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'Get on your knees': Inquiry told female mine worker allegedly propositioned for sex at Rio, FMG

'Get on your knees': Inquiry told female mine worker allegedly propositioned for sex at Rio, FMG

17/09/2021 11:01:00 AM

'Get on your knees': Inquiry told female mine worker allegedly propositioned for sex at Rio, FMG

Astacia Stevens alleges men on several mine sites asked her for sexual favours in exchange for career advancement. She declined, is on maternity leave and is scared to go back.

1300 224 636Ms Stevens also said she felt so uncomfortable at the gym, that she only used it in the early hours of the morning when no-one else was there."I used to have to get up at 3:00am to go to the gym. When I used the gym after my shifts, men employed by Macmahon would always follow me back from the gym to see where I was staying.

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"I know this because when I'd leave the gym, men would leave at exactly the same time and I could see them following me."I felt safer to get up at 3:00am when no-one else was generally awake to go to the gym."I tried to do what I could to avoid men and sexual harassment."

Ms Stevens works at Rio Tinto but says she previously worked as a contractor at FMG.()Ms Stevens believes date rape is prevalentThe submission also alleges Ms Stevens believes other female colleagues were drugged and raped at Rio sites."I am almost certain, but without any proof, that women are being drugged at mine sites and then being raped by men, which the men are passing off as consensual and the women are too scared to report, because nothing is ever done about it but women do discuss these things in confidence with other girls.

"I know this because women colleagues would often say to me, 'I did have a drink, but I didn't drink that much, but I can't remember anything about how I woke up in that man's bed'."Liberal MP Libby Mettam is chairing the inquiry.

(ABC News: Eliza Borrello)The submission also alleges female workers were vilified if they were found to have made complaints about the harassment, and that "a lot" of women did not feel safe to say no to sexual advances."There was always safety presentations and meetings given by Rio Tinto, but there were never any presentations on sexual harassment and the workplace," she said.

"It was almost as if though sexual harassment did not matter to the companies."Find more local newsTell us your location and find more local ABC News and informationCEO condemns alleged harassmentFMG chief executive Elizabeth Gaines said the allegations of sexual harassment made by Ms Stevens "concern behaviour that is completely unacceptable".

"There is no place for harassment of any kind at Fortescue or in any workplace, and we are taking decisive action to ensure our workplaces remain safe for everyone," she said."In line with our zero-tolerance approach to harassment, bullying and intimidation, we will continue to strongly encourage all our team to speak up.

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"All complaints are taken seriously and are investigated and handled in accordance with our values." Read more: ABC News »

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