Former mayor arrested for involvement in Extinction Rebellion protests

A former mayor has been charged and a father is in custody as day two of Extinction Rebellion protests continued. #9News

8/10/2019 1:30:00 PM

A former mayor has been charged and a father is in custody as day two of Extinction Rebellion protests continued. 9News

A former Victorian mayor was among dozens of protesters arrested for blocking a major Melbourne intersection during climate demonstrations.

Mr Rankine said he'd never before been in trouble with police, in fact, working closely with officers when he held positions in his local municipality."We have to stand-up. We have to take a stand. I've attempted all sorts of other ways to get things happening and it's just not working," he told 9News.

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Police yesterday charged him with three counts relating to obstructing an emergency worker and he was released on bail today after his bail application went unopposed.Mr Rankine spoke to 9News outside court after being released on bail.(9News)The Bass Coast Shire takes in parts of Victoria's coastline south-east of Melbourne, including the beachside town of Inverloch.

It was recently reported inThe Agethat Inverloch locals had lost a remarkable 50 metres of beach in just seven years.While erosion is part of the natural cycle of shifting sand at the mouth of the Anderson Inlet, the Bass Coast shire is in no doubt the extent of change is due in part to climate change and rising seas.

"Our council accepts that climate change is a real thing," says Bass Coast mayor Brett Tessari toldThe Age."The impact in our municipality is horrific in some areas. The surf club is in danger."ALMOST 60 PROTESTERS ARRESTED IN MELBOURNE

Police arrested 59 people in Melbourne's CBD today after Extinction Rebellion protestors refused to move from the centre of the Spring Street and Collins Street intersection.Of the 59, 35 people were fined for failing to abide by traffic directions and 24 more protesters were arrested for resisting an emergency service worker.

Twenty-three people are expected to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on March 12, 2020, while one person refused to enter a bail agreement and will appear in court tonight.Activists participate in an Extinction Rebellion protest in Melbourne, Monday, October 7, 2019.

(AAP)The Extinction Rebellion climate protests movement has planned a "spring rebellion" from Monday to Sunday, including marches aimed at blocking traffic.(AAP)"Peaceful united, we are not violent," the crowd sang, as public order officers moved in and started carrying away activists one-by-one.

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Trams and cars were diverted through other parts of the city with Spring Street closed in both directions at the Collins Street intersection effecting trams on routes 48, 109, 35, 11 and 12.Activist and former GP Percy Rogers, 92, told 9News that, while the demonstrations have caused major disruptions, he would not be apologising.

Extinction Rebellion protesters acknowledged the disruption they were causing in cities' CBDs today.(AAP)In Melbourne, 59 protesters were arrested in total as police cracked down on the demonstrations.(AAP)"While it blocks off the city and is a bit inconvenient - I apologise for it, but I don't apologise for the purpose behind it," he said.

Protest organisers have said there is no further planned action today, after yesterday the group caused peak-hour disruptions.Activists split into small groups this-morning before taking off from Carlton Gardens. Those who were willing to be arrested were classified as "arrestables".

Of the 59, 35 people were fined for failing to abide by traffic directions and 24 more protesters were arrested for resisting an emergency service worker.(AAP)A strong police presence has been keeping a close eye on the groups as they move through the city streets.

Journalists were told by police to leave the immediate area around "the arrestables," and were threatened with arrest if they failed to comply.Police anticipate more arrests to be made as Extinction Rebellion demonstrations continue until Sunday.

(AAP)Police have been forced to intervene in some instances where protesters are endangering themselves and members of the public with their campaigning.(9News)Yesterday, 10 protesters were taken away by police after targeting Melbourne CBD's afternoon peak traffic.

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews also questioned the effectiveness of the rallies."I don't know that shutting the city down necessarily wins you many friends," he said today.BRISBANE BRIDGE-DWELLER ARRESTEDA man who suspended himself underneath Brisbane's Story Bridge as part of Extinction Rebellion protests has surrendered to police and been taken into custody.

Police were called to the location just before 6am, where they found Paul Jukes hanging in a makeshift hammock surrounded by Extinction Rebellion flags.While some lanes have reopened on the bridge, police were cautious about getting to close to the 49-year-old activist in case he fell.

Jukes had earlier sent a video to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, demanding a climate emergency be declared. He also posted on Twitter that he had enough food, including fruit, chocolate, curry and water and supplies to stay up there for the rest of the week.

"Honestly, enjoying our rights in Australia to safely protest does not give you the right to act like a moron and tie up valuable emergency services," he said in one tweet.It is unclear when the engineer, with over 30 years rockclimbing experience, set up his post, or how police managed to coax him down, but there is still a lane closed on the bridge and commuters are still feeling the impact of Jukes and hundreds of other protesters actions throughout the city.

An activist from Extinction Rebellion dangles from the Story Bridge in a hammock as part of protests in Brisbane, Tuesday, October 8, 2019.(AAP)Paul Jukes was posting video updates on his intentions before he was taken into custody by Queensland Police this afternoon.

(Paul Jukes)Meanwhile, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's office questioned the protesters' methods for saving the planet, saying her government regularly speaks out on climate change and has a 50 per cent renewable energy target for 2050.

"The question to those blocking roads would be, what are they doing?" a spokesman said on the Premier's behalf today.SYDNEY SHOWDOWN: POLICE vs THE BEESIn Sydney, police are at odds with some high-profile activists and a group dressed as bees who started in Hyde Park and are making their way through the city.

The first day of protests yesterday saw 38 arrests in Sydney.Former Greens senator Scott Ludlam was also taken into custody yesterday for sitting on the footpath at Broadway and has been charged with failing to comply with police directions.Former Greens MP Scott Ludlam was arrested yesterday and has been banned from participating in the remaining Extinction Rebellion events.

(AAP)Dozens of "dead bees" are blocking busy city thoroughfares in Sydney with a large police presence and many arrests already being made.(9News)He has also been banned from taking part in any further Extinction Rebellion events and can't go within 2.5 kilometres of Sydney's Town Hall.

"I strongly disagree with the prohibition on entering a public event, but the 2.5 kilometre just seems remarkable to me," Ludlam told AAP.The 49-year-old, who was bailed from police custody at 2.30 this morning, added: "The case we are going to be putting to the court is that we are like the smoke alarm in a burning building."

"Shutting down the demonstrations, arresting people, trying to destroy the ability of people to organise is the equivalent of turning off the smoke alarm in your house," he said.So far, six "bees" have been taken into custody and police anticipate more arrests to be made as the party moves throughout city locations.

(AAP)So far, six "bees" have been taken into custody today and police anticipate more arrests to be made as the party moves throughout city locations.Yesterday more than 400 activists marched from Central Station to Broadway."Police support the right of individuals and groups to protest – However, yesterday despite repeat warnings from police, some members of the extinction rebellion movement chose to break the law and cause as much disruption as they possibly could and as a result we saw police take the action they did," a NSW Police spokesman told media this afternoon.

In Sydney, activists dressed as bees have gathered around Hyde Park with arrests already being made.(9News)The Extinction Rebellion climate protests movement has planned a "spring rebellion" from Monday to Sunday, including marches aimed at blocking traffic.

(AAP)PERTH PROTESTERS TARGET MEDIAProtesters have gathered outside The West Australian demanding the media "tell the truth or else".Protesters dressed in black and on stilts with puppets are among the crowd gathered in front of the media outlet owned by Channel Seven this morning.

Photos of the puppeteers were tweeted by Extinction Rebellion Australia alongside the caption, "Most of our local and national media are puppets, keeping silent about the climate emergency".Extinction Rebellion WA media co-ordinator Jesse Noakes said more honest news coverage of the crisis is needed to spread the message.

"Until it is (front page news), we'll have to keep disrupting the agenda with creative actions targeting the major institutions standing in the way of rapid change," he said.Today's protest is a precursor to a bigger event planned for Friday when Extinction Rebellion activists plan to "flood" the Perth CBD.

Activists are demanding politicians announce a climate emergency and commit to net zero carbon emissions by the year 2025.Western Australian Premiere, Mark McGowan, has refused to adopt the demands stating on 6PR such action would cause unnecessary public distress and "destroy the WA economy and drive enormous unemployment".

PROTESTS ACROSS EUROPEThose protesting join activists across the world, including thousands in major European cities.Extinction Rebellion activists in London have blocked roads and set up camps with tents and banners as they called for urgent action on the climate and wildlife crises.

The XR Red Rebel Brigade will appear at demonstrations across the world in protests expected to bring everyday business to a stand still.(Sipa USA)Demonstrators shut down roads around Parliament and Whitehall in London, at the start of what is expected to be two weeks of action in the UK capital.

The Metropolitan Police said that by 5.15pm local time, officers had made 217 arrests in relation to the protests.But activists succeeded in bringing the area to a standstill with roadblocks on Westminster and Lambeth Bridges, Victoria Street, Whitehall, Horse Guards Road and the Mall.

Climate activists pose for the media outside Buckingham Palace during an Extinction Rebellion protest in London, Monday, Oct. 7, 2019.(AAP)Parliament Square was empty of traffic except for police vans, bicycles and rickshaws carrying tourists, while costumed protesters walked up Whitehall, and a hearse was used to block the road at Trafalgar Square.

Extinction Rebellion says the protests could be as much as five times bigger than those held in April, which brought major disruption to London and saw more than 1,100 arrests.It is part of an "international rebellion" around the world, with action taking place in cities including Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam and New York.

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