Govt green lights family law inquiry | Sky News Australia

A parliamentary inquiry will be held into Australia's family law system following intense lobbying from One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.

17/09/2019 9:45:00 AM

A parliamentary inquiry will be held into Australia's family law system following intense lobbying from One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.

A parliamentary inquiry will be held into Australia's family law system following intense lobbying from One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.\n\nShe will deputy chair the inquiry which will be led by Liberal MP Kevin Andrews.\n\nThe inquiry will examine the high-cost of lawyer fees and how child support payments are calculated.\n\nMs Hanson has long demanded an overhaul of the family court, arguing the current system is broken.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia

17/09/2019|3minA parliamentary inquiry will be held into Australia's family law system following intense lobbying from One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson. She will deputy chair the inquiry which will be led by Liberal MP Kevin Andrews. The inquiry will examine the high-cost of lawyer fees and how child support payments are calculated. Ms Hanson has long demanded an overhaul of the family court, arguing the current system is broken. Image: News Corp Australia

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PaulineHansonOz Bravo PaulineHansonOz My god, how do people even want to get into a relationship. It's so scary. Doesn't government want higher birth rate without as much immigration? Well please stop giving women so much power and privilege we should be equal under family law. A joke compared to normal courts.

Family violence is not good at all, just can't help thinking this is politically opportunistic a la Pauline Listen carefully to Poorline H - you'll notice it's just 'men/fathers men/fathers men/fathers. it's not about children for her. Lol... Is Morrison serious ? What joke!!!!! Are they grooming you Pauline, cause of that scandle of that pathetic low life titty groping member that you thought you could trust? or are you just taking a vacation. Seriously? Men get the raw deal cause they don't watch enough of Clint Eastwood movie's.

Good to hear, refreshing. I think they mean, “Govt gas lights family law system”, by appointing Pauline Hanson as deputy chair of enquiry. This partot is the last person who should chair such inquiry, Morrison is all for it though, it takes a bit of heat away from all the major fires the LNP have created but where not going to let him get away with that.

Is this the joke of the week. PH omg Go Pualine Hanson ,make them Explain please About time! Great job PaulineHansonOz realaussie2 Thanks pauline you can now count on my vote ThnkU! As a victim of horrendous false allegations of abuse admitted finally at trial 3 yrs later by my children’s mother as being false I was given appropriate custody - cost $105,000 !! BUT my children were devestated at the time it took to sort out and missing time with me.

Well done Pauline Hanson has announced the outcome of the enquiry 'There are people out there who are nothing but liars and who will use that in the court system,' Imagine installing a nutbag like her run an inquiry. Her own son pleaded guilty to breaking a DV order. She clearly has an agenda. No way she is so bias

WTF I this a stitch up? Law Reform Commission inquiry with 60 recommendations presented to the government earlier this year. Why is another one needed? Dont throw the baby out with the bathwater simply because you see PaulineHansonOz . Australias family law system definitely needs an overhaul. Tis kids that lose out bcos of the current system.

Is the loose cannon PaulineHansonOz equipped for the task Another intellectual giant of the parliament As someone going thou family court the system is broken n needs a royal commission into it, my kids are 7 n 9 n my case it has been going for 2 years now n it’s ruining my kids lives This is RIDICULOUS. She’s a fish and chip cooker at best . This government is RIDICULOUS ScottMorrisonMP

Pauline is a v. strong woman. Usually when ppl say “___ is so strong etc” it feels like an empty, throwaway comment... but I’ve been thinking about Pauline’s journey lately + she has been so committed. She has a wise head on her shoulders so I think this is a good role for her. PaulineHansonOz I can’t think of a less qualified and less suitable person to hold this position. What deal was made? Disgusting to have a victim blamer to review the Family Law system.

A political parley to Pauline! BANNING CASH NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES BAILING IN THE BIG 4 Global recession will crush your life!! And it’s pushing past you by our elites! Wake up Australia it’s almost too late 🇦🇺 Wait for the Never-Paulines to sprout their negative BS. PaulineHansonOz Well done Pauline it’s about time a Govt enquire into the Family Court I would go further an enquire into the Magistrates Court & the Victorian Police Force as well as Some women Do lie on AVO orders as I am currently experiencing🚂

PaulineHansonOz Pauline trawling for the vote of incels and wife bashers. Some of us have seen both sides of the arguments. I just hope that it isn't run as a witch-hunt otherwise it could do more harm than good. PaulineHansonOz Checked out the men's suicide rates is Australia? Eat your words. NFI Well this is concerning..

PaulineHansonOz Thank you Pauline!You are saving lives by giving hope to thousands of men who have been denied access to their children and FALSELY accused on top on it. This happened in my family and men have killed themselves for less than what my brother went through. endparentalalienation Seems Pauline is on to something.

Lambie is officially a Green. No doubt about it. PaulineHansonOz THANK YOU PAULINE FOR THIS, ITS ABOUT TIME! PaulineHansonOz We need to expose the American Government & Australian Liberal Government, 'The Family'! Family Law Court system is small potatoes in comparison! Worried about Chinese interference? What about decades of U.S. government, The drug problem in Au, was & is a deliberate attack !

This will be a first, but maybe Sky journalists would like to make use of some facts PaulineHansonOz The person who cannot string together a coherent sentence will be heading this up? What could possibly go wrong? PaulineHansonOz Thank you Pauline. People don't know how much this is needed. My son has been through hell thanks to the family courts. I have many a tale to tell. Not only his story, but other hearings I've been subjected to too.

You can't beat common sense you go girl whatalegend PaulineHansonOz what about child who lives in usa after unlawful parental kidnapping? and parent is not issued visa by us immigration to see his child? where is c.r.o.c?Many cases around. Best news today make we can save another family from being destroyed

Waste of money especially if that peanut Pauline Hanson has anything to do with it. for once I totally agree with PaulineHanson. I was subject to such a case where my ex-wife rorted the system simply to keep all family tax benefits and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Women manipulate the system more than people realise.

If ever there were two people unfit to co-chair this it is these two, a right-wing, Christian bigot, and a deranged fish fryer. Oh God no! And the other half of the equation is? . In return for.... You go Girl!!! This has been an unfair and corrupt system set up intentionally to make men and their poor children suffer!

About time PaulineHansonOz So the woman stabbed to death in Nunawading by her partner in front of their 8 year old faked it? PaulineHansonOz Good work Pauline, gutsy strong woman... Get the popcorn, this will be a train wreck. pleaseexplain PaulineHansonOz A real woman. PaulineHansonOz you are a tool of the utmost stupidity, no one wants your help in anything so stop using this as some ploy to get truist of the people. Im a single dad and have had terrible times getting access to my child and your attempts will change nothing.

S E R I O U S L Y !!!! You can just imaging the stupid questions coming from this moron. Just like when she was asking Navy commanders about our submarines. Never a more clueless person has sat in parliament PaulineHansonOz FAMILY DEPARTMENT Sth Australia incorporated TRIPLE MURDER FLOWED OF RACIAL IN JUSTICE and incorporated the hand that Murdered n warranted there own deaths When the walls r playing as day family crt HAS NO JURISDICTION OF PRETECTING ANYONE

Is it April 01 again or a Groundhog Day time slip or Back to the Future perhaps? I’m losing my sense of reality and time and feel I’m powerlessly living in some dark Orwellian comedy!! PaulineHansonOz Glad someone looking into things that matter and exist ❤️ I despair for my country and the children in it.

MRobertsQLD Another huge setback for women with an enquiry led by Andrew and Hanson ... two people wholly unqualified to be involved. MRobertsQLD The FamilyCourt is but a nest of cockroaches to strip wealth from generations of children. MRobertsQLD The Child support agency is incompetent Pauline Hanson. Still a massive c*nt.

Lambie is officially a Green. No doubt about it. What! That it’s like the Criminal Justice System. A plutocracy of corrupt wealth for Justice with biased,discrimination & sitting Illegal Magistrates & Judges forming decisions based on their overlords inside their ouija boards & Fees to be free?

Govt to reintroduce 'big stick' energy legislation | Sky News AustraliaThe Coalition will reintroduce its ‘big stick’ energy legislation this week as power bills start to fall under tough new pricing laws. \n\nThe laws would enable the federal court to break up and sell the assets of an energy company accused of anti-competitive behaviour. \n\nAfter previously opposing the policy, Labor said it would take another look at the legislation. \n\nOpposition leader Anthony Albanese accused the Coalition of failing to come up with new ideas, saying “the government doesn’t have a plan for an economy that frankly, is in serious strife”. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Re introduce Coal Power stations problem fixed 😂😂😂😂 My Power prices are up PS: PM Morrison you campaigned to lower power bills by 25%, 2019 election, NOT Happening 2016 Trump said NO to the Paris agreement, Today power cost in the USA 25-30% of what they are in Australia?

Power bills on the decline thanks to 'pressure from govt' | Sky News AustraliaPower bills are on the decline for Australians, thanks to “downward pressure on electricity prices for the first time in a long time” says Liberal MP Tim Wilson. \n\nAccording to findings from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Victorian customers are feeling the most relief with some seeing up to $430 slashed off their bills. \n\n“It’s critically important for Australian households and so there has been a reduction,” the Member for Goldstein told Sky News on Monday. \n\n“We’ve had an impact through clarity in the marketplace and making sure there’s transparency in the market and the products on offer and its having the effect that we said it would.' \n\nImage: Getty TimWilsonMP TimWilsonMP Rubbish... Yeah thats why the prices all went up between 3-7% on the 1st of July TimWilsonMP So says TimWilsonMP and he can be trusted. It’s not like he has made up false stories in the past

'Govt yet to turn a sod of soil' to build dams | Sky News AustraliaShadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has called on the government to take immediate drought action, saying “our landscapes are burning, our towns are running out of water and our farmers aren’t getting the assistance they need and deserve”. \n\nHis comments come after NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro called for the quick construction of new dams as the country battled devastating conditions and a depleted water supply. \n\nMr Fitzgibbon said the drought conditions were “approaching calamity” and accused the government of having “no strategy or response”. \n\n“People just want this government to act, and in six years it’s failed to do that,” he said. \n\n“This government’s been talking about dams for six years now, there was a dam here, a dam there and a dam everywhere for a while, but they are yet to turn a sod of soil.” \n Only problem with this is Federal Government doesn’t build dams the States are the ones who build them. fitzhunter Mate get your mates the Greens on side go to the PM with a plan and get it done. Talk to Barnaby_Joyce he is the only one from the Nats that understands. Untill the Greens get with this world it will never happen. Thats fine but he has to support the Govt as Labor and Greens block them every time

Govt to move ahead with its 'big stick' legislation | Sky News AustraliaLabor has refused to say whether it will back the Coalition's contentious 'big stick' energy legislation, as parliament begins another sitting week in Canberra.\n\nImage: News Corp Good way for Albanese to lose the next election if Labor rejects the legislation What exactly is this 'Big Stick'? Any chance of some LNP Government information instead of lying about the Opposition? big stick is a lay term for price control. It never ends well. Let's see how long before retailers start hinting about staff layoffs...?

Australia should ‘name and shame’ cyber attack perpetrators | Sky News AustraliaThe Australian government should have the confidence to “name and shame” countries that undertake cyber attacks against us, according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Fergus Hanson.\n\nAustralian intelligence agencies have reportedly determined China was responsible for a cyber attack on parliament.\n\nThe attack targeted political parties before the May federal election.\n\nThe Coalition has refused to confirm if China is behind the incident, while Beijing has denied any involvement.\n\nMr Hanson has told Sky News the government is caught “in a halfway house” on this issue.\n\n“We have clearly got someone in a very senior level in government indicating they want the public to know that China was behind this attack, but we are not coming out and officially making the statement that it is China.”

Spike in drowning deaths across Australia | Sky News AustraliaDrowning deaths have surged across Australia, with the number of year-on-year deaths increasing by 10 per cent.\n\nAccording to the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLS) a third of the nation's deaths happen in New South Wales and 80 per cent of those who died between July 2018-June 2019 were men. \n\nRoyal Life Saving Australia’s Adam Weir told Sky News swimmers need to “take responsibility” for themselves before entering the water.\n\n“We need to people to adopt a ‘stop and pause mentality’ when they come into the coast,' he said.\n\n“We have a new initiative about rip current safety called the ‘think line’ where we urge people to take a second before entering the water and stop, look and plan.”\n It is very disappointing to know that you continue to support Alan Jones' comments that a woman should have a sock shoved down her throat or a few backhanders. Will you withdraw your company's ads on 2GB or will you continue to stand by misogyny? New migrants can't swim. Fence beaches,have opal card access.Swimming licences & people registration! Put warnings on swim-ware & increase prices on speedos & bikinis,have swim time curfews & anyone disobeying,faces extreme consequence & violence & shall be locked out for life! aussiefixer how we roll!