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ANU Senior Fellow markgkenny says “there are foreign governments that are continuing to interfere' and 'wish to do Australia harm”.

ANU Senior Fellow Mark Kenny says “there are foreign governments that are continuing to interfere" and "wish to do Australia harm”. A sleeper agent running a spy ring has been uncovered by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation as they revealed foreign interference is at an all-time high with more overseas agents operating inside the country than at the height of the Cold War.

Mr Kenny told Sky News ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess revealed "the level of threat is extremely high” and “in terms of volume of activity he says it is unprecedented and that is quite significant”. Mr Kenny said “security agencies will always tend to see the risk” but it would be “no surprise” if China was “perhaps principle among the countries that are operating state sponsored operations of intelligence in Australia”.


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markgkenny Australia rejects the communist virus.


markgkenny Yes, even our alleged allies.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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ASIO uncovers sleeper agent running spy ring in Australia as foreign interference reaches all-time high | Sky News AustraliaA sleeper agent running a spy ring has been uncovered by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation as they revealed foreign interference is at an all-time high with more overseas agents operating inside the country than at the height of the Cold War.\n\nDelivering the Annual Threat Assessment in Canberra on Monday night, ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess said 'ASIO has uncovered cases where foreign spies have travelled to Australia with the intention of setting up sophisticated hacking infrastructure targeting computers containing sensitive and classified information”.\n\n“And perhaps most ­disturbingly, hostile intelligence services have directly threatened and intimidated Australians in this country,' he said.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia China?
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More spies operating inside Australian than at the height of the Cold War: ASIO | Sky News AustraliaThe Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has uncovered a sleeper agent running a spy ring inside Australia with the organisation revealing there are more foreign agents operating in Australian than at the height of the Cold War.\n\nASIO Director-General Mike Burgess has said the organisation uncovered a sleeper agent who has been providing logistical and financial support for foreign agents engaged in intelligence missions.\n\nThe Courier-Mail's Damien Tomlinson told Sky News host Peter Gleeson Australia’s biggest asset as far as international security is concerned has been “our general location ... it’s just too hard to do things here”.\n\n“It sounds like our blessed run has come to an end”.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Zali Steggals, Getup! & the Greens? Seems plausible if not obvious I guess Sky doesn't know the meaning of the term 'sleeper agent' but keep going, I'm all ears. AusAntiLeft Let me guess, Chinese. Stop selling out Australia to China! Climate change isn't our biggest threat it's having the country sold from under us!
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