Foxtel slashes jobs in fight for survival

Foxtel has announced mass redundancies as the pay TV operator looks to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic.

8/04/2020 10:37:00 AM

Breaking: Foxtel has made 200 employees redundant and will stand down another 140 staff members until the end of June as the News Corp controlled pay TV operator scrambles to survive the coronavirus pandemic | zoesam93

Foxtel has announced mass redundancies as the pay TV operator looks to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic.

Very large text sizeFoxtel has made 200 employees redundant and will stand down another 140 staff members until the end of June as the News Corp-controlled pay TV operator scrambles to survive the coronavirus pandemic.The job cuts were confirmed in an email sent to staff late on Wednesday by Foxtel chief executive Patrick Delany, who said the company had to "act now" to ensure it remained strong in the long-term.

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Foxtel chief executive Patrick Delany said government restrictions were hurting the pay TV operatorCredit:James Brickwood"Australia has experienced tough times before," Mr Delany wrote. "We know that in tough times Foxtel becomes a great source of comfort to people at home who want to be informed and entertained. Right now, with Australians isolating themselves at home, our customers need us more than ever.

"The government COVID-19 restrictions are however seeing major challenges for us including the broadcast and streaming of live sport. And looking ahead, the economic outlook for Australia is deteriorating and our continued transformation will become even more important."

"As you know, we have already stopped all non-essential expenditure; stopped hiring; released all casuals, contractors and freelancers in non-critical roles and announced a shutdown over Easter for everyone who is not essential to maintaining our service to customers."

Foxtel has battling fierce competition from online streaming services. It has also offering discounts to customers threatening to cancel their subscriptions to a lack of sport available on the service. Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

zoesam93 Employees redundant? People staying at home looking for things to past the time. Foster and other pay for services should be making a mozta. Something smell fishy here. Foster zoesam93 Why? How has their business model changed? If anything surely MORE people are at home watching TV. They are struggling because of competition from streaming services

zoesam93 Nightmare trying to call up to cancel subscription no one answers the bloody phones zoesam93 Haha biggest load of crap I've ever heard. they hired a crapton of people just to keep on top of the new orders! zoesam93 Cancel your subscription, plunge the knife in. zoesam93 And would the staff stood down be eligible to apply for jobkeeper payments?

zoesam93 Booo Farrrking Hooo😤😤😤🍷🍷🍷🍷😄😄😄 MickKime zoesam93 You’d think they should be getting new business with everyone cooped up inside. Maybe they’re seen as the shit service they really are zoesam93 Heart bleeds.... (but that cool $5million gift from unwitting Australian taxpayers will grease their outstretched hand for a day or so...) Many small businesses going to the Wall, no interest or sympathy from same govt.

zoesam93 Liquidation can't come soon enough for this repugnant organisation! Sorry for the workers though! zoesam93 oh hang on... they just got a $5 mill handout for regional papers last week. Is this a request for more? zoesam93 Very sorry for those losing their livelihood, but sorry not extended to the Murdochs.

zoesam93 Capitalism at it's great waterloo zoesam93 Perhaps they should look at their ‘management fee’ structure zoesam93 Nobody wants to see further job losses but it couldn't have happened to nicer guy HkarterKarter zoesam93 Who in their right mind would keep paying for Foxtel. the footy is Cancelled?, Every offering is Full of Ads, the Cost is prohibitive, all the Money earned by this Sleazy Organisation, is run through a Tax dodging scheme, and ends up in the Pockets of a foreign Billionaire?

zoesam93 For all the people bagging Foxtel remember these are people’s jobs and livelihoods being affected here. Show some grace and while you’re at it, if you can manage it, empathy. FatherBob zoesam93 It's not all bad news... Foxtel is irrelevant these days with streaming services offering something better for cheaper. No need to give Rupert Murdoch money. Rupert was one of the architects that bungled the NBN. Foxtel NBN AuspolSoCorrupt Auspol

FatherBob zoesam93 Their business model needs to change. Too inflexible and expensive. zoesam93 Yeah! Does happy dance. zoesam93 If they can’t survive at a time when half of Australia is at home and even daytime TV viewing has gone up 30%, then they have a problem with their business model, not a virus.

zoesam93 Shut down the whole bloody damn thing. leftocentre zoesam93 What a shit show of a streaming service you’d have to be running to be unable to turn a profit when the whole country is spending most of its time sitting on the couch watching TV. zoesam93 Hope that includes Rowan Dean. He's a nutjob.

zoesam93 Does anyone actually watch Foxtel anymore? I've seen in upon visiting hotels - 95% adds 💁 zoesam93 And in the US Fox News is being sued for lying about covid19. There was all those newspaper closures last week. Is the Murdoch empire crumbling? hopelives cousincat zoesam93 zoesam93 WHAT? Surely this is a productive time for foxtel? It's online ffs

zoesam93 Oh what a dream, a fantastic dream... News Corp disintegrating. zoesam93 While they hold you hostage they deal up Crap ! zoesam93 Finally some good news. Hopefully it collapses completely, it would be a sizable gut punch to News Corp. zoesam93 If Foxtel wants to generate funds they must make Fox News Network Australia (Sky news OZ) a premium channel so you have to pay an extra $5 per month for it, with the massive audience they have it would be rolling the.. Well rollin in something.

zoesam93 auspol Although that's great news re: Murdoch, I bet none of the loudmouth opinionists (not journalists) are in that 340. zoesam93 A reminder to cancel your subscription today! zoesam93 Maybe they can charge all government MP's for content instead of giving it away for free Also, the exodus from Foxtel started WAY before the virus

zoesam93 Fantastic way of hiding a murder in a massacre. zoesam93 Cant wait to see the end of Sky News and NewsCorp in general. zoesam93 Sad for the workers, but it's a cancerous organisation and the world would be a better place without it. zoesam93 Maybe now they’ll realise why they are in this situation...shame about the poor workers though!

zoesam93 Probably using the corona virus to sack people because Foxtel was going under before the virus struck zoesam93 Stop! 200 people have lost their jobs. I’m no Foxtel fan but these are your colleagues, partners, friends and neighbours. Just stop zoesam93 Is that wise? We had 4 days of your error Foxtel

zoesam93 During the greatest binge watching period of our time? Oh dear ... oh dear ... zoesam93 Slash your prices Foxtel not your staff.. zoesam93 I handed my boxes back in January. Foxtel is in intensive care and I don’t think it’s gonna make it. zoesam93 Now no one will ever answer my phone call.

zoesam93 This is why they have been pro stimulus (eg welfare) after welfare bashing for decades. Behind closed doors (and behind their own articles) they will be lobbying Gov for some welfare themselves and are trying to soften the hypocrite image auspol zoesam93 Something wrong with their business model when in these circumstances they should be making a killing.

zoesam93 Get rid of sky after dark while they’re at it. And the tired old same format Devine, Kenny etc zoesam93 zoesam93 Sky is a losing arm of the newscorp but it will be nurtured and bankrolled. zoesam93 Will Foxtel give back the $30 million of taxpayers money if they're not going to do the job? Phil_B7 zoesam93 Start at the top.... worthless overpaid Blot, Incredlin etc. Rowan Dean probably pays for his gig since no one watches. He can stay but he gets a cardboard box for a studio

zoesam93 the peoples blessing .. Prayers have been answered. Now for some real world pricing zoesam93 Doing a great job( not) Foxtel. Seriously wouldn’t have them run a hotdog stand. zoesam93 Who next ... Ben Cubby? zoesam93 Get rid of Kent, Anasta, Rothfield, Ikin zoesam93 Government grant on the way.

zoesam93 No choice but to streamline here. Too many unnecessary staff. zoesam93 Foxtel is crap .... a friend told me ... zoesam93 Awwww.... Genuinely sorry for the people, not at all for the business. zoesam93 Just defund the ABC and give it to Foxtel. Better use of taxpayer funds. zoesam93 Woohoo...though it would be better to cut some fat cats salaries

zoesam93 zoesam93 Good riddance zoesam93 Imagine if Foxtel didn’t have to buy Skynews content. AlL those overpaid opinion show hosts would be looking at centrelink for a lifeline. zoesam93 Sounds like they are clearing their books to ready themselves for another government handout zoesam93 340 employees to retransmit 50 TV channels?

zoesam93 Here is a cost cutting measure....sack everyone at Sky News and just replay ABC 24...I pay for Foxtel (yes film and footy tragic and idiot) and would pay MORE for NoSkyNews zoesam93 Scrambles to survive my ass. The owner of Foxtel could afford to to buy the whole of Australia 7 time’s over. Oh wait, he already did that. auspol

zoesam93 They shouldn’t zoesam93 Well here's some good news

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