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Climate Change, Mangrove Dieback

'Go out and see what's happening': Traditional owners call for action over climate change

'Go out and see what's happening': Traditional owners call for action over climate change


'Go out and see what's happening': Traditional owners call for action over climate change

Traditional owners are devastated by the lack of recovery at the site of Australia's worst mangrove dieback and are calling for action to limit climate change threats.

Scientists have said the severity of the mangrove dieback is on a par with Great Barrier Reef bleaching

The CSIRO is warning the world is not on track to halt sea level rise

But during a recent visit to the area for the first time since 2015, when she and her husband alerted the Northern Territory Government to the extent of the damage, she was devastated by the scene.

She said she wanted policy makers to see how climate change was affecting the land near her home on the Limmen River, 750 kilometres south of Darwin.

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Good to see the good old uneducated racist trolls coming out to play today! Say anything to discredit First Nations People. Shameless undesirable bunch of mayonnaise! 😂😂😂 don’t think so! One way to reduce emissions is to cut our ridiculously high rate of immigration. Otherwise we are just chasing our tails. auspol

nothing to worry about; it's a hoax... Politicians don’t go out. They just follow the talking points issued by the hacks in the PM’s office. Not allowed to see and think for themselves. I am actually impressed with the creativity of the fabricated stories to promote the AGW scam. Here are the facts;You learn to manage the environment and adapt to the changes, because there is absolutely nothing we can do to influence the climate.What is your next doomsday story?

The fundamentally deceptive aspect of this article is how they mix up environmental dynamics, of any cause, with climate change. There is actually little long term data on how dynamic these ecosystems are but the coast was once many kilometers out to sea during the last 50K years 'drop in sea levels' wait, isn't warming meant to make sea level higher LMFAO 😂🤣 🤦‍♂️

Very worrying that mangroves are being scorched. More bullshit about double the warming of elsewhere. How can everywhere be warming twice as much as everywhere else? 🤔 Look at Australia before himan occupation same as Europe the Sahara we as a species have altered the earth and we as a species now with all these years of knowledge behind us can do something

Signs good Scotland match will go ahead after another cancellationThe Rugby World Cup Pool B match between Namibia and Canada has been cancelled, but organisers are confident the Scotland-Japan match will be played. Unfortunately, the RWC is now null and void. Teams that haven’t played all their pool games have an unfair advantage or in Scotland’s case, an unfair disadvantage

Can you please explain how sea levels rise 3 times more in a very remote part of the country that basically cannot be verified by word of mouth as nobody goes there, than sea levels do in populated areas - intelligent people don't believe you Hey whaddaya know? International media are reporting this story which the ABC doesn't seem to consider news. It's about 'the PM', his best mate and the craziest conspriacy theory of the 21st century (so far).

TheirABC continuing with their ExtinctionRebellion mates press releases. The indigenous have their own weather forecast that is yearly not daily so they suppose to know exactly what's going on to plan things. Well if they have been here as long as they say they have they would know that climate comes in cycles.

And what action do the traditional owners think Australia can take that make any difference what so ever to Global Emissions. Should probably worry more about rampant drug and alcohol abuse, obesity, domestic violence and child abuse in their own communities before dishing out free advice

Embracing the jungle within — homemakers go crazy for indoor plantsHomemakers go crazy for indoor plants in social media-driven trend. Huge potential for mold issues, but this is probably more popular with extinction rebellion types so....carry on.

It's on: Japan v Scotland to go ahead in major relief for organisersTournament officials have announced the Pool A thriller will be played on Sunday night as scheduled. gee_rob Major relief for rugby fans!

'The world is waking up': Greta Thunberg back to work after missing out on Nobel Peace PrizeShe may not have won the Nobel Prize, but Greta Thunberg is back at work continuing to strike for climate change and calling out world leaders. The relentless propaganda machine must roll on. Nope. Back across the ocean for school. 15 minutes...almost up. Work?

'We are overexposed': Climate activists strip, march through city streetsApplying paint and sunscreen as they stripped to their undies the activists then chanted and waved flags as they marched along city streets. Slogans painted on bare chests and breasts included 'compost the rich'. klimateklowns The Age = Australian Pravda. Compost the rich? Yeah. I'd go with that.

Government warns of price hike if it listens to IMF's carbon-pricing pushThe Morrison government has dismissed international calls for a dramatic policy shift on climate change despite new warnings its will not meet its commitments. CroweDM Fossil fools and their fossil fuels 🤷‍♀️ CroweDM Look, we’d like to do something to prevent a climate apocalypse and the end of civilisation as we know it, but frankly it would just make electricity more expensive and might even cause people to use less. And of course that is completely unacceptable. CroweDM :(

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