurse — who has been dubbed a super glamorous grandma — admits she’s regularly ­mistaken for her daughter’s twin sister due to their striking similarities.The pair — who both have long blonde hair, the same figures and are almost identical in height — spoke to

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The Sunabout how often the blunder occurs, with Rachel revealing it began when her daughter was 16.“We first noticed the attention when Courtney was 16 and people were asking if we were sisters,” she said.Rachel Harris, 38, is often mistaken for her 20-year-old daughter Courtney's twin, saying the pair are often stopped in the street by strangers. Picture: Dan Charity/The Sun

Source:The Sun“Now we can’t go anywhere without random members of the public stopping us in supermarkets, on nights out, even at doctors’ appointments.”Courtney, who welcomed son, Milo, six weeks ago, added strangers were often shocked at their similarities.

“Now baby Milo is here, the attention has escalated. People in the street are in a state of shock,” she told the publication.Interestingly, Courtney’s boyfriend Josh, 31, is four years older than her mum’s 27-year-old boyfriend — something she described as “weird but nice”.

“Everyone always says, ‘Oh are you sisters’ — I may as well just say yes, we get asked all the time,” Courtney explained.She added that she was happy to be mixed up with her lookalike mum, saying: “We are soul sisters and have a connection like no other.”

At 38, Rachel’s just become a grandma for the first time to Courtney’s son Milo. Picture: SuppliedSource:SuppliedMORE ‘HOT’ GRANDMASEarlier this year, a 50-year-old who was arrested over a drunken brawl on a plane went viral over her youthful looks.Alison Yorston, 50, was convicted of committing a public order offence after she assaulted cabin crew and a police officer over not being allowed on the flight.

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