Fraudster jailed for stealing $340,000 from Catholic Church to fund 'indulgent' lifestyle - ABC News

5/05/2020 10:32:00 AM

Security worker jailed for stealing $340,000 from Catholic Church to fund 'indulgent' lifestyle

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Security worker jailed for stealing $340,000 from Catholic Church to fund 'indulgent' lifestyle

An Adelaide mother is jailed for stealing from the Catholic Church to pay for expensive overseas holidays and indulgent consumer goods, while a former accountant is also sentenced for stealing from his clients.

The court heard she stole at least $340,000 between 2010 and 2014"In short, this was protracted, calculated dishonestly over a prolonged period [and involved] a large sum of money to fund an indulgent lifestyle," SA District Court Judge Stephen McEwen said during sentencing.

Judge McEwen said evidence from a forensic accountant found that Keen stole a minimum of $340,000 between July 2010 and May 2014."She continues to deny the thefts in the face of what is plainly overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence."Stealing 'from Peter to pay Paul, then repay Peter'

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I wonder if she watched the Righteous Gemstones? No difference really So did the Church practice what they preach by forgiveness and say no charges as long as the money is paid back ? Probably not I guess this crime doesn’t qualify for a quick confession at their local Church It’s wrong but then again the Catholic Church has so much money and own so much land around the world exempted from tax and she spent it on LV handbags.

Not really stealing if it’s from a church. Oh well, the church put all the hardwork into stealing it first. It is said Thou shalt not steal but Also it is said that God will Give to the needy, this man Might of been in need. Sounds like a simple tax return to me.... Couldn't of happened to a nicer organisation. taxthechurches

Where’s a picture of her face? Why do media pick and choose who they show pictures off? Well done can I have their address to shake their hand LOL monkey see monkey do

Coronavirus disruption eases in some WA Catholic schools as face-to-face lessons resume - ABC NewsA number of Catholic schools in Western Australia return to face-to-face learning, despite earlier suggestions that arrangement would only be available for students in senior years. Wrong The threat has not eased, there is still no govt medical response, no safety measures, they're still lying about transmission and stats The sex starved priests must be super excited.

That money was on hand just in case they needed to protect a few Catholic priest How rude. That was reserved for the priests’ indulgent lifestyles. George can fix this, he does the books at the Vatican! The catchurch has been ripping off ppl for centuries! And tax free! At Least he didn't steal someone's innocence.

But that's the churches buisness model. Steal money from vulnerable people to fund their lavish paedophile lifestyles. You have to feel sorry for the Catholic Church. That's enough money to pay off 4 more child sexual abuse victims. One fraudster stealing from another fraudster? They commit paedophilia to ward off future children. They're disgruntled employees ensnared by their own beliefs.

Just had that lying round in cash did they

Kimberley station worker jailed for 'extraordinarily serious' child sex offences stretching over two decades - ABC NewsA court hears that some victims were preyed on while they slept during a series of sex offences spanning several years. Gulity? Try Spellcheck. Assuming this guy was aboriginal? Convicted in '88 for sexual offences against a 14yr old. Pleaded guilty to 16 charges, incl indecent dealings & rape against four 10-15yr old's between 1994 & 2017. Judge Gillian Braddock said the charges were 'extraordinarily serious' yet gave him less than 10yrs inside 🙄😠

Why not 2 our fathers and a few Hail Marys,it works for paedopriests. How ironic Indulgence is the only way the Catholic Church spends its real fortunes. One rule for them, another for this poor guy. Why jail? It's just a credit version of the Roman Catholic 'indulgence'. Great. Only billions to go to square the ledger. The Catholic Church is the greatest ruse in the history of mankind. Disgraceful.

wheres the crime? The church is the fraudster here for not paying tax, cause they believe in an imaginary spirit. Meanwhile catholic peadophile priests are given smaller sentences for stealing the childhoods of many of children. wow, she got longer than any of their many pedo priests, ironic seeing one of their own doing to them what they do to others, steal and lie.

No crime here...he should be released...

Palaszczuk mapping path to ease coronavirus restrictions and restart ailing Queensland tourism industry - ABC NewsPremier Annastacia Palaszczuk says her Government is developing a road map to reopen Queensland's tourist trade, first for domestic travellers and then as soon as possible to New Zealanders. She falls in line with Morrison so well, doesn't she? forget Qld they did not want us They sent thugs at the border to turn us around After such an insult Qld is black banned With restrictions easing why not allow hospitality industry to reopen; 30 - 40% of capacity. Seating to ensure social distancing. New customers sit at an empty table & vacated table is disinfected. Continuous testing of staff & temp test clients. A possibility for some income

That money should be used to pay off abuse victims! I think the important lesson here to all Catholics, stop giving the church so much fucking money that someone can steal $350,000 and only get busted because of how she spent it. That's the important part here, the church didn't even know it was fucking gone.

Many churches seem to have lost Jesus' message somewhere. Must have been in the translation from to Bible to self serving greed. TAX-FREE Wouldn't mind a headline saying 'Catholic Church shut down for stealing from the public for centuries to fund indulgent lifestyle', really. That’s a hefty contribution from parishioners!

'Trans-Tasman bubble' could mean direct New Zealand flights for Tasmania if coronavirus eases - ABC NewsTasmania has not had direct flights to New Zealand since the late 1990s, but the Premier says that could change if a 'trans-Tasman bubble' is established and appropriate coronavirus safeguards are in place. Has to be one of the ugliest woman going, sort those ears and teeth out. One step closer to becoming part of NZ! :D Spot the ABC difference, bitterness is a regular ABC trait nowadays, sad 😢.

Australia joins world leaders at virtual summit pledging money to fight coronavirus - ABC NewsWith Australia participating but the US absent, world leaders hold a virtual summit, raising $12.5 billion for coronavirus testing and treatment and the development of a vaccine. No surprises about the US not helping. Its a failed state and can't even look after its own citizens, let alone act like a responsible citizen of the global community. Took em long enough. ask Bill Gates n King Salman We r not wealthy with $200bils debt

South Sydney player Latrell Mitchell and two teammates test negative for coronavirus - ABC NewsSouth Sydney and the NRL breathe a sigh of relief as three Rabbitohs players — including Latrell Mitchell, fresh from being fined for breaching social distancing on a camping trip — return negative results to coronavirus tests. Why is the news? Bad luck ABC! So compensating by reporting useless stories.

Adelaide mother Kerry Ann Keen used more than $340,000 that she stole from the Catholic Church to pay for expensive overseas holidays and indulgent consumer goods.Read more "We are so excited to be welcoming all our students back to school on Wednesday to resume normal classes," the school said in a Facebook post.An East Kimberley man from a family 'synonymous with the cattle industry' has been jailed for nine-and-a-half years for a series of sex offences against children.Read more Ms Palaszczuk said it was too early to give a definite timeframe on when travel to and from New Zealand could commence.

Key points: Keen was jailed for five years with a non-parole period of three years The court heard she stole at least $340,000 between 2010 and 2014 In a separate case, a former accountant was jailed for stealing $1.3 million from his clients Now, the 57-year-old will spend at least three years in jail for her crimes. Health Minister Roger Cook said he was glad a number of Catholic schools were opening to students. "In short, this was protracted, calculated dishonestly over a prolonged period [and involved] a large sum of money to fund an indulgent lifestyle," SA District Court Judge Stephen McEwen said during sentencing. The court heard the victims were aged between 10 and 15 years at the time of the offences. Keen was today jailed for five years, with a non-parole period of three years, after being found guilty of two counts of theft. Roger Cook says he is pleased by news some Catholic schools are resuming face-to-face lessons. The mother-of-two worked for a small Adelaide security company which was employed by the Catholic Church to transport, count and bank weekly takings from parishioners." Five new cases were recorded in Queensland in the last day, including three "old" cases first detected interstate.

Judge McEwen said evidence from a forensic accountant found that Keen stole a minimum of $340,000 between July 2010 and May 2014. Scotch College headmaster Alec O'Connell said yesterday was the first day back for all years at the Uniting Church school in Perth. In one instance he tried to bribe a victim with cigarettes. "The stolen money financed a lifestyle involving expensive overseas travel, expenditure on indulgent or luxurious consumer goods and activities," he said. "She has not demonstrated any remorse or contrition. "We're sitting at about 94 per cent. "She continues to deny the thefts in the face of what is plainly overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence. "He clearly has a sexual interest in children and a willingness to act upon it." Judge McEwen said the security company was a small operation and had considered Keen a friend, as well as an employee. Mr Cook said the tests would be less invasive than those done at COVID clinics, and would be voluntary for both staff and students.

"Her actions have resulted in significant damage to that business," he said. Stealing 'from Peter to pay Paul, then repay Peter' Keen was the second thief to be jailed in the District Court today, after former accountant Peter Mark Dunham was sentenced to eight years and two months' jail, with a non-parole period of four-and-a-half years. ( ABC News: Evelyn Manfield ) The Government will partner with the Telethon Kids Institute to conduct the study, which has been dubbed the Detect Program. He told the court his client had a difficult childhood and was exposed to alcohol abuse and domestic violence, but he had worked all his life since the age of 14. The 75-year-old stole $1.3 million from seven clients between 2008 and 2015. "As I said it is voluntary and we'll be asking parents to enrol their students … We want to get swabbing. Judge Paul Muscat said Dunham had been a chartered accountant his whole life, running his own firm in North Adelaide, until his fall from grace in 2016. The court heard several of Yeeda's relatives still supported him despite the offending.

However, he said Dunham started to use stolen funds to pay the mortgage for some investment properties in North Adelaide and had planned to repay the money." Sanja Brankov, whose children attend Mount Lawley Primary School, said she was unaware of the testing rollout but would allow her children to take part. Anne Margrie is a victim of Peter Mark Dunham. ( ABC News: Meagan Dillon ) He described Dunham's plan to "steal from Peter to pay Paul, then repay Peter". He's got respiratory conditions and he's not getting tested at the moment," she said. 'Extraordinarily serious' Judge Gillian Braddock said the charges were "extraordinarily serious. "The risks involved in the illusion you had created were enormous and likely to be exposed," he said. The court was told a further $1." Ms Brankov said knowing her children would be tested would have made the decision to send them to school easier.

27 million was stolen but did not form part of the charged acts. "You set this up so that these children were with you, alone or you crept up on them when they were sleeping in bed, and you did to them what you thought you would enjoy, [with] no regard for them at all. Dunham has repaid $810,000 to some of his victims. "I think it's important that we do what we can to get back to normal life, and if that requires some testing then I think that's a good thing," he said. Outside court, victim Anne Margrie said Dunham was her accountant for two decades and her family had to sell their home because of his deception. "It's just been really sad, and so many people hurt along the way," she said. Santa Maria College has indicated its students will be "transitioning back into the boarding community" from today. He will be eligible for parole after seven and a half years. "We're fortunate that we have three daughters who have been so supportive of us, money-wise, which has been the big thing because he left us with nothing … it's been a good conclusion today.

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