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Government threatens to withdraw funding of independent schools that don't partially reopen

Government threatens to withdraw funding of independent schools that don't partially reopen

9/04/2020 9:42:00 AM

Government threatens to withdraw funding of independent schools that don't partially reopen

The Federal Government threatens to withdraw funding from independent schools that do not open on a limited basis for the second school term.

Key points:Independent schools have been told they must provide some face-to-face teachingEducation Minister Dan Tehan has threatened to cut the funding of schools who do not complyNational Cabinet met today to discuss education concernsIn a letter to bodies representing independent schools, Education Minister Dan Tehan ordered that, while the schools did not have to reopen in full, they must provide an option for children who could not stay at home amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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The demand makes it clear that schools' funding is contingent upon them opening their doors to students who need to attend."We want all schools to be offering that learning environment for those parents who have to work, and for those children where it's safer to be in the classroom," Mr Tehan said.

"As part of the funding requirement you have to be offering this to parents whose children you're educating."Mr Tehan said his concerns were related to a small number of schools he believed were not offering the face-to-face teaching options that public schools were.

Coronavirus update: Follow the latest news in our daily wrap."What we want is a nationally consistent approach," he said."What we want to do is ensure that when it comes to independent schools, and Catholic schools as well, that they're also providing that learning environment.

"There were some independent schools that weren't offering — for parents who had to work at all year levels — that opportunity for those students to get that safe learning environment."Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC's Coronacast podcast.

The Government's health advice has remained that it is safe to send children to school, however that message has been implemented differently across the states and territories.In-person attendance remains an option in public schools across the country, particularly for parents who cannot keep their children at home.

The Independent Schools Council of Australia has been contacted for comment.Amid concerns about a looming second term and fears about year 12 students being affected, the National Cabinet met this afternoon to discuss the impact on the education sector amid the coronavirus crisis.

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DanTehanWannon eduspokesperson Think of all the votes the LNP would lose if they carried out this supposed threat... what a farce! auspol Australia Please list titles of the research on school populations that result in “schools are safe” ? I’d like to read it. They never will, the government funds private schools so they can have some control over what is taught. If they don't partly fund private schools it will actually disadvantage our kids in public schools, because the government won't allocate the extra money to their education. hoo just cos you lefties can’t afford private skooling ScottMorrisonMP He wants schools open at any cost. Parents won't be sending them....what next fine the parents ? He will give no ground and tells us this fantasy that yep all's good...til kids come home unwell and everyone in that house is isolated..well done dumbass.

Shouldn’t receive taxpayer funds anyway! Speaking of tax.... time to tax Jesus. Not right! Tehan vs private schools Not even a communist state yet and already have the audacity to disgracefully flexing its muscle, can only imagine if it actually becomes a communist state which will NEVER happen despite the pathetic attempts of using a fake pandemic to establish communist governance. 🖕🖕

Why the fuck do independent schools need funding? Shouldn’t fund them at all! Private means your excluding others but the same institutions are happy to take public money year after year after year!!! Hey..if they dont open, they dont need my money. Cancel their funding. Nationalise the land that churches and schools stand on. Sell the land and use the proceeds to payoff coronavirus debt.

ABC_NewsRadio Talk is cheap ! Yeah.... sure... like that is going to happen. Bollocks, safeguard your children. That's what's important.

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