Grace Tame excluded from drafting of national plan to prevent child sexual abuse

The Australian of the Year found out about the federal government’s national strategy while being interviewed live on the ABC News Channel.

22/10/2021 9:17:00 AM

Australian of the Year Grace Tame reveals live on television that she has been excluded from consultation on the final formulation of the federal government's national strategy to prevent child sexual abuse.

The Australian of the Year found out about the federal government’s national strategy while being interviewed live on the ABC News Channel.

"The federal government is announcing details of a national strategy to prevent child sexual abuse awareness. I presume you have been involved in the drafting of that, what can we expect?" ABC News presenter Ros Childs asked.A surprised Ms Tame shook her head, before saying "no, I have not been involved in the drafting of that."

After she was asked when she found out about the government's plan, she said "when you just told me, just now."Read MoreSexual assault survivors hope NSW consent laws will inspire nationwide reformPrime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Thursday $146 million will be allocated to fund the first four years of a 10-year national plan to prevent child sexual abuse.

More details on the plan are expected to be unveiled next week, which is National Children's Week.Ms Tame has been long heralded as a champion in advocating for victims of sexual assault after her successful Let Her Speak campaign, and was named 2021 Australian of the Year for her efforts.

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This is unbelievable! Robin18601078 She didn’t reveal it. She discovered it. That’s way worse. Albo4PM I don't understand the big deal about it. Regardless of who is in Gov't, I am sure there are leading experts from the relevant departments looking after this. Do we need someone who has had corona virus to tell us when to open up the state's again.?

Well ScottMorrisonMP didn't choose her for AOTY the Australia day council did. He has form. Never takes sexual assault seriously. At the rally he told us we were lucky he did shoot. Govt needs to tell us how this strategy was formulated, who was consulted and exactly where money is going. Complete and utter spite from the LNP. Just wondering who they will select as the next AOY recipient, some right-wing, mining, climate denial, Murdoch follower who won’t rock their boat.

She moved to the US in her teens to try and get famous. Married an ‘actor’. Tried to peddle B grade ‘art’. That all failed. So what did this fame hungry little miss do next? Wake up Australia. DameEmpress That’s probably because TamePunk would never let a strategy not turn into an action plan. I would exclude her too! She tries to hog the limelight. More suited to be a MAFS contestant.

She is not an activist and advocate for prevention of child sexual abuse? Of course she has. She doesn’t know anything about gas pipelines.

$146 million strategy to combat child sexual abuse across AustraliaPrime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken in Parliament ahead of the anniversary of the national apology to the victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. 9News DETAILS: empty words from a straw man That guy in the background who puts children into detention camps. That's what I call abuse 9NewsSyd The words may have come out of his mouth, but he certainly doesn't really believe those words! 🙄

kathryn5712 much better to get the priest and pastors and preachers there - they really know how to abuse children is grace tame a MP Robin18601078 TamePunk you are too outspoken for this government And they want people they can control. Keep doing what you are doing because it’s working 😊 cscviews This is beyond disgusting and we all know why this is happening. TamePunk quite rightly called the Govt our for protecting Porter and she's no longer on the Xmas card list.

melaniedoak 😡 So ... who was involved? Was Grace ignored for having backed Brittany Higgins? We care less So what. She's one of about a million child sexual abuse victims who weren't consulted. And she has little in the way of legal, policing, criminology, economic, sociological or psychological credentials.

Why won't the Australian people take note... this Christian govt are evil... they stole children, ma's murdered people, and sexually abused.... all under the blessing of the cross. Now look at them Don’t worry. I’m sure Barnaby Joyce was consulted. Don’t the Nationals make all our decisions now? 🤷‍♀️ ScottyTheCoward ScottyDoesNothing

Malka Leifer to face sexual abuse trial in 2022Former ultra-orthodox school principal Malka Leifer will stand trial on child sexual abuse charges next year, Victoria's County Court has confirmed. Will there be an inquiry into the Adass Israel School and members of that community who sneaked her off to Israel for protection? Always the Jews davidbewart good.

Absolute disgrace😡 A disgrace and? timinclimate Yes but its a Government long past any interest in any of us. Its not interested in governing, only in holding on to power. Well past time it was thrown out. Because she has shown herself to be hopelessly partisan, rude, juvenile and lacking the ability to address issues critically and maturely. No no one is doubting her experiences as a victim but that is all she offers. Should never have been AOTY

TamePunk was awarded this year's Australian of the Year for 'using her voice to push for legal reform and raising public awareness about the impacts of sexual violence.' It's shameful that the government has now decided to silence her voice for political reasons. boo fukin hoo. maybe she shouldn’t have been such a shit to them…

Not a surprise. Our current LNP gov. is not likely ever to consult stake holders in a meaningful way. what's going on with this government? This actually is beyond disturbing. Grace being informed and coming to terms on air, was representative of the nation feeling surreal. Emma hits the nail on the head.

Former elite junior swimming coach extradited to face child sex assault chargesFormer elite junior swimming coach John Wright will be extradited to Queensland to face charges of historical child sexual abuse following his arrest yesterday. Cpl Arthur Ting's Diary There was a boy at school. He said to teacher that there was no air con. The teacher said, 'stick your hand in my pocket, Son'. He did. 'What do you feel?' She said. 'There is hole in pocket, Mam'. It was obvious. He say no more because he feel nuts. Need the full weight of the law to come down on this alledged sexual predator. No mercy to him and those that covered up or turned a blind eye!

This Government is one big joke. well she’s been a jerk to them. what she expect? I am sure they are plenty of white, privileged, middle aged, christian men in Morrisons government who have exactly the same experiences as her. I mean, Tony Abbott was great minister for Women, he should be there .... He was also great at combating climate change ...

👎🏻 What’s it got to do with her? She’s already had far too much focus on her. Perhaps she can slowly back off, like state CHOs and Kevin Rudd?! Everyone’s time in the sun comes to an end And the LNP just keep failing us all on all matters. Well … she’s not male. Not over 50. Not a xenophob. And doesn’t work in the coal industry. Fails all criteria.

Weak politicians do not want transparency and will always exclude anyone with a potential dissenting or critical opinion. I’m not sure they needed to invite her just because she is AOTY. It would have been nice if they did but I’m sure there are other people with lived experience or have more qualifications & experience in this space.

oh dear dear dear ScottMorrisonMP showing your total lack of respect for this fine young woman yet again. Poor form Poor leadership

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That’s because she is not an expert. A wonderful person with a compelling ability to make the terrible experience of sexual abuse easier to understand but no experience in policy. What does it have to do with her? Everyone has a ego Yet again the federal government under Mr Morrison shows how out of touch it is when it comes to sexual abuse issues, perhaps he should ask his wife again and again and again

Of course she has. I mean, that makes all the sense! Fed LNP vindictiveness. Keep speaking out Grace. You have my full support Of course, you can't possibly have an expert help make policies, that would be strange. Why not have Cardinal Pell, Andrew Laming and Christan Porter in the advisory committee? Couldn't get any worse.

The federal government’s good at excluding things. They’ve done the same with COVAX-19, an Australian made vaccine.

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