Gladys Liu's Beijing confession deepens dispute over loyalty

The Morrison government has rallied around Gladys Liu, dismissing concerns over her loyalties as 'offensive' after questions surrounding her Beijing links.


Liberal backbencher Gladys Liu has admitted she was a member of a Chinese government propaganda unit in a sudden shift in position that has deepened a dispute over her loyalty to Australia. auspol

The Morrison government has rallied around Gladys Liu, dismissing concerns over her loyalties as 'offensive' after questions surrounding her Beijing links.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne said it was "offensive" to suggest that Ms Liu's previous associations suggested she was not fit and proper to sit in Parliament.

Labor's shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus accused Ms Liu of issuing a statement "written by the foreign minister" and said the the government had more questions to answer.

Mr Dreyfus said if spy agency ASIO had previously explored links between Chinese Communist Party propaganda arms and other members of state parliaments, the same scrutiny must be given to the every member of the federal Parliament.

Ms Liu said, as a new MP, she would be "learning from the experience".

"Last night in a TV interview I was not clear and I should have chosen my words better," she said.

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Well well well everyone you guys voted for them to keep your frankincredits and to get 1k in tax cuts a year keep selling your souls for a couple of extra dollars... Pity our Prime Minister doesn't have the respect for Parliament, or the Australian population, to answer the questions asked of him in Parliment regarding Gladys Liu!

ScottMorrisonMP if she stays then samdastyari should come back.... just sayin She should resign..... Agent provocateur Gladys Liu is doing a wonderful job with our Communist sympathisers Morrison, Porter and Dutton!! I'm Asian Australian and this female liberal is a disgrace to our community. Her citizenship must be stripped and she must get kicked out of this country.

Strip her citizenship and kick her out of the country. Whatta traitor! The Chinese communist will do what ever it takes to interfere our democracy. This Chinese 'Australian' is definitely the Chinese communist love child Has proven she is untrustworthy with 'can't remember' LIES Right then, so that would mean that GladysLiuMP lied to Parliament and the people? Oh, okay, well as she’s a LiberalAus rep that makes perfect sense. Strong preselection choices then scomo.... oh wait, you lied your way into preselection too didn’t you. auspol

Ha ha, Scumbag didn’t even know that he was being back doored by the Chinese. That’s what you get when you put delusional people with imaginary friends into positions of power. Spy

Gladys Liu 'cannot recall' being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilsThe Liberal backbencher is being urged to address Parliament over claims of her association with China's foreign influence operations. Resign! virgotweet We already knew she was a liar 🤥 How can she not 'recall' this? Either she was or she wasn't? A convenient memory loss - she needs to go. auspol ScottMorrisonMP

tlightly1 Surely she should resign ScottMorrisonMP ? And you might want to also dismiss whoever was responsible for allowing preselection. Has to resign. Sorry. And I don't vote Labor Urgh, God no. She's a double agent! SBS AlphWilliams How terribly convenient.... She needs to go, keeping her is spineless of Morrison. But alas a hypicrite he is, so wont hold my breathe. Smirkoffs Star candidate a chinese spy who would've thunked it.

Australian first & resign from China. OR China first and resign from Aust. Pretty simple! If she was a labor member things would be very different. If you really love this country , if our greatest Allie is still the USA ,then prove it scomo and do the right thing , get rid of the stench and flush the Liu !!

If she has lied then she should go She has no choice but to resign!

Liberal MP Gladys Liu denies links to Chinese governmentThe federal Liberal MP says she 'cannot recall' whether she was a member of Beijing-linked groups and refused to call the Chinese President 'a dictator'. rharris334 rharris334 Impossible to not remember. She is trying to save face. Dig deeper and remove her from parliament rharris334 “YUM CHA” SPY IN DISGUISE 👏👏👏

Bloody traitor Yes come on Australian press you have to keep hammering the LNP for her resignation. Totally unacceptable. Dastyari had to resign and this government has to be held to the same account. Desperate to be seen as “diverse”, “inclusive”, “tolerant”, - all the social constructs which allow liberals to create any world they want - both the LNP & ALP have stupidly walked right into a Chinese trap and, what’s worse, won’t admit the error of their ways and fix it.

Dishonest is her Achilles heel Another blatant example of how low Australian politics has sunk. Due diligence as part of pre-qualification and overall governance again looks to be zero. Absolute crooks like Salim Mehajer ares till very real chances to get into politics. EMBARRASSED EXPAT Prime minister: We will like Gladys Liu to resign now, otherwise next election we will not support you.

Ew If Gladys Stays in Parliament. WHY CANT AUST HAVE 5g from China I'm just worried about her vulnerability to approaches from Beijing If as she says they can put your name on this list then you are being promoted as a supporter of the communist regime If she had promoted herself as against the PRC they would have responded that's the problem

Oh wow. And we hyperventilated over the Section 43 issues.

Calls to refer Liberal MP Gladys Liu to security agencies over China linksLiberal MP Gladys Liu is under pressure to explain her links to a Chinese government-linked group with one crossbench senator calling for the matter to be referred to security agencies. To this day I’ve still never heard anything credible come from Rex Patrick. auspol Whatever happened to the AEC scandal regarding her electorate? How about Scott Morrison doing some explaining.

There is nothing offensive about the investigation. she lied. 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇦🇺 odds Gladys Liu burns us. Don't worry about it...... Dan will give her a job in Victoria. Hey aren’t the Age part of the Lib govt propaganda unit now? Oh, no that’s right, that’s just what superior dickheads on Twitter like to think. As you were.

Omg - we are in serious do do - if the libs protect - it sends a clear message to Aust people that China runs this country - a bloody disgrace Morrison !!!!! So how’s this sit with islands being built in the middle the ocean to be able to impede shipping, trade negotiations or our alliance system As a Hong Kong born person her silence on the protests in HK, the brutality of police & threat of action by the PLA as well as action by mainland Chinese students is interesting.

She should have resigned. Her disloyalty to Australia is a fact. She must resign! She is not representing her constiuents, but representing a foreign government and may still be An agent of that government, and may have lied on her security clearance form. She should resign and declare herself as a representative of a foreign government .

Gladys Liu fails to dispel links to Chinese communist party | Sky News AustraliaLiberal MP Gladys Liu has failed to explain why her name appeared on documents from a council with connections to Chinese political influence operations. \n\nMs Liu is being scrutinised over alleged links to the Communist Party of China. \n\nSpeaking to Sky News host Andrew Bolt, Ms Liu denied being a member of the council or being a mouthpiece for the party and refused to condemn Beijing's actions in the South China Sea. \n\nShe also evaded questions about what she thought of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a dictator and said it was not a question for her to answer. \n\nMs Liu said she was focused on serving her seat of Chisholm in Victoria. \n\nLabor Senator Penny Wong condemned Ms Lui’s interview and called it a “test” for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n Denial is always the first line of defence! Simple. LIU She is a big liar. We want her testify in front of parliamentary committees or Royal Commission. PM must act now.

I don’t Believe in her!!!! Trish_Corry She would have been right at home at the IPA then. CLP CLP So she has to resign ... clearly lied auspol ScottMorrisonMP LiberalAus Resign! After the conduct in her electorate during the election, with utterly false signage aimed at Chinese voters, and her clearly dodgy position on this latest issue, I have decided this woman is perfectly suited to the Morrison government and well qualified for a cabinet post.

GladysLiuMP- time for you to resign. As one of her local constituents, could not have felt more disenfranchised during the campaign. Clearly not interested in representing everyone. Piss her off!! She's a spy!! The Chinese cannot be trusted.

Under pressure to explain China links, Gladys Liu cuts Chinese business tiesLiberal MP Gladys Liu says she will conduct an audit of her membership of Chinese community groups, as she faces pressure over alleged links to Chinese government-linked groups. Wouldn't it be better for Victoria police to do the audit independent of the federal government? GladysLiuMP She will do her own audit? Are we expected to take that seriously? What !! Conduct and audit , what a fool we have in parliament if she does not know which is utter rubbish she like many are avoiding this issue she is influenced by BJ totally

Resign. ladysglue Sleeper. Hi Gladys, bye Gladys.. Dodge. Easy to get elected in Oz..incompetent This is a test for Scott Morrison's leadership, just as Sam Dastyari was a test of Bill Shorten's leadership. Witch-hunt what can she tell Being that they don’t already know? Makes good headline James Bond spy thriller Destyari much worse

“I’m OK with the Chinese government putting people into our Parliament!” Nobody can trust this MP any more. China is the Hitler of this Century

Gladys Liu confirms being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilLiberal backbencher Gladys Liu admits she was a member of organisation linked to China's foreign interference operations. So now she will stand aside for a new election in Chisholm? GladysLiuMP Rosebud what the hell are our Intelligence agencies been doing

She’s gotta go as 🧨🧨🧨🧨 for the government. As Aussie-Asian living in Melbourne for over 20 years, I did not feel proud to see her win a seat. I did not feel represented. Gut feeling said: cannot be trusted. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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