Gladys Liu's Beijing confession deepens dispute over loyalty

Liberal MP Gladys Liu admits she was part of a Chinese government propaganda unit

11/09/2019 11:47:00 PM

Liberal MP Gladys Liu admits she was part of a Chinese government propaganda unit

The Morrison government has rallied around Gladys Liu, dismissing concerns over her loyalties as 'offensive' after questions surrounding her Beijing links.

Senior government figures are bracing for "more to come" in the saga, with experienced staff likely to be deployed to Ms Liu's office by the end of the week.Ms Liu had not notified anyone in the government of her decision to appear on Sky News Australia with presenter Andrew Bolt to answer questions over her past associations raised by the ABC on Tuesday.

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Foreign Minister Marise Payne said it was "offensive" to suggest that Ms Liu's previous associations suggested she was not fit and proper to sit in Parliament.Loading"The member is duly elected as the representative of the people of Chisholm," she said.

Labor's shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus accused Ms Liu of issuing a statement "written by the foreign minister" and said the the government had more questions to answer."We've got here, on its face, the potential for direct links between a newly elected Member of Parliament and the propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party," Mr Dreyfus told the ABC.

"It's not good enough because she needs to front the Parliament, as does the Prime Minister."Mr Dreyfus said if spy agency ASIO had previously explored links between Chinese Communist Party propaganda arms and other members of state parliaments, the same scrutiny must be given to the every member of the federal Parliament.

Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick said the revelations about Ms Liu were a "cause for serious concern" and said Mr Morrison should "seek advice from ASIO"."She needs to think long and hard about her past connections and needs to be open and upfront about what occurred," Senator Patrick said.

Ms Liu said, as a new MP, she would be "learning from the experience".She also clarified that she does not believe China is a democracy and reaffirmed her support for Australia's stance on its military expansion in the South China Sea.Loading

"Last night in a TV interview I was not clear and I should have chosen my words better," she said."Australia's longstanding position on the South China Sea is consistent and clear. We do not take sides on competing territorial claims but we call on all claimants to resolve disputes peacefully and in accordance with international law."

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Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong compared the situation with Liberal Party calls in 2017 to force out ex-ALP senator Sam Dastyari for his links with Chinese donors. Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

So we had a Chinese Communist spy in our Democracy ScottMorrisonMP here's a tip for you to find an ethnic Chinese candidate without any tie with Chinese Communist. Taiwanese background. Period. auspol GladysLiuMP Sack her Get RID of her ... she would be as untrustworthy as Mao ... lies lies lies she speaks with forked tongue.

Now, about Dutton's eligibility... Time to go Ms Liu - follow Sam's lead - surely the appropriate thing to do. 😳 Apalling. Whoever do we trust in Government... 🥺 Just resign now GladysLiuMP noplaceforsheep Ironic, given the government is purportedly liberal/conservative rather than identifying as being on the political left.

Was a member? Keep digging. Just wonder back in 60s and 70s if pollies that were once a member of the communist party had to resign too or were pushed out. ? If there were some ? This government is incapable of ever admitting it made a mistake, fixing it, and moving on. Are you sure about that Removing this CCP asset will be a test of leadership for ScottMorrisonMP . Considering the rest of his career, I have no confidence in his passing it.

MSMWatchdog2013 I eat Chinese food.. I wear Chinese made clothes I buy Chinese made good. My Chinese Made Smart TV. My Chinese made washing machine. I have a phone that was made in China.. It doesn't mean I am a Spy for the Chinese Government. this woman is Hong Kong born ! fleeing to aus, enjoying freedom and working for chinazi ! SHAME ON YOU

Sack her Admits to being a Chinese spy. ScottMorrisonMP's seriously misread 'quiet Australians' view on GladysLiuMP. ASIO raised national security issues. Preselection issues. High Court case re how-to-vote misinfo and AEC-colour signs on 'how to make a legal vote'. Qns re who funded her extensive campaign. auspol

Should step down The sooner our true leader Rupert Murdoch puts a stop to this Saga the better I’m thinking about changing my name to Gladys.. it seems to work wonders for despotic characters despite their ethnicity..even the most racist of regimes welcome them into their origami folds The spy within. Has she got dual citizenship btw?

How is this allowed We have an agent of the Chinese communist party in our own parliament this is a MAJOR security risk and treasonous behavior by LNP she should resign immediately!! And then she resigned ...not iwantmynbn If ScottMorrisonMP won’t force Gladys Liu to resign then it proves Australia needs a fully independent Federal ICAC now! whatruhiding auspol

Foreign interference is a greater threat than terrorism according to Duncan Lewis, retiring head of ASIO. Why is the federal government ignoring this threat? Morrison needs to put Australia's interests before those of the Liberal Party. Time to deport her Everyone knows Really? Must have had an arfa moment? Quite catchy in the lnp

Hey ScottMorrison I think this belated admittance has grubby undertones don’t you? agentLui No look good Gladys Time to go She has lied and cannot be trusted especially in the position of power that she is currently in. She should resign or be sacked. Time to resign from the liberal party and resign from the parliament Gladys 😠

Morrison attacked San Dastyari over mythical allegiance to Australia. Sam has more love of Australia in his little finger than Liu has in her whole body. While I wouldn't call her an enemy agent, but her loyalties must be questioned and if it turns out she is an active plant for the ChiComs, she has no place in our government. But neither has 'Ann' Aly for that matter, and a few others.

Ouch. tilly64 This only reinforces that the election was rigged and there is too much Chinese influence in govt - Forget border protection as the enemy is already within tilly64 Considering the LNP's love for all things China, it does not surprise me as they are traitors to Australia - The only thing that the govt considers is in theirs and the national interest is China

Bukumbooee This diaper will not be changed till it starts leaking all over the sanctuous floor of the Parliament, coz that’s the standard LNP has set for everything. Typical neoLiberal Party politician - corrupt, sheltered and self-serving at every turn HkarterKarter of course she was - makes ScottMorrisonMP's presser this morning even more embarrassing defending the indefensible - Morrison should resign as well auspol

She's ambivalent but in fairness to her Australia encourages ambivalence in immigrants. She needs to resign or they should sack her. The lies she told- who believes they just add your name It’s an honor and privilege for them to be on those committees and they don’t just add anyone. There’s a whole process that they go through beforehand.

Get rid of her. Kick her out of parliament. Is she dual citizen? So now she’s remembered and that makes it all right ? Meanwhile, 7 News and the Murdoch media pump out Taylor Swift content. I am trying to work out if Murdoch / Stokes' attack dog Bolt's grilling of Liu was fair dinkum or strategically showing that the LNP press was exploring... We shall see.

LNP showing double standards. auspol Sack her immediately. This is a big chance for & AlboMP and labor to gain some valuable votes .. they need to attack Ms Liu and her links to China Is that so different from her current membership of the LNP propaganda unit? derpnik So concerns over her Communist Party membership & questions of loyalty are fucking 'offensive'? But it was OK for Sam Dastyari to be accused of treason & hounded out of Parliament despite being neither a traitor nor disloyal?

Off you go, Gladys! Hey ShanghaiScott you need to get rid of this potential spy immediately. She's a foreign agent if she's dual national or Chinese born will Dutton deport her? This ScottMorrisonMP Govt spends millions on forcing a family onto Christmas Island who are loved and wanted in a small rural Australian community but support and back this suspect MP. God help Australia

ScottMorrisonMP guess you've got a choice to make, but if course you won't. LNPfail Spy? Qldaah Only a matter of time before she’s booted out Going to be fun watching MorrisScum defend the indefensible She’s gotta go! LNP trying to one-up Labor again. Not satisfied with just taking money from the Chinese Communist Party they’ve gone one better and taken members too

She needs to be removed from our Australian parliament. Resign immediately Righto. Fk border protection. LiberalAus are a risk to national security. That seat she holds should be investigated even the person running against her on the labor side should be investigated too 🤔 how much influence does the Chinese have in Australia politics.

And that she’s a serial liar... it's more than offensive she's in such a powerful position that they are supporting her This demonstrates the failure of the Liberal machine to do a proper background check. Goodbye Gladys. Gladys ffs! What is with Chinese ppl adopting anglo names? Are they ashamed of their real names or do they make the racist assumption that ppl won't be able to pronounce them?

Under our Constitution, sec 41 I believe, anyone beholden to a foreign power is not suitable for election, or to hold a seat in parliament. This is but the tip of a very large iceberg, IMO. Unlike the Antarctic 'bergs', this is one that keeps growing. Chinese Communist Party spy Gladys Liu, a member of the LNP's Morrison government, a sitting member in our Australian Parliament. How can this be? auspol

Amazingly, a member of Chinese Communist Party becomes a member of Australian Parliament abcnews SBSNews Resigned or sacked! No excuse for a liar in the parliament. This is disgusting, where is the grinning prick now. GladysLiu must be made to step down just as samdastyari had to. This is, in fact, way worse than anything Sam did. I wonder if the LNP will apply the same rules to their own party as they do to Labor. auspol LNPfail

Add Gladys Liu to the list of LYING grubby politicians Well, to be fair, everything attached in any way to any part of the Chinese State is also, by definition, tied to the CCP and the political agenda of that newly minted dictator for life, Xi. A security assessment has no doubt been carried out and if the PM sticks with her, ok.

These are the red flags that ASIO raised over GladysLiuMP. And the ones that ScottMorrisonMP has clearly ignored. Resign I want to know . Who were the geniuses that preselected this woman for this seat without doing a thorough background check. Seriously?! Why are these players in position to dictate policy/laws/funding etc? She needs to go.

Perhaps those born overseas should not be allowed to sit in our parliament? How many foreigners (Penny Wong, Sam Dastyari, Gladys Liu, et al) have proven they are not loyal to Australia and Australian values? Where f—led Get rid of her the communist filth deniseshrivell ZaiJian Gladys Resign. ladysglue

Moreison has to fire her as he excoriated, correctly, Sam Dastyari. Listen to his words. Gladys can stay but samdastyari was a double agent Must go. The Australian people have been hoodwinked by this inept Federal Government again. She needs to resign immediately. Her political view violates Liberal Party and Australian 'Free Navigation' policy, either resign or being sacked by liberal

“Immigration Minister Peter Dutton calls Labor senator Sam Dastyari a 'double agent' and says he must resign from the Senate.” Kick her out traitor deniseshrivell But hey those AEC purple Chinese language posters outside polling booths were not propaganda - YEAH RIGHT Thus how are we to be absolutely guaranteed that she is still not a security risk and a propaganda agent. No.mater what she does there will always be that question. And if she has changed then why haven't we seen a much forthright stand by her on Hong Kong.

Resign or sack her. Was good enough for Dastyari. She should cut ties with all her former Chinese organisations most definitely Like every other dirty liberal, she wont apologise or resign or show regret. She will dig her self-entitled heels in. Morrison wont sack her. In 3 months time she will still be sitting there mooching off the taxpayer while taking orders from Beijing.

why not say that right from the start. let her confess. Bye bye deniseshrivell So much for tough border security- what did Dutton do to protect us all from this bloody schemozzle ScottMorrisonMP How good is having a spy on your backbench! SHE SHOULD RESIGN immediately!!!!!!!! Wtf is this traitor still walking around parliment for? Is there any law to protect our nation from people like her?

VickieLouise7 So the LNP has communists in their ranks? Interesting given they accuse Labor and the Greens of just that. The china way....lie and deny until it’s so damn obvious you can’t do it anymore. WTF Reds have come out from under the Bed, and are now in Parliament for the LNP. How times have changed.

Kick her OUT she is not fit to be in any decision process shame on those who voted for this evil scum She has to resign. As well as a homophobe. He’s not a good judge of character is he? How good are Chinese spies. Much better than Australian spies in China. They stand out like a sore thumb. Yep .. as dinky die as an Aussie Loo 🚽

How good is Gladys Liu ScottMorrisonMP auspol If ScottMorrisonMP we’re partially fairdinkum he would be requesting the resignation of Ms. Liu. She is abandoned by the people from her birthplace. Millions of CCP loyalists are infiltrating all western democratic countries, from flooding SM, universities, housing to owning major shares in large corporations. CCP Goal: To destablize and destroy US and allies. StayWoke

it takes a lot of tongue twisting to get her to confess How good is Scott Morrison? Looks like Kroger , in his rush to capture the Chinese vote, didn’t do his due diligence. I think it’s time to sack her for those ties, they’ve sacked other politicians for far less

Gladys Liu 'cannot recall' being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilsThe Liberal backbencher is being urged to address Parliament over claims of her association with China's foreign influence operations. Resign! virgotweet We already knew she was a liar 🤥 How can she not 'recall' this? Either she was or she wasn't? A convenient memory loss - she needs to go. auspol ScottMorrisonMP

Liberal MP Gladys Liu denies links to Chinese governmentThe federal Liberal MP says she 'cannot recall' whether she was a member of Beijing-linked groups and refused to call the Chinese President 'a dictator'. rharris334 rharris334 Impossible to not remember. She is trying to save face. Dig deeper and remove her from parliament rharris334 “YUM CHA” SPY IN DISGUISE 👏👏👏

Calls to refer Liberal MP Gladys Liu to security agencies over China linksLiberal MP Gladys Liu is under pressure to explain her links to a Chinese government-linked group with one crossbench senator calling for the matter to be referred to security agencies. To this day I’ve still never heard anything credible come from Rex Patrick. auspol Whatever happened to the AEC scandal regarding her electorate? How about Scott Morrison doing some explaining.

Gladys Liu fails to dispel links to Chinese communist party | Sky News AustraliaLiberal MP Gladys Liu has failed to explain why her name appeared on documents from a council with connections to Chinese political influence operations. \n\nMs Liu is being scrutinised over alleged links to the Communist Party of China. \n\nSpeaking to Sky News host Andrew Bolt, Ms Liu denied being a member of the council or being a mouthpiece for the party and refused to condemn Beijing's actions in the South China Sea. \n\nShe also evaded questions about what she thought of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a dictator and said it was not a question for her to answer. \n\nMs Liu said she was focused on serving her seat of Chisholm in Victoria. \n\nLabor Senator Penny Wong condemned Ms Lui’s interview and called it a “test” for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n Denial is always the first line of defence! Simple. LIU She is a big liar. We want her testify in front of parliamentary committees or Royal Commission. PM must act now.

Under pressure to explain China links, Gladys Liu cuts Chinese business tiesLiberal MP Gladys Liu says she will conduct an audit of her membership of Chinese community groups, as she faces pressure over alleged links to Chinese government-linked groups. Wouldn't it be better for Victoria police to do the audit independent of the federal government? GladysLiuMP She will do her own audit? Are we expected to take that seriously? What !! Conduct and audit , what a fool we have in parliament if she does not know which is utter rubbish she like many are avoiding this issue she is influenced by BJ totally

Gladys Liu confirms being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilLiberal backbencher Gladys Liu admits she was a member of organisation linked to China's foreign interference operations. So now she will stand aside for a new election in Chisholm? GladysLiuMP Rosebud what the hell are our Intelligence agencies been doing