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Georgia is an Australian living in New York. She says she'll no longer be silent

'I used my foreignness as an excuse': Australian in NY says she'll no longer be silent

3/06/2020 11:45:00 AM

'I used my foreignness as an excuse': Australian in NY says she'll no longer be silent

Georgia Frances King has been protesting on the streets for four days' straight and says being a foreigner will no longer keep her from speaking out, as protests continue across the US over George Floyd 's death in police custody.

Key points:Georgia Frances King says the protesters are fighting for the "wholesale mindset change of a nation"New Yorker Marcus Morris says Donald Trump is more likely to respond the larger the crowds areAustralian Vadim Dale, a police officer in Kentucky, says he is questioning his career and his future in the US

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As an outsider in America, she says she felt it was not appropriate to get involved in some of the deeper issues affecting her adopted homeland.But her outlook changed with the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.And Ms Frances King has spent the past four days protesting on the streets.

"What I've realised about being a foreigner here is that for too long I used my foreignness as an excuse not to fight for the civil liberties of my neighbours," Ms Frances King told 7.30.Georgia Frances King has been living in New York for seven years.

(Supplied: Georgia Frances King)"I used to say that I wasn't from here and I let that be the reason why I didn't understand, or I said the wrong thing, or I didn't engage."It made me realise that these kinds of issues go far beyond any version of nationality."

She said if the protests at the beginning were a "cry to arrest the first cop in Minneapolis", they were now a "guttural cry, a primal scream"."What are we fighting for? It's not just a to-do list. It's for a wholesale mindset change of a nation."

'Trump responds to visual things'Marcus Morris says he has always been wary of police.(ABC News)Fellow New Yorker Marcus Morris says people like Ms Frances King are more than welcome at the protests."I think the strength is in the numbers. I think Donald Trump responds specifically to visual things. He went on and on about his own inauguration, so seeing these large crowds will definitely, hopefully, make him take action and treat this case of George Floyd with the seriousness it deserves," said Mr Morris, who is mixed race.

He grew up in rural Ohio and has always been wary of police."When you're young and black in America you learn really quickly that the police aren't necessarily meant to protect and serve you, even though that's their motto," he said.

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"You learn that you have to obey, even though you know there's injustice."I've always known that the police were someone to be feared in a way that they could take your life."'I'm questioning my career and future'Police officer Vadim Dale says he understands the "heartache and the anger directed towards police".

(ABC News)Australian Vadim Dale has worked as a police officer and detective in Louisville, Kentucky for more than a decade.He says the current crisis is making him question whether he should stay there."I knew this was going to weigh heavy on my heart and it has, and it is, and I don't know where tomorrow leads for me," he said.

"I'm questioning my career and future, and do I bring my family back to Australia and try something new?"Australian Vadim Dale is a police officer in Kentucky.(Supplied)Officer Dale knew David McAtee, a restaurant owner in Louisville who was shot and killed when police and soldiers were responding to protesters.

"'YaYa' we called him," Officer Dale said."I'd spent nearly 10 years down there in the West End. Just a super, super nice guy."I can almost guarantee that he wasn't there on either side, he was just trying to sell food. And he'd fed me and some of my partners many a time."

Officer Dale said he understood the "heartache and the anger directed towards police" across America."I've always understood that. However, the rioting, the looting, the burning, the destructive acts, the violence, the destruction, the criminal acts — I cannot understand that, I cannot fathom that. That's certainly not going to help us get to a resolve," he said.

As a policeman, he said he had felt the overwhelming distrust from African American communities."It's heartbreaking when someone's looking at you and they've painted you with that broad brush. You're white, you're a cop, you're stereotyped, you're a racist, and you're a piece of you know what," he said.

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"That weighs heavy on someone emotionally vested for over a decade in resolving issues for people in this community." Read more: ABC News »

I wonder what these goons did when NYC was enforcing draconian lockdown rules recently? Did they not remain silent and protested then too? Because if they didn't then this is all just a 'show', nothing more than obnoxious hypocrisy. How amazingly New York has flipped suddenly from enduring apocalyptic covid19 outbreak to spontaneous SJW virtue signalling and ABC has got hold of these Australian goons living in NY to champion the propaganda. Gold star 🌟 for Fake News propagation, ABC. 'Well done' 👏👏

More propaganda. Good on ya ABC. Wow. If this was my attempt at internet 15 mins of fame I would have taken a better pic. Or worn some makeup? Completely transparent piece of crap from a nobody who wants to be a life coach or something just as meaningless. Please stay in NY Fake news Why in the middle of a movement that should amplify black voices did think hearing from white Australians living in the US would be good to broadcast? You made no effort to interview black community members that are impacted by these issues directly. ToneDeaf

Where are your concerns about the thousands of black on black deaths in poor suburbs of Chicago ? Why don’t you investigate the facts before dropping in on a crisis . Try not being silent in your own country. She isnt a real ally until she's been shot in the eye with a rubber bullet. Until then, its just hot air.

Where does the ABC find these trash? You so woke Eesh, a lot of tone deafness in that article, especially from that cop. Also seems like a few bots responding to this trying to get stünnîngandbråve trending. Can someone please show this young person how to make her mask effective. Big gaps either side of her nose, rendering it fairly useless. So many masks fitted badly - get it right, it matters!!

Who really gives a rats arse what she really thinks No one cares. 🙄 Defund/Privatise their ABC now! Get out of there, girl. It’s a hell hole Stunning and brave So brave She has been there for seven years, it dosent count. All victims of Left ideology, RIP. She isn't being paid to voice her own confected moral outrage, and Officer Skippy is welcome to compare local distrust with what he would find policing Western Sydney.

The hypocrite Left. What a joke! Are you people serious?! stunningandbrave i woke up this morning turned on the news thought fuck it I'll have a cup of tea and no one cares It blows my mind that we as a human race can't be tolerant of other people regardless of skin colour. This should be a wake up call that all lives matter and that as a race, we should all be accountable. The crazy part is that our legal systems are so broken that they aren't.

Disingenuous leftist dribble. I'm embarrassed that Americans might think that Australians are like this virtue signaling attention seeker. Kazza Loser Stunning and Brave Stunning and brave We don't need that police officer in Australia Leftist crap. No boys bias at ABC or forget my tax dollars. That is a brave woman. I used that reason - actually excuse - for many years overseas. Its not my place. Its none of my business. Its a risk. All of them true and not enough to avoid helping. Being there, giving support is the price you pay for your own freedom.

Stay there bitch Kangaroo lives matter!

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