Gas company spots new population of critically endangered shark as it prepares to build pipeline

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The critically endangered shark was spotted by gas-giant ConocoPhillips during preparations for its new Barossa gas pipeline.

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In a statement, ConocoPhillips said its independent scientific advice was that its operations were not expected to have significant impacts on wildlife in the area, including the grey nurse sharks.

"Four grey nurse sharks were observed during baseline studies at a seamount in around 130-160m water depth approximately 18 km to the west of the Barossa offshore development area. "It involves sea floor modification and the other aspect is the long term impacts if you have increased shipping movements up and down that coast of the West Tiwi Islands over the next 20 years, it has a massive impact on wildlife.

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Stop the production of the pipeline now! The grey nurse sharks are very important and are a very gentle species of shark.

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