France recalls its ambassadors to Australia and United States amid submarine fury

The unprecedented move follows the Morrison government’s decision to tear up a $90 billion submarine contract.

17/09/2021 11:05:00 PM

France will recall its ambassadors from Australia and the US after the Morrison government's decision to tear up a $90 billion contract to buy 12 French submarines | BevanShields

The unprecedented move follows the Morrison government’s decision to tear up a $90 billion submarine contract.

London:France will take the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassadors from Australia and the United States, as the fallout grows from a new defence pact that has infuriated French President Emmanuel Macron.The unprecedented move followsto tear up a $90 billion contract to buy 12 French submarines in favour of a new nuclear-powered fleet using technology from the US and United Kingdom.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been angered by Australia’s decision.Credit:AFP“This exceptional decision is justified by the exceptional gravity of the announcements made on September 15 by Australia and the United States,” the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said in a statement.

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BevanShields Big big mistake. France does not like betrayal. ScoMo is a bogan embarrassment NuclearSubmarines France BevanShields It’s ok just sell them to China BevanShields Was t it a $50b contract that was signed and the costs blew out? 🤔 BevanShields Ofcouse 90b is not a joke! BevanShields Why can’t we see the true intention from the US? By asking Australia to order the Nuclear Powered Submarine from them, it’s the same as US increases their fleet without the need to finance, maintain & provide resources. Is US our master?

BevanShields Design and build our own subs… problem solved! 🤷‍♂️ BevanShields if USA can sell nuclear submarines , can China sell Iran one? BevanShields Fine. Didn’t France lose to Viet Nam (Viet Minh) in 1945 and then 1954? They must’ve known: VO Nguyen Giap! So, if they consider to join China, they know very well where they could’ve ended up if there were a war.

Elaineschofiel9 BevanShields Does anyone, in Australia, really care what the French Government does or thinks? Their influence and involvement, in the Asia Pacific region, is minimal. BevanShields We probably don't have 90 billion dollars to our name. BevanShields Who cares

Australia’s scrapped sub agreement with France ‘a shocker of a deal’Fcuking right it was Trump Jr. On Biden Limiting Antibody Treatments: ‘Americans Will Die,’ Punishing ‘Political Enemies’ DonaldJTrumpJr EmmanuelMacron black leg on silver on lite brown face

BevanShields Ahhh...france screwed and stabbed Australia in the back in the un. Dont forget that, they deserve no allegiance from us. BevanShields The French may have forgotten what they said about the Anglo-Saxons long ago: like a group of villains looking for carrion vultures with sinister and cunning eyes.

BevanShields Detente at its finest BevanShields “We built a relationship of trust with Australia, and this trust was betrayed and I’m angry today, with a lot of bitterness, about this breach [of contract],” FFM. Well the French should know this is what many Australian citizens have felt last 20months.

BevanShields Spoilt children are the frogs BevanShields Imagine signing a contract to build diesel powered submarines converted from nuclear, spending 7 years of effort and then tearing up the contract to buy nuclear powered submarines after all. BevanShields France is acting like a spoilt child BevanShields And who can blame France for their reaction to this hasty and ill-considered decision that does little for Australia’s national security and owes much to the UK’s desperation to find new partners after their Brexit disaster

BevanShields ScottMorrisonMP thepmo another blunder that costs us all who put this fool in charge ? thanks to all who voted for LNP rorters BevanShields Here’s a way to solve the problem……just don’t buy useless submarines. Australia could use that 90 billion dollars on something like bush fire prevention, barrier reef protection, education…

'A stab in the back': France furious about major nuclear submarine dealChina Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the move 'gravely undermines regional peace and stability,' and 'aggravates' the arms race. 9News Good Will the 1st submarine be called HMAS Stabby McStabFace ? auukus Such a blatant scare campaign by ScottyTheAnnouncer in the lead-up to the election is dangerous given he's just ensured we don't have news subs for 20 years! We just tossed out 5 years of design costing $2,400,000,000. Instead: a feasibility study!

BevanShields 😂 BevanShields And the French can make nuclear subs just as good as the Americans if not better BevanShields The French are a strange lot. Over emotional and have short memories. Did the Aussies, Brits and Yanks liberate them one or twice? BevanShields auspol insiders Scott Morrison has become an international embarrassment.. If journalists here want to continue to be apologists for ThatFellaDownUnder. This sends a message of arrogance to other nations. And media you need credibility, without it people don't listen

BevanShields the French are hypocrites. They tested bombs in our backyard like the British on our land and yet they turn their backs. An adult would sell their nuclear program to AU BevanShields Kiss goodbye to any trade deals with the EU scomo f&^ks it again BevanShields This is a Morrison huckster job. Next year the full state of budget deficit will be known. Dont be surprised if he gets a boost in the polls from this it's a November election. The French order canned, there's no subs on order from USA or UK. If ordered won't be one till 2035

BevanShields Morrison should feel a little shame BevanShields BevanShields Champagne is going to get very expensive.

Important ally slams AustraliaFrance has savaged Australia over a submarine deal with Britain and the United States, claiming their country has been stabbed in the back. Wasn't Scottythefukwit also behind the scheme to produce weapons for export locally? Wish they had a fraction of that zeal in saving the car industry. LNPfail No surprise there his probably been told do it by his US master and he'll pocket a large donation to his personal bank account . Surrender Monkeys who seem to have forgotten how we saved them in WW1 and WW2.

BevanShields France are more cheesed off over the fact they weren’t included in the pact. BevanShields How many Australians lie dead on the fields of France? Thousands. How many Frenchmen have died for Australia? Zero. This is just a dummy spit. The balance sheet is in our favour. Lest we forget. BevanShields

BevanShields 'Rainbow Warrior Strikes Back' .....the sequel BevanShields Another dazzling diplomatic coup for Scott Morrison, the greatest statesman of the age, who, not content with antagonising China, our largest trading partner, must also alienate New Zealand AND Indonesia AND France. If this isn't geopolitical genius, then what is?

BevanShields I am sorry France ThatFellaDownUnder BevanShields I wonder if Macron -another conservative- was aware than dealing with The Scamo meant taking a highway to hell. He certainly should have paid more attention to the tragic Australian bushfires or vaccination debacles. BevanShields This is extreme reaction. It’s a business deal gone sour ffs. There’s T&Cs in contracts to cover this. French are like babies. What’s next? Pistol duel at 50 paces or maybe with swords?

BevanShields Who gives a rat's pyjamas what they think. They've pretty much demonstrated that they're incapable of fulfilling their contract with us, so why shouldn't we look for better, more viable alternatives ? BevanShields France acts in the interest of France,Australia must act in Australia’s interests. France ..3rd largest world arms exporter …rejection is a dent to its ego. Should Australia run with overpriced , outdated submarines to appease French ego 😏. Non EmmanuelMacron auspol

Australia, the US and UK to announce landmark new defence pactIn Australia, federal cabinet ministers were called to a top-secret meeting in Canberra ahead of the announcement. Some were even granted border exemptions to urgently fly in for the hastily arranged meeting, sources familiar with the development said. ... Escape from Afghanistan auspol $90 billion and cabinet are being told at the last minute Somethings wrong here We need a defence from our own government!

BevanShields I can’t wait until we vote this government into oblivion. I can’t think of a more corrupt and unaccountable government in living memory. BevanShields We have vinegar for upset governments ITS our money monkey's BevanShields Doing what the French do best and giving up 😉 BevanShields Finally consequences given there seems to be none for the failed pandemic response, and of course the rorting, the failure to act on rape allegations, and taking no real action on $1M blind trust integrity breach

BevanShields It’s time to bring in the fixer or is/was that the problem, to start with, the fix was in cpyne BevanShields This dead cat just keeps on giving. BevanShields You know your country is in trouble when your foreign policy is dictated by ASPI, who is funded and run by the US government and US weapons manufacturers trying to profit off a cold war with the boogeyman China. Remove LNP and disband ASPI!!

BevanShields I don’t particularly care about submarines or or even going with a better deal for our country, but the way that move is being executed speaks volumes about character of the government, this is something Russia do and not a respected government, why not do due diligence before ? BevanShields In Feb 12, an Afghan soldier shot and killed four French soldiers. The French President threatened to suspend French operations in Afghanistan. The French President announced in Jun 2012 that he would be withdrawing 2,000 of France's 3,400. In Nov 2012, combat troops were gone.

BevanShields Awww French are angry and they were rude to begin with! So angry and rude!! How very French !!

Australia to build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines under historic new military allianceAustralia will build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines under a historic new military alliance with the United States and Britain, dumping the troubled $90 billion future submarine deal with France | Gallo_Ways Gallo_Ways will BALMAIN get the contract.........? Gallo_Ways Can we keep the power generation and buy subs from subway? Gallo_Ways Pay much more and give the potential enemies a good reason to use nuclear weapons on Australia.

BevanShields The French retreating … again, who would have thought 🙄 BevanShields Political bullshit. BevanShields I’m sorry France, I’d buy 90 billion dollars worth of cheese if I could afford it. auspol BevanShields So we pissed off two UN council members and our neighbors BevanShields Our word is our bond

BevanShields :-) BevanShields BevanShields The French, always protesting… BevanShields Remember the Rainbow Warrior BevanShields I remember when France were letting of nuclear bombs in the south pacific. I remember when French spy’s blew up the rainbow warrior.

Sub me in: After four episodes of Vigil I’m ready for our submarine futureAustralia’s acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines is welcome news for TV-watchers in a submarine state of mind. _thmitchell I know right. How’s the timing!? I’ve got this. _thmitchell This is disgusting propaganda. WE NEED FIRE FIGHTING AIRCRAFT NOT NUCLEAR SUBMARINES!!!!

BevanShields BevanShields Now watch China try to wedge New Zealand and Australia... BevanShields The thing is France hasn’t been all in on China. Change your mind and sure , can be FAUKUS BevanShields We’ve upset the surrender monkeys. BevanShields French submarine ! Seriously?! It wouldn’t accept water to work, will demand perfume instead! 😂

BevanShields And money manager ScoMo, exactly how much is this costing Australia in termination fees? I suspect the answer is in billions. Come clean. BevanShields Boy give us an election to get rid of Scott BevanShields Quick, lock up your “Rainbow Warriors” 😳 BevanShields Well there we are. I am so disgusted by this scumbag narcissistic piece of excrement, his hidden agendas and his head nodders who run our country. He should return to Maccas and live in the cubicle he lost his shit in immediately. He has demonstrated nothing here. Vote them out.

BevanShields French ambassador probably just had enough of lockdown

BevanShields Morrison (or a more competent successor) is going to have to find a way to mend this with the French. You can't just cancel a deal as big and important as this with an ally. Especially not in the underhand way it was cancelled. BevanShields Shame. I do recall France doing nuclear bomb testing just off the Australian coast and ignoring our pleas to stop, declaring their right was more important - so don’t cry France.

BevanShields This is good. The world needs to distance itself from the Beast of Liberty, the five-eyes, so it can diminish. BevanShields Australia & the US must retaliate. Ban croissants immediately! BevanShields ScottMorrisonMP The Australian public doesn’t want or need Submarines They need strong leadership auspol ThatFellaDownUnder COVID19

BevanShields 👏👏👏 BevanShields BevanShields Sooks BevanShields I think that we are better off with US/UK technology in the long term. BevanShields As a Leigh Sales lefty I feel it is my responsibility to be a General Milley and tell M. EmmanuelMacron we have religious extremist idiots in charge at the moment but come the next election our government will be cleansed

Advertisement London: France will take the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassadors from Australia and the United States, as the fallout grows from a new defence pact that has infuriated French President Emmanuel Macron. The unprecedented move follows to tear up a $90 billion contract to buy 12 French submarines in favour of a new nuclear-powered fleet using technology from the US and United Kingdom. French President Emmanuel Macron has been angered by Australia’s decision. Credit: AFP “This exceptional decision is justified by the exceptional gravity of the announcements made on September 15 by Australia and the United States,” the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said in a statement. “The abandonment of the ocean-class submarine project that had linked Australia to France since 2016, and the announcement of a new partnership with the United States aimed at launching studies on possible future co-operation on nuclear-powered submarines, constitute unacceptable behaviour between allies and partners – the consequences of which affect the very conception that we have of our alliances, our partnerships and the importance of the Indo-Pacific for Europe.” Jean-Pierre Thebault, the French ambassador to Australia, and Philippe Etienne, the ambassador to the US, will return for “consultations”. The directive is understood to be the first in a rolling series of protests from Paris, which is furious at Australia for abandoning the contract and the US for benefiting from the switch. Loading Senior French ministers were locked in crisis meetings on Friday to develop their response. Macron, who was heavily invested in the $90 billion submarine deal that had been described as the “contract of the century”, is yet to comment publicly but is furious at Morrison and US President Joe Biden. Australia selected the French government-owned submarine builder Naval Group to design and partly build the submarines in 2016, but the program has been hit by cost blowouts and delays. Advertisement While the future of the contract was in doubt for many months, French officials were taken by surprise at Morrison’s decision to cancel the contract and instead pursue nuclear-powered submarines using reactor technology from the US and UK. The pact, to be known as AUKUS, also includes greater military co-operation in the Indo-Pacific to counter Beijing’s rapidly escalating militarisation of the South China Sea. More to come Get a note direct from our foreign correspondents