Frydenberg defends ex-Macquarie boss Moore's role in Virgin rescue

3/05/2020 11:30:00 PM

Frydenberg defends ex-Macquarie boss Moore's role in Virgin rescue

Frydenberg defends ex-Macquarie boss Moore's role in Virgin rescue

Former Macquarie boss Nicholas Moore still has financial interests in the investment bank, which is a creditor and bidder for Virgin.

Larger text size Very large text size Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has defended Nicholas Moore's role in the administration process for Virgin Australia despite the former Macquarie chief’s financial interests in the investment bank, which is also a potential bidder for the collapsed airline.Kim Jong-un with female soldiers – he maintains a twisted 'Pleasure Squad' of women, the sick creation of his grandfather.AFL chief Gillon McLachlan says there is "more optimism and confidence" that the league will return to play, and games could plausibly resume some time in June.He's a former assistant commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, a former rugby league player and soon-to-be-former chief executive of Australia’s anti-doping body ASADA.

Mr Moore, who ran the $34 billion investment bank for a decade before retiring in 2018, was the largest individual shareholder in Macquarie according to its 2019 annual report.He also could be entitled to bonus shares worth tens of millions of dollars as part of his pay arrangements after leaving the bank.Source:The Sun Kim was spotted alive , smashing rumours about the brutal dictator's health and even his potential death after he disappeared from the public eye three weeks ago.Nicholas Moore was a star witness at the Hayne banking royal commission which found little fault with the financial services giant compared to other banking groups.However the league chief later acknowledged that there was now a possibility that the hubs would not prove necessary.Credit: JOEL CARRETT Macquarie has in recent days emerged as one of the potential bidders for Virgin, teaming up with Canadian investment powerhouse Brookfield for a possible tilt at the carrier.And it's within the walls of his ultra-protected palaces that his Pleasure Squad provide entertainment for high-ranking North Korean officials.Virgin was put into administration on April 20 after it was crushed by COVID-19 travel restrictions." SIA will amalgamate ASADA, the little known National Integrity in Sport Unit, and various functions of Sport Australia — such as child protection — into one body with the chief executive handed sole discretionary powers.

It owes its creditors $7 billion.It's made even more disturbing by the fact that some members of the Pleasure Squad are said to have been as young as 13, taken directly out of school into sex Morrison government appointed Mr Moore as its special adviser on Virgin two days after the airline’s collapse into administration.Mr Moore is receiving $1 (including GST) for his work for the government where he is liaising between the Treasurer's office and Virgin's administrators, Deloitte.Here's the disturbing story of how the Pleasure Squad was founded — and was brought back on the orders of Kim Jong-un.Advertisement Asked how his office had handled Mr Moore's potential conflict of interest, Mr Frydenberg said in a statement: “Mr Moore is working with officials from the Departments of Treasury, Finance and Infrastructure to provide advice to the Government and engage with the administrator..His engagement was conducted in accordance with established processes, which included a declaration of personal interests.Picture: Ahn Young-joon/AP Source:AP The Pleasure Squad or Kippumjo began during the reign of North Korea's founder, Kim Il-sung, who is still considered the country's Eternal President, despite dying in 1994." The new body will work with established sports integrity units such as those at the NRL and AFL as well as working with second- or third-tier sports and community sport organisations that may be vulnerable.

” Macquarie declined to comment.Comment was also sought from Mr Moore via Mr Frydenberg's office.Some of them also began working as maids, but the most sexually attractive were ordered to become "comfort women" for powerful officials." Coronavirus update: Follow the latest news in our daily wrap.Several sources who have had dealings with Mr Moore over the years have described the banker as a man of the utmost integrity and a person who will deliver the best outcome for taxpayers regardless of any indirect financial interest he might have in any of the parties involved.Mr Moore's ongoing financial interests in Macquarie came to light after administrators Deloitte said 20 potential bidders had expressed an interest in taking over Virgin, eight of which had signed non-disclosure agreements to get access to its data room.Kim Il-sung targeted virgins specifically because he believed having sex with them allowed him to absorb a girl's "ki" or life-force.Multiple sources close to creditors and bidders for the company have taken Mr Moore's appointment as a sign the federal government may still step in to ensure a deal gets over the line and to ensure Virgin avoids liquidation.Stage two,."We need to make sure people are aware of that and have the right policies in place to be able to target organised crime and prevent it from coming into their sports.

Private equity firm BGH is considered the front runner, with mining billionaire Andrew 'Twiggy" Forrest emerging last week as another possible contender.The girls would then be kept in party leaders' mansions and were expected to do whatever they were told.Along with a potential interest in the rescue of Virgin, Macquarie's aircraft leasing business is also a creditor to Virgin.It leases two Airbus A320s and one Boeing 737s to Virgin, with estimated monthly payments of around $US600,000 ($930,000) or just over $US7 million ($11 million) a year.Kim Jong-n, centre, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol Ju, right, waves to the crowd as they inspect the Rungna People's Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang.Macquarie's 2019 annual report says Mr Moore's equity interests will be unlocked over a two-year period from May 2019.Some of these shares are known as performance share units and will only be received by Mr Moore if Macquarie continues to perform well over the two years after his departure.Some are expected to sing and dance, while others primarily give massages and are sometimes even sent overseas for their training.This week the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) finalised its investigation into 298 Russian athletes implicated in state-sanctioned doping while the American Department of Justice continues to make arrests after a years-long investigation into bribery and money laundering inside world football's governing body FIFA.

He left the bank on November 30, 2018."Upon leaving Macquarie, subject to the board determining there has been no malus or post employment event, he will, over the next two years be eligible to receive his previously retained but unvested profit share amounts," the report says.After Kim Il-sung's death, his son, Kim Jong-il, maintained the Pleasure Squad and had a string of mistresses to boot.The report also says Mr Moore is also due to review performance share units if the bank reaches certain financial milestones over the next two years.Based on Friday's closing share price, the 629,536 restricted share units held by Mr Moore at March 31, 2019, are worth about $61 million.Kenji Fujimoto, a sushi chef who worked for the Kims between 1989 and 2001, claimed that Kim Jong-il's brother, Jang Song Thaek, would "audition" girls for the dictator during his reign.This amount is on top of the 1,896,834 shares Mr Moore directly held in Macquarie at the time of the 2019 annual report.

Those shares, if still held by Mr Moore, are now worth $183 million."There would be separate auditions for dancers.Loading It is unknown whether any parcels of his shares were made available to him during Macquarie's 2020 financial year.Macquarie will release its 2020 annual report next week which will provide an update on how many units Mr Moore continues to have the rights to." The cook said in order to get the auditions, girls would have to have sex with Jang Song Thaek first.The Hayne Royal Commission lauded Macquarie's pay structure as the best in the industry because its profit share model directly aligns management interests with those of shareholders.The amount Macquarie is owed from Virgin Australia and the amount it could earn from participating in any bid is not expected to be material to the group, which generated close to $12 billion in annual revenue in its last report.Jang Song Thaek was blown to pieces by anti-aircraft machine guns before his remains were incinerated by flamethrowers.


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