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The Institute of Public Affair’s Daniel Wild says the Coalition government “must appoint two big ‘C’ conservative justices to the High Court” when the next two vacancies on the bench arise this term.

The High Court on Tuesday handed down a judgement that people who identified as Aboriginal but were not Australian citizens could not be considered ‘aliens’ and therefore cannot be deported.

The decision, described by Mr Wild as “one of the most radical decisions ever made”, is emblematic of “divisive identity politics that has infested the High Court”. Mr Wild told Sky News host Andrew Bolt if the government appointed two “big ‘C’ conservatives” to the High Court, a decision like Tuesday’s will “never happen again”. Image: News Corp Australia


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TheIPA Oh yes. Let us set up your and Roscam's life achievements,intellect and academic qualifications against those of Edelman and the other majority judges

emlafudd Well there’s a reason to do exactly the opposite....

TheIPA Hi Brainiacs, is the kind of appointees you are referring to?

The IPA definitely has a few big ‘Cs’.

So the IPA's Daniel Wild thinks that appointing high court judges who will always make judgments based on ideology rather than the law is a good thing? The IPA exposes itself as a threat to our democracy. auspol

LyleShelton This sounds awesome make autsralia great again

Are there any?

Spanish inquisition next?

LyleShelton Of course take us back to the 19th century culture.

LyleShelton Judges are supposed to be impartial if they are big ‘C’ and true ideologist how can they be impartial?

the IPA is full of big Cs - they should just put themselves forward for noms

figures the IPA would favour more C-words on the High Court.


Agreed. I didn’t know we had a couple of Leftie (racist) nutjobs on the High Court.

LyleShelton unelected swine like daniel wild should learn to butt out of business that doesnt concern them

TheIPA Why? Why can't we have judges whose job it is to judge cases? Why does the IPA get to politicise the law?

TheIPA You would be hard pressed to find a non-lefty lawyer to appoint! Maybe a few ex prosecutors who are used to fighting crooks and see through their lies are better than those defence guys who sold their souls for $$ auspol

TheIPA The Institute of Pedophile Associates is now trying to influence the High Court on behalf of Uncle Rupes and mother of the year Gina. The IPA the Australian equivelent of ISIS where do these maggots (IPA) draw the line what gives these germs the right to dictate our judicary

LyleShelton Elementary my dear Watson but will it be done, that's another question?

TheIPA Does the TheIPA pay tax? 🤔

Tyupical of IPA shrills, trash everything in the name of 'conservative'. The High Court must be appointed on legal grounds, not political be it conservative, progressive, or anything else. Its probably the only independent institution left in our system. And maybe the ABC.

wow! they want to stack the HC bench now ( as well as everything else) We used to be a proudly democratic country once

LyleShelton Lol. Conservative “think” tank reckons the HC isn’t ideologically conservative enough. You think? 🤔

LyleShelton Daniel Wilde and IPA should stop trying to influence our legal system in favour of them and their rich supporters.

So does that mean anyone can say “ I identify as aboriginal “ even if their Chinese, islander, Irish european or any other place of origin? I’m confused by this ruling, can anyone explain please?

But Australia is not the USA. Senior lawyers/QCs/Fed and Supreme Court judges - those who may become HC judges- views on key legal issues are not on display as much here. We don’t have a process of interrogation prior to appointment. Another stupid idea from TheIPA

That's in nobody's interest. The law shouldn't be partisan.

Merit TheIPA Yank Murdoch interfering in our society again.

Rigging the High Court to favour Murdoch & Rinehart would be standard operating procedure for The IPA. Tilting the judicial system in their favour is one of the reasons they exist. Look at what’s happened in The HoR & The Senate already. auspol gameofmates

Doesn't that mean Australia's high court will be similar to how Trump is managing the US supreme court?

More LNP stacking?

Oh ffs, seriously... you people working at Sky, don’t you ever just want to put in your notice and move on? Do it, you will not regret it.

LyleShelton If ur retweet is endorsement neither you nor Sky or IPA have any clue how judges work especially if they perceive they are put there to do govt’s bidding.They take the role as independent third arm of govt. seriously. Shoehorning them into a political narrative is dumb & wrong.

Separation of powers is required dickheads

Absolutely incorrect, but understandable that Sky would promote this, considering who pays the bills.

The IPA can fuck right off. Nobody elected them.

2006: TheIPA predicted that banning smoking in public places would increase risk of passive smoking as smokers moved to private areas, and that without cigarette smoke, nightclubs would have to 'deodorise sweat and flatulence' with scented smoke. auspol

TheIPA is big on freedom, except perhaps freedom of information. If you want to know who funds this right-wing “think tank”, it won’t tell you. LNPlies auspol2020

Go home IPA, you're drunk.

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High Court finds two Aboriginal men are not 'aliens' despite being born outside AustraliaBreaking The High Court has decided two men who identify as Indigenous are not 'aliens'. Drain the swamp! circumventing ones crimes and betrayal of the community lived within by virtue of one's descent and heritage is outrageous, even more so when considering the absence of citizenship or birth within the country to which both claim recourse; identity is not a replacement for the law Quite simply we shouldn’t be allowed as the high court has decided, to put in place laws that mean Indigenous Australians can be deported. I am however not advocating for no punishment for crimes committed.
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